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Patriots worry both Dolphins defense and offense

The Dolphins this year have enjoyed a favorable schedule just as they did in 2008. In fact, they are playing the NFC West again this year as they did that year. So be thankful for that.

But, alas, even in a season when the opposition is not the toughest week in and week out, there are teams on the schedule that give pause. This season the Dolphins play four games against super teams -- at Houston, at New England, at San Francisco and New England at home.

The opponent this week is New England at home.

The Patriots are the best team the Dolphins have faced since the season opener against Houston. And that means this game will be a measuring stick. This game will tell where precisely the Dolphins are in the NFL food chain.

As coach Joe Philbin said Monday, "We're going to have to play extremely well, no doubt about it," to beat the Patriots.

The Patriots are obviously a great offensive team. They are No. 1 on offense in the NFL. They average a league-best 37 points per game, which is almost twice as many points per game as the Dolphins.

And that should worry defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, who has to stop the Patriots. But it should also worry offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, who has to keep up with the Patriots.

Both assistants talked on Monday. I thought I would share everything they said:


(On his reaction to seeing his 300 plus pound center leading Reggie Bush on a sweep down the sideline) –“Well it’s actually something that I’ve seen him do a number of times, obviously more in practice. We’d been practicing that play all last week and actually ran it against our defense in a competitive drill in probably the same spot on the field, with almost the same result. We didn’t quite score, but I’ve seen him do that a few times.”

(On the improvement in the running game helping with the offense’s confidence) –“Well everything that we do is predicated on the success of being able to run the football. You really want to be able to avoid, as best you can, the third and twelve, the third and tens, the second and twelve’s. And so we were able to do that a number of times yesterday. Even two or three yard runs are better than some of the ones we’ve had in weeks past. So it definitely got things going for us and allowed us to do some things throwing the football.”

(On integrating Charles Clay into more of the offense) –“Well he’s kind of a hybrid type of player. He lines up in the backfield as a fullback, he lines up in the slot, we’ve lined him up as an outside receiver and as an inside receiver, and also as a tight end. I think defenses have to make a decision when he's in the game whether to play base defense or nickel defense, so it puts them in a precarious position. I think it’s definitely a benefit to us with his abilities that we’re able to move him around. We’ve got to make sure that we don’t load him up with too much stuff, but he certainly rose to the occasion yesterday, and hopefully will continue to do so.”

(On why Davone Bess was able to have so much success yesterday) –“Well, because he’s a heck of a player in his own right and a tremendous competitor. We were able to get him working in the middle of the field some and that freed him up on a couple of play action passes where he was able to get free. Also, in that last drive he made two huge catches for us coming across the middle. One was on a shallow cross type route, and another one was (when) they were in two safety defense and he beat the middle safety and the underneath coverage. But I think it’s a compliment more to him than that scheme. He just competed and made plays and he's a good player in his own right just like those corners were.”

(On the Patriot’s run defense and what enables them to create so many turnovers) –“Well they’re a tenacious defense. Their run defense is very strong. Their structure, obviously as you guys know, is out of the 3-4, which is Coach Belichick’s staple. They work from there with their nickel and dime packages, but obviously they’re a challenge, but we’re looking forward to it. I think we’re in a lot better position now, from a confidence standpoint, to play them than we would have been if we hadn’t won this football game.”

(On the next step in the progression for Ryan Tannehill) –“Probably not to make that throw back across the grain. That would probably be the next step in that we have to make sure he doesn’t do that, which I doubt very much he will. You know one thing that I’ve said before and I will continue to say it, he's the first one to know when he screws up and makes a mistake. He's hard on himself and I doubt very much that would (happen again). I’m very glad we survived that, but I doubt very much you’ll see that pass again. But the next step for him is to continue to believe in himself and have the confidence that he had and demonstrated to the rest of the team, particularly the offense. When we had the ball there at the end of the game, they all believed in him and trusted him. Just build off of that confidence is the biggest thing.”

(On whether he talked with him about that pass) –“Right after the game in the locker room, it was pretty jovial, but I still was able to pretty much make my point clear about that and that we’d be talking about that pretty soon.”

