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Seattle leads Dolphins, 14-7 going to fourth quarter

Well, the sprinklers went off while both teams were on the field during the third quarter. That was the lone home highlight per se for the Dolphins.

The Seahawks got a TD drive with Russell Wilson tossing his second TD pass of the game during that period.

The Dolphins didn't convert on their two possessions.

This one is going to take a comeback. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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Time for Tannehill to gets this thing done and get the monkey off his back....and hopefully some of his critics.

I want to see nothing outta of T-Hill except scrambles till he gets to the 50 yd line!

no int.

90 yards for a TD, 80 yards for Carpenter

Odrick finally gets him. Now let's see if T-Hill can get his first come back victory. You don't want to take a chance in OT.


Henne and the Jags, are 4th and 17 from their 13....he;s not getting it done....AGAIN!

Thanx for listening 2 me T-hill!!

this is a big chance for the team to get over the hump and get some positive feeling here

Have a chance here...

I hope it doesn't come down to carpenter

My time to shine... err blow it

Rishard Matthews being a moron. Sigh.

How do you jump on a spike play?



Will Tanne redeem himself

Beautiful throw by Tannehill.

Carpenter better not miss this

Tannehill and Bess really exploiting Seattle in the middle. Positive sign.

Henne is gone...please.

Wild Dan Carpenter shining up his six shooter on the sideline!

I think it's safe to say if carpenter misses another game winner he is looking for a new job

not feeling real good about the game coming down to I cost the fish 2 wins carpenter

Wouldn't mind another T-hill scramble here!!!

C'mon Ryan. We believe in you.

Charles Clay right here?


I like when you write them off....good things happen.

By the way, stay off the bandwagon....we don't want you!


Henne is doing a great job with the Jaguars. He has been named the starting QB. I am just asking a question of whether we should have been more patient. I think that he lost conifidence while he was here. I am just saying we need to have patience with QBs. Let's stick with Tannehill for at least 3l years before we say he is a bust.

C'mon THill don't throw an INT, it's my time to blow it

Please, no sacks...or int. Please.

"this is a big chance for the team to get over the hump and get some positive feeling here"

True but still meaningless in the larger scheme. We need more pieces in place.

Clay is on fire!

Oh boy

Dan Carpenter MUST hit this FG. MUST.

Dear God. Dan 'I should of been a' Carpenter. Cover your eyes

One time, Dan Carpenter!!

We are going to depend on Carpenter to kick a 40 + FG. I wish we got it a bit closer.

lets see...bad teams find a way to lose...

what a waste, why do we always screw ourselves so frustrating


Carpenter for the game winner.

Come on Earl....tell me he's going to miss it!!....come on....

good karma!!! good karma!!! good karma!!!

Wild Dan Carpenter just kicked you naysayers in your size 44 pants!!

Carpenter!! Yes!!!

Nice. T-Hill with the Kill


Good ending for once !!



A lot to happy with!!

Game winning drive by Tannehill. Not time to give up on him yet.

WHY can't they play shitty teams like this?

We won!!!! I don't believe it!!!

F#ck all the Tannehill doubters!!!

Yes Finally we win!!!. Great game by T-hill at the end. This may be the game where he grew up.

Don't start with that crap, Earl....you gave up!!....go be a Bills fan or something.

CONGRATS FISH!!!..... Now for the Pats..... ugh!

so sad, fans just dont get it



Game ball should go to Tanny for that 1:33 drive. Great win.


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