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Stephen Ross is becoming a pretty darn good owner

Stephen Ross has come a long way.

It wasn't that long ago that Dolphins fans had to cringe at the idea of Ross being the Dolphins owner. He miscalculated badly on that flight out to see Jim Harbaugh, and that caused friction within the organization. He allowed some embarrassing missteps such as Gator Day. He often spoke of being an inexperienced ownder.

And, against the will of many fans, he retained general manager Jeff Ireland when the public sentiment was not flowing in that direction. (Not flowing like the Niagra Falls don't fall up).

But Ross today is looking a lot better as Miami's owner.

He recovered nicely after failing to get Jeff Fisher by hiring Joe Philbin. Ireland has found a good starting quarterback, suggesting Ross made a good call in retaining him. The club doesn't have an soap opera issues as it had the past couple of years.

Things are looking better.

And then this:

Ross, the Miami Dolphins and Related Companies on Wednesday donated $500,000 to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. 

In addition, the Dolphins will donate the net proceeds from the sale of general individual game tickets for Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans that are purchased between 9:00 AM Thursday and kickoff on Sunday to the American Red Cross South Florida Region to exclusively support the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Ross, by the way, has made sure all Dolphins game have been televised locally regardless of sellout status and the team announced Wednesday that it had taken the necessary steps to ensure that Sunday's game will be televised locally.

“The devastation of Hurricane Sandy knows no boundaries, and I know I speak for the Dolphins and Related in expressing our dedication to help those in need during this difficult time,” said Ross in a statement. “We saw first-hand the damage the storm caused to our community, and with the close ties South Florida has with the Northeast, the Dolphins certainly want to support those families who are dealing with Sandy’s aftermath.

"But no matter where we live, our hearts go out to the people who suffered losses as a result of the storm, and we are committed to help them recover from the tragedy.”

Good stuff. Commendable.

Add that to the growing list of things Ross is getting right. He's growing in stature.


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King Shula,

Respectfully bud, you're talking a lot of SHYTE. You've either heard people who've has some success doing what you're doing or you're a bold face liar. If you keep playing the game the way you're playing it you'll eventually lose. You don't have a crystal ball on how any of these stocks wil perform and you're not smarter than anyone else. There's a million guys like you who think they've got it all figured out and don't. Nobody has the time or information necessary to make informed decisions. Leave it to a professional to figure it out for you. It would be like reading a couple of books and then thinking you could do surgery on yourself if necessary. There's a reason doctors spend so much time in school. They have a much better idea of what they are doing than you and I.

Craig you cant live off gains and losses one year you will win one lose.The retail investor does a lot better when the economy and employment etc are all rising in the cycle.Noone is always smarter than the market like i said you need to have something else to take the losses in.

Jay you're right. Dolphin ticket sales are at a 44 year low. Thats a tribute to Ross and Ireland's incompetence.

BTW Craig there are some on this blog that think they are smarter than the rest.

I'll be looking for your book at my local bookstore King Shula.

What I mean is you need another business to offset the loses.The people that are successfuln the market do it over a long period of time(im talking about retail investors)I dont think I can outsmart the market and I never posted that.

The stock market so to speak pays me every month for now although its hardly enough to live on.I think you can guess how I get paid every month.

I live in KC and I can tell you that the fans here Hate Clark Hunt for being cheap (26 mil under the cap and didnt resign Brandon Carr) Routt replaced Carr.

I believe Routt is worth picking up if you can get him cheap. Hes not worth too much attention but our secondary needs the help.

Good article Armando but poorly written with mistakes throughout. You can do better bro.

Thumbs up to Mr Ross.
Trust in Philbin

You will regret writing this stupid article by the end of the season Salguero!

Craig I dont have the material or credibility to write a book about retail investing.

Oh Dashi why don t u pretend odin is a camel and blow him , we know you are both the same hapless idiots, if your happy with 4 n 4 then rah rah Ross , I myself wouldn t have sold half the team to a bunch of washed up entertainers so I could get free half time shows , I`d of brought in football minded people that care about winning, this team every year starts to get good , starts to re gain respect, then when big games come up, like last weeks they crap their pants like 3 yr olds and embarrass the fan base , they might ;lay good this week , but mark my words Thursday night against Bills, when they are center stage again , they better all wear their huggies, cause they will crap their pants again, I`d hoped Philbin and this new coaching staff could potty train this bunch , but it ain t happening ,not when it counts anyway

Ireland is setting records for most draft busts ever by a GM. And Ross does nothing??

