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Some Dolphins think Pats just another team

There seems to be an interesting debate among some Dolphins players as to what kind of team exactly they wil play Sunday when the New England Patriots come to town.

The Patriots, you may know, have won three Super Bowls this millineum while playing in the game another two times. They're .670 winning percentage (including the postseason) is the best in the league since 1994. They've won every AFC East division title since 2001 except for 2002 and 2008.

And this year, New England is leading the division, leading the NFL in points per game, and they have a future Hall of Fame quarterback named Tom Brady.

So how do some Dolphins react to this resume?

"They're just another team," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said today. "They're a really good team. They've won a lot of games this year. But it's not something that affects us."

That is not a singular opinion. Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby agrees the Patriots are a good team. But does he think their reputation allows them a certain degree of prestige?

"No," he said.

Why not?

"Why?" he answered.

"A lot of teams have been among the elite," Dansby said. "Everybody has prestige behind their organization. What makes them different than anybody else?

"Every team in the AFC East has prestige behind them -- even the Buffalo Bills. [Sheesh], they went to the Super Bowl four times in a row and didn't win it. So playing them is just like playing the New England Patriots."

If confidence is something you admire, then you're in heaven right now. By the same token, if giving the opponent something to fume about is a problem for you, then this also fits the bill. My take is that true or not, whether they are just another team or not, the Patriots will turn this into an internal topic of discussion.

But leave it to ripe and wise veteran running back Reggie Bush to want no part of the conversation. He clearly disagrees with Tannehill and Dansby.

"No, I don't think they're just another team," Bush said. "They've kind of been at the top for a while now. The body of work they've put out, the foundation they've laid out kind of speaks to their organization, to their program, to the character of players they got over there. So I have nothing but respect for those guys over there."


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Truly shows how ignorant some of the Dolphin players are

The Patriots are the best team in football and have been in the AFC EAST for a decade


While the Dolphin play a few good games every year
... that's all they got

Dolphin's have been embarrassed soooo bad on national prime time games the past few years that they were regulated to 1 Thursday nite game against Buffalo

and Tannehill scored NOTHING on the worst defense in the NFL


How bout MNF previous when the Dolphins were humiliated against Da Bears and layed an egg

Our team sucks in the rankings and if the ref did not give Tannehill a "DO OVER" after throwing his 7th INT to 1 TD then the fish once again would still be the laughing stock of the NFL

14 bloggers showed up in dif seats to get together for a game against Tennesse thinking it would be an easy win and Tannehill would score a handful of TDs

Instead the fish kicked one FG and Tennessee beat the heck out of the Dolphins putting up 37 points

The bloggers were disgusted that other were right about the team saying Tannehill needs further development, Martin is not a good NFL RT, Egnew trade was a joke

and most of all the Dolphins with Tannehill starting will only have 6 wins

going 6-10

Matt Moore started one game and won

Tannehill has won 3 games and the refs gave him a "DO OVER" after throwing 2 INTS and 0 TDs in the last game

So The NFL is giving Tannehill credit for 4-6

If Miami wins to more games, .... 6-10

Home is right on Tannehill, Martin, Egnew, the other draft picks, Jeff Ireland's 2012 Draft and of course the record of Dolphins
6-10 Do It Again!

See some come to scout and make observations no matter how harsh or how much praise
just honest observations
that are quite accurate ;)

and others need a cyber friend or too or someone, anyone to go to the game with


dif srokes 4 dif folks!

have a HAARPy day :)

Home you were correct in your observations, that is true.
I think it is your harsh writing style infused with humor that ruffles some of the homers feathers.

Also like your intentional misspelling of the words- two, too


Home, you're a moron.

Moore did not start any games this year

Even if Tannehill and the Dolphins only win 6 games this year (they will win at least 7), they will have done so with a rookie Qb while last year they did it with veteran Qbs.

Moore still has not won any games against winning teams as a Dolphin. he sports a mighty 0 for and is 28 years old and not likely getting any better. Tannehill already has two victories against teams with winning records.

You're still a loser.