(On whether he focuses on the playoff talk or if he worries about the players focusing on it) –“I think our focus, as you go around the building Joe (Philbin) has ‘1-0’ just all over the place, is winning the next ball game and everything will take care of itself. I do believe the players… you know I like to listen to their comments or read their comments after the games and I think they typify the same comments that the head coach is making, and that’s ‘hey we’re just worried about winning the next football game against a great opponent.”

(On what Daniel Thomas showed him yesterday and how efficient the offense can be with him and Bush running so effectively) –“In this league, because of the type of game it is and the way we want to run the football, to be able to have two backs, and I really think we have three backs; he wasn’t dressed, but I think (Lamar) Miller can also help us in there when his time comes. But the one two punch, they’re different types of runners and you have to come to balance a little bit differently on both of them. So I do think it presents some issues for the defense, but it was nice to see Daniel come up strong. I thought he had some good strong runs for us.”

(On whether they used the ‘I’ formation more often than usual yesterday) –“That’s fairly accurate. We ran more out of a two back set than a one back set yesterday. Part of that was a function of how we wanted to attack them with some of our play action.”

(On whether all the problems are fixed now) –“If we can run the ball for 180 whatever yards, we should have pretty good success I would think. The week before, we ran it for 60 yards on almost the same amount of carries. I can’t figure that out. (We used) pretty much the same schemes. This defense we played yesterday was a very tough defense, but we seem to rise to the occasion. I think the players are certainly deserving of all the credit for what they put into this ball game and what they were able to do. Hopefully we are able to continue.”

(On whether he likes Tannehill and the offense operating at a faster pace, similar to a two minute drill speed) –“Personally I like the faster pace, but at the same time, in the beginning stages of the offense the whole idea of being in the no huddle from my standpoint is getting Ryan to the line of scrimmage to be able to decipher and dissect what people are doing and give him time. We did have to call a timeout yesterday one time because of a possible delay of game; that was my fault. I was a little bit late getting the call in, but we’ve been pretty clock savvy in relationship to getting the play in and giving him time on the clock; usually we have about ten seconds or more on the clock when he snaps the football. But it gives him time at the line scrimmage to not feel rushed, and he did feel rushed on that play and we didn’t have a successful play. I would prefer to go faster than we are but I think right now, and the Patriots go faster than we do, but right now I think we are where we are and we’ll probably stay here for a bit. As we grow maybe we’ll move a little bit forward.”

(On what Vince Wilfork brings to the Patriot’s defensive line) – “Well when you talk about the structure of their defense you want to be strong through the middle, and they are. He’s at the center point of just about everything that happens. You have to be able to block him to have any success around the football. I mean he is a man amongst boys out there a lot of times and really controls that line of scrimmage for them.”

(On whether it feels daunting to have to keep up with the pace of the Patriot’s offense scoring) – “Well You know I do always look at what an opposing offense is doing and how that plays into how we’re going to play, and so it is a little bit of a challenge there’s no question. You have a Hall of Fame quarterback over there, a Hall of Fame Coach over there, other players that are noteworthy and Pro Bowl players, so you certainly have to stay in touch with what they’re doing, but at the same time not lose sight of what you have to do. You have to focus more on yourself and what you have to do actually.”

And now Coyle:

(On what kind of ideas he has to slow down Tom Brady) –“I’m open for anybody’s suggestions (joking). They just do such a great job of executing their offense. They’re not a team that uses a lot of trickery. They are a team that does a great job of working matchups and they’re built that way. They’ve got speed receivers, quick receivers, big receivers. When you do things to try to negate their passing game, as evidenced this year, they’re very effective running the ball. So they pose a lot of problems for you in terms of the matchups. Honestly, we haven’t had, we didn’t have great success against them in Cincinnati and I hope that we can do a better job here.”

(On what he said to the defense after yesterday’s game in light of the success stopping the run) – “Well, we were real pleased. Going into the game, we felt this was one of the better running teams we were going to face that had a running back that had four consecutive 100-yard games. I think he was third in the league coming into the game in rushing and, quite honestly, with the exception of one play that bounced out there later in the second half, we did a tremendous job against the run the entire day. Guys up front did a super job - (Paul) Soliai and (Randy) Starks. Really, it all started with those two and we were able to set the edges. Geez, I think the quarterback did more damage rushing the ball against us than the running back did. So that’s good. We have to get back to doing that in order to be as good as we want to be on defense. That was a big positive step and a lot of different individuals came up with plays as the game went on. When we needed to make plays at the end, there was two things that stood out during the game. There was the sudden change there early in the game on the 35-yard line. We took the field and then knocked them back a little bit and got them out field goal range. There was no points scored in the sudden change. That was big in retrospect when you look at the whole game. You don’t think, at the time, it felt good them not scoring, but really the way the game unfolded. Then, certainly at the end of the game when they got the ball at the 40-yard line with over two minutes left and it didn’t look good. It looked like they were going to be able to try to grind it in there and set up a field goal and we might not even get a chance to get the ball back, but three consecutive negative plays got them out of field goal range again and gave our offense a chance to go down the field and win. That’s positive. There’s still a lot of things that we have to do better and containing the quarterback was a big issue yesterday.”