BTW Craig your reference to doctors made me remember what my father always told me about doctors in the US(he was a phramacyst and delt with them regularly)a lot of them are more businessmen than healers.Lawyers and doctors have to spend a lot of time and money going to school they better love the proffession and not the money because that is a lot of time to waste to end up going into another field.

Remember when Bill Cowher was contacted and put Ross in his place by saying he would not interview for any job that had a HC in place?

King Shula,

No question these guys are business men. But when you're sick and need to go in and get a surgery done, no way am I going to read up on things and try and do it myself. I'm going to go with the guy who's been there before, knows what he's doing and has had success.

Ireland is the main reason Manning and all other big name players and coaches have steered clear , no one likes working with an idiot , who has control of everything, head coaches like to pick their own players , not have this hapless nitwit tell them who to pick , its why we could only score an Offensive Coordinator, he was just happy to get a head coaching job , he has no pull with the officials, every flag he`s thrown this year on blatant home cooking calls , they laugh at him and tell him to burn a time out , hes done a great job with the little he has I`ll give him that, but we are still the red headed step children of the NFL

yadda, yadda, yadda, Do Dolfans still attend games disquised as orange seats?

Yeesh, I call out a typo and my comment gets deleted? Nice revisionist history.

Philbin is doomed with Iresum as his GM.

Sean Smith and Vontae Davis = more Irescum busts

They better beat the Titans this week , I never even heard of the kid that got set to start at QB, but you never know with this bunch, they can make the worst quarterbacks look like all pro`s sometimes, you can bet everyteam out there will use that Colts game as a instruction manual on how to make the dolphins look like idiots, 3rd and 29 and they get it , 3rd and 19 and they get it 3rd and 16 and they get it, and I guess the other guys said well screw it, if they won t cover the receiver , I won t tackle, cause they stopped doing that too. Hopefully it was a one game breakdown but if its like every other season its just the start of the end

Phins need to take advantage of Titans weak rush defense.

DC you made your point but unfortunately you made it in this blog where it will fall on deaf/dumb ears. They don't get it and never will. And I bet anything that the few idiots who insist on turning this blog into their own personal toilet are from Florida. Fu$%ing idiots messed up their voting again. And the funniest part is the election was already decided by the time they got it figured out, didn't even need Floridas votes. So yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the morons in here you are trying to educate are from Florida and I have to suggest you not waste your time.

Oh yeah that toilet you live in is so educated, just because its the capital doesn t make you smart, you are 98 % ghetto , most of your residents have their pants around their ass and speak in Ebonics, you and the few people you talk to on here are fantasy football buffs that think that nonsense translates into the real football world , it dont so go kill the rats I`m sure are infesting your slum DC

Phins 78....

the Idiot who uses this blg as his personal crapper SAYS he's from FL....

but I don't believe anything that comes from his keyboard....

And Phins 78 where do you hail from , don t you have your own team to root for? Hit the road moron if you aint from here we don t want ya as fans

DC there aren't as many haters in here as you think. It's a few of people using multiple names as I'm sure everyone knows. Two are young Jets fans who found this site and crap in here every day to pass the time and one is a crazy sob hanging out in a basement with a list of sign in names so long it would cross the Atlantic.

Ross may not have inherited the Patriots , but bringing in washed up singers as owners and turning the place into a freaking circus didn t help, and keeping Jeff Ireland was and is a big mistake. 4 and 4 is nothing to be proud of

Lol Kris how did I call that one? Saying he's from Florida is probably the only true thing he has ever written in here. And look, he's trying to talk to me now. What a tard. Obviously my comments are hitting close to home. God , could this jerk o%$ be more transparent?

yes DC that would be Odin , odins bloated liver , Dashi, Oscar, YG , he writes one thing under one name then has his other aliases pat himself on the back for it , its quite amusing

Wow, the stupidity of this fan base never ceases to amaze. @TGH where do you get your made up facts?


No one is proud of 4-4, but it is better than 0-7. Team is going in the right direction, coach is good and Ireland is a fine GM. Why don't you go look at some other teams draft classes and do some comparing instead of just crying about your non-informed, wah wah opinion....

