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Tannehill comeback rally a necessary part of QB growth

In the big picture, the Dolphins on Sunday showed they are truly a resilient bunch in answering the challenge of breaking a losing skid rather than letting it break them, of beating a pretty good team,and  of doing it in comeback fashion.

For the team this was a great way to keep the season alive.

By the way, I call these guys the Zombie Dolphins. They refuse to die.

But there's a bigger picture with the Dolphins. And Sunday the picture got some focus and some much needed color.

This Dolphins season, no matter what anyone says, is about Ryan Tannehill and his development.

And what we saw Sunday was a big step of development for the rookie quarterback.

Tannehill authored his first fourth-quarter comeback victory in the NFL. That's important. Great quarterbacks must be able to accomplish this feat to be, well, great.

Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, John Elway, Joe Montana, all the others made their reputations on bringing their teams back from the brink of defeat and delivering a victory. The only reason people believe Eli Manning is elite is because he did this in two Super Bowl wins.

The comback victory, the heroic rally is one of the benchmark traits of a great quarterback.

“We told these guys all along, and I think it’s true, not just in our case – these games in the NFL are usually tight, they’re close, oftentimes it comes down to the last possession, and you need to execute well," Coach Joe Philbin said. "You need to win some games like this. I think it’s important for a quarterback to do that. Any quarterback – Ryan Tannehill, certainly. Any quarterback in this league has to demonstrate the ability to do this.”

And until Sunday, Tannehill had failed multiple times at delivering even one comeback victory. Even against Buffalo the last game, Tannehill had not one, but two opportunities to deliver a comeback drive that would have won the game.

He threw an interception to end each drive.

So this was a huge step in development for Miami's current and future quarterback.

"It’s huge," Tannehill said. "We’ve had a couple situations this year where we had a chance to do it and we weren’t able to do it. To finally go out and execute it and come away with a win, it feels great."

Now, was it a totally pristine moment?


Tannehill did throw perhaps the dumbest pass of his season on one of those touchdown drives that tied the game at 14. He threw a pass across his body, into the end zone, almost blindly, and the ball was picked off.

If that interception had stood, the Dolphins would probably have lost. And this blog today would be discussing how Tannehill fell short of authoring that much-needed comeback.

But Seattle safety Earl Thomas was flagged for roughing Tannehill on the throw and the interception was nullified.

"That was just a bad play and, as soon as I let it go, I knew it was a bad play before he had even intercepted it," Tannehill said. "The Good Lord was looking out for me today and got it called back."


It doesn't matter that the call was controversial. What matters is that Tannehill learns not to throw that pass ever again.

And what matters more is that Tannehill now knows he's capable of leading his team to a big comeback win against a good defense. And that his teammates know it also.

Big deal. Really big.


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1st Boom!

We need WRs, TEs, CBs, LBs, and OL again!

2012 Tannehill Report Card

1. Texans 30 Dolphins 10

3 picks, typically what will happen when a rookie qb opens day 1 against arguably the nfl's best defense. He had plenty of help though in that horrendous 2qtr meltdown from teammates. Lost to Matt Shaub.

2. Dolphins 35 Raiders 13

Tannehill was efficient, 18-30 200yds 1 td. 270yds from the run games was tremandous too. Beat Carson Palmer.

3. Jets 24 Dolphins 21

Despite a 185yd rushing day from the run game, Tannehill's pic 6 was huge. Not easy for a rookie playing a Rex Ryan defense for the very first time. Lost to Sanchez.

4. Cards 23 Dolphins 20

26-41 431yds 1 td. 2 picks and a heartbreaking loss in ot. Lost to Kevin Kolb.

5. Dolphins 17 Bengals 13

Solid effort. 17-26 223yds 0 td. No picks. Beat Andy Dalton.

6. Dolphins 17 Rams 14

Maybe his best overall game of the season. 21-29 185yds 2 tds. No picks. Beat Sam Bradford.

7. Colts 23 Dolphins 20

22-38 290yds 1 td 0 picks. Defense let the kid down big time. Lost to Andrew Luck.