(On if it’s smarter to blitz Brady or put more people in coverage) – “It’s kind of like pick your poison. I think we’re going to have to do some of both obviously. He’s not the most mobile quarterback that we face for sure. That’s a bit a relief after the guy last week to be honest with you, but he stands in there and he waits and he waits and he waits and guys separate and get open. He’s very patient and he’s so smart. That’s the things about him. I don’t think you can sit there and cover them all day long. Although, I do think you have to do things coverage wise that, because of their personnel spreads you out all over the field, that you have to be able to be somewhat multiple in what you’re going to try to do covering their receivers. But I don’t think you can let him sit there and wait because eventually he finds somebody open. So I think you’re going to have to… We are a pressure team to a pretty high degree and we’re not going to change what we do, but we’re going to have to be really smart in how we do it."

(On the challenges of facing Wes Welker) – “He’s fun to watch if you’re not playing against him. He’s a lot like our Davone Bess in that he gets in the slot and he just works you. They do such a good job of running option routes with him, and him and Brady, Welker and Brady, are on such the same page where if you take leverage to his outside, he’s going to beat you inside. If you take leverage to the inside, he’s going to stick you and he’s going to break you outside. Unless you somehow have him bracketed and when you start to do that, then that’s leaving (Brandon) Lloyd open on the other side or one of the tight ends getting a one-on-one matchup. He’s very, very, it’s not his just flat vertical speed that scary, it’s more he’s one of the quickest players that I’ve ever seen in the league. Because of that, he just finds a way to (get open) and he’s tough. He’ll catch the ball in traffic and he’ll block and he’ll do all the things that you want a receiver to do.”

(On his impressions of Russell Wilson) –“You know he didn’t do anything for me to think anything less of him. I was watching him in pregame and I looked over and I said, ‘Geez, he is small.’ You look at him and he’s not very tall, not impressive physically. But I was watching him move and they were taking him through a progression of throws and he’s really smooth. He’s got good velocity on the ball. In our game, it wasn’t his downfield throwing that hurt us, he found the back, check the ball down a couple of times. He made a couple of good throws in the game, but he’s just one of those guys that finds a way to win. He competes and we were fortunate at the end of the game that we were able to get to him. We stopped them on the first play, that running play. Then, we sniffed out the screen play, which was really big making the play on the screen and then (Jared) Odrick got the sack on the final play. I think he’s going to be a very fine quarterback.”

(On how Jared Odrick has done this season opposite of Cam Wake)– “Well, he certainly had a big, big impact play in the game yesterday. Actually, yesterday I think was probably his best overall game. He made some plays down the line in terms of just good physical run force plays that he made. He has a minus-yardage play on a play that Paul really knocked the line of scrimmage back. He looked like a bull dozer in there taking about three of their linemen with him and then the ball bounced deep and Jared was there to make the play on the edge. But he did a good job. We want him to be a productive guy on the opposite side. Cam, again, you don’t see the numbers in stats yesterday, but yet he was a major factor. He had a couple of quarterback hits, knocked him down a couple of times, set the edge in the run game. People don’t realize how good of a job, going into the season, I think I mentioned to you guys everybody was concerned – is he going to hold up? And he’s done more than hold up. He’s outstanding in the run game. I think we’re getting better there. We’re getting better at that spot. We’re getting better with a guy like Derrick Shelby getting into the game too at that defensive end position. He’s giving us quality snaps. He’s not just coming there to give a guy a blow. If you noticed yesterday, he’s made a couple of good plays on the edge. Overall, between (Olivier) Vernon and Shelby, as young players developing, and then Odrick coming along the way he is, I think we’re pretty solid at that spot.”