News from New England inside they are already worrying about HOU and SF. NE robot coach and players speaking same song......... MIA good team it's about this week. blah blah...... So the victory will be keeping it tough and close and squeak a win. As usual turnovers are key for both teams.

You can now start posting under 87 different aliases and play childish immature games. They used to be funny when we were all 14 years old. however, you're 50 and like Matt Moore not getting any better. You're best days have come and gone ... later

Which State is the Granite State??? That's a cool nickname

New Hampshire, cool!!!

Ireland may be many things to many people, but thank God he doesn't make mistakes like Rolondo McClain. ANOTHER 1st-rd pick BUST. No heart, out-of-shape, character issues. Many things can be said about Jake Long (wrong pick, etc.), but AT LEAST the guy is a stand-up player and a ProBowler and elite at his position. Odrick, Pouncey, look like gems compared to this yahoo. Only guy close was Vontae, but even Vontae showed glimpses of being special.

Ireland hasn't missed as bad as Oakland did (TWICE). Doesn't make any of his detractors any less critical, but it shows there's much worse in the NFL than what we have.

Imposter at 10:38

You may think your observations are correct but when you make mistakes about your observations, such as Moore starting etc then it discredits you.
Who cares about Matt Moore, he is playing elsewhere next year.. His 4th team, use youre "insightful" observations and realize that. Stop talking about the past and what would have been and try to focus on the future.
As far as Ireland, I give him a pass until these past two draft and have been a semi supporter of him given he didnt over pay for players that arent starting on other rosters etc. The first three drafts are on Parcells and so is the dead money that is hitting the cap for this year, making it hard to sign anyone worth anything in the offseason. That being said, Parcells did bring Ireand in and typically when a man in charge bring someone in he brings in who fits his mold and style of managing things. That being said I question if Ireland is the right GM for this team..

Ryan Tannehill is naive. Karlos Dansby is over the hill.

I think on the part of Tannehill this is just him mentally not putting the Pats on a pedalstool so he doesnt over think things and play scared.

DC, you are bang on about ireland. He gets use of his first and second round picks way more often than not. Miami has been one of the best in the league at this over his 5 year span. I know people will laugh at this but if you actually take the time to do the research you will see he's been as productive as they come in the money rounds. People will ask where are the playmakers, where are the Pro Bowlers, but matter of fact, each team in the league only averages about one pro bowler per team over that span. So Miami is right on par with that and will add at least one more pro bowler this year in Pouncey from that crop.

As far as playmakers, give Tannehill time, he may become that. And this year, there's a good chance he will add another one whether it's a DE, CB, WR, etc.

I don't think Ireland is God but we could be doing a lot worse.

Craig M, You continue to act like a windbag.

Stop reading superficial articles that do not tell the whol epicture & start using your brain. It only takes a LITTLE common sense.

First - I am LOL. No one else. I'm sure that's a blow to you ego to be wrong & that other people agree with me but, do the blog a favor and get over it. This holier than thou persona you try to impose on people is lame.

Second, let's delve into Clady & this is where I implore you to use common sense!

2008 - Rookie - .5 sack. Jay Cutler QB


2009 - 8 sacks - Kyle Orton
"In his first season in the NFL, Ryan Clady ranked first amongst left tackles with only 0.5 sacks allowed but seemingly struggled in his second season allowing eight. Surprisingly, he allowed almost half as much pressure as he did the previous year but Orton hung on to the ball much longer than Cutler did."

READ THE SURPRISINGLY PART! Knowing that NOW, keep going!

2010 - 7.5 sacks - Kyle Orton
2011 - 9 sacks! Kyle Orton & T. Tebow
2012 - 1 sack Peyton Manning

Do you get it yet? The Sacks Clady gave up were the result of Orton holding onto the ball(was sacked ALOT in Chicago) & a result of Tebow being god awful, slow delivery & always looking to run. Stops behind the line when the QB is scrambling like he does are considered sacks!

So again, Knock Clady all you'd like. You and your other Canadian friend Mark are the idiots. Clady IS the best LT in football! We don't expect Canadians to understand.

Long has given up 6 sacks this season & followed up a down 2011 with an even worse 2012.

Clady followed up a subpar 2 seasons as a result of QB play with a stellar 2012.

