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Some Dolphins think Pats just another team

There seems to be an interesting debate among some Dolphins players as to what kind of team exactly they wil play Sunday when the New England Patriots come to town.

The Patriots, you may know, have won three Super Bowls this millineum while playing in the game another two times. They're .670 winning percentage (including the postseason) is the best in the league since 1994. They've won every AFC East division title since 2001 except for 2002 and 2008.

And this year, New England is leading the division, leading the NFL in points per game, and they have a future Hall of Fame quarterback named Tom Brady.

So how do some Dolphins react to this resume?

"They're just another team," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said today. "They're a really good team. They've won a lot of games this year. But it's not something that affects us."

That is not a singular opinion. Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby agrees the Patriots are a good team. But does he think their reputation allows them a certain degree of prestige?

"No," he said.

Why not?

"Why?" he answered.

"A lot of teams have been among the elite," Dansby said. "Everybody has prestige behind their organization. What makes them different than anybody else?

"Every team in the AFC East has prestige behind them -- even the Buffalo Bills. [Sheesh], they went to the Super Bowl four times in a row and didn't win it. So playing them is just like playing the New England Patriots."

If confidence is something you admire, then you're in heaven right now. By the same token, if giving the opponent something to fume about is a problem for you, then this also fits the bill. My take is that true or not, whether they are just another team or not, the Patriots will turn this into an internal topic of discussion.

But leave it to ripe and wise veteran running back Reggie Bush to want no part of the conversation. He clearly disagrees with Tannehill and Dansby.

"No, I don't think they're just another team," Bush said. "They've kind of been at the top for a while now. The body of work they've put out, the foundation they've laid out kind of speaks to their organization, to their program, to the character of players they got over there. So I have nothing but respect for those guys over there."


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Also, I say forget Babin. Guys never seem to learn, you don't bring in aging vets unless you are GOING SOMEWHERE! At 5-6, with slim hopes to make the Playoffs (and no chance to really do anything if we somehow make them) why take that experience away from our young players? Makes no sense. Now, if we were really making a run, or were only a couple pieces away, I'd say sure, maybe makes sense. But we're not. We're a few years away still. Plus this guy isn't anything special. I've watched him last year (and this year) and he's close to done. Pass, look elsewhere.

DC, LOL. If we score 30 we'll only be within 30 of the Pats' 60.

DC, let me use better English. My prediction is that if Tanne gets us 35 points, we'll still lose by about 25 points. Getting 30 is not what it will take to win.

Guys, I'm 15 years old and I'll tell you right now that I predict an upset.

Fins will win 56 to 55.

Score, I respect the Pats a lot, but I also know we play them tough. Matt Moore and a crappy team last year came within 3 points (27-24), by the way, that's less that 30 points. We regularly split with them when we had JT and Zach. They ARE beatable. But you need to do 2 things, pressure Brady and SCORE AT LEAST 30 POINTS! That's how you beat the Patriots.

With all that said, I don't think we do it this year, I have a feeling we get swept. Unless, Philbin surprises me. 48-Go had it right, you have to take chances, can't be conservative. We have nothing to lose anyway, we need a game plan like we have vs. the Jets. We can't have 3-and-outs, need to go for it on 4th down, fake punts, all that. And Marcus Thigpen could help on special teams. That's the only way I see us winning.

jordan stick to learning to shave and french kissing

dc brady has 6 years left

Yep, Brady is nowhere near even starting his decline yet. Bill has that one right.

DC, I agree, actually.

What we must do is throw VERTICALLY DOWN THE FIELD.

Babin would be a band aid on a tsunami. Get a franchise QB first then fill in the holes.

The score if bellicheck was selecting players in the draft game planning and managing the game when the Dolphins had Marino I think one or two rings would have been won.

Yoy stirring the pot again, Armando? The Patriots are NOT just another Team. They have a great Coach, a great QB and of course great Players. Any Miami Dolphins Player that does not think so is deluding himself. And he will pay it handsomely in their decreased market Value after Sunday's Game.


