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Tannehill comeback rally a necessary part of QB growth

In the big picture, the Dolphins on Sunday showed they are truly a resilient bunch in answering the challenge of breaking a losing skid rather than letting it break them, of beating a pretty good team,and  of doing it in comeback fashion.

For the team this was a great way to keep the season alive.

By the way, I call these guys the Zombie Dolphins. They refuse to die.

But there's a bigger picture with the Dolphins. And Sunday the picture got some focus and some much needed color.

This Dolphins season, no matter what anyone says, is about Ryan Tannehill and his development.

And what we saw Sunday was a big step of development for the rookie quarterback.

Tannehill authored his first fourth-quarter comeback victory in the NFL. That's important. Great quarterbacks must be able to accomplish this feat to be, well, great.

Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, John Elway, Joe Montana, all the others made their reputations on bringing their teams back from the brink of defeat and delivering a victory. The only reason people believe Eli Manning is elite is because he did this in two Super Bowl wins.

The comback victory, the heroic rally is one of the benchmark traits of a great quarterback.

“We told these guys all along, and I think it’s true, not just in our case – these games in the NFL are usually tight, they’re close, oftentimes it comes down to the last possession, and you need to execute well," Coach Joe Philbin said. "You need to win some games like this. I think it’s important for a quarterback to do that. Any quarterback – Ryan Tannehill, certainly. Any quarterback in this league has to demonstrate the ability to do this.”

And until Sunday, Tannehill had failed multiple times at delivering even one comeback victory. Even against Buffalo the last game, Tannehill had not one, but two opportunities to deliver a comeback drive that would have won the game.

He threw an interception to end each drive.

So this was a huge step in development for Miami's current and future quarterback.

"It’s huge," Tannehill said. "We’ve had a couple situations this year where we had a chance to do it and we weren’t able to do it. To finally go out and execute it and come away with a win, it feels great."

Now, was it a totally pristine moment?


Tannehill did throw perhaps the dumbest pass of his season on one of those touchdown drives that tied the game at 14. He threw a pass across his body, into the end zone, almost blindly, and the ball was picked off.

If that interception had stood, the Dolphins would probably have lost. And this blog today would be discussing how Tannehill fell short of authoring that much-needed comeback.

But Seattle safety Earl Thomas was flagged for roughing Tannehill on the throw and the interception was nullified.

"That was just a bad play and, as soon as I let it go, I knew it was a bad play before he had even intercepted it," Tannehill said. "The Good Lord was looking out for me today and got it called back."


It doesn't matter that the call was controversial. What matters is that Tannehill learns not to throw that pass ever again.

And what matters more is that Tannehill now knows he's capable of leading his team to a big comeback win against a good defense. And that his teammates know it also.

Big deal. Really big.


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Sure Home@ 11:42, sure.

I'm astonished the Seahawks would have the nerve to complain about lucky ref calls this season.

Why don't we ask the Packers to review that call and tell us what *they* think?


i enjoy your blog, but i disagree with you on this one and i am still not sold on this kid. while he looks to have the physical skills, he still made the bad decision to throw the ball across his body and unknowingly right into the seattle defenders hands n the endzone. had that held up he would have never had the chance to lead the team back.

while he did lead them back he has not learned from his prior mistakes. he has made this exact type of mistakes at least 4-5 times this year.

i can understand the earlier season ones and chalk it up to being a rookie. but at this point in the season he is no longer a rookie and he needs to know better and not make that throw.

he made the same mistake on their second possesion of the game and again in the forth quarter.

this does not show growth or develoment.

being a dolphins fan i do hope he develops and begins to show the mental aquity needed to be a tuely good/great qb in this league. where are the intangibles that all great qb's have.

all you good football people out there please present your opinions on why you believe he will be a good qb. i just don't see it yet.

if he is to be a good qb he needs to stop making these dumb and i repeat dumb mistakes.

WATER GATE at the stadium,they have to cheat TO win even with Ross bribing the refs.