8. Titans 37 Dolphins 3

23-39 217yds 1 td. These stats sound solid enough to win. But not when you include 3 ints, 1 of which was a pic 6. He had plenty of help from his teammates in this defeat. Lost to Jake Locker.

9. Bills 19 Dolphins 14

14-28 141yds 1 td 2 ints. Probably his most lackluster statistical performance of the season. Still his defense had chance to win the game and didnt. Dansby dropped yet another pic 6 opportunity. Lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

10. Dolphins 24 Seahawks 21

18-26 253yds 1 td 1 int. Wasnt a thing of beauty but the 4th qtr comeback was. This was probably the best defense he faced this year that he actually beat. Wins over Russell Wilson.

So for the year, Tannehill's 4-3 against present and former 1st rd qb's. Not bad in your 1st season. Especially considering the defense let him down against Andrew Luck and should have won the 1st Jet game.

Tannehill's 4-6 in 10 games. Still we could very easily be at least 7-3 in 10 games Tannehill has started and finished. Not bad for a qb no one expected could be a day 1 starting rookie qb.

Overall, I would give Tannehill a C+ grade over his 10 starts. Not great, not horrible. Still I think its very nice for a rookie qb no one considered a day one starter.

Turned game off after Tannehill threw his 2nd interception with 0 TDs
turning the ball over in the end zone to the Seahawks

and then the ref decided to give Tannehill a do over and take the ball and give it back to Miami
march the ball 45 feet forward and give Tannehill 4 more fresh downs


We know Tannehill sucks in the red zone and in the 3rd and 4th Q but this was insanely ridiculous, in tackle football when defender is in mid air and never affected the terribly inaccurate errant throw by Tannehill

Guess the league could not let Tannehill go 1 TD and 7 INTs his past 3 games. lol

Maybe the league should have just posted the ending score at the beginning of the game and the players could just go through the motions and fill in the gaps

Realize with the lowest attendance ever in Miami's Home stadium, that Miami could not bear another loss and witness the truth of Tannehill throwing 7 INTs to 1 TD in the last 3 games

The Home Sheeple will like this outcome much better

"Did u see Tannehill? Wow! This rookie is sooooo accurate and a winner too, a comeback victory!"



What a Joke, the NFL is fixed like Entertainment Wrestling on any given Sunday

Like I said, Tannehill could very easily have been at least 7-3 in his 10 starts this season. Had this happened, Tannehill would be slightly a bigger story than RG3 and Andrew Luck this year.

With a little help from his defense, Tannehill would have actually beaten Andrew Luck this year.

I see what the whole problem was now that caused the 3 game loosing streak; the culprit was EXAUSTION! Everytime the dolphins get their proper rest, they always win the game, no matter how close the win or the team. I suspected that the players were being overworked but now I see for sure. The physical practices must decrease a little more each week if the dolphins are to run the table. If Miami runs the table, they will not only win a playoff spot, but they will win their division; mark my words. Now, Tannehill can improve his passing accuracy by doing these 4 things: (1) drop back farther (2)pump fake from time to time (3)stop staring down his go to receiver. We also need Tannehill to run the ball more when a first is a must. His runs saved the day! We need to prepare Rishard Matthews to be our deep threat receiver against the pats. He has a natural ability to get behind the dbs. Miami is a much better team then they know. They need not fear the pats unless they over practice. They hold the tiebreaker over the pats if they split the two meetings by defeating the seahawks. One game at a time folks!

Rules are rules. The rule states you are not allowed to hit the qb in the head. The guy landed a flying forearm to Tannehills head and followed through to the ground. I've seen miss Brady have his helmet touched by a hand and get the call, never even being knocked to the ground. The play was not controversial imo, it was against the rules and God bless the refs for being fair and making the call eventhough hes not the all mighty Tom Brady.