If you don't see or can't recognize Long is over the hill & not worth the huge investment, you have no business blogging about football.


Home is only in his late 30s and semi retired as he owns his own house in south Florida payment free from hard work.

Mark is an ugly little punk office boy from another country posting on our blog. LMAO!

Do some of you realize that the Fins were picked to win about 4 games all year assuming Matt Moore was the starter?

Tannehill will lose us at least 3 or 4 more games this year


Bad Pick!

Why is it Matt Moore supporters dont count the first 4 games he played in their statistics?
Why do they also not point out that he didnt beat a team with a winning record?
Why do they not acknowledge that he was beaten out by a rookie that only had 19 starts in college?
Why do they not acknowledge that MM had a true #1 WR?
Why do they say he is a good QB yet GM's from two other teams have let him go as well?

He PEAKED already.
It is all DOWN TANNEHILL now.

matty, there aren't Matt Moore supporters, it's all Home the 50 year old retard who acts like he's a 14 year old frosh.

He's dumb, what do you expect?

Do you read the garbage he posts.

he's still the only person in history to be kicked off a blog. That tells you how retarded he is.


Tannehill struggling more than any other NFL quarterback with only 3 passing TDs to WRs this entire season and 12 interceptions speaks boatloads despite the delusional Miami Dolphin fans.

Tannehill being the worst 3rd down QB in the 2012 NFL speaks volumes.

Miami 4-6 after a gifted win by the Refs for Tannehill
(who is really 3-7) speaks volumes.

Now the Dolphins play a couple of real teams in their very soft, easy schedule.

Tannehill starting this year was a big mistake.
You can tell the only fans going to our home games are the other teams fans.

Worst attendance in the history of the Miami Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill is to blame for the worst defeat in almost 50 yrs in our home stadium.

Tannehill = 5 games with 0 passing TDs, and would have been 6 games with 0 passing TDs if not for the ref coming in and throwing the last game.

Go Heat!

Home, your fake names fool no one.

Unless, you think we are all as dumb as you are.

I would really like to see Tannehill devlop a pump fake all great QB use a pump fake to either freeze the Safety or just shift the defense to the side of the field he faked to.

I gotz it ooopsy, i aint. Coconut head Kelly be pimpin me up.

You'll see all OL in 2013. You'll see.
And when the team goes 8-8, I'll be flying the banner planes.

Marketing strategy for Miami w Ireland and TanneREACH

Come to my and see your FAV team shut out Ryan Tannehill's 0 TD passing game

(unless of course we cheat and cry, "Blow To The head"
when a forearm grazes the thickly padded helmet when a player not trying to to hit the losing interception throwing QB comes down from jumping)

plenty of seats available every game! lol

tradetannehill.com before it's too late!

Eh? You pay 12 Mill. to the LT with a bad back,bad,hip,bad knee and bad shoulder who can barely walk,
that's how you go to the SB Eh?
and a QB who doesn't throw TD's Eh?

agree with reality check 9:37 AM post

checked the stats and they are correct

Tannehill does suck at scoring passing TDs


Great retort man!!....NOT!

So let me understand your point:

Clady's problems/issues are as a result of the QBs he's played with but Long's are all on him? Yeah OK, that makes a lot of sense!....NOT!

The article says Clady has regressed since his rookie year and YOU being the EXPERT you are say it's because of the QBs he plays with. Yeah...gotta be.

On top of all that, you're ready to gamble the LT position on a guy (Martin) you don't even know if he can play the position in the pros and to draft a RT, of which you know nothing about ANY of them. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, bud!

On top of all that, you don't even mention that Denver let the league in LEAST pass attempts last year, and yet Clady gave up NINE sacks. Do the math....it doesn't add up!

In conclusion, you don't want to address the facts you just want to throw some horse shyte opinion in for good measure. Good thing you're not GM. You'd be out on the street in no time, never to work in the NFL again.

LOL, by the way, if you want to talk best LT in football at the present, talk Duane Brown of Houston. Look it up, educate yourself. As far as Ryan Clady goes, his career resume has no edges over Jake Long.

Tannebust and Sherman have perfected the prevent O.