Nathan, personally I am hopeful Tannehill does develop but I agree with your statments, the dumb turnovers can't happen. I'm hopeful he gets past this and he will not be the QB we need until he does but you must admit that there are some good signs. He does spread the ball around, he is learning to throw defenses off with his body language and not telegraph throws at times. i mean, he has both hartline and bess in the top 20 in the NFl in receiving ... that's a pretty cool stat. But you're right, jury is still out and we won't know anything until the end of next year.

The incompatence of Ross' pipeline starts with him goes thru the FO and players all the way down to the grounds crew.

Hi Mark,

yes i agree with you, he has spread the ball around well. i just can't understand why he continues to make the same mistake especially at this point in the season.

for all you others out there. yes it does seem as though we get jobbed with bad calls from the refs all the time. so getting a call our way is a nice change.................but T Hill still made the bad decision before the illegal hit. again before the hit. if he truely wants to be good he has to stop making the same mistake.

Watching the NFL, I see elite QBs making "rookie" mistakes too. It's how often you *do* it that distinguishes an elite QB from a rookie.

Cherry-picking one lousy play from a 60-minute game and saying "this kid who's only played 11 NFL games is looking awful" makes no sense, though it obviously must give some strange satisfaction to the people saying it.

I don't see how to be anything other than pleased by Tannehill so far. He's not Andrew Luck (despite having very similar numbers yesterday), but Luck played QB longer than RT did in college, and is ahead in that respect.

As RT's receivers improve and he develops his on-the-field judgment, I think we've got some great ball games to look forward to.

Tannehill was spectacular yesterday. He is elite and a franchise QB.

Vet qbs make that throw across the body all the time not just rookies. Farve especially. Ten games in and tanne aint a rookie huh? When did the rookie time table change? Good win actually surprising. I thought that kick return might deflate miami.Where was pathectic when arizona gott robbed in the SB against pitt a few years back? You know when pitts linebacker was halfway thru the cards oline before warner snapped the ball then got picked by the same linebacker. Oh well.Elway aand aikman looked far worse than tanny their rookie seasons.

For those of you who argue that this win have to be charged to the referees, be honest too and acknowledege how many defeats were also due to very bad calls, like pass interferences, etc. So that's part of the game unfortunately, it's not chess.
The patriots are always protected by the referees, and you don't say a damm thing about it.
You will see next Sunday.

This was a hugh win. Bess proved to be one of the best slots receivers in the league. It could be the reborn of C. Clay. Hugh game ! ... And T-hill is becoming a reality. With a couple of elite WR's he and the team will jump to another level.

I am anxiously awaiting when the Herald will beguin to charge customers for reading their Digital edition of the newspaper. I will pay my quota gladly as that action will rid this publication of many scums currently residing here.

I wouldnt go that far Archie as he only has 10 starts as an NFL QB. The jury is still out on him but his promise and poise are enough to say if he is given time with the oline and better playmakers it looks like he will thrive.

I second that Oscar

Tanne carried the team to victory, great job.
He did it in come from behind fashion - again great job.

Once again Mando falls short: If Tanne had done everything the same, but Seattle was shutout by our defense then Tanne's accomplishments would not include a comeback. Or If Tanne had done everything the same and the defense had given up the score then He also would not get credit for the comeback.

Armando knows they cant charge for this blog and still have as many posts and posters,why its simple, there arent that many posters, the ones that do post use different screen names, and post under one name and reply under another.I hope the newbies realize this I knew it the first day I visited.

What a crock of bull$hit.
So it's not the super bowl victories that make Eli elite it's that he gets credit for come from behind.

Marino never won a post season game, in 18 years, making him the biggest jerk-off of the fans ever, but he is considered elite because he has come from behind victories?

pul-lease! We want the post season victories, Mando can keep the labels.

Ahhh The T-Hill lovers are out in full droves. This was a win granted by the refs. Tebow has some great come from behind wins, I guess that makes him an elite QB. Even the worst QB's will have a come from behind win in their career. Bottom line Matt Moore gives the fins a 8-3 record and a good look at the playoffs. Tannehill with his half arse side arm throwing motion will disappoint all the lovers and show that the haters are just realists.

The whole elite thing is bs anyway. Not like there is criteria.

