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Russell Wilson great but not as much on the road

Ryan Tannehill or Russell Wilson. Which of these two rookie quarterbacks is playing better right now?

Definitely Wilson. No doubt.

By every measurable statistical standard Wilson is the better player today. The former third round draft pick has been a pleasant surprise for the Seattle Seahawks and has been, arguably, one of the top two productive rookie quarterbacks in the league this season.

But before you become depressed about the quarterback matchup Sunday, you must understand there are two Russell Wilsons -- the home Russell and the away Russell.

And the home Russell is amazing while the away Russell is still playing like a rookie.

At home Wilson has completed 69 of 111 passes for 935 yards. That means he's completing an impressive 62.2 percent of his passes. But that is not his most impressive statistic at home.

Wilson, 23 years old, has thrown 11 TDs and zero interceptions at home.

His quarterback rating is 122.0 at home.


On the road, Wilson has been merely mortal. He's completed 88 of 142 passes, again for a 62 percent completion mark. He's thrown for 892 yards with four touchdowns and eight interceptions. His quarterback rating is 65.8.

So that should give you hope.

The problem is Tannehill hasn't been significantly better at home than Wilson has been on the road.

Tannehill is completing 58.2 percent of his passes of home and has thrown three touchdowns and four interceptions. His rating is 70.4 at home.

Indeed, away Tannehill has been almost more dynamic, throwing for nearly twice as many yards and averaging 7.60 yards per completion compared to 5.96 yards per completion at home. His QB rating on the road is higher at 71.1.

And so the question for Sunday will be can home Ryan be better than away Russell.


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Bottom line Wilson has made more plays and thrown more TD than Tannehill I don't care if he is home away, he is a better QB than Tannehill period! Now the question is if Tannehill will be better than Wilson Weeden?
We shall see fellas. Hopefully the new GM picks the play makers that this offense needs!


It took trading off Satele, whom btw has been a starter everywhere he's went, and is still currently a starting center with Colts. While we have gone through Smiley and that guy who was a starter before eventually having to spend a #1 pick on Pouncey.

That's 3 centers we've gone thru since determining Satele was "too small". I cant say how good that was, finally having to spend a #1 pick at center when Satele was sufficient at the time. He just didnt meet Parcells definition of a center.

Now you see why Robert Kraft didnt let Parcells shop for the groceries? He let the fat Tuna walk instead.

Had we kept Satele we save huge fa dollars on Grove and could have used the #1 pick on Pouncey elsewhere.

Kind of the same deal with the Ernest Wilford, Brandon Marshall ordeal. We're still going to havbe to use a high draft pick at wr after going thru those 2. That one's soley on Ireland.

I'm pretty sure they wouldnt have started Tannehill if we didnt have a great OL. Long, Incognito, and Pouncey is as good as it gets.

This team's in need of a top saftey, another pass rusher and some help at WR, CB and TE. If the team can fill those needs in FA and the draft and keep most of their FA's we're talking about a total diferent team. I don't get some peoples attraction to Clemmons. He's totally garbage! A dominant safety back there would make all the difference in the world.


He's not 'garbage.' He's a very good tackler & doesn't make a lot of mistakes however he doesn't make the BIG or the game-changing plays. He'd be a very good backup but I agree that we need more of a playmaker back there.


Agree with your 3:17pm comment. It is a concern. I will give you that. I don't have the answer for why the OL has disappeared.

Answer (troll), again Parcells HEADED up the department. Ireland was GM in title only. He didn't have free reign to do what he wanted. How are you not getting that. Take some time to read, or in your case, have someone read it for you.


He's garbage, IMO. Worst defender on the team. I don't get how he gets a pass from you and yet Smith gets your rath. He tackles because he's out of position and offers very little support to the corners. The guy I want at safety would be much better in pass coverage, lending a hand.


'We've got worse since Parcells has left'. REALLY? What was our record when Parcells left? Seems we're going to be right in and around that mark again this year, with a ton of changes. I don't see that we've gotten worse. We're the same.

I'm pretty sure they wouldnt have started Tannehill if we didnt have a great OL. Long, Incognito, and Pouncey is as good as it gets.


I'll agree on Pouncey. This has not been a great year for either Long or Incognito but that MAY also be b/c it's new system for them the with zone blocking scheme. I really hope that's all it is b/c I don't see Ireland letting Long hit FA. Not sure if he's going to get a big deal or get franchise but I'd be beyond SHOCKED if Long was not a Dolphin next year. Beyond...

Heck, we're fortunate to have Chris Clemmons, and thats not really a good thing. We signed fa bust Gerbril Wilson who was supposed to be the man. Couldnt sign a top tier fa sfetyu after Wilson bust because of the Ireland "Dez Bryant incident". Those fa's came in and played Ireland like a chump.