Pathetic sheeple you should have left it at pathetic because it describes you to a tee. Why would you comment in a Dolphins blog when you're not a fan? Hmmmmmmmmm, because you're a pathetic bitter Jets fan with no qb on your roster? Bingo

Boo hoo hoo I hate Tannehill and Im going to let everyone at the herald blog know how stupid they are for rooting for him and the team. Grow the F up.

It is ok on the gift call in the forth because the earlier catch by Tate was made possible because Cam Wake was held big time on that play.

I think the most remarkable thing about Tannehill is, despite the fact all rookie qb's usually have thier ups and downs, and take thier lumps. The most important question you can have concerning your rookie qb is:

"Can we win games with him now"?

4-6 thru 10 games, and could easily be 7-3, I believe that answer is a resounding, "YES"!

Not bad for a rookie no one thought was ready to be a day one starter and operating with a pretty maligned overall recieving corps for most of the season. Not to mention a ground game that disappeared for stretches and a defense that at times did the same thing.


Did you watch the game? lol

"And until Sunday, Tannehill had failed multiple times at delivering even one comeback victory. Even against Buffalo the last game, Tannehill had not one, but two opportunities to deliver a comeback drive that would have won the game.

He threw an interception to end each drive.

So this was a huge step in development for Miami's current and future quarterback."

In reality,
Tannehill did the same old thing.

Tannehill threw his 2nd interception of the game
this one in the end zone right to the wrong team, AGAIN.

No one hit his arm or deflected the pass.
Tannehill choked again and the biggest impact play was taken away on a bogus call and we all know it.

An arm of a defender grazed the head of Tannehill after he landed as he was in the air trying to block a pass.

This tackle football and there was nothing Earl Thomas could possibly do to prevent the brush of the head which had no affect on the terribly errant throw my Tannehill

After the play:
Tannehill had a QB rating of 40, AGAIN and had
0 TDs to 2 more INTs

That brought Tannehill to a total of 7 INTs and 1 TD in the last 3 games

That brought Tannehill to his 6th NFL game to date with 0 passing TDs

That brought Tannehill to 13 INTs

Of course this is not in the best interest of the NFL, NFL fans, Tannehill supporters, and most of all the historic record low attendance at the stadium

So of course a "DO OVER" was in order
and a "roughing the passer" (lol) was called

The ref took the ball back away from the Seahawks and gave it to Tannehill after they marched 45 feet forward and gave Tannehill 4 more tries to get it right this time and a new set of downs.

Pathetic if this is our only way to win

The Dolphins have hit a new low and so has the NFL

The Sheeple don't care as long as they get credited with a win



The Dolphins Suck and very obviously so does Tannehill throwing 2 more INTs and 0 TDs with less than a hundred yrds passing and a QB rating of 40 again after his second interception

Keep It Real and Deal with It

The Dolphins Cheated and They Suck!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/11/tannehill-comeback-rally-a-necessary-part-of-qb-growth.html#storylink=cpy

Bond our line was held SO much. On the wilson td pass to the corner the only reason Odrick doesnt sack him is because his arm was being held behind his back by the tackle he had beaten.

Bwaaalahahaha you bitter loser. What a joke you are, your team sucks, get over it. Lol im out

Pathetic Sheeple,

Thier are hof and hof bound qb's that were day one starters and posted 4 or less wins in an entire season. Tannehill is 4-6 thru 10 games, could easily be 7-3, and has 5 games left to play.

He still has the Jags and Bill left to play. So he has 2 very winnable games left on the schedule. Meaning he could very well win 5 games as a day 1 starters.

Thats double the victory some rookie day one starters have posted and are in or headed for the hof. Right off the tongue I can name John Elway and Peyton Manning. Seems Tannehills in pretty good company at the moment.

So tell us, us blind sheeple: Youre just as, if not more so, as blind as we are too, right?

People seem to forget that Seattle was gifted a scoring drive just before the end of the first half with a terrible non-call on the offensive pass interference. If that call is correctly made Miami goes into the half with a shut out on D.

