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Some Dolphins think Pats just another team

There seems to be an interesting debate among some Dolphins players as to what kind of team exactly they wil play Sunday when the New England Patriots come to town.

The Patriots, you may know, have won three Super Bowls this millineum while playing in the game another two times. They're .670 winning percentage (including the postseason) is the best in the league since 1994. They've won every AFC East division title since 2001 except for 2002 and 2008.

And this year, New England is leading the division, leading the NFL in points per game, and they have a future Hall of Fame quarterback named Tom Brady.

So how do some Dolphins react to this resume?

"They're just another team," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said today. "They're a really good team. They've won a lot of games this year. But it's not something that affects us."

That is not a singular opinion. Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby agrees the Patriots are a good team. But does he think their reputation allows them a certain degree of prestige?

"No," he said.

Why not?

"Why?" he answered.

"A lot of teams have been among the elite," Dansby said. "Everybody has prestige behind their organization. What makes them different than anybody else?

"Every team in the AFC East has prestige behind them -- even the Buffalo Bills. [Sheesh], they went to the Super Bowl four times in a row and didn't win it. So playing them is just like playing the New England Patriots."

If confidence is something you admire, then you're in heaven right now. By the same token, if giving the opponent something to fume about is a problem for you, then this also fits the bill. My take is that true or not, whether they are just another team or not, the Patriots will turn this into an internal topic of discussion.

But leave it to ripe and wise veteran running back Reggie Bush to want no part of the conversation. He clearly disagrees with Tannehill and Dansby.

"No, I don't think they're just another team," Bush said. "They've kind of been at the top for a while now. The body of work they've put out, the foundation they've laid out kind of speaks to their organization, to their program, to the character of players they got over there. So I have nothing but respect for those guys over there."


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That's it Tannehill, mess em up!

Seems all we've been doing the last 5yrs is refixing positions we thought were previously fixed. 1 step forward and two steps backwards.

This all makes sense if you have a 10yr rebuilding plan. But 10yr rebuilding plans dont make much sense either. Right guys?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 28, 2012 at 03:42 PM

Isn't this why the overwhelming majority of phin fans are sick or Ireland? Do you realize what you just wrote is just cause to dismiss Ireland?

Only the homers want to keep him. The rest of us know he is incapable. Doubling up draft picks, as this team has done, because they wanted to hit on at least 1 has wasted draft picks & stalled our rebuild.

Good Gm's don't have to double dip positions to find 1 guy.

big vince himself will have 3 pix six's now.

the pats will beat us whether we talk or we don't. If they need this as motivation then maybe they're not as elite as they think they are.

I definitely give Tannehill a pass because he's a rookie. But Im sure a Pat pass rusher will remind Tannehill of this statement when he's lying on his back.

As for Dansby, this is exactly why if we could part ways with him, I would be all for it. Armando, why do you continuosly allow Dansby to make fool of himself by placing the mic in front of his face.

Did Dansby also remind you guys that he's the best lb in all of pro football too?

YG @ 3:35, don't expect LOL to listen to reason. We've been saying this to him all afternoon. He's busy sucking Clady's knob.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 28, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Coming from the dumb canadian on both his knees with Long in his mouth & Ireland in his hand.

Get a clue Canada.


I would be completely onboard with what youre saying if the track record of this fo wasnt so completely shakey. I just dont have enough faith in this curreent fo to make the correct follow-up.

Trying to fix one hole usually means creating 2-3 more holes at other positions, just trying to get 1 position right. Never seen anything like it.


Just cant trust a fo to do the right thing after allowing Long to walk for nothing. That hasnt even made us a playoff contender after 5yrs of supposed rebuilding.

A bird in hand(Long) is far better than 2 in the bush(letting him walk) with this fo. If this was a great fo, and we were presently perrenial playoff contenders after a 4yr rebuilding processs, and were 1 player away to be a sb team. Then, it would be a no-brainer to let Long walk.

Im all in on using one of the 1st 3 picks on a mlb. Im sick of Dansby mouth performing far louder than his play. I will throw up if Dansby still on the opening day 2013 starting roster. Or roster period.

Draft his replacement now.

oh boy after those comments now ill change my 52-17 to 63-10 pats

The Canadian Dollar is worth more than the US Dollar..

Never heard Nick Buoniconti boast of himself or make dumb comments out of his mouth. John Offerdahl, nor Zach Thomas either.

Was Karlos Dansby's mother a prostitute?