(On putting Wake in coverage like he was on the Seahawks’ second touchdown)– “No, it’s not pointless to send him in coverage because sometimes you can free someone else up because they’re so preoccupied with having to block a guy like Cam. Really that particular blitz I’ll put on me that the ends are not necessarily, they’re kind of in between. In the way that play unfolded, they’re going to be late to come out into coverage, so that really wasn’t Cam trying to cover the guy. We needed to do a better job on the edge in terms of the guys blitzing being able to take care of it. But it was something we thought we might catch them in a play action pass and it’s what they did, but yet the one that they ran got the back out fast in flat and we were hoping that we would keep the back in the protection because of the blitz and he avoided the outside blitzer. By the time we recognized it, it was too late.”


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I just hope we don't lose by more than 3 TD's I want to play them better than the Jets did lol

Miami's DBs need to really get prepared and start to look for the ball when the opposing receiver looks for it. Our DBs continue to be the key to our success/failure!

Great interview Armando!

The biggest thing that the Dolphins need to do is play with confidence and take your chances. If you play tenatively, Brady puts up another monster day and we lose by 35.

And NE is not worried about Us? Not a tiny bit? Ask BB.

What is NE's O if not a timing based, finesse One? How do you atttack that? Physically. You beat the crap out of their linemen and runners and penetrate, disrupt their timing. That's it.

I don't know what the big deal is about the pats. The seahawks defeated them and we defeated the seahawks. Everyone should know now, if you stop Brady, by blitzing him on most downs, then you will keep the game very low scoring on their end. We have weapons to score a lot of points fast. Rishard Matthews is a hidden gem. He was held a lot in the Buffalo game because of his speed and ability to get behind the dbs. We should send Matthews for the homerun ball early and often. This will free up D-bess, Hartline and our running game all day!

Did Sherman make a "tenacious d" reference? Jack Black must be his friend

I really feel alot of the players play up or down to their opponents. Meaning the offense stepped up against a top ranked D and the Defense stopped Marshon Lynch the 3rd ranked rusher.
I think its the mind set of the players and if that is the case it falls back on the coaches getting them ready for whomever..

Miami Dolphins reserve safety Jonathon Amaya is facing a battery charge after he was accused of choking a taxi driver.

Pats 34 Dolphins 10

Seems like Marc and Vegas Mike picked the same score.heehee

We're going to get killed by brady but hopefully Tanny has a solid game.

Guys I am telling you; if the players receive their proper rest, they will run the table. You notice each time the team get'S bye week or 10 day gap before the next game, they win against the next opponent. The reason that they lost the 3 games in a row was due to exhaustion. When they get rest, they win. That's all it is to it. Now if the coaches continue the value long hours of PHYSICAL practice over the players going into the game rested and fresh, then Miami will continue to loose important games and this season is over!

Nice story Armando!!! But Houston dont have Tom Brady. I would say this is the best most dangerous team weve played this year... Our secondary must not give up this week like they did against Tenn and Buffalo... If they do the Pats may score 60 points. Im very worried for our self esteem in this secondary. And somehow weve got to find a way to Slow hernandez and welker. How??? The front line must get to Brady fast and often!!!

Heck, might as well change the name to "The WFF" or "The World Football Federation". YEAH! That would fit the plans for expansion too........
Nuff Said! This Rant is OVER ;)
Posted by: odinseye | November 27, 2012 at 05:07 AM

If only you'ld end your life.
Please Odin/Douchi, End your rant by ending your useless life.
Oh-Yeah, Pats 45 Fins 21, It will get ugly around the 3rd QTR.

Well, if the D-line plays like they did against Seattle & the lb's & safeties can cover the te's then Miami has a slim chance. If the offense can get some momentum early for once & put up 27 points Miami has a better chance.

Tanny vs Brady? LMAO!!

I think Tannehill is on his way to be a solid QB in the NFL


Just like Henne, Tannehill will be released when his contract is up. Another huge dissapointment for a 1st rd pk.

The Bears will offer Jake Long 9-10 mill/yr as a FA.

The Brady-Belichick combo is the biggest dynasty in NFL history.

One early bell-ringing hit to Brady by Wake and we have a chance.
If we don't get in Bradys head and put him on the ground a few times early, it's going to be a long afternoon......

