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Sunday proves Tannehill an untouchable while Bush is not

Reggie Bush fumbled in the first quarter on Sunday. It was his fourth carry of the game.

And he didn't get another the rest of the game.

Truth is he didn't see the field the entire rest of the first half. He did enter the game in the second half, but by then the game was a desperation affair for the Dolphins and they were passing practically every down. So Bush got no second half carries.

Afterward, Bush admitted he had been benched by coach Joe Philbin for fumbling.

"I was benched," Bush said. "And I deserved it. If I was the coach, I would have benched myself."

Interesting. Honest. And very respectful of Bush to let his coach off the hook ...

Because Philbin's approach with Bush is worthy of examination.

First, the coach could not bring himself to admit he benched Bush although that is exactly what he did. When he was asked, the man who benched Bush for fumbling, fumbled over his words on the benching.

"We had planned to – we’ve got a game coming up real fast – we had planned to use guys," Philbin said. "We’d been using Daniel Thomas and we used Lamar [Miller] sparingly last week. Our hope was to, not for this reason, but our hope was to spread the plays out a little bit."

That's a fair explanation except that earlier this year after a Bush fumble, the Dolphins coach benched Bush similarly. And the club didn't have a game four days later that time.

And, of course, it was merely a coincidence that the so-called spreading of plays began immediately after Bush fumbled.

But here's the question: Philbin had a quarterback on Sunday who threw three interceptions. That's three turnovers to Bush's one. One of those interceptions was even returned for a touchdown.

And Philbin stuck with Tannehill until the game was well decided midway through the fourth quarter when Miami trailed by the final margin of 37-3.

And Philbin was equally displeased with Tannehill as he was with Bush for his misdeeds.

"He had gone ... I don’t want to jinx the kid, but he had gone 98 throws without them," Philbin said of Tannehill's interceptions. "So I don’t know that you necessarily have to throw three. I’m not blaming him for every single one either. I don’t know that it’s absolutely mandatory to have a game like this."

So why the difference in how Bush and Tannehill get handled?

It's simple, folks.

Tannehill is the future. Bush is not.

The fact is the Dolphins are going to live or die with Tannehill this year. And next year. And probably the year after that, as well. If he plays well, he's going to play. If he plays poorly, he's still going to be on the field this year and next year for sure.

That simple.

The Dolphins are committed to Tannehill. Rightly so, I might add. They have a huge investment in him and that's the way it's going to be.

Bush is another story.

What you saw Sunday is basically how the Dolphins feel about Bush. They love him. They start him. They roll with him.

But only as long as he doesn't make a mistake.

And if he does make that mistake ... the Dolphins feel they have viable options. Daniel Thomas, whom they like gets the next most carries and actually had more than Bush on Sunday. And Miami also has rookie Lamar Miller in the stable. Coaches like him, too. Those guys are the future. Those guys will definitely be here next year.

Sunday proved Bush is not an untouchable.

And because of that fact, Bush's future is uncertain. He is unsigned for next year and it is certain he will not get a new deal before the season ends. When he eventually signs (with someone), he'lll probably get a deal that pays him in the millions. If you combine what Miller and Thomas will make next year it might only barely reach into seven figures.

This is not just a math problem for Bush. Thomas and Miller are younger than Bush. At the running back spot, age is important because younger typically means fewer carries and less wear. So unlike Tannehill, Bush's future in Miami is not certain just as his carries play to play are not certain.

Bottom line: Ryan Tannehill is an untouchable.

Reggie Bush is not.


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Shouldn't Jeff Ireland also be placed in the untouchable category? I think we can all agree that none of the Dolphin's personnel problems are his fault. Maybe a long term extension right now is a good idea to provide stability.

Who cares what you unwashed slobs think? I have hidden offshore accounts to worry about, peons.

Bottom line Tannehill is an Arena League QB.

It is true that Reggie Bush is our only Game changer but will be very expensive to re-sign and Long has not been playing well this year and last. Tough decisions to either keep them or let them go. Me? I have always gone for the Best. Look at my latest ex-wife, now living in Coral Gables.

Philbin is going to BLOW UP this under achieving line....built in the MODE if a 1990 GIANTS team....stop the run.....

Its a passing league now....and NONE of the guys can get to the QB.....

That is were we start the process @...FIX THE DL...and your MIRACULOUSLY.....your Cover LB...and ALL your secondary gets better.....