How much of his salary do the Fins pay if they were to cut Dansby?

made in usa with mexican labor

Oh boy, up 56-0 with 10 seconds to play, I can see Bellichick throwing and completing 30yd td pass just to rub in our noses after those comments.

Jaguars just claimed Jason Babin. No more comments on that I guess. LOL

lol nice.. so he is a locker room problem becasue theyre losing and the Jags decided it makes sence to bring him in..

It'll be just our dumb luck Jason Babin has 3 sacks on Jake Long when we face the jags this year. LOL

Who cares!!!!!!!
We will play closer than most think , but end result will be loss

Great now these a s s h o l e s are giving the pats bulliten material.

thats why they are the jags, have fun with that cancer and contract.

I see Cam Wake making Brady cry on sunday.. just a little bit

who cares clue, yeah its dumb, but we know we arent gonna win anyways and a loss helps us now at this point in season. with hardly any skilled offense players in draft we need to pick high as possible

They really didn't say much , the patriots wont need anything to get them ready to play. The Dolphins should remain silent and sneak up on the enemy, not like the loud mouth Jets. Seriously i hope we are competitive at least, I would love win, but i just don't think we have the pass rush for it.

bill your right dude

Pretty funny on the last blog 1 nitwit was all in for Babin. Yet, he was questioning others intelligence?

pats only a 7.5 fav is hilarious. i usually dont bet fin games but rarely a great line like this comes along. ill be betting quite heavily on pats

Dear Mr Tannehill,

Mr. Bellichick would like to thank very much that a green behind the ears rookie qb would be so thoughtful to give him bullentin board material. This is the same Mr. Bellichick that used to give the great Peyton Manning absolute fits.

Consider yourself now on his radar with a huge bullseye on your back. Your rookie play thus far hasnt quite warranted drawing the ire of the hooded one.

We appreciate the brashness of your balls. Just make sure you bring those same balls to the palying field Sunday. Hopefully if youre lucky, Bellichick doesnt feed you those same pair, in front of the sellout home crowd.

In the future, just stfu and play ball. Then maybe you fly underneath the hooded one's radar. You just announced yourself for a Bellichick beatdown. Because to Bellichick, its the Miami Dolphins who are:


Mando, "their" winning percentage. Come on, dude!!!

remember thill doesnt even know whos in each div or afc or nfc

I'm pretty sure the Patricias felt the Cards was just another team back in Week 2 - only to end up losing. Any given Sundays, folks.

mark your country always hides and lets usa fight your wars. be lucky u are on our borders

Canada gave us Avril Lavigne, the hottest woman ever. So Mark gets a pass for his idiocy here.

Pats 59
Fins 10

Funny that Tanny would say something. Considering his biggest accomplishment to date is getting lucky enough to steal a game he had just thrown away.

Shut up n wing it kid. You haven't proven you're anything other than ordinary.

word on the street the Pats are bringing AFC East champs hat & tee's on the plane down there. not in our house. GO DOLPHINS.............................

Yesterdays gone 4 ever is one of the biggest MORONS that has ever posted on here always running his mouth with garbage. What's the difference between playing the Patriots and playing someone like the Packers serious question?

Last year and this year Long has gone down hill getting worse every year. He is not in the top 10 in his spot. Now i do not say outright get rid of him but if he demands a huge contract you mght have to let him go. You know why bad teams stay bad and good teams are always good. How many coaching changes and fo changes do the best teams make. I answer that ZERO. So if you like to change coaches and fo office people every couple years we will keep losing

I can't believe the spread is only 7.5 either. I was thinking 11.5 to 12.

Bill Conors is a JOKE. Someone ban that loser he's the same guy that would rather lose than see his team QB improve and develop better even though were one game out of a playoff spot. Miami fans from south florida are true DISGRACES to the country. They have an average IQ of around 5 and more than likely unemployed with no money and cba to go to any games S T F U

Bill Conors is a JOKE. Someone ban that loser he's the same guy that would rather lose than see his team QB improve and develop better even though were one game out of a playoff spot. Miami fans from south florida are true DISGRACES to the country. They have an average IQ of around 5 and more than likely unemployed with no money and cba to go to any games S T F U

Posted by: jordan | November 28, 2012 at 04:37 PM

I assume you are one of them?

massfish go bet on the game i have a sneaky feeling that the game will be close and Miami will have a chance to win at the end. Pats do not worry about bullentin board material it is not like miami has been a torn in NE side they do not even consider us a big game. and the players saying they are just another team well that is true. it is not like they said they would win this game. players think different than a fan.