So I don't want to hear anyone talking how the refs gifted Miami with anything. We got a GOOD/consistant call on the blow to the head of Tanny, and its about time we had a call go our way. Cam Wake gets held BADLY all game (every game) right in front of the QB with no call. Carroll breathes wrong last game and he gets 4 PI calls, yet Brian Hartline literally almost gets his head taken off by a DB from behind, no call.

So for a big call to actually go our way for once, no one should be lamenting that. Its about time.

Michael Vick gets hit so much because he isnt a natural pocket passer. He's so used to running he never truly got the gist of pocket passing.

Sure he can pass when a pass rusher isnt within a mile of him. But so can your grandmother. Vick has literally zero pocket passer instincts, except running, and Andy Reid stripped that away from him.

Yesterdays Gone,

Matt Moore is 1-0

Tannehill was 3-6 before this game

and really 3-7 but the refs threw the game and gave Tannehill a "DO OVER" and moved the ball 15 yds closer like you do for little children that cannot get it done.

So now with the cheating Tannehill is 4-6

Matt Moore is 1-0

Pathetic sheeple cannot see | November 26, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Really? I guarantee you he isnt the only "BACKUP QB" thats 1-0 this season. Whats your point?

If Tannehill continued throwing ankle and dirt balls at the feet of our receivers,Tannehill would have also lost to the Jets, Again for the second time this season.

So Tannehill would have been 3-6 before this game and discount the cheating after the idiot Tannehill threw his 2nd Int with 0 TDs again and you get:

Tannehill 3-7 with the Patriots and 49ers to go =

and Matt Moore 1-0

Dolphins have hit a new low. sad.

Hey pathetic sheeple... please enlighten us some more with your useless idiotic rants. lol. Thanks to The NFLs power hungry joke named Rodger Goodell ALL quarterbacks in the league are overprotected. So dont blame miami for benefitting from the same calls the league has made manditory for ALL teams. Seattle still had plenty of oppritunity to stop Miami after that call happened and their defense played pathetic against Miami in the 4th quarter. Give the rookie credit for what was obvious to the rest of the viewing public. He was clutch in the fourth and deserved the win. It really is as simple as that.

Pathetic sheeple cannot see,

Perhaps the NFL should rig some games for the Browns. They could really use it.

So yeah, that call was lucky and obviously a terrible throw. Though the no PI call on Tate was also pretty luck (guess the NFL fixers wanted Seattle to win at that point).

They won this game because they could run the ball. If this team runs the ball they are at least in the game or win. Bush/Thomas had good games and holy crap I believe Clay learned to catch again. If Clay catches on, then that is one less area of concern.

Tanny will get better as the OL gets better and not until. A run game opens up the passing game. The OL must give QB protection to pass.

Tannehill threw two picks to the wrong colored jerseys again.
One was taken back cuz the felt sorry for the loser throwing 7 INTs to 1 TD

So it was time to step in and take the ball away from Seattle and give the baby a try by moving the ball closer and saying the last one didn't count



Dolphins lost
refs fixed it for the babies with no one in the stands willing to pay for this crap

Matt Moore's only proven one thing in his nfl career. That is he can be a very capable "BACKUP".

He did it in Carolina. Then when handed the starter job, he handed them 1st overall pick and Cam Newton.

Matt Moore as a starter isnt even a conversation, except with "THE REAL BLIND SHEEPLE". Get real, you guys try to create a qb controversy with a guy thats never proven anything when given the starter job outright. That's the best ammo you got?

Geesh, talking about "BLIND SHEEPLE". LOL....

His name should be TannenDownhill

because after the lst 3 losses Tannehill engineered and throwing the second INT to seal the loss,
it was all TannenDownhill

Refs handed the game to the Dolphins

Nothing to see here

sad. pathetic TannenDownhill

Bottom line is we need to get more points on the board. We need better scoring drives. Weve got to get and elite TE, LB, DE, and WR. Dont think all that will happen in this off season. Especially with Ireland running the show. We might get 50% if were lucky!!

So did this dude lose a bunch of money on the game or what?