I know you ain t talking to me or about me retard , I stopped coming on here because of all the nonsense , they talk gibberish about being gay and blowing each other more then they talk abut football, this is my first time back in 3 or more weeks, and I live in Daytona Bch, have for 27 yrs , we didn t screw the votes up , Bushes brother did twice against Gore and Kerry , then Bush went on to screw up the economy don t hang the voting mishaps on the voters that was well planned out

If you win the Fin Fans will come back out. Its been a decade of losing which equates low ticket sales. The market in Miami doesnt constitute a fan base that will show up for a losing season like that of Dallas or Greenbay. Ross has been the owner for a few years now and tried to bring a more exciting game day experience and left the football side, from an outside perspective, alone. With Bill Parcells making bad desicions personel wise and Jeff taking the blame for it, it has come to a boiling point with fans going to the game. Ross is learning on the job how to be a good owner and admits he has made mistakes which only someone that truly wants to be great would do. The Fins have hope for this year, which was thought to be a year to throw away, and for the future. Which outside of hearing that Parcells was coming in hasnt happened in awhile now has it? Ross and Ireland made the right desicion on Philbin and the future is looking up based on the preseason, seeing the coach on HK, the 8 games thus far this year, and the mentality to develope players rather than just plug them in from outside sources..

"Add that to the growing list of things Ross is getting right. He's growing in stature."

Even if he did vote for Romney.

Actually the bad desicions that brought down the economy were made going all the way back to the Regan admin, Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, and happened to happen when George W was in office with a house and senate majority of democrats. Im a democrat but to blame all of this on Bush is nonsense.

New post up finfan60. And I was talking about whomever it is that does the crap I was talking about. I don't know who it is because they change names all of the time. If youre not the guilty party then there is no need to defend yourself. Right?

what are you crazy the economy was doing great when Clinton was in office , Bush lying his way into the iraq war and the war in Afghanistan is what killed our economy , 16 billion a month for the Iraqi war, for 10 yrs killed the economy and just so he could avenge his daddy , and so him and Cheney could make millions on the 6000 lives they caused with Haliburtin and Blackwater the two contractors they owned stock in that rebuilt everything they blew up , they should both be in prison for treason and war crimes

Dude your state is run by idiots and your citizens aren't much smarter. And you are clueless to what happened at the polls in FLA, in two elections. Am I surprised by what I just wrote? Not really.

Finfan60, aside from the war, which i agree with you on, loose mortgage regualtions and the idea that everyone should own a house is what tanked the economy as well. Those go back to Regan and Bill Clinton with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yes the economy was ood under Clinton, again democrat here, but regulations and policies implemented during those administrations caused the housing market to tank. Im in the financial industry and people would come in and say how much can i get to buy a house and I would say lets look at how much you can afford month in and month out. You may qualify for a 200k house but can only afford the payments of 130k. Those regualtions have tightened. It wasnt just the war that tanked the economy you have to look at the entire picture and both Repubicans and Democrats are to blame.

Finfan60 it goes way deeper then that. It started with Reagan and the trickle down bs that he started. The economy running great was a moment in time. It was the total net worth of trickle down, its shining moment but wasn't sustainable due to the model.

Look up "the great prosperity". It explains all of that.

Thanks Phins78 for helping explain the whole picture..

just seemed like you said I tried talking to you. which I did, because you were talking stupid nonsense about Floridians being stupid, we do have our rednecks and thugs that arent the brightest , but we also have some of the best schools down here , I wouldn t doubt there was another problem with the votes in here it was picked to be a deciding state had Romney won Ohio, Romney best friend , our tax evading scumbag govenor might have pulled a JeB with the votes , why not they got away with it twice with Bush

On a FOOTBALL note in the football blog, this is how ESPN graded the Miami Dolphins Rookie class for those of you who think this wasnt a good draft by Ireland.

Miami Dolphins (4-4)

Notable draft picks: QB Ryan Tannehill, RT Jonathan Martin, DE Olivier Vernon, RB Lamar Miller

Analysis: Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland had another stellar draft class, and it’s a major reason Miami is in contention. He landed a franchise quarterback in Tannehill, which are always bonus points. Martin has started every game at right tackle and is holding his own. He will only improve. Vernon has been a terror on special teams and off the bench. He already has 2.5 sacks, two blocked field goals and a punt block recovered for a touchdown. Miller is the third running back but has contributed in spot duty. He averages 5.5 yards per carry. You can’t ask for more from a rookie class.