Well....let's hope we don't look dreadful. A respectable loss will be fine figuring this game is nearly impossible to win anyway; not with our secondary


Vince Wilfork is ever challenging for any offense lining up against New England. You have to be excited then, to see how Pouncey fares in his first matchup. If he can knock that immovable object off the ball even a fraction of the time, then you're really talking about having an All-Pro center on your hands. Will be exciting to watch, IMHO.

The biggest stat mismatch in the this game is that the Pats are #1 in the NFL in turnover ratio and we are 27th. Winning that battle is key.

Sherman can't worry about running a fast tempo offense against NE, he has to worry about running a smart offense - no stupid turnovers. The Pats win more games on turnovers than they do with their offense because their defense will give up points if you protect the ball. their defense is pretty bad. Run the ball and pass on our terms not because we are down by a few scores.

Great Post Mando!

It's Great To Hear What the Coaches Think. The One Thing This Staff has Which is Refreshing! Is That THE Coaches Speak The Truth!! HONESTY! INTEGRITY! U CAN'T DEMAND IT FROM UR PLAYERS! IF U DON'T PERSONIFY IT!

If The Play Call Was Bad! The Coach Will Admit it! If The Player is Playing BAD! The Coach Will Call it Out!! No Secrecy! Bet if Mando ask Philbin About Dansby's Arm! Philbin will make a Slick Remark and Tell Mando the Injury Really isn't that SERIOUS! The TRUTH!


"Overall, between (Olivier) Vernon and Shelby, as young players developing, and then Odrick coming along the way he is, I think we’re pretty solid at that spot.”



Its NOT just DASHI saying IT! The Coach is Saying the SAME THING! We have 5-6 Good D-Linemen and 3 of them have Less Than 3 Years of NFL EXPERIENCE!


The Run Defense is SOLIAI & STARKS!!(BOWENS & GARDNER 2.0)


We Need 3 NEW LB's, 2 CB's and 1 FS!! NOT ANOTHER D-LINEMEN!

Biggest issue we are going to face is getting pressure on Brady - if we do, he's a different quarterback, if we can't, then it's going to be a long day because our offense is not up to the task of matching New England score for score.

This game rests solely on how our defense plays.

J.long bust.
all 1sts,

Dashi, given that the three biggest holes in the Dolphins game are their total offense, passing offense, and turnover ratio, it seems the things the Dolphins need most are to continue developing Tannehill and to either give him more time in the pocket or better weapons.

Since there isn't a WR worth taking where the Dolphins are slated to draft, don't sleep on Chance Warmack of Alabama as a first round pick. Yep, another lineman, haha. Sounds sick but it may be their best option. And continuing to invest in the offensive line has served San Francisco quite well. There are 3 1st round pick o lineman on that team. Not saying that is what I would do but it's an option.

Mark, I doubt we see the next becoming of the wildcat. I think Tannehill should take this time to learn from Brady and see how a real QB plays and operates. With the Patriots poor defense Tannehill should be able to throw decently, maybe some more intermediate and long routes...oh wait, we don't have a receiver to do that with

moore = 10-1

bruce,rw = 2 1sts but he b the only 1 worth a chiz.

I think we have a better chance this week against the Pats then we do against the 49ers, the 49ers game will be an a s s whooping but vs the Pats if our Pass Rush can somehow come alive ahhhhhhh who Im I kidding were getting trounced this week.

MD20, I don't remember advocating the Wildcat but what I was trying to say is that we must run just enough - enough to keep that defense from pinning their ears back. They are a leaky defense but a big play defense. As long as we can run enough to slow down the pass rush just enough then yes, the long routes will be there for Tannehill. I agree that he can carve up that defense but you can't put the entire game on his shoulders or expose our line to a constant pass rush. The pats can get to the QB. They are also quite good at scooping a ball off the ground after mark Sanchez tries to bum rush his guard and fumbles.

its all about the O-line and the pass rush.
If Wake, Odrick and Vernon pressure Brady and if the Oline gives Tanny as much time as he had against Seattle then we can keep it close.

If both fail then its a 20point plus will for NE. The good news is that Seattles D-line is on par with NE's. The bad new is that Seattles O-line is not as good as NE's.

Big game for Wake vs Vollmer. As I don't fancy Odrick to get success Vs Solder.

