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Stephen Ross is becoming a pretty darn good owner

Stephen Ross has come a long way.

It wasn't that long ago that Dolphins fans had to cringe at the idea of Ross being the Dolphins owner. He miscalculated badly on that flight out to see Jim Harbaugh, and that caused friction within the organization. He allowed some embarrassing missteps such as Gator Day. He often spoke of being an inexperienced ownder.

And, against the will of many fans, he retained general manager Jeff Ireland when the public sentiment was not flowing in that direction. (Not flowing like the Niagra Falls don't fall up).

But Ross today is looking a lot better as Miami's owner.

He recovered nicely after failing to get Jeff Fisher by hiring Joe Philbin. Ireland has found a good starting quarterback, suggesting Ross made a good call in retaining him. The club doesn't have an soap opera issues as it had the past couple of years.

Things are looking better.

And then this:

Ross, the Miami Dolphins and Related Companies on Wednesday donated $500,000 to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. 

In addition, the Dolphins will donate the net proceeds from the sale of general individual game tickets for Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans that are purchased between 9:00 AM Thursday and kickoff on Sunday to the American Red Cross South Florida Region to exclusively support the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Ross, by the way, has made sure all Dolphins game have been televised locally regardless of sellout status and the team announced Wednesday that it had taken the necessary steps to ensure that Sunday's game will be televised locally.

“The devastation of Hurricane Sandy knows no boundaries, and I know I speak for the Dolphins and Related in expressing our dedication to help those in need during this difficult time,” said Ross in a statement. “We saw first-hand the damage the storm caused to our community, and with the close ties South Florida has with the Northeast, the Dolphins certainly want to support those families who are dealing with Sandy’s aftermath.

"But no matter where we live, our hearts go out to the people who suffered losses as a result of the storm, and we are committed to help them recover from the tragedy.”

Good stuff. Commendable.

Add that to the growing list of things Ross is getting right. He's growing in stature.


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Hs Odin passed away yet?

It seems that most of the things are goin our way these days. Future is looking bright. We have ourselves a QB and a quality coach. I am also starting to believe that Ireland can have a very nice draft next year. But I still feel that last loss.

You think Ireland is safe cuz he failed to get Manning, trusted Philbin on not paying too much for Flynn and took Sherman's advice on Tannehill?

I'm not sold...

Salguero, don't fool yourself, Ross is learning to be an owner the hard way, and the infamous Ireland is still one of the most terrible GM. Just look at the draft choices, and tells us who from the last draft is really excelling, apart maybe of Tannehill, who is still struggling with the lack of deep WR's. I'll be jumping of joy the day Ross fires Ireland. We're not talking of him as before simply because we're tired of it and because we're focusing on the positives despite of his continuous bad decisions. Your adulations are getting you nowhere pal.

Not quite! How about opening up that wallet and signing dome real football players.

Look out, Armando, you might be implying that Ross has not been a fully grown Man.

That was kind to sent 500 k to jets fans. (bad joke)
He did kind of start off poorly. He wants the team to win. He bought Parcell's startup that wasn't quite ready for the big time. He did sign BM even though we weren't ready for that. Paid him a bunch of money as well. He is paying at close to the salary cap. He overpays for some players.
After the ship gets completely righted, this is going to be back to winning football. Within a couple of years.

Ross becoming a pretty darn good owner? LOL. Tell me that after the 2013 Draft..... I need more good to out shine all the bad

Wonder what kind of tax breaks he gets with a donation like that

Hey! Belgian Fish Fan! I'm JPBelgianPhin! Who are you bro? Seems I have a sibling here in Belgium! Come and join Dolphin Shout!

Marchcool, are you kidding me, or is it that you know nothing. Ok, draft choices that are do well, Tannehill for one, and he's not struggling. He's thrown for 1750 yard with a 59% completion percentage, and has 6 INT's, 2 less than Luck. As for draft choices, Long, not playing well now, but has been all pro 4 straight years. Martin starting RT, not great this year but holding his own, and will improve, Jerry start and play well, Pouncy best cent in the NFL. Hartline on pace for 80 receptions, and 1300 yards with a 16.1 yard/reception. Devon Bess, FA, on pace for 76 and 900 yards. Daniel Thomas now starting to get recognition for his hard running. FA Javorski Lane starting FB and a road grader. Jarad Odrick playing a good DE, C Wake, best DE in the AFC.Misi playing very well, Smith 17 best CB in AFC by PFF. And the 2 safeties. In addition 5 choice in the 1st 3 rounds in 2013 draft. As for receivers Hartline 80 for 1300, Bess 76 for 900. We could have 2 1000 yard receivers.