And another Moore tard still doesnt get it.. hes a back up for a reason, hasnt beaten a team with a winning record and will be done in a month and a half.. yet they still come in and say if he played then were this record.. If he was the QB you think he is then Garrard isnt the favorite to start before hes hurt and then he doesnt get beat out by a rookie.. plain and simple..
Atleast someone can admit that they are a hater of Tannehill, a QB that is a rookie, has ten total starts, breaks Marinos rookie record compared to the same number of games as Marino... This is a team that was written off for 4 wins this year and they surpassed that with Tannehill. Moore couldnt get it done last year with Marshall or Reggie getting his first career 1000 yards rushing season..

Senor Troll.

What's with the PipeGrabbing Humor? AGAIN!! U SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TALK QB's!!

Just cause U and Qb's Have a Lot in COMMON! Doesn't Mean U know The Position!! U are the Clown!! That has been Riding The Matt Barkley!! Train! All Along!! Look where that gets U!! Moore COMPLETED LESS THAN 45% OF HIS PASSES IN PRE-SEASON! U say it's just Preaseason! EXCEPT!! MOORE!! HAS NEVER THROWN OVER 60%! In any Season!! And Look at Moore's stats!! He has 1 OK Season! 1 Horrible Season!! Moore is the Definition of Inconsistency!! Add to that he only threw to 1 Player 75% Of The Time!! Moore is not the answer!!


Instead of Wasting Picks On Orton(Same player as Moore), Ireland signed Moore for 2 Years!! For Nothing!!!

Also, Deciding Moore was about the same as Flynn!! And NOT WASTING MONEY!! On Bad FA's or Trades!! Like the Jets with Tebow!! And Holding His Position!! When Everyone knew Ireland was Picking T-Hill before the Draft!!

Give The Man Credit!!

He Did The Same With The RB's!! He was Thinking For The Team and Its Future!! Not Just His Job!! Like Parcells!! He signed Bush for 2 Years! And Drafted Thomas last Year! And L.Miller this Year!! Not bad for having to Rebuild the Whole Team! And Not Wasting a 1st Round Pick on a RB! OR 2-2nd Round Picks!! like the Pats!!

Ireland Doesn't Mortgage The FUTURE!! Parcells Did!! But Philbin's Philosophy FITS With Ireland(Reason Ireland WANTED PHILBIN AS THE COACH)!! THEY WANT TO DEVELOP PLAYERS!! NOT GO ON A SHOPPING SPREE FOR OLD ONES! Philbin is Just Teaching Ireland What a REAL FOOTBALL PLAYER LOOKS LIKE!! Unlike Sporano's Prototype!! Smart! Hardworking! Loves Football! Has Fortitude!!

Again the O-Line only Needs a Athletic Guard(I see Jerry Staying for 1 more season and The Fins Replacing Incognito with a 3rd or 4th rd Pick)! And the Only Problem on Offense Is we Need 1 Dynamic WR!! Which we all Know Is Mike Wallace!! Ireland will do his Job!! And Get THE DYNAMIC WR!! The Fins Need! We Just have to wait until the Offseason!! But He Tried to Fix THE UNIT!! BY ALWAYS LOOKING!! BELIEVE ME!! IRELAND KNOWS!! WR AND CB ARE PRIORITIES!!!Expect To See a COUPLE FA's To FIX THE HOLES!! Next Year.

THIS YEAR!! THE FINS WERE CAP STRAPPED!! WE COULDN'T SIGN BLUE CHIP FA'S!! PLUS IRELAND!! DIDN'T WANT TO MESS WITH NEXT YEARS CAP!! Always Looking Forward!! Ireland Doesn't want to make the same mistake Twice!!