That is were PHILBIN will start.....

What kind of comp picks we looking at if jake and reggie walk?

Did you see the great angle that Tannehill took on that LB with the intercepted ball(and the balls also to tackle him successfuly). Now, RT should be playing our safety.

If there is one available that would be an upgrade than yea taking a saftey makes sense. I like Georgia's safeties coming out this year. But I don't see it as being as big of a need as fixing the offense and the run game first. Clemons and Jones have been surprising this year... They have steadily improved their play. At this point in both their careers they've gotten good experience and in the DB field that is valuable to build upon. I said if there is going to be a draft pick used on safety it should be done with the 1st or 2nd pick being that there won't be anyone better than those two we have already later in the draft. I see needs differently is all I'm saying I guess.

Mark my words. If Jeff Ireland continue to run this team and picks players we will always be average or below average. You see so far I'm correct not enough talented players on this roster let alone playmakers.
Jeff = LOSER! No Superbowls! Or take away Jeff control to draft players pick free agents and trade players. Give it to Philbin!
Or just fire the Bum!


That's my point exactly. I like the guys we have on the line but why aren't they getting to the QB? Seriously? What's so tough about the Colts and Titans OL? These aren't the best lines in the league. Where have our guys been the last two weeks? How come nobody is asking these questions? You've got a guy like Starks (and yes, I'm going to pick on him) playing for a new contract and where's he been the last two weeks? INVISIBLE! Again, I like these guys but why aren't they getting it done. Inquiring minds want to know.

I wanted a GAME CHANGING DT/DE in last years draft.....

looks like I will get my wish this year....



Thanks for the comments. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what you were saying when we'd one three in a row and were sitting at 4-3. Don't remember reading that from you then.

Reminder, started 0-7 last year. We ARE making progress despite what everyone says. I have NO CLUE how to explain yesterday. Real mystery to me. To me there's something else to the story that hasn't been talking about yet. Titans aren't even a good team and we let them dictate the game I just don't get it.

soooooooo, harbaugh and fisher took 1 look at the roster and started 2 laugh.

Craig M...

We agree on that....I don't know why the DL is getting a pass......they have been HORRIBLE for 3 weeks now.....even against the run.....ever since the RAMS kicked their @ss......

Irescum is blazing new territory for most busts by a GM.

I think Starks is playing injured but Cameron Wake and Soliai are consistently getting pressures when not being obviously held, with no call. Odrick is the guy I'm most disturbed about... like I said earlier I think Odrick is better suited for the middle in a 4-3 D.

Kris, You don't think Vernon can or will be a game changing DE?

millan > irecorn.

You need to spend $ to make $. Pick one of these sure fire superstars Rookies,(Kalil, RG3, Luck) or a Star FA and pay them their $. No more acorns, please. Don't be cheap.


I think he is like the rest of our DL....average....

I think PHILBIN was out scheming teams to start the season....but now the TAPE is out.....and his magic show is doing a curtain call....

He can only go so far with lack-luster talent....and the gravy train seems to be drying up....


Totally agree. This was seen as a strength on this team coming into the season. Where have they been for 3 weeks?

Beerphin, where are you getting this stuff that Starks is hurt? I've ready NOTHING on that. I got news for WHRBs and anyone else who's in love with this guy.....unless his play improves he's not worth the money. PERIOD.....end of story. I like the guy and he's been a good 'Phin but make the case why he's worth the money he's going to want? Does a great job of shutting down the run with Soliai and Odrick but where's the rest of his game? Where's the consistency? If he can't get to the QB, why is he not able to make it that others can? Sorry, but I guy shouldn't get paid big money on a long term deal for shutting the run down. Not good enough. That's Soliai's job and he's doing it well.

The offense stunk it up yesterday giving up a pick six and great field position on the turnovers. That was the worst offensive play i've seen in years. Lamar, Thomas, Hatline and Bess were all mediocre at best. Everyone else was either making mistakes or terrible.

they were too harsh on reggie. Why sit him down after one fumble. I t happens.


A shout out to your guy Brandon Marshall last night. I thought with the possible exception of Briggs and Urlacher last night, he was the best Bear on the field, under very difficult conditions. I thought he would be invisible last night but it was clear from the get go that he played hard. With the one exception of the possible drop in the end zone, I thought he played very well and made some nice catches. If he does that in the second half of the season the Bears should be in good shape.