Kris, The only successful coach/GM in the NFL presently is Belichick. That's it. Most have failed.

gogreenlawns, any time you make a donation the most benefit you get is a 1/3 of the donation if you are in the highest tax bracket. That's it. So 2/3 is out of your pocket.

Great thing by Stepen Ross. The people in the North are suffering something terrible right now. My hearts and prayers go out to them

Ross and Ireland are in a good spot as far as Mr Sal is concerned enough to write a piece on Ross.They are 4-4 so I guess now is as good time as ever using Related companies donations to the huricane victims as an example of his generosity.But those on YOUR board seem to not be convinced.In the stock market some public companies are always making references to the future because they are losing money,the future never materializes for a lot of them.

The Stock Market has always been a fantastic concept to me. We make $, out of ourselves. Amazing.

wait until we win a playoff game. Yes Ross is a good person and should be commended for his charity etc... but until his team wins a playoff game he's not a good owner. Winning is all that matters in football

King Shula, the financial market are all about the future, and projecting where the economy will at least 6 months down the road. Good companies are good at projecting, bad ones aren't. Apple can project the tastes and demands of the American consumer, Kodak couldn't. So hopefully Ross can see the future.

Really still busting on Ireland? The guy does a pretty good job. Lets see this year: Tannehill (picked 8th under much scrutiny), Martin (in 2nd when graded 1st, will be solid RT), Oliver Vernon (compliment to Wake and improving every week, only 8 games and still made some very big plays). Egnew (ok... right now not looking good) and Miller (seems like he will be a good back and insurance in case Bush walks).

Player issues can always be debated, but how about the fan experience? The orange carpet, unknown and irrelevant celebrities screaming Fins Up, this crap has to go. Gator Day still haunts me.

I give Ross credit just for making sure I don't have to sit in front of a radio to hear the game. I was a season ticket holder for years and recently gave up my seats so I appreciate getting to watch the game on TV. Obviously, that alone does not make a great owner, but it's a start...Thanks Mr. Ross!

Even BB is failing at both! BB was good when he had a GM to work with.


Are U implying Ross has changed?


That Most of Ross's decision making have been right!

Either or, weak argument! Mr. Ross is a NY Business Man! Of Course he is going to help a place he lives in 4-5 days out the week!

And on the Franchise? he took a broken franchise! And gave it direction!!!!

It's not like he bought the patriots coming off a suberbowl!!! The Fins needed Work! They still need work!

But it's great to see ur not being blinded by hate as usual.

Even though that back handed compliment about T-Hill was uncalled for! Good! ReallY?!

Well ur Writing is just OK! And That's being Nice! Mando U need to go to a real doctor and stop talking to Oscar! It looks like ur regressing! At this rate come playoff time u will be writing like a 4 year old!

And from a couple weeks back! Odin was Correct! On Marsha 2.0!

He called it before the bye week! It is a persons back! Yes, it might not look bad! But anyone who has lifted weights or does a physical job or activity! Knows UR CORE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF UR BODY! UR BACK AND AB'S!



And The Problem with back injuries! Once U've hurt it! One Time! It can get reInjured very Easily! U have to be very careful!

Now we know why nobody was offering Marsha anything longer than 3 years! And I bet Ireland has the contract written in such a manner we can cut Marsha this offseason! And it doesn't affect the cap!

I guess when you do wrong, people complain, and when you do right, people complain (so what changes). Ross has been improving his reputation and quality as an Owner. He's learning on the job (like most people do). Fans don't like to hear that. They want I Dream of Jeannie to blink her eyes and make the team legitimate. Keep dreaming. In the REAL world, it takes time to turn around an awful franchise. In the REAL world, it takes time to recover from a Great Recession. Patience and resolve is key, plus good planning and follow-through.

I'd tell Ross to tune everyone else out, and keep your eye on the prize.

Wayne the Cane, you need to tell me how this makes it a bad fan experience, at worst it's a non-factor, The orange carpet, unknown and irrelevant celebrities screaming Fins Up, this crap has to go. Gator Day still haunts me.

h > ross.

You need to wipe off your chin after that suck job.

DC Dolfan, Hi DC, these people must think that Robert Craft was a great owner immediately in NE. That was not the the case. In fact he was vilified until somehow Tom Brady appeared. Like players, owners improve with experience.