Then we couldnt address the position with a high draft pick because we were too busy doing over do overs with high draft picks. While some of those high draft picks werent really working out either.

If this team was built the right way in the beginning, or Ireland hadnt made the Dez momma comment, we would have been able to address the safety position with a high draft pick or signed a very good fa.

The Dolphins just aren't explosive enough on offense to compete every week. They are 0-6 when surrendering more than 18 points in a game . . . you need your offense to do a little more than that.

The funny thing is when we were playing pretty good football, most seemed to look the other way with Ireland. Forgot all the dumb $hit he's done. Even I had hoped that Ireland would lean on Philbin & Sherman and it wouldn't be so bad. But in the end, Ireland is like a cancer. Until the cancer is removed, the body continues to waste away.

Actually im white but i can't stand you redneck inbred pieces of trash! Thst would be you cindy lou and puss in a box!

white power.


When the team was playing well, it seemed possible maybe Sparano just didnt know how to develop talent. Philbin had guys that played awful for Sparano playing well during that short stretched. So naturally the attention turned away from Ireland.

Philbin had these guys playing over thier heads. So evntually the bubble burst and the eyes are back on Ireland.

He's garbage, IMO. Worst defender on the team. I don't get how he gets a pass from you and yet Smith gets your rath. He tackles because he's out of position and offers very little support to the corners. The guy I want at safety would be much better in pass coverage, lending a hand.


LOL!!! That's not true. I said he's improved this year. I only REALLY ripped Smith for that horrific game against the Colts. However he bounced back & played well against the Bills. Stevie Johnson was pretty damn quiet in that game.

I give Clemons pass b/c I always see him making tackles!!! I've seen a lot of missed tackles on this defense this year but he's there to clean up the mess. I agree that he's not great in pass coverage & doesn't create turnovers.


(Mando please ask Ireland)

Will the Fins Spend Big Money On Key Free Agents, Next Year? At Least? 1 or 2?

As Fans That have gone/have been going thru so much Incompetency!! The Last Decade!!

How Will it Go Through With The Fan Base!! If Ireland and Philbin decide not to spend Big Money On Outside Free Agents!! AND BUILD THRU THE DRAFT! Exclusively!!

Next Year! Will be Year 1 Of Rebuilding! That's why Ireland can never admits the Fins Are Rebuilding! This Year! It would be WRONG! This "NEW" Coaching Staff! Has to EVALUATE THE ROSTER!! PLAYING IN THEIR SYSTEM!! The Last Coaches!! DESTROYED THE CAP! (Picture Jets Next Year) And RAN A DIFFERENT SYSTEM!! Time to Evaluate!!


As U all have Seen!! Philbin will give u every shot!! To keep ur job! Now ONCE he Feels The YOUNGER Player Can Play at The Same Level As A Veteran One! The Younger Guy takes the Spot!! Rightfully So! Philbin is Building for the Future!! He Needs to know if the Rookies are Ready!

The Fins Should Still resign the Key Free Agents! ON THE TEAM! Long, Smith, Starks, and Hartline.

And CUT THE FAT. Dansby, Burnett, Carpenter, The Fat Guards! Even McDanniels! Anybody Not Performing To Standard!! Or Their Contract!!

Dashi just Doesn't know if the Fins!! Are Going To Spend ANY MONEY On Free Agents!! Philbin Doesn't look like the Type! That Will Tell Ireland! Go Spend On These Guys! And DON'T take Care of Family First!!

He Seems to Rather Want a Bunch of His Guys(Players Drafted for/by Philbin)!

So Again. Are The Fins going To Spend On Free Agency? How Many Starters? Are They Going to Go Crazy Like Parcells? Or Do like JJ!! And Go Crazy Drafting!

I know The Fins Have To Spend!! 90% of The Total Cap!! Resigning!! KEY PLAYERS!! The Fins should still have about $20 Million In CAP! Meaning They Have To Spend!! On 1 or 2 Stars? Or a Group of MidLevel Guys!

Or Is Philbin Going To Build Only Thru The Draft? Collect Picks Ever Year!!

YG and WHDPs,

Clemmons is a fill in. Always was. He's there because we ran out of picks to draft a replacement or we ran out of money to spend in FA. It's all the things he DOESN'T ddo that bothers me most about Clemmons. WHDPs is right, he's a decent tackler, but that's not what we're looking for from the position. We need to stop giving up the big plays and get more turnovers. Clemmons is part of the problem in this regard. Frequently out of position and takes bad angles and nobody fears him. He's not what we need at the position and once someone else is in there doing the job that will become more obvious.

Craig, when were we 6-10 with Parcells? He had us at 11-5.

If our QB could pass a lick it would open up the running game.

Hetes another one that wants to get his ass beat! 2 what?