I've heard it on the radio not sure if he is or not that is why i'm asking. Never said he was for sure.

There is a difference between a QB and RB making a TO.
I think you are making to much of it, Mando.

Even Bess was dropping balls. I agree, there's something going on that has not been talked about.

Kris I agree they've played average the last few games. But before that they were looking like one of the best units in the league. I'm not quite sure what that means right now I admit I'm confused. But one thing I am certain of is that Soliai and Wake are at the top of their positions across the entire league. They are pro bowl players.

The offense is regressing b/c we don't have a legitimate feature back. While Bush appeared to be the answer earlier in the season, for whatever the reason, that is no longer the case. Although we've seen that we CLEARLY need to address the WR position, the TE position, & the CB position--we also need to draft or find a starting RB. I like Thomas & I'd like to see more of Miller but I see these guys as being more Number Two or complimentary backs. We need a STUD like Adrian Peterson or Frank Gore or Marshawn Lynch or Arian Foster or the rookie Doug Martin.

oscar, they don't want 2 play for the rook.
1/2 the team wont b there next season.

a team full of ted ginns.

Craig M
One thing I always said the Ji sucks and has done more bad for this team than good, with that said I been saying that our secondary ever since the first game was a matter of time when they get exposed that happen in the ARZ game. And has gotten worst and worst. Since last year I said Clemons not a play maker, Misi slow can't cover no one. Odrick was a reach when they drafted him, Smith makes too many mistakes gives up big plays. Jerry backup or bust. I said also it was a big mistake trading Marshall and Vontae. But Craig M. You right what I know. Nothing I'm a idiot I recognize that, but one day the Phinsfan
Will see I was right all along about Jeff Ireland he is a fraud, as long as he is drafting players picking free agents trading players. We will be average or below average. Ross needs to fill those stadium seats. But with Ji running the show people won't come because of the product. It's been five years now why keep someone that haven't produce a winner why! Don't tell he has only full control for the last two years. His finger prints are all in the player personal with Parcells. Period.

+/- on butz in the seats at the next homer,
i say 3 g's,
oscar,what does lv say?

That's my point exactly. I like the guys we have on the line but why aren't they getting to the QB? Seriously? What's so tough about the Colts and Titans OL? These aren't the best lines in the league. Where have our guys been the last two weeks? How come nobody is asking these questions? You've got a guy like Starks (and yes, I'm going to pick on him) playing for a new contract and where's he been the last two weeks? INVISIBLE! Again, I like these guys but why aren't they getting it done. Inquiring minds want to know.


I agree with you on Starks. He's been Missing In Action the last two weeks. In fact yesterday I said that the only FA who continues to perform at a HIGH level & truly deserves an extension is Hartline. The other guys can hit FA for all I care...

The offense is stalled because we dont have a QB that defenses respect or fear. Even Henne was better then Tannehill. Back to the draft for a franchise QB.

agreed on RB issue. Ever since the Jets game Reggie has been averaging close to nothing a has been a drive stopper w/ an occasional break. That is a 3rd down back my friends. He is great on 3rd and long with the draw and screens. Can catch the ball for you but is not a feature running back. Atleast he hasn't been able to prove he can do it for an entire season. Too small. Losing his quickness fast.

After watching Sunday's game & the struggles against the Colts it's hard to believe that Philbin had THIS team at 4-3!!! How did that happen????

There's another blog up you nitwits.

My first negative post about Philbin. Big mistake coach Phil! When you have a proven veteran who makes a mistake, you give him the rock at the next opportunity to redeem himself. Benching him was stupid. He's not a rookie who has to think about it. He's not fumbling all the time. To me, this seems like another excuse to NOT give Reggie carries as has been the case in recent games.

And if anyone thinks Thomas is a rising star, you must be an Ireland supporter. And I am very sorry for you.

agreed on RB issue. Ever since the Jets game Reggie has been averaging close to nothing a has been a drive stopper w/ an occasional break. That is a 3rd down back my friends. He is great on 3rd and long with the draw and screens. Can catch the ball for you but is not a feature running back. Atleast he hasn't been able to prove he can do it for an entire season. Too small. Losing his quickness fast.


He's gone after this year. He's just not a feature back.