Anyway... anyone else see Sanchez run into a OL ass and fumble? bout the funniest football play i've ever seen.

Guys ignore Pathetic, he just posted that he is now a Pats fan..

Here's another fact the MatT Moore fans will love. Ryan at 22 has done something this year that the great Matt Moore could not do at all - beat two teams with winning records. Matt is six years older and can't do it.

Finally Matt Moore will be history in a month and next year Tannehill may be good enough to win three or four games like he did yesterday, from behind, against top 5 defenses.

If this defense could ever provide turnovers, we'd really be something.

However saying all this, I really expect to be blasted this weekend against the Pats. We match up horribly against them. Absolute worst match up in the NFL for the fins.

Where's the "like" button for CS post @ 10:35. That was funny.

Pathetic sheeple cannot see,

How about we make you Dolphins new starting qb. Would love to see you leave the field in a casket after the first offensive drive. I would love to see your head stone read:


I decided to leave Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic.

This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another. The stadium has become divided because of the quarterback controversy as well. The fact that I chose to wear a Mark Sanchez jersey this year and that fans think I am on the payroll — which is an outright lie — have made these confrontations more frequent. Whether it’s in the stands, the bathroom or the parking lot, these confrontations are happening on a consistent basis.

Although I can “hold my own,” I do not want to lose my temper and make a stupid mistake. I have a responsibility to the families and kids that enjoy the game and Fireman Ed..

Being a Pats fan Pathetic, you must hate Tom Brady with all of the "Do Overs" he gets and the rule they made for him... No wonder youre in such a bad mood

A few thoughts...

4th quarter comebacks are a necessity in this league and that is a fact. And it was good to see Tannehill had it in him.

I thought we were toast early in the game but Miami hung in there.

O-line actually blocking a little better and D as a unit didn't give up.

A lot of internet scum this morning. Is school still out for Thanksgiving?

Good Game All Around.


Philbn Keeps PROVING he was the RIGHT CHOICE!! Remember This Year!! Is a EVALUATION SEASON! Philbin is Playing with a FLAWED ROSTER! And as a ROOKIE COACH!! PHILBIN GETS NO RESPECT!!! YET!! HE STICKS TO HIS PLAN!!!

There it is.. Pathetic=Pats Rule=Want a win.. How much of a life do you not have to have to create multiple names to talk and agree with yourself...

I guess as a Pats fan you forget how pathetic the pats were.. for decades.. hence the name

Who said paying the refs off couldn't help a QB tha is terrible in the red zone?

Thanks Jeff & Mr. Ross!

Tanny increased his arsenal with the new dimension of running the ball. Needs to perfect the slide. I like dropping back then stepping up and not throwing every pass in 1.5 seconds. the reason bess was so wide open is because they played the short route. Good use of the quick snap catching the hawks with 12 men. Keep this up. faking the reverse showed a little creativity but we need more to fool the pats.

Home, is pathetic sheeple. Sheeple is one of his favourite catch phrases. Now if you want to throw out stats you pathetic loser, try this one. Tannehill has won more games this year than both of your boyfriends - Tim Tebow and Cam Newton combined. Now go continue to find a life you pathetic troll.

Pathetic sheeple you should have left it at pathetic because it describes you to a tee. Why would you comment in a Dolphins blog when you're not a fan? Hmmmmmmmmm, because you're a pathetic bitter Jets fan with no qb on your roster? Bingo

Posted by: Phins78 | November 26, 2012 at 10:03 AM

Don't you idiots get tired or regurgitating the same recycled lines DAY AFTER DAY?

Yea, we get it, anyone remotely criticial of this franchise is a jet fan in disguise.


If you or anyone else believe that mularky, you ARE as dumb as your text makes you look.