I'm not surprised the Dolphins were one of 8 teams that put a claim in for Babin. We put a claim in for Merriman last year or the year before too. What this tells me is we're drafting OLB/De first or second round in April. I think Babin would have been a good add. So much for this 'suppposed' cancer that everyone talked about him being. Obviously EIGHT teams didn't feel that way. Did anyone ever think that maybe nobody in Philly gives a sh*t every week and they are just going through the motions, until Andy Reid is fired. ONE guys gives a sh*t and all of a sudden he's a bad apple. I read one guy said 'he quit on his team'. REALLY? What are you basing that on? If you've watched Philly this year, Babin's one of the few guys that's trying hard. Bunch of babies and quitters, including Asomaghu, who's looked lost for most of the year. This guy's contract was good and he was EXACTLY what we were looking for.

Strange that Jacksonville would claim him. I guess they haven't read Indy's book on 'how to throw a season'. bill connors, ever think of becoming a Colts fan? They also like to quit on seasons. Your kind of team!


The above post is for LOL, Truth, whatever other names you guys are using?

Actually take the time to read the article or get someone to show you how to open a link (I know it's hard to figure out). Notice that it says, 'Clady has regressed'. Notice that is says '24.5 sacks the last 3 years, 9 last year and 12 penalties last year'. Notice that it says, 'Broncos had the least number of pass attempts in the league last year, hence the least possible number of times to be sacked'. Also notice that the Broncos still wanted to sign him to a 5 year $50 mil contract and if you dig further on the Internet you'll find that they'll franchise him if he doesn't sign a long term deal.

Notice it doesn't say anything about replacing him and moving a RT to LT spot or drafting a LT. It doesn't say anything about putting a guy in who's making $1 million to save some money. Interesting that along comes you guys who figure you know more than the Dolphins and Broncos FO's and will re-write how business should be done. I put ZERO stock in your predictions and philosophies and it's dumb sh8t like this that's got this team into trouble in the first place. It's not your money, I doubt you even contribute to the Dolhpins bottom line, so why do you give a damn if they spend money on Long? Because YOU don't think he's worth it? I'm saying the Broncos are one team who do and so would a WHOLE bunch of other teams were he to come available. So, SO much for that theory.

Carlos Dansby is right. He has the RIGHT attitude. Any other attitude is excepting defeat. Miami has always given the patriots a tough time even if their team was not that good. I really believe the dolphins can defeat the Pats. The key is throwing on firstdown or better yet; starting Matt Moore. Rishard Matthews should be used as a deep threat immediately. Throwing to bush out of the backfield and playing defense; blitzing from the corner and saftey positions often. If the dolphins follow this format; I am going on record, that they will win this game and all of the rest of their games!

Earl Thomas was fined $15,000 for the hit on Tannehill Sunday. Just crazy stuff! I'm all for not hitting the QB on th head but it was clear that he wasn't trying to hurt Tannehill. He was laready in the air and from what I saw looked to be avoiding the hit to the head. Crazy to be fining a guy for something like that.

Dont worry. Ross is way too cheap to pay for good players. He'll offer Long 4 mill when 5 other teams will offer 9-10 mill.

motivation talk is OVERRATED...the team that has the better talent will win sunday, and thats not miami..sorry, reality check will be in store by kickoff for guys like dansby and unfortunatly tannehill too...just sayin!!!

Craig, I'd MUCH RATHER get a pass-rusher through the Draft. I learned my lesson on free agents, they are usually just band-aids.

Chad Henne will be here in 18 days to lay the smack down on Jeff Ireland.

Year-in and year-out the one most frightened by the Pats is Mando.

And you idiots can stop putting Marino into sentences that include guys like Brady, Young, Manning, Aikman, Brees etc.

Keep Marino where he belongs on the list with Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, Rivers, Romo, Ryan & Bradford

Only 2 Dolphins QBs need ever be mentioned in the same sentence as Brady:

Bob Griese because he is the only Phin QB that was ever a winner and

Chad Henne because Brady and Henne together hold the NFL record for most passing yards in a game.

When you mention Marino you can group him in with Scott Mitchell, Cleo Lemon, NoodleArm Pennington, Jeff Garcia and Matt Moore.

Dansby & Tannehill or any other player have the right to say what they feel.As long as they back it up with their play. You will usually lose a fight(that's what a football game is) if you do get yourself in fight mode.If you fear your opponents ;then be prepared to get your ass kicked.If you don't feel U can beat em , U won't. These guys have talked the talk ;Now let's walk the walk. F the Patriots. Fins Up!!!

Oh yeah, I did see an awesome I mean unbeatable Pats team 18-0 .Scoring 100 PTs a game play the Super Bowl. The "Other Team " believed they were beatable. ??????! Yep!