Before Tom Brady, Bellichick had a winning percentage of 39 percent, had been fired by the Browns and was on the hot seat in New England. Bledsoe gets hurt, Tom Brady enters and now he is a genious?. The legend of BB is greatly exagerated.

just curious, hilarious

Pats 79
Fins 6

mark id thought that would ruffle your mangina a little

Mando, why don't you give *our* guys some bulletin board material?

You tell Karlos "ThugLife4Evah!!!" Dansby that the knowledgeable fanbase here thinks the Pats will win by a score of 79 to 6, because Dansby's defense is *that* bad.

Tell him.

belicheat had a 45 pct with cleveland, just sayin. but i agree he lives off brady. when will this brady guy finally retire

Brady's starting to look like Marino with all that robot gear protecting his knees, but unlike Marino Brady is not declining and is a winner in the playoffs.

Besides Dansby, I can understand Tanny's comments. He can't allow himself to think of the Pats as some Goliath he can't defeat. He'll shrink if that idea sinks in his head. I don't think he was being disrespectful - rather just treating it like any other game week.

Also, he just defeated Seattle (the fifth rank defense in the NFL). The Pats' defense are ranked #27 (Miami at #21).

Look, if we're subject to lose like everyone predicts, then let's be bold. You can't play too cautiously against the Pats. They'll eat you alive. So I'm hoping Tanny will go out there and punch the Pats' D in the mouth for a bit.

No Home, I would've been born, just not in Canada. Actually, I may have been born Brazilian since my parents were not born in Canada.

Yeah in all seriousness 48-Go is right. Pats D is not that impressive. It should be like the first game last year in which Henne put up 700 yards and some points.

Final score:

Pats 45
Fins 20

Brady's starting to look like Marino with all that robot gear protecting his knees, but unlike Marino Brady is not declining and is a winner in the playoffs.

Posted by: The Score | November 28, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Brady is 5 - 5 in his last 10 play off games Marino was also .500 in the playoffs you sound CLUELESS and EXTREMELY dumb without any knowledge of the NFL get a grip

NE 47 Mia 12.... Unless we can get brady to defect by Sunday!!!

oh much better mark, they actually have a few attracted women there

Please Mando, you ALWAYS bring up posts like these as if they are some sort of revelation or motivator. Let me pour cold water on that, is ISN'T.

First off, what ELSE would you expect another football player to say about another team? MOST athletes are 99% talk. Tannehill didn't even know the teams in the other divisions! I probably know more about the NFL than him.

Truth is, he's never played the Pats, but he'll learn this weekend why they aren't just any other team. And really, he'll have the most to do with us losing. Because on defense, the Pats ARE ordinary. It's offense where they separate themselves. So, if they're just any other team, Tannehill should have no problem putting up 30+ points on them (because that what it takes to win). If I were him, I'd forget about the talk and figure out how they will keep up with Brady.

Dansby, on the other hand, should know WAY BETTER! He's the loser who can't stop Brady, or Gronk, or Welker, or Hernandez, or anyone on offense in a Pats uniform. Instead of talking, maybe he can hold them to under 20 points so we have a CHANCE of winning. Do that Dansby and I'll apologize for doubting you.

Talk is cheap. Facts are, the Pats OWNED this division for a decade. THAT'S how a franchise SHOULD work. Not like us, who have been on the sidelines whining while the real teams have been battling in the Playoffs.

Only thing to slow the Pats down is the retirement of Brady. Then Tannehill can take over. He should be thanking Tom for being close to the end of his career.

I'm a Fins fan since 1983 when I was 8 years old, but I have to say I have grown to appreciate Bellicheat. I don't know if it's all Brady, but the Pats annihilate most opponents and then, the best part, Bellicheat is a stone cold killer Darth Vader figure in interviews and press conferences. His press conferences are hilarious.

After he took Sammy Morris off of us and immediately starting using Morris for 60 snaps and 80 yards a game, he was asked about it and how they had just destroyed us again, and his response was, "Well, Sammy's a good player."

[followed by silence. waiting for next question]

Bill Connors is clearly just a flat out piece of trash

Jordan, you stupid f*ck, Brady has *won* 3 super bowls and almost won 2 more.

Marion won zero super bowls.

Just your childish mouth and do your homework, 14 year old.

Wow, we see Jordan has a bigger mangina than Mark by a factor of 10,000,000. I simply point out that Brady is a winner and Marino is not and he completely flips his widdle wid.

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