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Philbin message to Carroll: Job's on the line

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin had a little chat with cornerback Nolan Carroll today.

Carroll, you will recall, had a tough night against Buffalo his last game. He had two pass interference penalties, a holding call and an illegal contact called against him. It was four first downs and 76 yards worth of penalties.

So the Dolphins coaches perhaps felt the need to remind the cornerback that a starting job is notgifted or inherited. It is earned. And Carroll has to earn better than he did last week or he's going to find himself replaced.

"I talked to Nolan today a little bit individually," Philbin said. "I know the coaches communicate with him on a consistent basis. I think Nolan is an aware player. These guys that have been in the league, they're professionals. They know their job's on the line. Told him today. We all get evaluated by our performance on Sunday. That's the most important thing for what we do -- what I do as a coach and what they do as players. He's aware of what he needs to do and things he needs to do better."

I was expecting the conversation with Carroll would be more along the lines of raising his spirits or perhaps serving as crutch to waning confidence. Nope. That apparently wasn't the approach.

 "I think the confidence to us, to me, is gained through your preparation and doing things in practice and doing things consistently. Doing them well," Philbin said. "And then the transfer of practice to the game. We're expecting him to play well Sunday."

Philbin said Carroll has practiced well and obviously you see the team expects him to play well. If he doesn't for the second consecutive game ...

Well, job's on the line.



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phlbin has an anchor around his neck. its jeff ireland. we have little talent surrounding the rookie QB and head coach. that falls on ireland. cupboards are bare!

Wow, the head coach told the player to step up or step out, never heard of that before ! NOT !!!


Really??? Who else we got at CB???

I thought two of those pass interference penalties were bulls#it. Who calls pass interfernce on a guy four times in one game??? Is that an NFL record???

Philbin just answered Dashi Question!

Carroll and Wilson!! Along With Marsha 2.0! Are Playing For Roster Spots!! Not Just To Check If Carroll!! Can be a Starter!!

Dashi Wants Dansby Gone!! Dansby will still get CUT!!



5 TEs but only 4 wins.I would venture to guess that vice versa would serve all involved better.




1) Odin(includes aliases)

2) Craig M

Job's on the line for who RJ Stanford, Jimmy Wilson???? BWHAHA Carrol probably laughs at whos behind him.

Armando is great. Good insight and timely info.

happy bird day armando.
c,i'm the only 1 who luvs u.

Pollster, please add a 3rd option being: 1+2


Has Ireland beaten you so bad that you now see those beatings as a sign of love.....it seems like you have battered wife syndrome....

Continuity for continuity's sake is beyond ridiculous.....you have seen what IRELAND has brought you in the last 3 years....AND IT'S A LOSING SEASON....WITH A TEAM THAT IS REGRESSING....

Ireland brought you.....


The bottom of the BARREL RUN BLOCKING OL in the NFL....

The WORST 2nd DAIRY in the NFL.....with or WITHOUT DAVIS....

a 200 LB FEATURE BACK....who is great in space....but doesn't make DL and LB not want to tackle him (size)....

A "BIG" back who runs like a 200 LB back......


and your OK with keeping Ireland on the PAY ROLL....that is laughable.....

You guys were happy when you thought we didn't SUCK.....this blog was giddy when we were 2-2...and dam JUBILANT when we were 4-3.....

.500 seeems to be the bar @ which you think success is reached...lol.....IRELAND himself was so happy he was doing the coc-walk with fans.....until ONE of them had the GUTS to keep it REAL.....then IRELAND showed his true SCUM BAG NATURE......

Ireland will keep GOOD FA from coming here......

He will screw the HC @ a moments notice....

and he will BRING IN guys that will keep us MIRED in LOSING FOOTBALL.....

why is this so hard to understand....

the officiating in that game re: pass interference was atrocious and seemingly anti-dolphin. hartline almost had his head taken off in one instance before the ball arrived. Refs needed to be told that going for the ball doesn't mean you can interfere with the receiver and just because someone isn't playing the ball doesn't mean it's interference unless the player actually touches the other player.


Please add Kris to your list. Put my vote there.


The Ireland apologists will stop at nothing. For god sakes, some dude on the other blog said that Ireland isn't to blame because he just heads up the personnel dept. He isn't personally responsible.

If a person isn't accountable for the lousy department he runs, what is he responsible for?