....One thought. We have a ton of picks in this upcoming draft. My thought isn't if Ireland is capable of using these pick properly. My thought is what are we going to do with 10 rookies on the roster, and how much does if any could these picks realistically help us next year? If you are fine with more seasons where we are "rebuilding" then the idea we have this bounty of picks should be exciting. If you are like me, and think this team has a shot to be pretty good next year. Perhaps the wisest choice would be to trade some of these picks for established vets, and then draft accordingly.

But this is what Belichik does...A couple of HUGE points here. 1 We aren't the Pats, we don't have Tom Brady to save the day. We have Ryan Tannehill. Maybe one day down the road Tannehill will be capapble of putting his team on hi shoulders for 10 years..Next year, then the next, then the next..Big if's.

2 most of you guys love to BASH Belichicks draft history..Look at how many busts he has compaired to Ireland..Bellichek is over rated and can't draft..How many times have these words been spoken here? Well no doubt..He always has a ton of picks..And that is my point. It is not realistic to expect even haalf of these picks to be compatant contributors. Most will not even be in the league in a few years. Yes we can beat the odds, and perhaps with some luck have a draft where we find 5-6 core players out one particulat class. But the odds are long, and against EVERY team.

The argument that we are building through the draft is a good one. And we still can. But IMO anyone that believes this team is going to be any better in the next few years because the draft picks alone will set us free is on planet Palin.

Mark Agreed.

The 1st Round Pick Should be BPA! If Its a OG. So Be It. The Kid Womack Next To Long!! U Talk About Fixing the LINE!! Look What S.Hutchison Did For The JETS! And The Seahawks! He Made the Left Side Dominate when Paired with a Good LT!

But I believe The O-Line Coach We have can Develop Players! Pounceys Back Up is a UDFA! And Look how he has Jerry Playing! And Look at How he Has Developed Martin! In a NEW POSITION AS A ROOKIE! I Believe With these Coaches and Ireland We can Fix The OG Problem With a 3rd Or 4th Rd Pick!

The Wr Problem on Offense Is a BIGGER problem. I believe we will make a Splash in Free Agency! And Go After Wallace! If Not Get 1 in the 2nd Round! I've been Hearing Guys in Here Saying that's where the WR VALUE is in the Draft!

The Draft is LOADED WITH DEFENSIVE PLAYERS! And I Believe All The Good WR's Might Stay 1 More Year! If 2 WR's Get Selected in the 1st Round Next Year. That Would be a lot!

DD, I always condone trading any pick after the 2nd round if you are either a) trading up for a player you really like in the draft or b) trading for an established vet in an area of need.

For example, I would give up both 3rd round picks to move up into the 2nd round anyday.

I would also give up both 3rd round picks this year for a very good WR (kind of like what Chicago did for BM this year but without the mental retardation).

Odds are the vast majority of picks after the 2nd round will prove to be fringe players or not even make an impact in the league.

One other thing, I would use one of our late picks on the top kicker in college football. Carpenter with that short cripple kickoff almost cost us the game. We must be the only team in the league that has to scheme to cover kickoffs in the NFL on a regular basis. His leg is friggin weak and not accurate at all from anywhere north of 45 yards. That's not NFL material and has cost us plenty this year.


Your point at 11:03am is well made. What BB does a great job with is turning a second this year into a first next year or a third this year into a second next year. I'm not opposed to doing that at all. We've got some big holes on the team and I think as long as we come away with a WR for Tannehill, a safety and an OLB/DE I'll be happy. Guys will be screaming for a CB but I think we can patch it up for one more year and cover the shortcomings other way. If we get the OTHER pieces in place I wouldn't be opposed to taking a CB first round NEXT year. We're still missing too many pieces for that corner to be effective next year.

Mark in TO,

I don't follow the CFL at all, but Ireland's had good luck bringing Wake and Thigpen from the CFL. There must be other guys from the CFL who could help this team. the CFL is a passing league. Are there no corner backs in that league worthy of playing in the NFL? I never remember one having any impact at all in the NFL.

..Mark in Toronto. @ 11:13.."Odds are the vast majority of picks after the 2nd round will prove to be fringe players or not even make an impact in the league"

Exactly what I was saying. People are jazzed we have all these picks. So Am I, just for a different reason. These picks should be used as a commodity to aquire some veteran players to fill holes, instead of gambling them all on rookies hoping to improve soley through the draft..I think it would be a huge mistake this offseason looking at how much freedom we may have in the free agency period, and with our stockpile of picks. This offseason should be an opportunity to soilidify this team.