I honestly have no issue with Moore starting if he beats Tannehill out in the preseason, keeping his job from last year.
I wanted Tannehill to sit this year but am glad he is getting the experience he lacked from college..
All Moore had to do was play good against 2's and 3's and he wins the starting job in the preseason. But he didnt and he got beat out by Tannehill the inexperienced rookie.
Tell me this, if the line plays good, allowing the running game to have effect and give Tannehill time, does the kid not play well for a rookie? Above expectation?
Yes he is going to have his bumps along the way, Manning set the all time record for INTs as a rookie. Im not comparing Tannehill to Manning but atleast give him time to develope before passing judgement on him.
Again is Moore doesnt let his job go from the beginning then all of this is a nonissue

the problem with everyone saying that the refs bail
t-hill out becasue of roughing the passer call. If i remember right miami than kick the ball off to seattle and they scored a touchdown. so now seattle is back up by 7 pretty much cancels that touchdown now what T-hill did was score 10 points after that against a good defense

Dashi is a + Poster. I think we will pay for him the $17.95/mo that the McClatchy Co. will charge just to enter TMH digital publication.


Ryan Tannehill posts a higher QBR than Tom Brady this week and second of all QB's this week...
He has bright spots and needs to eliminate the bad ones. This will come in time.


very good point!

Oh, I know that there are only 1 or 2 Posters here besides me. But now you won't be paid by hits but rather as a fixed monthly % established by the Co. Now, you better write a lot, because if We don't find this entertaining, we'll cancel our subscription.

You're as juvenile as Odin.

--Now sir, that is just uncalled for : )

Not trying to police trolls, just pointing out absurd irony. Don't hate me cause I make sense...

The Patriots are red hot and are going to be tough for us to beat this week. However, if we somehow can find a way to defeat the Pats at home, we could be in the thick of the playoff race. In fact, we could own the final playoff spot. If we win, it is very possible that we can be in a 3 way tie with the Steelers and Bengals. The Steelers have to play at the Ravens and with probably no Big Ben and the Bengals have to travel to the West Coast to play San Diego. If we win and the Bengals and Steelers lose we will own the tie breaker for the final playoff spot. Who would have imagined at the beggining of the year with a rookie QB that after 12 games we could be in the playoffs?

"...The only reason people believe Eli Manning is elite is because he did this in two Super Bowl wins."


Yeah...Go figure???

Did he really thank the "good lord" for the interception nullification? Maybe he should have thanked the good ref.

A very well written, interesting analysis, Mando.


This team is rebuilding & is clearly not a contender yet so why the f#ck are people clamoring for Matt Moore??? Did he play well last year & this year in relief of Tannehill??? Absolutely. But whether the fans like it or not Tannehill--who was taken 8th overall--is the future of this franchise for the foreseeable future. What exactly is so difficult for people to comprehend about this???

The more Tannehill plays this year, the more he is going to be prepared going forward. Moore was a stop gap last year & is a good backup but that's all he is. Does Tannehill need to cut down on the INT's??? Absolutely but he's played MUCH better than I expected. The kid has a great arm, he has great touch on his passes, he's a very good athlete, he's EXTREMELY tough, he's more accurate than I expected, & he's doing it with basically one WR's who are playing a LOT better than they ever had as Dolphins???

Every single QB in the NFL is going to struggle at some point in his career if he doesn't get protection &/or doesn't have a running a game.

BTW--Is Matt Moore going to help the defense play better b/c it doesn't matter who is playing QB aside from being able to stop the run this defense looks like they're always playing in a prevent mode. CB's & Safeties are playing way off the receivers, they don't make plays on the ball so they don't break up passes or create turnovers, & they keep making the opposing QB's look like HOFers. I shudder to think what Brady is going to do against them...

It doesn't matter if Dan Marino was our starting QB--as long as this defense plays like they have since we played the Colts we're not going to be a good team. Whoever is in charge (Ireland or whoever) really needs to hit on some defensive players that can consistently make an impact. There's just too many inconsistent players on our defense.

When Tannehill gets protection & he has a running game any idiot can see that the kid is already a pretty good starting QB. Against the Seahawks who have one of the better defenses in the NFL he went 18 for 26 which is a completion rating of 69.2%, he threw for 253 yards, threw a TD pass, ran the ball for 33 yards, & moved the offense down the field into scoring position down the stretch to win the game. He threw a total of TWO bad passes yesterday--one that was intercepted & another one that should have been if not for the bogus penalty on Seattle.

What more do you people want from this kid???

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