Boy I just don't know what the love affair with FIRELAND! Bottom line is JI had his finger prints all over the draft picks and free agents also! That's bull s h I t that A owner is going to throw away money just to give a title GM to a employee just because, but in Ross case maybe he got taken for a ride and he doesn't know how to jump off already! Look no matter what guys especially to the people here that still thinks for some strange reason that JI only was involved the last two years.well five years has gone by and JI has a attitude problem big ego and acorn philosophy doesn't work in this era, it's about wining now not four five years down the road
Most contracts are 4 years max. Go ahead keep FIRELAND. Mr Ross. But you will be paying out of pocket for those stadium sell outs! The PHINS need a fresh new up to date GM. Not a GM that's was taught by a old timer 80' 90' coach like Parcells!

Dashi Why are you yelling? Your caps and exclamation keys need some rest, bruh


Has Ireland beaten you so bad that you now see those beatings as a sign of love.....it seems like you have battered wife syndrome....

Continuity for continuity's sake is beyond ridiculous.....you have seen what IRELAND has brought you in the last 3 years....AND IT'S A LOSING SEASON....WITH A TEAM THAT IS REGRESSING....

Ireland brought you.....


The bottom of the BARREL RUN BLOCKING OL in the NFL....

The WORST 2nd DAIRY in the NFL.....with or WITHOUT DAVIS....

a 200 LB FEATURE BACK....who is great in space....but doesn't make DL and LB not want to tackle him (size)....

A "BIG" back who runs like a 200 LB back......


and your OK with keeping Ireland on the PAY ROLL....that is laughable.....

You guys were happy when you thought we didn't SUCK.....this blog was giddy when we were 2-2...and dam JUBILANT when we were 4-3.....

.500 seeems to be the bar @ which you think success is reached...lol.....IRELAND himself was so happy he was doing the coc-walk with fans.....until ONE of them had the GUTS to keep it REAL.....then IRELAND showed his true SCUM BAG NATURE......

Ireland will keep GOOD FA from coming here......

He will screw the HC @ a moments notice....

and he will BRING IN guys that will keep us MIRED in LOSING FOOTBALL.....

why is this so hard to understand....

Great post man! JI has done nothing to upgrade this team, not enough playmakers impact players. As long as Jeff FIRELAND is involve with the player personnel this team will be a mediocre, the proof is in the pudding
JI isn't cutting it ROSS cut your losses and let Philbin hire a GM that he fells comfortable with, almost every head coach brings their GM with them...

Looking forward to the game. Seattle also has a very spotty history at playing early games in the eastern time zone.

On the other hand, Wilson's spotty road performance is a bit misleading. The numbers don't lie, but his first 2 games of the season were road games and were awful, as teams blitzed him and forced his timing, etc. He's been getting better though, as he played very well on the road vs. Detroit 3 weeks ago. I believe he had 4 picks in those first 2 games.

A lot of talk here about how terrible Wilson and the Seahawks are on the road. Look closer and you will see the 4 road losses were by a combined 21 points - no blowouts. 2 of the 4 losses were in the first four weeks when Wilson was limited by the coaching staff and the offense was kept pretty vanilla. And Wilson played well in the last two road losses, which should be blamed more on defensive lapses against both SF and Detroit.

Our draft was rated very high, an A, this year by the analysts who know more about this than any blogger here. Check it out.
Posted by: Eyot | November 21, 2012 at 02:30 PM

Kiper rated the Seahwaks as having the worst draft by value. Seahawks all season have been getting great production from 1st rounder Bruce Irvin, 2nd rounder MLB Bobby Wagner, 3rd rounder Russel Wilson, 4th rounder back-up RB Robert Turbin etc. Don't rely on instant draft analysis.

Bruce Irvin was a guy I was looking at us getting 3rd rd as a pass rush specialist in 2012's draft. That's where most so-called experts had him pegged because they said he was a great pass rusher and terrible against the run,

Then Seattle shocked all of the experts by taking hi 1st rd. That probably why most experts gave Seattle a bad draft grade. Experts may want to revisit the poor grade given Seattle for this now. Because Irvin has been an absolute nightmare getting after the passer and has done fairly well playing the run.

Can we trade our Wilson for their Wilson?

Once again Mando you jinx the dolphins with another blog about how they have a chance. Lets see you wrote how the dolphins should be able to run against Tennessee, then you wrote the same thing about the Bills. So you pretty much guaranteed that Wilson will look sharp on the road.

Hawks are gonna wax the phins, as Mia simplhy doesn't match up well with Sea. How is Mia going to score? Running the ball.....no, sea will shut down your run. Passing....please, our corners will in fact shut your WRs down and there will be nowhere to throw the ball, and I expect Tanney will force at least 1 pick. Also, the hawk pass rush will be good for 5-6 sacks once mia is forced to throw after falling behind. Even with the expected struggles on offense and woes on the road, sea wins this one by the likes of 23-7.

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