Tom Brady is one of the best all time he's saying the right things to the media but he has absolutely zero respect for the dolphins and even less for our secondary he's probably drooling over the thought of playing them

Maybe he will give them ugs after the game

All I know is this. This Dolphin team is gonna come out and play hard and hit Brady.

I love our chances this week.

D train and Bush!! If we run effectively, that will be huge.

No dumb mistakes.

Dan Marino is the greatest quarterback ever to put on a helmet. It did not matter what the score was; it did not matter how much time was left on the clock, within reason; everyone in the stadium knew that the game was not over until the fat lady passed out from the last verse of the song! Dan Marino was so good that when ever he threw an interception, no one was concerned; we all just laughed and could not wait to see how fast he scored the next time. There is no quarterback, past or present who was more feared then Dan Marino. he was the ONLY quarterback who could slice and dice the 85 chicago bears defense; remember! When you think of winning quarterbacks and points scored; Dan Marino is the first name that comes to mind of those who have football knowledge! The five greatest quarterbacks ever are in this order: Dan Marino / Joe Montana / John Elway / Warren Moon / Jim Kelly. I made this list based on how successful a quarterback was particularly when their star receivers were not playing. Dan Marino could could take two winos off the street in front of a seven 11 and beat you with them!!! He is indeed the greatest quarterback EVER!!!!!!!!

jordan 1 The Score 0,Miami 33 New England 17

The football players got bigger, stronger and faster in the late 70's on. The steelers and raiders were all on steroids. The steroids era continued down until the late 21st century. So, the five qb's that I mentioned played against supermen and still excelled! My list is accurate. Those supermen in the eighties, nineties and 2000's would eat unitas alive! In fact, with the new rules in the NFL today, the five horsemen played in a much tougher setting then the qb's today and in the 70's.

Broder, are People Passionate here!

jordan, you sound clueless. I'm a Marino fan, but he can't touch what Brady has done in his career. In his 10 years as a starter, Brady has gone to the Super Bowl 5 times and won 3. Marino went to one SB, and won zero. In Marino's last 4 years he was 2-4 in play offs, including the Jacksonville debacle. Whose clueles Jordan.

I chose Jim Kelly over Peyton Manning because Jim Kelly had that same killer instinct that Dan Marino had, in that he could defeat any team with receivers he pulled out of a bean patch. Peyton Manning is great when you surround him with great players. Just before he left Indianapolis colts, he had a bunch of rookie garbage receivers and he could not win with them. So, my list consist of quarterbacks who were winners even when they were surrounded by a garbage cast!

Mike, all 3 of the superbowls that Brady won were welfare victories; in other words they were politically motivated in an effort to promote patriotism; thus all 3 superbowls were won by 3 points; can you say fixed or rehearsal anyone! Tom Brady is just like Peyton Manning; he can only win when he is surrounded by elite players!!!!!! IN other worlds that flag on the side of the patriots helmet gave them 3 superbowls. When that movement died down then they could not win another superbowl.

"You learn something new every day" , you mean to tell me that you do not find it a little suspicious that not one but all 3 Superbowls were won by 3 points!!!!!!!

bond,david bond, you are correct, the NFL IS FIXED.

yo bond,
when did andre reed come from a bean patch. reed equals 3 #1's in todays league. jim kelly was good mainly because of recievers of that caliber.

pats have lost to teams in the same situation as fins,yet we have no chance? we can upset the pats just like any other team. they are a div. foe and we will play our ass'es off win or lose. the perspective of a true fan.

Coming down all the way from New Hampshire to see this bloodbath. "Just another team" is going to come into your stadium and embarass you just like they did to the Jets.

Time for a rude awakening, PHINS.

we aren't the jets. we don't lay down and let the pats off. run us over closer than u think, not a "blood bath" as you stated. lmao when u leave with a loss.

Captain Troll and the other one have a 2 Seat Bicycle that they Ride Up and Down South Beach!! With Matching Outfits!! Usually dressed up like the Biker In The Village People!! No Pants Just The Chaps!! Rough Riding Down South Beach!! Bare Back!! Singing 70's Disco!! Remembering the Good old Days!! "Queens" Jamming out to Queen! Oscar and His Little Boy Love Miami!! It's Thong Weather Year Round!!

Posted by: Dashi | November 28, 2012 at 08:22 AM

ROTFLMAO @ The mental pictures.