I think it's absolutely amazing to see Frank Gore still producing at a high level. Remember this guy was drafted the same year as Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson, & Cadillac Williams!!! I believe Gore also tore ACL's in both knees while at the U. How does he do it???

Gore was a monster ever since high school at gables

I now see urgent need to sign Duane Bowe this offseason. Frees up having to spend a 1st rd pick on wr.

I believe Manti T'eo would then be the right 1st rd pick. Then move Dansby outside. Did you guys see Misi trying to cover yesterday? He's worse than Dansby.

Also, beginning with signing Bowe, it also frees us up to use both 2nd rd picks on a safety and corner.

I never understood taking Ronnie Brown 2nd overall. I liked Gore that year better than any other back.

Ireland probably lets Jake Long walk and spend the 1st rd pick on a olineman. Then compounds things by not attempting to sign Duane Bowe.

Then use the two 2nd rd picks on players none of us ever heard of until draft day. I hope this doesnt happen, but wouldnt be surprised. LOL


It was absolutely nut spending a 2nd overall pick on a rb that wasnt even his team's starter. Decision making has been a 15yr clusterfk in Miami.

JJ had us on the right track defensively. But couldnt pick a real offensive player in a room filled with hall of famers.

I hope we can all stop talking about progress that is being made by this team. After getting a new coach, a new QB and a whole new system we're still the same as during sparano era. Why did we get rid sparano again? He never lost by 35 points at home to an inferior opponent.
If Sean payton is available I would dump all of these losers and go after payton hard core.

I dont get it usually when a players makes a mistake you let them go out there a redeem themselves. Bad move on Philbins part!!!

Benching bush was a mistake. He does not need a slap on the wrist. He does things the right way. That was a great play and he was tackled awkwardly from behind. He was not careless with the ball.

You could see that taking him out shook our confidence as an offense.

I love Philbin, but that was a huge mistake.

A rookie coach is like a rookie player they make mistakes, but benching a veteran player was a big mistake. You give that offensive player another chance right away to forget that mistake or a QB that threw a int, to forget about that int, Marino use to say the way he forgot about a int was to continue throwing the ball on the next play so you don't lose your confidence! Not only Reggie he took out Richie and almost got Tannehill sacked. Philbin had a couple of brain farts in yesterday game! If the PHINS not going to let Bush play or has no future here they should of traded him, that way Miller can play and develop that's why I want JI fired the players he shouldn't cut or trade he does and the players he should trade he doesn't. Go figure!

OK OK....Use D. Thomas and L. Miller instead of Bush...Do you see the result, stupid? Empty seats and another awful performance by the players. Keep it up, coaching staff.

I would like to keep Reggie we really don't have many play makers on this team but he is one of them, he should touch the ball at least 20 times a game, he has proven he can be a home run hitter, besides everyone fumbles every once in a while. In the mean time it is time for Tannehill to really start to play better, yeah i know he has played pretty good this year for a rookie but when you look at his numbers this year as far as touchdowns to ints, he needs to throw more tds and ints starting this week at Buffalo, now as far as the defense, what can i say i thought they were much better, it is hard to believe after watching them all year compete and play hard in evry game to play like they played against the Titans who by the way suck , it was like they didn't care out there or even try.

Steve in upstate NY a fan since '73 when i was 8. Long Starks Sean Smith Hartline Bush among others are all FAs after this yera, who do we keep? I say let Long and Bush go sign the rest. I know I know Long? He isnt the same player he was the first two yrs , everyone in the organization will tell you that. Is he still good? yes. Is he 12M a yr gd? hell no not at that price and the price of losing two or three other guys we'l lose. Move Martin over to LT bc hes a finesse guy anyway and draft a RT in the third rd.Can Jared Odrick have an impact game just once? Why does his lack of impact get no mention? Hes a first rd pick playiong like just a guy.. Theres no seperation at WR except Hartline, 2013 Draft would love J. Jones out of Georgia wont happen.Best available CB first bc WR too early, maybe Baylor WR williams ave 21 yds a catch leqds college football in yds, cb and OG in the second, how about Oregons rb Barner in the third and maybe Tenn. WR patterson or Clemson Hopkins with the second third rd pick thatl give us speed in the backfeild and at WR and finally some WRs that have proven they can make plays and get seperation. Let me know what you think.

That move made me doubt Philbin, bench your best offensive player for a series, maybe quarter, but benching Bush for that long was insane...

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