Do you need any more proof that they live in a bubble of denial?

I'm a momma's boy with self esteem issues.

@ 4:17....

I just don't get it.....I really don't.....

The "OH WELL" type of thinking is beyond me.....the "Ireland is the GM...so get USED TO IT"....mindset is baffling....if not shameful.....

fly banners.....don't spend you're hard earned money....keep the stadium empty...and force ROSS to spend his money......

If you do go to the stadium...wear a bag.....

Get the message to ROSS....this GM is an anchor...and a thief....

...I don't know what the mindframe the FO has as far a what is an exceptable time frame for this new "re-build" What I mean is do the insiders think this team can be competitive next year, or will the team be content with tryng to rebuild soley through development?

Most are going to probably say that it is a regime that is going to do it through the draft. That we are not going to explore high profile free agents. I don't know if this is true. I am one that thinks the defense is not the problem. Yes we need to find playmakers, yes we have to convert mistakes into turnovers better. and yes there is certainly room for improvement.

I don't think that the draft will accomlish this in a short term scenario. It is not likely that we can fill all the needs on both sides of the ball with just the draft. Reminder.I am speeking in the short term. I also do not think in this modern environment that teams give coaches the benifit of the doubt when it comes to time. Right or wrong this is a win now league. Years of medicraty get coaches fired.

I think that we have an opportunity this upcoming offseason to take charge of the roster. What I mean is it may be in the best interest of the team to take a chance on a corner back via free agency, or reciever, or both. We have a lot of picks..that is great. But how many of those picks will turn into players we can count on contributing. These picks are also commodities for trade bait..Imo If we can get it right, and find the right mix of vets, and hit on a few picks. There should be no reason we can be competitve now. Easier said then done.

It'll take 4-5 years AFTER Ireland is fired to fix his mess.

Let's face it, pro sports, especially the NFL and NBA is nothing more than society pandering to dumb nigggers to give the rest the illusion they can be successful too. We let a few athletes make big bucks, let a few rise in politics, and it distracts them from the reality that they are an inferior species.

When I was a kid they were all speaking ebonics, and they are still speaking it and so are their children. Zero progression made. That proves it.

No I disagree that it takes for or five year to fix this mess, look at the 49ers Harbaugh has this team playing at a high level, yes he has playmakers their but even when Mike was head coach was only one year, it can happen if you have a creative GM that shares the same philosophy as you head coach, JI doesn't he comes from the Parcells tree. I just hope Ross wakes up and let Philbin bring in a GM. Let's see and hope for the best!

Ray, shouldn't you be in bible study? Football is a sinners game played by sinners. It is not for bible thumpers.


The niners had the talent, IN HOUSE, they just needed a coach.


Until Ireland disappears, this team is going nowhere. I think that is the universally held belief of sane people.

People here think that because guys like Ozzie Newsome have been GM's forever, that makes a successful franchise. Well, using the Ravens as an example, they are successful because Ozzie Newsome is successful in acquiring talent.

The COMPLETE opposite of what the phins have. And yet, you STILL have people who would rather see Ireland stay & provide MORE below average results rather than strive for better.

The mindset is unimaginable for the human species.

People here think that because guys like Ozzie Newsome have been GM's forever, that makes a successful franchise. Well, using the Ravens as an example, they are successful because Ozzie Newsome is successful in acquiring talent.

Posted by: Why don't you answer? | November 21, 2012 at 04:48 PM

How do you define successful? 1 SB win in team history? BFD.

Ozzie put together possibly the best defense in history, or in the top 3, yet even with that he only won one SB.

That is greatness? 1?


Tebow is a holly roller like me, I would love for you to find it in Gods word that we can't play football or any other sports or have a civilize conversation about sports. If you can prove it to me in those words can't play football or talk football I will stop posting ok!
I think if a up and coming player personnel individual that is ready to step in as a GM it can be turn around in a couple years. The falcons did it they have been to the playoffs every year since they got their new GM and coach, I think except one year, I might be wrong on that, JI got his chance it didn't work out look the lions fire Matt Millen and they got better except this year so far, but they have talent I think it's coaching There at Detroit!

Tebow is NOT a football player. Elway didn't think so, Fox didn't think so, his teammates don't think so, and Ryan has him on the bench 59 minutes a game.

Nolan is nothing more than a special teams maven and a dime defensive back it's not his fault he is overmatched with ordinary receivers he has no business on the field with the starting defense

The FINS haven't WON a SB since....