Grade: A

And I agree with that as well , but had Bush helped bail out the homeowners instead of the banks who would have received the money from the home owners anyway , the housing market wouldn t have crashed so hard, Some people that lost jobs found new ones ,a house is a 30 yr loan , the banks needed help, they should of given homeowners that needed help some of that 30 yrs to get a job and catch up on the mortgages, not just take their houses and sell them to foreigners for a fraction of the price , I myself paid 75.000 into my house some camel jockey bought for 60.000 , so I paid for more then half his house, mine wasn t a I couldn t afford the payments deal , My last remaining family member my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer , I had to take FMLA to catre for her , my wonderful company let me go soon as the FMLA ran out , so it took me some time to find another job , but the bank wouldn t wait , I got my 401k money 2 days after they foreclosed

Classy move.

For the first time since Shula/Marino, I am happy with the Dolphins and I wear my Dolphins gear with pride again on Sundays.

The team now features an up-tempo attacking offense thats fun to watch, a dominate front seven defense, a young team with great chemistry, a rookie franchise QB, a high quality coaching staff, an owner who is starting to get things right, and a general manager who has proven he can find talent and has the team in GREAT shape for 2013 and beyond with lots of draft picks and plenty of salary cap space.

Things are finally all starting to come together at the same time.

The future looks bright indeed and if we can sustain this upward trajectory, we're within three years of returning to a Superbowl.

Ross has put his money into the team. I do not fault the effort to get Harbaugh - it turns out he was right that Harbaugh would turn out to be a good coach. Meanwhile if it hurt Sparano's feelings - tough luck, Sparano had not earned respect with performance.

Ireland has a mixed record on the draft. It will take another few seasons of him acting independent of the Tuna before we know if he is fair, good or excellent. Man, I hope he turns out to be the second coming of Bobby Beathard.

mando has a short memory...

Big deal the homer Ross gives money to New Jersey. I wish we had a owner who was part of the South Florida. He is a terriable owner. He has been rebuilding since he has been here.

Are you kidding me Armando? Ireland a good gm? The organization was pressured by Ross to get a qb in the 1st to calm frustrated fans. Ireland didn't get a #1 receiver to replace Marshall. Jared Odrick and Koa Misi are draft busts (Ireland picks). They were picked too high to not be consistent dominating defensive players. Replace Ireland, draft defensive playmakers, and some receivers for Tannehill.

SLOW DOWN MANDO - It's just half a season. ROSS DESERVES no KUDOS YET....4 years of incompetence is not made up in 8 GAMES. SAME GOES FOR IRELAND.

ALL WE WANTED WAS FOR THEM TO GET IT RIGHT. THEY seem to be on the right track NOW. Didn't matter WHO did it, just DO THE JOB to build a REAL TEAM!

Dude u need to get drug tested,he freakin suuuuccks..the two worst owners in sports are ross and loria.them along with philbin(hes not a hc.his team was grossly outplayed by a bad team.they gave no effort,thats on him)should take a long drive off a short cliff.get the FUUUUUUC* out of here already

steven ross please sell the team to someone who can take this once proud team and get back to playing true football! this is a sport something you know nothing about. the product you are producing is the laughing stock of the N.F.L. Nothing personal Sir,...but you and your staff or not football people!!!!!!!!!!! I've been a dolphin fan for 40 years and Miami has been through some tough seasons but nothing like since you took over!..mr. ross do the right thing and hand this team over to Don shula or Dan marino! maybe then and only then will the dolphins return to championship contenders

I am a graduate of Ross's business school at Michigan and have every reason in the world to give him the benefit of the doubt.

However, I can't stand what he is doing to my beloved franchise. First he got rid of the great Dolphins song and replaced it with a horrible Jimmy Buffet song that makes me cringe immediately after a feeling of jubilation when we score a TD. Now he is changing the logo. The logo is arguably the only part of the Dolphins franchise that has no problems.

What a disaster he is. He needs to learn that "less is more" when it comes to changing a franchise.

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