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Seattle leads Dolphins, 14-7 going to fourth quarter

Well, the sprinklers went off while both teams were on the field during the third quarter. That was the lone home highlight per se for the Dolphins.

The Seahawks got a TD drive with Russell Wilson tossing his second TD pass of the game during that period.

The Dolphins didn't convert on their two possessions.

This one is going to take a comeback. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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Bad, bad decision by Tabnnehill. He can't try to make that throw.

jon, totally agreed. it's exactly what he did at a and m, and i am starting to believe he might not be able to correct it.

Alright men, stop yer whining. This is a very young team still cleaning up the grand mal poop left by Tony Sparano.

Good run by Thomas. He has played better lately unlike most.

Wow, bonehead saved our arse that play...I thought sure Tannehill would throw it in the stands...was nothing there

OMG....seattle saves miami...

F%&k you Craig M

this is why Tanny only has like 4 TD passes all year....just an awful red zone qb.

great run by thomas, after us finally catching a break with the flag

Questionable call on Earl Thomas. Looked like he eased up on Tannehill.

Still, on that play Tannehill should have thrown the ball away. Rookie mistake.

What T-hill did is just appalling. He got saved but he should get fired just for that play. Unreal.

tannehill needs to NEVER do that again!!!

Anyone in football knows u dont throw back to the middle of the field on a role out. Favre did it all the time and got int'd

Righ back at you Earl....whatever gets you through the day, bud!

Yeah, running it was a good idea lol good TD, now if I can get my heart out of my throat and back in my chest where it belongs

Thomas is looking like the starter at RB.


I don't see Russell Wilson making that "rookie mistake" Craig M

Ball was across the line by a sprinkle...see, the sprinklers DID help!

I hate to say it b/c Tannehill made a terrible decision but Sherman shouldn't have called a passing play to begin with. You run Thomas down there. The kid is 235 pounds & is averaging 7 yards a carry today!!!

The ruling on the field stands.

A little troubling T-Hill keeps making those throws. The fact that 1, he is a rookie and has only been playing QB for 20 something games now and 2, it's the same offense that he ran in college, so he may be over confident, could be the main reasons. But it is concerning. Will need to see some improvement moving forward in the last 5 games

Come on Browns....beat the Steelers today! Another one of my upset picks this week. We'll see how it goes.

man if this comes down to tannehill vs wilson....gotta like wilson right now with the way he's playing!!!

Whatever...It's 14-14.

"Righ back at you Earl" - bad grammer and spelling

And Peyton does it and gets a TD!!

Rookie Mistake!!! Some of u are Amazing!!

Now if u Start Moore!! T-Hill will do that play next year!! Not this Year!!

Plain and Simple!!

Now do some of U get!! The Point!! Of Starting T-Hill!! And Letting him Grow!!

Now can the defense stop somebody!! They should be rested!!

You got sprinklers to the left and sprinklers to the right and you're all wet in our town!

If I was Philban, I would have pulled TH after the called-back interception. Put Moore in to finish the drive. Then put TH back in on fhe next possession. Stress these brain dead interceptions will not be tollerated.

Armando,not sure the officials have 'evened' it up cuz they just simply missed the golden tate call.
Getting level is huge on that drive.
I guess we can't argue with the drama the team give us most weeks the game gets taken to the wire :-)

Wus tied, Armando.

its not a BS rookie mistake....it was just a DUMB@SS throw from a QB who needs to know that you dont make that throw EVER...rookie or ten year vet!!!

We have a problem.

Tannehill deserved his head taking off for making that throw, still we got away with it now the d needs to stop oh I forgot about special teams, unbelievable

Former JET and Dolphins killer just won the game for em

Stop this rookie growing stuff. Throwing back to the middle of the field on the red zone is the first thing you are NOT supposed to do. That is not a rookie mistake. Is not knowing your job.

Guys says 'bad grammer and spelling' and then spells GRAMMAR wrong....priceless!

Like I said Earl, takes an idiot to know one.

WTF. That's horrible. Terrible kickoff by Carpenter. Pathetic effort by the special teams. 2nd one in as many games. Just garbage.

Classic dolphins. This team just doesn't understand how to win. Not enough talent either.

"A little troubling T-Hill keeps making those throws. The fact that 1, he is a rookie and has only been playing QB for 20 something games now and 2, it's the same offense that he ran in college, so he may be over confident, could be the main reasons. But it is concerning. Will need to see some improvement moving forward in the last 5 games."


Tannehill will improve his decision making. He has such a strong arm that he thinks he can force throws like that but he'll learn. It's not like he's not accurate, he's just a little irratic (like on that throw) at times.

nice that should def do it

Well said, Jon. He's a rookie QB/receiver. People who were looking for the playoffs this year are living in Neverland.

M fr!!!!!!!!!!!!

the good news is it only took a few seconds off the clock.

Damn! Where are the sprinklers when you NEED them!

Again....We are a BAD team.


What part of "rookie QB" is difficult for some of you to grasp?


How freaking deflating...

and the football gods giveth, and taketh away

I hope Ross heard that fire Ireland chant from the crowd loud and clear! Sparano was fired around this time last year. Would love to see a Stephen Ross press conference tomorrow

Problem? What problem, Armando? Oh you mean the not so special teams putting their two cents in to f-up this game? Well, I guess they were due. LOL

figures....,special teams, defense, offense...just cant keep any momentum at all...

Can we all agree that none of the Dolphins personnel problems on special teams are the fault of Jeff Ireland?

So much for the momentum after a TD...

THere's your team you believe in so much Craig M, finding a new way to lose every week. Craig M = Jeff Ireland

The dolphins are 0-50 in their last 50 games where they trail by 7 or more in the fourth quarter. That's what you get with a decade of talentless, playmaker-less offenses and a culture of losing.

Time for Ireland to go.

this team makes me sick truly, wish I could have been a pats fan.

For those keeping tabs, that is the second special teams score given up by the Dolphins in as many games.

Against special-teams stupidity, even the gods struggle in vain.

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