Just whos side are they on anyway.?


Last point and then I'll let you go back and play with the kids in the schoolyard:

You call me a 'windbag' for the very simple reason that I have a different opinion than you and I actually spent a few minutes to research the topic. You might want to try it some time (get someone to show you how to look things up).

Having a different opinion than you does now make one a windbag, you pompous prick!! Learn the difference.

Opposing D's just stack the box to stop our run knowing Tannehill wont beat them passing.

So this is where the fire ireland losers went , crawl back under your rock no refund for Fire Ireland plane what a bunch of losers ,sad little men

Worst home loss since the late 60's.
Tannebust at QB.

He is a rookie with not much experience 29 total games between college and the NFL..
Compare that with Andrew Lucks 44 + starts in college and the 11 hes had in the NFL..
Tannehill was a reach pick based on his upside and every one with a brain knew he needed the experience.. everyone wanted him to sit a year behind Moore, whom obviously ased on the preseason play, coulndt keep his job..

Lets see...Philbin and Hennehill or Belichick and Brady? Hmmmmm.

Look at Home the horses azzzzz. I told you he would commence to blog under 87 different aliases and act like a total puke and he did it in under an hour. Pathetic.

Pats are due for a letdown game. Awfully tough to keep playing at the pace they are playing every single week. I don't believe this is it. I don't believe our best game beats their worst game. I believe our guys get schooled on what the benchmark looks like for a top football team this week and the Pats coast for most of the second half.

Ryan Tannehill meet Vince Wilfork.

We dont have a true outside threat thus they know they can stack the box to take away the underneath passing of the "west coast" offense. Give Tannehill a TE like last sunday and it opens the offense up..
Give him weapons and it opens the offense

No one goes to the stadium to see Tannehill play.
It's evident.

14 bloggers from another blog came from different parts of the country and picked an easy game so the could trump up Tannehill.

It was the Tennessee game and Tannehill score no points.
Our kicker only got 3 all day and Tannehill had a QB rating of 40.

The bloggers were upset, knowing they wasted their hard earned money and time.

Now they know Home was right all along and clearly they were very wrong, again.


I still don't understand that mentality. There's a case study in mental health right there. Would love to know makes someone come to a football blog and make post after post under different aliases. Pretty sure a psychologist would have a field day with someone who does somehting like that. Enough there to pay their mortgage off a few times over.

Whats really pathetic is Canadians on a Miami blog 24/7. Can u say they have no life?

Weird stuff man......get some help!

Hahha, "our beloved team". Everyone knows Home was born in New England. Go Pats, EHHHH HOME??

Patriots 38 Dolphins 24

Whats really pathetic is Canadians on a Miami blog 24/7. Can u say they have no life?

Posted by: Yes I Can | November 29, 2012 at 10:02 AM

Hey, maybe the ice fishing is slow.

WTH is going on this morning?




1) Jeff Ireland

2) Jeff Ireland

3) Jeff Ireland

4) Someone else

5) Who cares. LETS GO HEAT!!!

Mark,come on man you are letting this bill connors trash our country,if you won't stick up for us I will.Let me tell you something Mr. connors if you ck the history books you will see how many great battles our Canadian soldiers won in WW1 WW2 korea and we were there in the Gulf along side you guys.Your Countries economy stinks you guys are quickly becoming a third world country with you debt being in the trillions,Our economy is growing,our unemployment is far less than yours. our dollar is stonger and our minimum wage is 10.85 an hr.All that said I love going to the states for vacations.we have been to Veagas 42 times Florida many times and we have best friends in Alabama.Idont mind you criticsing posts about football but don't dare trash our fine counrty.

I love confidence when it comes from my QB and starting MLB. We need not fear anybody because victory will surely come down to blocking, tackling and not turning the ball over. Nice job Tannehill & Dansby go out and punch these guys right in the mouth. They can be beat and it starts with confidence. Can't wait for Sunday!

Haha, it's actually quite funny Craig, with just a slight nudge, I set him right off to start blogging under 88 different names and even get them talking to each other.

What a fruitcake.


Ross is in a coma to keep Irescum for 4 losing seasons and counting. Does Ross even care?

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