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Seattle leads Dolphins, 14-7 going to fourth quarter

Well, the sprinklers went off while both teams were on the field during the third quarter. That was the lone home highlight per se for the Dolphins.

The Seahawks got a TD drive with Russell Wilson tossing his second TD pass of the game during that period.

The Dolphins didn't convert on their two possessions.

This one is going to take a comeback. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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This offense is as exciting as Henning style football.

wow - another 4qtr comeback

I need another home brew...

Offense might as well punt if they get in third and long. Defense can't force any turnovers bc the secondary stinks. 15 straight completions for Wilson. What a bunch of bums.

This team is unwatchable. Pathetic. No wonder the stands are empty.

The defense is toast. Not only are they tired, but they all look confused.

Get me one, too, AisleBBach.

got them forks ready...

The spineless defense will show up now and wilt. SOS

This drive will end the game, 96 yards

Armando we are see playing the next Dolphins L A Team, this team have no future here

Strip the ball, dang it!

16 straight Sean Smith

Is it the secondary?

Or The LB's?

Wilson converted out of his own end zone!!

To many passes completed on the LB's!!

WOW a stop? Holy S!!!

another record fins surrender.....*lmao*

how was miller not called for holding????


Last year's O-Line had Mark Colombo on it, who was a awful. Moore put up those numbers despite Colombo. Moore was running for his life because Colombo could not block anyone.

Reggie Bush should return punts. Period.

it takes a dropped pass to end the string of 3rd down conversions. t

why does bess fair catch every punt? and where is thigpen?

here comes seattles savior...MIAMIS OFFENSE!!!

What are the chances of a Tannehill TD drive vs. a Tannehill INT here?

"Last year's O-Line had Mark Colombo on it, who was a awful. Moore put up those numbers despite Colombo. Moore was running for his life because Colombo could not block anyone.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan"

True, but Long actually played more like Long last year. And again, the big thing is he had Brandon Marshall. Take away Marshall from last year, how good would Moore of been?


bess is a better catcher under pressure inside our 20 than thigpen, that's why. If there is no chance to return i would rather have bess there in those situations personally.


As fans watching this we're kind of knee jerk here and there. You covering this team, how long has it been since you covered a winner? and I don't mean 2008

I feel a fist pump coming.

Affirmative Mando...last one was a Hop Head double, this one an Oatmeal Stout

Hooray Charles Clay!!!


Now Moore is athlete!! Let me guess!! Next Week!! Moore will be faster than T-Hill!!

U guys are blinded!! By a GARBAGE QB!!

I know some of U jet fans DON'T KNOW WHAT A REAL QB LOOKS LIKE!!

But Moore is a Backup! At Best! Devlin has more POTENTIAL!!

Thank God!! Philbin knows how to coach!! And Not the Select GROUP OF MORONS!! IN HERE!!

T-hill. That's why you don't put in Moore (looks at certain posters)

Keep running Thomas here.

OK Jon, I will give you Marshall and I am not saying that Tannehill will not be good in the future. All I am saying is that right now the Phins have taken a step back because of T-Hill.

If the Dolphins don't score a TD here you guys will come to hate that 39 yard pass completion.

Finally!! Been expecting that reverse all year

perfect throw and thats A td......unreal!!!

Why can't the dolphins ever make a guy miss? Marlon Moore needs to beat one guy for the TD on a well blocked reverse and he can't. No playmakers.

if only bess caught that on the run

That was sweet...gonna love it while I can though lol

Was that another WR I saw....Marlon Moore???


Keep running Thomas!!!!

I don't know what to say


Phewph!!! T-hill saved on one of his worse decisions of the season!!!

Wow Tannehill is so lucky. That decision was indefensible.

I Love T-Hill has been watching Tom Brady!!

Notice if it's under a Yard! Qb Sneak!!

Dashi Loves it!! Better than the other short yardage plays we have run all year!!

We got lucky there. That was a terrible decision by T-Hill.

that's fine, but the decision making is unbelievably bad.

WTF!!! LOL and the defense bails him out. But an absolute terrible pass by T-Hill. He's trying to make something happen instead of throwing it away. This is exactly what he did at A&M


I guess it takes one to know one.....up yours buddy!

Remember that interference on Golden Tate everybody wanted.

Officials just evened things up with that roughing the QB.

Lucky! BACK ACROSS YOU BODY? Are you F-ing kidding?



Tannehill is lucky, what a dumb throw.

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