Agreed mike. Success breeds respect. Team has had some success, so Ross gets to bask in the glow. That's his right as an Owner. If the team stumbles, he'll get his share of the blame. Just the name of the game.


This football thing is a crap shoot. From week to week you do not know what you get. That is why we are all football junkies. It would be very boring to have nothing to B-i-t-ch about.

Philbin seems to be a good coach.
Ireland seems to not be able to draft.
Ross seems to be to loayal, but maybe that can be a good thing.

The fact is things seem to have a direction that fans can see. So all is good in Dolphin Valley. I live in Ohio and can tell you the Aqua and Orange is getting dusted off and worn. Another great thing.

But look at the schedule over the next five weeks. It is possible we could get swept and are we going to still be talking about how good of an owner Ross is and how right Philbin is and we are always going to be talking about how Ireland needs to be fired for some sparkly new name.

Personally I like that we are not talking about sucking for Barkley. We could lose the rest of the games so long as we lose and not get beat. We are rebuilding and still have a chance. That is a good thing. But we are still rebuilding.

I like this glimer of hope thing, but I do want to keep seeing improvement. Watched way to many Bengal fans see this glimer of hope thing just to get the same old crap next year.

Go Dolphins!!The product on the field is getting better, but I still think Ross is a closet Jets fan, but he has not been a cheap Dolphin Owner so you have to give him props for that.

I read your post Mike and the stock market is also about opinions albeit the ones that count are the ones that are backed by the most money.I think you mean the stock market indexes because individual stocks do not all move with the indexes especially now with high frequency trading.

Posted by: Marchcool | November 08, 2012 at 05:01 AM

You want to talk about him being a horrible GM based off of this draft? Do you watch the games?
Ryan Tannehill- Starting QB
Jonathan Martin- Starting RT
Olivier Vernon- back up on a solid DL and name ST player of the week
Michael Egnew- has yet to see the field work in progress
Lamar Miller- averages more ypc than any other RB on the team, needs to work on his pass blocking and hes there.
Josh Kaddu- on the active roster
BJ cunningham- waived
Kheeston Randall- back on on the DL
Rishard Matthews- WIP

Ireland had an overall good draft...

Oscar the insiders are the ones that make the most money and they will continue to do so after all it is only logical.Retail traders and investors can make money but it helps if the economy is expanding at a rapid pace and the fundamentals are in place otherwise the media plays a big part in forming public opinion.A stocks price is just an opinion of what it is worth today and 6 months from today.

Also, It seems Ireland is playing the hard nosed GM that picks whatever guys he feels are good for the team now.. It seems he is listening to his coach and giving him what he wants. I guarentee this upcoming draft is going to be good bc Philbin and co knows how to get players that fit their mold and DEVELOPE them. Thats the problem with the past coaching staffs they never developed them.

Anybody else catch 'A Football Life', the story on Jimmy Johnson. Is there a worse owner in sports than Jerry Jones? Compare that to Ross. All ego, quick fizes, impatience, things he knows it all, mistake after mistake after mistake. Consider ourselves lucky that we don't have an owner like Jones here in Miami.

Also, and I'm sure I'll get some grief from Hurricane fans here, I consider Jimmy Johnson to be one of the most over-rated coaches of all time also. Cowboys would never have been what they became without the Herschel Walker trade. Biggest rip off trade in sports history. No idea what the Vikings were thinking. Yes the Cowboys added some great talent through those years and had some great drafts but no way they become what they becamse without Aikman, Smith and Irvin. Watching the show, I'm not surprised it didn't work in Miami for Johnson. The guys was an opportunist and he was hoping to strike lightning in Miami again, like he did in Dallas. He reminds me of Parcells a lot in this way.

Looks my stalker is back at 9:21am. You're such a chicken shyte! Do you really get off on this stuff?

Armando, nothing you can do with about this crap?


Not sure why the just don't make logins or why people don't get lives...

The story out there this morning is that the Dolphins are one of three teams in on Stanford Routt. This is good news. The Lions and Cardinals are supposedly the other two. This is guy who's been paid $10 million in guarantees over the last year from two teams. My guess is he may sit back and see which team gives him the best chance at the playoffs and a job going forward. That's might be another reason why we need to win this weekend. It would be nice if we could get this guy too. We're still pretty thin back there.

Just an interesting concept of another way to make $, King Shula. Far out and way above my abilities.

Who the hell is Stanford Routt?


Theres the link Craig M to what you reported..
Why was he cut in the first place?

Now that Ross' boy Mitt has returned to one of his mansions and his offshore banking accounts, hopefully he can focus more on the team.