1974....THAt was SUPER BOWL 8.....

Haven't been to a SB since 1985......

Haven't been to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SINCE...1992

Haven't won a playoff game since....2000

and Haven't been to the playoffs since 2008....


some STUPID TROLL has the never to slight the Ravens...lol....boy are you EFFING STUPID.....

From the last blog.....


When the team was playing well, it seemed possible maybe Sparano just didnt know how to develop talent. Philbin had guys that played awful for Sparano playing well during that short stretched. So naturally the attention turned away from Ireland.

Philbin had these guys playing over thier heads. So evntually the bubble burst and the eyes are back on Ireland.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 21, 2012 at 03:40 PM

I agree. The possiblity that we finally have a QB and actually winning some games early in the season gave us a reason for optimism. Hell, winning one game after several loses will do that for some fans.

But what you said about guys playing over their heads...I've thought about that too. And there's probably a lot of truth in it. But how can anyone explain losing to the Titans & Bills back to back? I don't know and I wonder if the coaches know.

But one thing is undeniable, we need better talent in 5 or 6 positions. Here's another, how long have we been saying that?

Krissy poo,

If you read what was written AND comprehended it, then you'd realize your response is misdirected. Unless of course you too want to tout a great GM as someone with only 1 SB who hasn't been to the dance in 12 years even while possessing one of the top defenses.


Where do you get Philbin told Carrol his job is on the line from this:

"These guys that have been in the league, they're professionals. They know their job's on the line".

That comment applies to every player in the league.

Or this:

"He's aware of what he needs to do and things he needs to do better."

Again, applies to every player in the league. Nothing you wrote specifically say Philbin told Carroll his job's on the line.

Every player in the nfl knows his job's on the line when he's playing poorly. Have you been drinking?

Ross stated around week 2 that he expected the Dolphins to be in the playoffs this year. I'm sure he based that upon the final nine games last year when the team went 6-3, generating a great deal of excitement. The wins for those games relied on playmakers Matt Moore, Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall.

Had Tony Sporano not been fired during the season but finished the season with the same 6-3 record, do you think Ross would have fired him? If he was not fired, do you think he keeps the playmakers intact and adds Chad Johnson and rookie DB/SFTY/RT at least? What is your gestimate of what the Dolphins record might be this season had Tony stayed?

(For the record, I thought Tony fell short of head coach material)

How pleased can Ross be right now if he was advised to fire Sporano mid season and hire Philbin?

Whatever your name is going to be next @ 5:28....

COMPARE time frames....put some PERSPECTIVE into what your writing....

who has been BETTER since 1996 (the Ravens inception)....

Its guys like you who LIVE IN THE PAST.....and TOAST THE UNDEFEATED SEASON....that have allowed this organization to become so bad over time....you have been SATISFIED because you won 2 SB 40 EFFING years ago.....oh...and an UNDEFEATED season back when football was televised in black and white....

There is a new breed of fan to replace you old ones...and were ready to see the TEAM RETURN to greatness....not talk about WHAT WAS....

But one thing is undeniable, we need better talent in 5 or 6 positions. Here's another, how long have we been saying that?

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 21, 2012 at 05:23 PM

Well, I'll say we've been looking at needing better talent in 5-6 positions since 2008.

Either thru bad drafting or bad fa's we've had to redo positions we thought had been addressed. Created holes not needing creating, meanwhile, new holes opened up on thier on.

If our fo were a plumbing company, they would have been kicked off of the job long ago.


You don't get it. It is YOU that wants to associate 1 SB victory in a 16 year span as a mark of excellence, not me. It is YOU that associates greatness with falling short 15 out of 16 years, not me.

Who cares about records. Only winning the trophy matters, the other 31 teams all finish in last place.

Also nowhere have I said anything about our teams past or my position on it. Nowhere. It is you putting your words in someone elses mouth just to find a reason to be a wet rag.

So you enjoy 6-10 .....rather than deciding WHO goes to the SB year in and YEAR OUT....

cause that what the RAVENS DO....

but I guess you would rather be talking about the draft every OCT/NOV...sometimes SEP...if they chips don't fall right...

Makes sense.....

in TROLL WORLD i guess....

Yeah Kris,

That is what I said, I enjoy going 6-10, my words verbatim. Funny I can't seem to find them up there.