Dashi you've outdone yourself on this one. Truth is stranger than fiction-lol. At least it is for these two little Twits.

Chaps only on South Beach?


no gronk for the pat's this week, i smell a upset.

i smell a huge day for hernandez

Chad Henne will be here in 19 days with Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts and Mercedes Lewis none of whom drop TD passes. That is why Henne has 7 TD 2 Int through essentially 2 games.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | November 28, 2012 at 10:58 AM

What did I tell you fools?

I told you it was Spor-My-Anus and Dan Hennings. Your precious Dan Marino woulden't have a chance with those two idiots.

Then the Fckwad Ireland getting me a great defense and supporting cast, I'm laughing at you idiots. Looks like I'm turning the Jags around pretty quick.

Cadillac is right, Brandon "My Wife Caught Me" Marshall couldn't carry Blackmon's jock. He hasn't dropped any TD passes.

Can't wait to rub it in your faces. If you thought the Titans embarrased you, ha ha ha, you got another thing coming.

Nice post Deville.


I had a HOTTIE!


Did you?


Odoray rules with HOTTIES on this blog! You dongs never ding!


No offense but...

I've been on this blog for YEARS!!!!

And still not one uh you jokers has gotten LAID! Or she was a dog! hehehe...

Unlike you, I get HOTTIES!


OOohh ahhh

Love Tannehill's take. F the Pats . If we lose to them it's because they're an better team . That's your measuring stick. No need to cower in a dark room saying... Ooooh the Patriots , I'm scared. Just play football and try to kick their @sses.

Trade Tanne for Henne.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | November 28, 2012 at 11:06 AM

No offense Deville, but are you kidding me? I would retire first.

Well, I'm going to stomp you into the ground first. I'm going to make Tannehill look worse than Tebow when I schooled his punk a ss.

But yeah, I would retire before I played for the DulFins agains.

7 TD's in two games with PLENTY more to come. How many does Tannehill have THIS SEASON?

ROTFLMAO, yeah thats what I thought. You all had your chance. By the way, Thank Jeffy for me for helping me escape-LOL.

Score .. Suck it. It's a fins blog. Who cares if Brady won this game or that game. I and a lot of people on here don't give a $hit. We don't like him and you and all your talk ain't gonna change that. We hate him and most any other team from the northeast. except maybe the g men when they tore him a new one. ... yep i don't like the pats ... at all. Yeah that sounds nice baby. Suck on that.

Useless to define the Patriots as a great team or as another team. The important point is how they are today, and the fact is that they're playing very well, the fc$#%ers. The question is if the Dolphins have the weapons or the guts to beat them. The weapons, maybe not yet, so they have to show up how brave they are to beat the infamous Patriots with Brady and Bellishit ahead.
Three teams have defeated them this season. So clearly it's not impossible, but difficult.
The Dolphins must go out to the field without fear and with the will of kicking their butts. Otherwise they will be massacred

Wake takes Brady out in the first series, only to have Mallett come in and go 23-28 for 404 yds, 5tds and no picks as NE wins 45-7.

And I might as well speak for the fin fans before you trot out your stupid retort. Yea the pats might beat Miami and they might be a better team. We get it. Save all the stats. We get it ...and another thing jack off , dont even start w/ we have have to respect the pats.... Even if we dont like em,,,no we dont have to like em or respect em,,,, you 'll get nothing here from real fin fans so go troll your sorry ass somewhere else... thats right you'll get nothing and like it. I'm getting a beer and like it... Later dickweed.

That guy - is in the closet.




Aloco what did you have for dinner tonight?

Im a PHINS fan threw thick and thin in good and bad times. But for the life of me i don't understand why teams that are not very good loosing record open their mouth to give motivation to the other team that you haven't been able to beat in the last couple of years!
When teams talk s h I t about The Pats Belichick just pours it on and doesn't let up!
Tannehill and Dansby should just keep their mouth shut and prove on the field, at least Reggie has some common sense.

If the Dolphins blitz Brady early and often, they will take him out of his rythum and easily win this game. We need to throw on first down a lot though.

ray nobody talked sht. maybe you are too much of a sissy? also, shouldn't you be in bible study right now?

studies have linked intellect with religion. the most intellectual people are not religious, they are agnostic or atheist. The least intelligent people are christians.

its true. don't fear the truth.

Dave Hyde article on the Dolphins having the worst attendance in the NFL is excellent and should be talked about more.

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