He HAS improved dramatically as an owner, though. I think that's clear regardless of our criticisms in the past.

CBs abound. Bring in a good, ball stealing S.

He was cut because he got into a fight with coaches and a player. Not surprised. Probably very frustrating to play on that team. Guys a good athlete, even at 29.

Craig M...

I don't know much about this guy...but if he's getting 10 MIL in guaranteed money....and he finds himself UNEMPLOYED @ the half-way point of the season....seems to me like we might have a discipline problem on our hands....

Not familiar with him, but definately need some DB help and the Cheifs had a decent secondary at one point.

Very odd for a good player to just get cut, but does happen sometimes.

Thanks, That would help the secondary and push a CB pick back in the draft, maybe

King Shula,no I meant what I said. For the individual investor the only way to win is to forget being a stock picker, use asset allocation, and diversification, which is still the best way to invest.


He's not the second coming of Revis but we need help back there. I've been beating that drum ever since Marshall got hurt. Signing this guy to a pro-rated minimum contract can't hurt the team. If he gets out of line, then you cut. Very little risk.

The amazing thing to me is that KC at NO time this year has had a lead in a game. I'd rather have a guy on the team that's frustrated and angry about that than some guy who's sitting back content and happy. Who knows what's going on in KC. They give Cassell a big contract and then sit him on the bench. Seems like a circus over there.


I read your earlier comments about BB being the only successful GM/coach in the league. It's interesting that most of their success was when Pioli was GM. New England's draft record has been in decline ever since he left to go to KC. They haven't won a Championship in a few years now and in some cases were done in the first round of the playoffs. To me it's a team hanging on for dear life.

Ross is the worst owner in sports. He honored our opponent Tim Tebow last year. He tried to hire a HC before firing his HC. He's kept Ireland despite 3(likely 4) consecutive losing seasons. He said Henne was the 2nd coming of Dan Marino. He said he wanted to retire Tannehill's number before he played one snap. He's the cheapest owner in Dolfin history. He has no clue how to build a winner. He's turned the Dolphins into a circus selling pieces of ownership to celebs. He's turned the team into a laughingstock.

Mike I disagree I think you need to focus on less stocks and forget about diversification that is unless you want to buy and hold for 5 years or more.Buy and hold does not work you have to actively manage ALL your holdings.To be diversified means become an expert in different industries which is very difficult for even a proffessional such as an anyalyst which is why they stick to one company or one industry.

No good owner would have Irescum as his GM. PERIOD!

No good owner would have Irescum as his GM. PERIOD!

Right ON!!! EFFE ROSS! He inherited a GEM from Wayne H. The team had nothing but winning records as far as the eye could see. And players!! Let me tell you, ProBowlers, SUPERSTARS!! Not only did Ross inherit 1 QB, he inherited 16! And he couldn't do anything with THAT? What's WRONG with him? Heck, he came in, and first year, team went to the Playoffs. And then drop-off. WHAT A LETDOWN! Then some other trivial stuff that only pansies get their panties in a bunch over, and now, team's on the rise. FIVE YEARS LATER!!! Fire him. Let's have our THIRD Owner in 6 years. Let's get our FIFTH HC in 7 years. Let's get our FOURTH GM in a decade. That's how teams win in the NFL. INSTABILITY RULES!!! Look at the Giants, Steelers, Patriots. Instability!

Have a made my point, or should I continue?

Mike if you do not have mark to market accounting and a way of offsetting losses by diversifying you could be sitting on losses that you wont be able to recover.If you pick a stock and it goes down you have to manage it daily and take the loss and move on.Asset allocation and diversification is for managing millions and billions for the long term.The market is always changing what was considered state of the art last year could be obsolete.If you know what high frequency trading is then you also know that it accounts for 60-65% of the volume on the exchanges.That is not considering dark pools.

King Shula, for every guy that thinks they are an expert picking stocks there's a million guys who have lots their shirts thinking they are experts. If you don't believe me keep going. Let's talk again once you've suffered multiple losses. I see this stuff EVERY day. There's always someone who thinks they are smarter than everyone else and can 'buck' the system. The reality is it doesn't work. It's like the guy who goes to the casino and has a great night. He thinks he's got it all figured out, only to figure out afterwards that he's put all his winnings back in TIMES ten.

The half empty stadium every Sunday shows just how good an owner Ross is.

Mike if by diversification you mean ETFs then that is another thing altogether.Even mutual funds would be diversification but the fees are a lot high to buy and sell actively compared to ETFs.

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