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Seattle leads Dolphins, 14-7 going to fourth quarter

Well, the sprinklers went off while both teams were on the field during the third quarter. That was the lone home highlight per se for the Dolphins.

The Seahawks got a TD drive with Russell Wilson tossing his second TD pass of the game during that period.

The Dolphins didn't convert on their two possessions.

This one is going to take a comeback. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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Take your Russell Wilson and go stick it where the sun don't shine!!....

T-hill, Thomas, Clay

Great win by Miami. 7-9 looks very likely

Where's all the Ireland haters?.....fire him tomorrow and stuff!

Bunch of chicken shytes!

get in there c'mon dolphins, now that showed good character and am glad carpenter got the winning FG to put the last few misses to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!
couple of great drives in the 4th Q our conditioning showed on D also, there D as gassed and we dialled up the right calls AND EXECUTED them

Pheewwww.... I don't know how that happened. Finally great playcalling from Sherman, and a confidence boost for the kid QB.

Henne is moving the JAGs. It looks like Henne is going to do us a favor by beating a team that is in the playoff hunt and beat us by more than 30 points.

exactly jon, what a killer that is. another middle of the pack draft. so pissed

I agree fbd: I think this was the first last minute winning drive Tanny had.

Game winning drive by Tannehill. Not time to give up on him yet.


He's the only QB I can think of that has won games with basically two WR's to throw the ball to.

Fo supposedly bad receivers, they managed to help win the game today.
Tanny shows he CAN who up end of game!
Monkey may be off his back, O-line gave him time, and RUNNING GAME made it all happen.
Kudos to our D, great when it mattered.

I'm gonna celebrate by F^&king Craig M's Mom!!!

CRaig stffu Ireland must go


Your celebration of this win is ignorant and hypocritical.

Ireland STAYS, along with his eight tiny reindeer.

RYAN TANNEHILL you ingrate b*stards! Let's talk about Henne now! What about Matt Moore? See that 2 min drill? IMBECILBES! The fate of this team rests with RYAN TANNEHILL!!!

Fire Ireland Tomorrow. This team is still lacking talent in way too many areas. Anyone that thinks Ireland deserves another year must be a blood relative of his. Great win, but Ireland is terrible

So who is this "Dan" who thinks Luck doesn't throw interceptions?

This game just shows that we have a young team still learning how to win. I'm being patient and enduring the growing pains. So happy we sent Pete Carroll back to Seattle with the loss.

Tannehill grew up a little today .

tannehill looks better when they spread out the field. probably because in multiple receiver sets, there is actually some speed on the field.


Don't start with that crap, Earl....you gave up!!....go be a Bills fan or something.


It's fans like him give the rest of us a bad rap.

Cleveland is doing us a favor too

Tannehill went down the field in the face of adversity twice and lead this team to a TD and the game winning field goal drive where he was absolutely amazing. Please stop with any negative talk about him and Dan Carpenter. Enjoy the win. It feels great.

Next the Patriots. Great time to go in with some momentum. The Patriots have been awesome lately. They have been destroying opposing teams.

Happy for Carpenter, excited to see Tanny come through late. Mike Sherman called a great game.

Ireland should still go. 4 straight games without a forced turnover, how is that even possible???

yes.......... Tanne-thrill

Connors, shut up.
We saw a 3rd round QB tear us up. Getting a #14 pick can get you a superstar same as a #5.
Please Go away with the LOSE for the draft stuff.


She wouldn't want anything to do with scum like you....you're a loser!! It's OK, you don't know any better. I'm sure you've always been that way.

I prefer the Patsies didn't have 10 days to prepare for us!!!

See, Sons, what Imagination in playcalling can do?

I'm happy for T-Hill but I'm actually happier for Charles Clay because it seems all the coaching has finally sunk in and he is getting the offense now.

so sad, fans just dont get it


Don't get what??? That we're not a good team. I know that but if you can't enjoy when we win then what are you???

wow listen to the turncoats now!!!!!!!!
so many slagging off the team during the game and calling players as busts/useless etc and when those same players ALL connect/contribute on the last 2 drives you all change your opinions so quickly...convenient but very very embarrassing!!!

for the love of mike would they quit playing that buffet song when we score!!!!

"Why are we firing Cam? He won 1 game, he deserves an extension"

-Craig M 2007

Craig you have to stop your BS. If we go pick by pick everyone knows that for years of drafting we have more busts and bad to average players than good ones. This team is from average to bad sometimes. We won this game and we all like that, but you are acting like this is a good team and we can compete with the great ones, which makes you hard to take serious. You are not being objective. But i guess that if you like average teams tha lt sometimes win and some other times (more than often) look atrocious and mediocre then Ireland is your man. I like great wining tough teams that could compete for a SB. Ireland has to go...

can Ireland please fire himself now? I know Moore would've won by 20

Cleveland is also helping us out by beating Pittsburg. We still have a chance but we have to beat NE. Tall task in order.

We win and at the last second. Just in case you non believers didn't know.

Where's all the Ireland haters?.....fire him tomorrow and stuff!

Bunch of chicken shytes!


A win is a win but you do realize this team still has a long way to go.

With that said--Odrick, Thomas, & Clay had their best games. Hopefully these guys will/have turned the corner b/c that would really go a long way to helping this team.

The TE Clay play was the key along with the return of the running game.Its about time they won a three point game this year.

On offense we were able to run the ball effectively & Thomas looked extremely good. Again Hartline & Bess played great. Clay showed up today & made some big plays BUT the most important thing to note is that our rookie QB who struggled early got better protection as the game went on & made some big throws to get us into a position to win.

On defense we were able to stop the run which was huge. Soliai had a monster game & I was impressed with the way Odrick played as well. Burnett & Dansby continued to disappoint, the pass rush was not good enough, & the secondary was lit up. Couldn't get Seattle off the field on 3rd down but FINALLY came up with a stop down the stretch to get the ball back.

All this did was prevent us from getting Matt Barkley!

This team is good at getting meaningless wins.

We're there even 15,000 at the game?

Just read through a bunch of the comments... Boy do the Miami fans need some therapy (myself included).

Look, young team... Rookie QB being compared to peers in a very rare QB draft class... Things are going to get better.

I'm sick of the "meaningless game" comments. This is a huge game for the young players, and especially for Tannehill. He finally took the game on his back, and won it with his arm (and legs).

Face it, Ireland will be here next year. Tannehill is probably the starter for 3 years, and there are some growing pains involved with one of the youngest teams in the league. I think we are headed the right direction after years of one step forward, 5 steps back. Granted we don't have a #1 receiver, and could use some secondary help and another pass rusher - we are building through the draft and developing young talent. That's how you win in this league.

I'm behind the phins 100% right now, no matter how this season turns out. I know we can't keep hitting the reset button and think we are going to have instant turn arounds, especially with a rookie QB with a long learning curve ahead of him. Stop comparing him to Wilson, Luck, RGIII - all of them had more college playing time - and all of them have better talent surrounding them. Next year, if Ireland blows a draft stocked with picks and Free Agency with a stockpile of cash, then we can get rid of him. Until he blows that (I don't think he will), the Fireland comments are a moot point.

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