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Seattle leads Dolphins, 14-7 going to fourth quarter

Well, the sprinklers went off while both teams were on the field during the third quarter. That was the lone home highlight per se for the Dolphins.

The Seahawks got a TD drive with Russell Wilson tossing his second TD pass of the game during that period.

The Dolphins didn't convert on their two possessions.

This one is going to take a comeback. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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Opportunity for RT1 to show he belongs now. How about that for some positive spin? I am trying guys.

Well now we need new players on special teams, new offense and new defense.

why did carpenter not kick it back thru the endzone? was it a misshit or was it deliberate to try and pin them inside their 15????????

bad teams always find a way to lose, good teams always find a way to win. which are we? this team has zero effin clue how to win a football game. no idea.

Anderson, your an idiot. Wilson and Luck are rookies and they don't make these kinds of mistakes.

The normally reliable special teams for Miami has just crapped the bed. Dont see another Dolphin win until Jacksonville or buffalo. Cmon ross what else do you need to see that Ireland isnt working out as GM. Bad choice after bad choice

Lack of playmakes on offense, d that can't create turnovers and special teams tht allow that to happen, this offense is not built to win games like this, all on Tannehill, he needs his guys to step up


Thanks for coming out. I guess now that you've written the team off you'll be signing off. Thanks for coming out, bud!

That was a holding call on FAsano that he got away with.

Crapenter. What happened to this guy's leg.

wow, a TouchBack...who wouldve thunk that coming*lmao*

Yeah don't run a hurry up offense or anything right now SMH

This team is an embarrassment. Wish this stinking franchise would just fold already.

Lol at the rookie QB excuse. You don't see these awful decisions from RG3, Wilson or Luck. Tanny deserves time but he has not been good compared to his peers.

I hate to see the Dolphins lose but the higher the draft picks the better off we are going forward. This game is meaningless.

Ireland has got to go, wr not being addressed all offseason is a huge problem. Plus his "project" players have all been cut. Armstrong, Gaffney, fire him yesterday and bring in a GM who agrees with Philbins vision. I love Philbin and his philosophy we just need talent around him. Sign Reggie if possible, let jake walk.

Leon Washington just ran faster than the fans leaving Sun Life Stadium

I'll admit: Daniel Thomas playing well today.

Good play like T-hill, in spite of the O-lines best intentions on getting him killed


That was real nice

Beautiful play, BEAUTIFUL pass!!!!!!!!!!!!


There's the team you wrote off....ya loser!

Can someone wakeup the circus monkey owner and tell him to FIRELAND?

Very good separation by Clay. Excellent.

OK THill haters . . . Sound off.

Didn't think so.

Nice throw Tanny

Ha!!! Charles Clay TD????


Draft picks are meaningless if Ireland is doing the picking.

Great throw by Tannehill, great call by Sherman. Best game by Sherman this season.

Sleepy game just woke up.

Who woke Charles Clay up ??

Now that's playcalling baby, and that's why you run a reverse and then run it again with play action

HA HA HA woot! Reggie slapped that defensive back outta da way!

Who caught the pass? Oh yeah. Charles Clay....6th round draft pick of the guys everyone wants fired....funny group!

Don't look now but Henne has a 100.8 QB rating today and has Jax in position to beat the Titans.

Nice pass by T-Hill. Guys are gettting open T-Hill just needs to find the open man.

This is type we should always be seeing!!!


Oh my!!!!! Oh my!!!!!

Hopefully Ross had already fired Ireland before that drive

thats the team i like to see!!... one who fights till the end

Nice Play Clay


Don;t jump back on the bandwagon now. You wrote us off, bud. You should be onto another game by now.

You folks that been hatin' on Tannehill all game...that's why he's playin'...Charles Clay hauled in a beauty

very nice throw from thill......please kick the ball out of the end zone this time....

Craig M, we're 4-6, keep dreaming F%^kface

RT called ... he says the punk commenters can kiss his rookie ass.

Lets give Thill some props. That kickoff could have been a back breaker and he comes right back and delivers a great drive. Give this man some big weapons and were on our way. Let me do the drafting though

I was rewarded for thinking positive...woohoo! nice boys! Thomas-sweet cut back, Bush tough run, and T-hill sweet pass with finish by Clay!

i thought we were done. Need some D now

I hope I'm wrong but I feel like I've seen this movie before...Bad teams find ways to lose games.

Makes you wonder why Clay hasn't been more involved in the offense this year though.

Yeah I know....bad GRAMMER.....dummy!

It is funny -- former Dolphins are leading the Jags (Henne, Parmele).

Still in this game




The Defense should really be ready now!!

Craig M,

Ireland is an atrocity to the organization and an embarrassment to every personnel department in the NFL.

Thanks for your contributions, Earl. Good to know where your allegiances are.

Let's see what our defense can do now.

so right with those last couple of comments Craig M. Although when you watch the replay you see how close clay was to not catching/ dropping it as it was a fingertip catch :-) great throw aswell

Bad Russell Wilson has returned.

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