Dashi, well put and agreed that the top of the first round is all defense except for a couple of OTs, Womack and I still believe Smith and barkley both in there. Since I don't think Long is going anywhere, the only offensive player that would fit is Womack. And I agree it's also not a huge need but he would still help quite a bit.

Also agree on WRs. We are either going 2nd round, trade or major signing. Wallace would be the foil and given how accurate Tannehill is throwing the deep passes, that would be beautiful.

TH, as far as the CB situation goes, we have marshall coming back next year. At minimum he's a solid NFL nickel corner. I do agree we should draft one CB in either the first or 2nd though.

Guys there are still some pretty good safeties that will fall to the third round. I've seen McDonald from USC listed as a second and I've seen him mocked as a third. There will be others. Not opposed to using a third and pick to get the guys we want. Expect to hear a backlash from the natives for giving up a precious 7th round pick....LOL.


No thanks to Womack. Looks lik a good player but we need playmakers, and I include a guy who can get 8-12 sacks a year as a playmaker. I get that he's a good player and I'm not saying we couldn't use an upgrade at guard, I just think we need get along with the guys we have and fill other needs. I'm also DEAD opposed to the drafting of a CB in the first or second. Not saying we don't need it, just saying I don't believe we'll see a difference back there. Third or fourth would be fine with me.

...I wish I could continue. I have an avalanche training class in 30 minutes. I better find my beacon.. Today is going to suck!! Hope everyone else has a good one.

dd, get a dingo, best scent getter out of any k-9.

Sorry you were born with such a little pp, but don't worry i wont tell anyone, dear.

Craig, don't know about any of the Cbs in the CFL but I did notice former high pick of the Packers, Ahmad Carroll plays for Toronto. he got a pass interference penalty in the Grey Cup, haha.

Honestly, I think the player that is most ready to contribute in the NFL is fromer Miami Dolphins training camp invite, Chris Williams of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. he will be a nice returner for someone next year.

It's clear the plan needs to be 'how do we close the gap with the Pats and aventually beat them consistently'. Lots of work to be done. Nothing changes with this team until we can do that. I see Brady playing for another 5-6 years and BB, who knows. To me you don't beat Brady with CBs, you beat him by getting in his face. The Giants and Jets have shown us that. On top of that, we need to get a lot more help for Tannehill. We're never going to be a playoff team averaging 19 points a game.


Didn't realize that Carroll was playing in Toronto. Like I said, I don't follow it very closely. Chad Owens is an interesting player. Just wonder if he'd be fast enough for the NFL.









This Will be the Only Time! DASHI WILL SPEAK TO U TROLL!!

If Dashi is Wrong he Will Admit It!! Got My Names Mixed Up!! BUT IT IS STILL THE SAME RESULT!!! U FOOL!!! A GReat LG Makes A LT BETTER!! AND VICE VERSA!! Long And Martin Have to Cover For BAD GUARD PLAY!!




Blitzing Brady leads to 99-yard TDs by Welker. Remember?

Hello Home @ 11:34, got my dikk on your mind like usual

Blitzing Brady leads to 99-yard TD passes.

Not blitzing and trying to cover leads to 7 straight completions (per drive) for 12-16 yards and an eventual TD pass.

Playing the Pats w/ Brady and Bellicheat leads to a 59-10 loss.

That's just how it is.

Alpha Leader,

It does? I guess blown assignments in the secondary wouldn't have anything to do with that would it?

You're right....let's sit back and see what Brady can do. GREAT strategy!

Alpha Leader,

Glad it's not you in charge. You'd have already thrown in the towel. Great attitude, bud!!

Oh foke me, lookatthesizeuhhim! Howbigishe? Look mah! Howbigishe? Nobody brings a fella that size unless he's trying to say something without talking.

Craig, Owens is another University of hawaii small receiver like Bess and that Bess clone we gave a tryout to from Edmonton. You're right, Owens isn't fast enough to make up for his lack of size. People get all excited because he broke the yardage mark this year in the CFL but he doesn't have the physical gifts that translate. he will make a nice living in the CFL, he shouldn't get distracted from that ..

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