What fake garbage will you invent next to support you point that in reality just contradicts yourself?

You are a fool and a waste of time.

The funny thing is, had Ireland won a SuperBowl and then went on a 12 year dry spell, you'd all be calling to hang him. But nobody here calls to hang Ozzie.

Not so easy, Armando. When you evaluate a Player you have to know against whom he was going. Has that opponent been giving problems to everybody else around the League? Then, if so,, you have to give your Player some slack. Also, did the Coaches prepare him and positioned him well for the Game? I don't know these Coaches yet but I know Nolan Carroll has a shining Bulb(his Mother is a member of the FL House of Representatives) and I doubt it very much he doesn't get the scheme.Lastly, if none of the above it's true, we have to go by what Philbin has implied, that Nolan just doesn't heve the physical ability to play CB in the NFL

@ 6:01....
YOU don't understand SH@T....and you're 6"01 post tells me I am talking to an absolute mental midget....

but I already knew that....

What a surprise @ 6:07.....

Kris, Philbin appears very finicky. It's either his Players or none. What do you think, will Philbin be successful?

@ 6:14

I read your comment to me and you can be sure I will take it into careful consideration for any new post I make.

Have a jolly day, if you can.

No reply from Kris.hehehe

midget lol


Over the years not one single alias of yours or comment you have made has even one remotely entertaining. I would advise you not to go into the comedy business.

marlins fans lol


I think your a TROLL.....PERIOD....

I like Dashi's post...but I can't understand for the life of me why some days he talks to you regular...and some days he treats you like the TROLL you are....baffling for sure....

I said SURPRISE @ 6:07....because I have little doubt that those 3 screen names that above are you.....they're apparent LACK of football knowledge was a dead give away....NO WAY THREE SEPARATE people could be so DUMB....

I have ZERO interest in having a conversation with you TROLL....II know the silly games you play....and while you have enough TROLL names to fool me occasionally....for the most part.....

WE ALL know its you.....just like @ 4:31.....

I have seen less offensive post be removed....but since YOU WORK FOR THE HERALD...you are free to say what you like....classy...

Who should the Dolphins resign next year?

Don't you see that if you are not prepared to exchange opinions on Internet and you start bothering the People in It, then designed attacks towards you will damage your self-Esteem and consequently everything will start to go wrong in your real World Life? If you cannot converse as a civilized Human being in these Forums, better for you to shut up.

Philbin is one tough hombre!

Kris needs to call people DUMB in order to make himself feel smart. Unfortunately that still won't make him smart, because he still can't see how DUMB he really is.

I like Dashi's post...but I can't understand for the life of me why some days he talks to you...

Posted by: Kris | November 21, 2012 at 06:28 PM

Kris, nobody can understand for the life of them why you feed odinslime and his endless bwaaahaaaa drivel. He is a buffoon that not only feeds the trolls but adds 10 times more pollution to the blog responding to them. And you feed him. And you call others DUMB?

Somebody loves DASHI IN UR MOUTH!!

Cause Else? Why Try to be him?

Man UP!!

Who's Snooki? Who's JWOWW?


Somebody loves DASHI IN UR MOUTH!!


Posted by: Dashi | November 21, 2012 at 07:05 PM


So is this what you mean when you say you like Dashi's posts?

And you call others DUMB?

dashi gets called out then shows up
yesterday is gone gets called out then shows up
where oh where have you been hiding

Well now, it looks like Krissy has been beaten to a pulp.

If only they could get a guy like Vontae Davis to give them depth in the secondary ;)


I've said before. IF THE TROLL TALKS FOOTBALL. Dashi will talk to him! I don't hold grudges.

It's when he wants to go all AszClown!! That Dashi has to put him in Check! And make him his Bottom Biatch!!

Even a Garbage Can gets A Steak!! Oscar might have 3 Kids! But He Calls Dashi Daddy!!

I'm The Sigmund Freud To His Oscar Canosa.

The Old Man is So Delusional!! And Scared of Dashi!! He said he had to go to work today!! And Proceeded to Troll!

Good Thing U wear Diapers Oscar!! Cause it Would Suck!! Having to Run to the Bathroom!! Every time The Dashi Shows Up!! NURSE!!! OSCAR SHARDED AGAIN!!!

AND With Ur Genetic Condition! U Might Pick it Up and EAT IT!

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