Once again we won because of the running game. Bush started the game tap dancing in the back field and had a couple of negative plays. He is pulled and replaced by Thomas, who hits the hole hard and gets some positive yards on the ground. Bush feels threatened and comes back hitting the hole hard and running on the outside and our running game gets going like it was the first 5 games of the season. Even Long who has had some bad games the last few weeks steps up and plays up to par. In the forth quarter our O line on passing plays was attacking the D line and opening up passing lanes and Tannehill was making the completions.
Great game and we need to stick with the plan.
BTW By arguing with a mentally challenged person just drops you to their level of intelligence so lets just ignore the Blind Pathetic sheep.

I am so glad the interception did not stand and that we were able to win the game. Awesome effort by our rookie QB. The real question of the day is has the groundskeeper been fired?

Tebow and Cam Newton had way better first years winning and setting records than Tannyboy.
Matter of fact, Henne also did much better and never cheated.
Now get back to sucking my dikkk, Marc from Canada


Marc, the Sheeple thing is mine.

"The recent 3 time superbowl champions?" Yeah almost a decade ago, back when teams were able to tape the opponents walkthroughs. Then again if you are from one of those third world countries where they send all the Super Bowl losers shirts, I suppose to you the Patriots did go 19-0.

Don't you idiots get tired or regurgitating the same recycled lines DAY AFTER DAY?

^^^ Posted by a troll ^^^

Irony much?

heh, dj yeah that was odd.

to sheeplover did you see that non call of p.i on the seahawk reciever jump all over out cb sanford. great catch but it was bad non call.

Last week Tannehill lost to the worst defense in the NFL scoring 0 points again and 0 TDs

Yesterday Tannehill threw 0 TDs and 2 INTs
until the ref came in and said enough this is real bad and gave the game to the low haples Tannehill

that was nice of him

Suppose the Seahawks kept the interception. Not good odds of taking it down the field for a TD, the way they were playing. Whereas after our TD, they got their 98-yard runback, right? (N.b. I had to "watch" game via ESPN gamecast.)

So I'm not sold on the idea that the call changed the game points-wise, tho the damage to the Dolphins' morale could've been a killer.

"The real question of the day is has the groundskeeper been fired?"

No ... promoted!

Let's hope New England doesn't shoot these "Zombie Dolphins" in the head on Sunday.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! , you forgot the 2nd jets game this team is 5-6 Lol

Very close game to another up-n-coming team. Seattle is a Playoff-caliber team (at home). And we matched their strength. They have a great defense, that let Davone Bess get 100 yards on them. We have a great run defense, and they couldn't do squat against us. It's satisfying to see us get out of that slide. Last 2 games were horrible, wish we could stay somewhat consistent, but at least there's something to grow on.

Tannehill finally has a game-winning drive under his belt, and that's a good step forward. He's still a long way off, but you can't get to where we want him to be until he passed this test. And like Mando said, THAT'S what this Season is all about. Great end to a long weekend (well, for most of us, sorry you had to work Thurs-Fri Mark).

LMAO! I read this blog when I'm feeling a little down 'cause it makes me feel better to see how many stupid people have far more useless lives than I! Awesome! Keep up the moronic behavior! Thanks :)

post @ 11:04 proves my point to the tee. Home you are a piece of shite and every day I go to bed thanking God I won't turn out to be a loser like you.

Where r the Daniel Thomas bashers? Our record is what it is, but imagine having Sanchez as your elite QB. Year or two we will be on the top of AFC.

Home is responsible for 80% of the comments on this blog comment and 100% of the retardation.

DC, yeah, I am really envious of American thanksgiving. Seems to be a real event and much bigger than ours. I feel like the kid breathing on the glass of the toy store during that week. Hope you and the rest of the fans had a good week and gave thanks and counted your blessings. Home, since you're here I guess my wish of you choking on the wishbone didn't turn out.

And Home again, yeah Tebow and Cam newton had great first years but then again Falco hit the top of the charts with Rock me Amadeus but who has heard of him since??? Well other than when you drive through town in your '78 Pinto with your tape player blasting anyway ...

Why is it that when we get ONE, [1] stinkin break and you A##holes act like we robbed Ft. Knox. How many have we had taken away by officiating?????????
We are still WAYYYY behind.

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