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Tannehill has regressed in November

September was a tough month for Ryan Tannehill and that didn't really surprise anyone because the Dolphins quarterback is a rookie and rarely does a rookie get welcomed into the NFL with a red carpet and a party.

Tannehill was 80 of 143 (55.9 completion percentage) for 1,046 yards in September. He threw two touchdown passes and six interceptions. His quarterback rating was 66.4.

Fine. We expected growing pains.

October was much, much, much better. Suddenly, Tannehill seemed to improve his accuracy. He was playing like a veteran at times. One could see steady improvement. And the stats showed the change.

Tannehill completed 40 of 60 passes (66.7 completion rate) for 426 yards in October. He threw two touchdowns and no interceptions. His rating zoomed to 98.3. I should remind you the relatively modest statistics were a product of the Dolphins having a bye and also Tannehill missed most of the Jets game with a knee injury.

It was nonetheless a good month.

But since that knee injury and since the calendar advanced to November, the Dolphins quarterback has suffered a nose dive.

Tannehill this month has completed 59 of 105 passes (56.2 completion percentage) for 648 yards. He has thrown two touchdowns this month and five interception. And his rating is a season-low 61.1.

This has nothing to do with the amount of duress Tannehill is under. He was sacked seven times in September, and six times each in October and so far in November. This isn't about the success of the running game as the Dolphins actually rushed the ball better in September than October and November.

This obviously has nothing to do with comfort level with talent around him because Tannehill hooked up plenty with Brian Hartline early on even though the receiver didn't play in the preseason. Tannehill also found Anthony Fasano plenty early on but the combination of quarterback-tight end has gone practically silent in recent weeks.

And no, this isn't about strenth of schedule, either. The last couple of weeks, for example, the Dolphins played teams with losing records whose defenses were ranked dead last in points allowed -- until they got through the game against Miami, anyway.

So what is it?

Has Tannehill hit the rookie wall early?

Is that knee injury still bothering him or affecting his delivery although last week Tannehill said he felt completely healthy?

Have defenses figured him and the Miami offense out?

Or, worse, is he simply regressing?

This week the Dolphins play Seattle to finish out their November schedule so the finish to this month doesn't seem promising. The Seahawks boast the NFL's fourth-best defense in allowing only 16.2 points per game.

Yup, November has been a nightmare for Ryan Tannehill.


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I guess us "Suck for Luck" guys were right all along.

Home Scout has had it right all along since b4 the 2012 draft

and reported Tannehill was nothing more than a REACH

We did not need to waste the pick on Tannehill

MVP Matt Moore is a gamer and should have been the starter

Clearly even the dummies can see that Chad Henne is in fact better than Ryan TanneREACH

Henne was better as rook in his first 9 starts as pointed out as Mando asutely pointed out

Henne Beat the Jets twice and New England once
including having a stellar performance infront of a national audience in only his 2nd start on MNF

While TanneREACH crapped his pants and stunk up the place in prime time against the worst freaking defense in the NFL

Tannehill was a big mistake as Home has always stated


Tannehill is innaccurate

Tannehill has 3 WR TDs all season

Tannehill sucks


Once again you prove your limited knowledge of the sport you cover, let alone the team. The lack of a running game has taken away the "play action" aspect for Tannehill. It also didn't take DC's to figure out that Hartline was the "go to" guy, so they changed their game plan accordingly. Also, the very average Fasano has to stay in because the OL can't adequately protect the QB. It may not show up with the number of sacks the OL has given up but chalk that up to Tannehill's agility. He is severly harassed on most plays. Let the team take its lumps this year, use the draft picks wisely and next year, you can contend.

I really dont see anyone but Aloco Home on the Herald saying that Henne should have stayed..

Circle Sunday Dec 16th on your calendar...that is the date the Fins will have their next and last win of this season.
That's only if Blaine Gabbert is under center for the Jags...if it's Henne, we'll lost that one and go 4-12, which if you look at my preseason post is what I predicted back in Aug.

Home scouts the team and does his homework

Most drink Kool Aid and see blindly only what they want to

Now they deserve to suffer w Tannehill



Read my post to clue. This isnt Kansas Dorothy(loose in Michigan). Playing qb against nfl is an entirely different beast. Henne just doesnt have have the warp speed mental processing ability to be a top nfl qb.

Henne will never be more than just "a decent" backup qb. So lets blame that on every nfl coaching staff too. I guarantee Jax drafts another 1st rd qb to replace Gabbert before permantly handing over the reigns of longterm starting qb to Henne.

Werent "Henne appologists" far to long when he was here in Miami? How did that work out for us?

So Moore and Henne have now shown the sheeple
that they r in fact better than Ryan TanneREACH

and Ireland, Philbin and Sherman clearly got it all wrong

The three stooges of NFL football

If I recall...Home was a big proponent of signing Culpepper...so not all of Home's famous predictions come true.

Posted by: Home on the Herald | November 19, 2012 at 08:57 AM

WItht he lack of running game and lack of deep threats the Fins have over achieved this year.. Ive said it once and ill say it again you can only cover up crap for so long until it starts to smell..
The kid is a rookie and ive went back and looked at all of his games from Texas A&M. His receivers had alot of drops and there were times he wasnt accurate every QB has days like that..
For example Luck yesterday had 3 picks and a QBR of 47...
If we did draft Luck and he had a performance like that people on this blog would be screaming for Matt Moore to start and to still fire Jeff Ireland and Philbin..


Home predicted Jeff Ireland's team to go 6-10
b4 the season started

6-10 Do It Again!



Hmm............ Home on the Herald seens to have the exact same viewpoint as "ALOCO".

HMMM............. JUST SAYIN"... LOL

Tannehill SUCKS

3 WR passing TDs all season


henne still blows!! the texans were caught off guard. henne still lost the game too. they will go right back to gabbert as soon as he is healthy. the jags have speed on the outside, a good line, and decent TE's.
armundo, you only count the sacks but this month the line has been terrible protecting tannehill. i have no clue what happened to jake long. he looks more like columbo. they aren't creating holes for the backs either. bush is getting one good run for every 5 caught in the backfield carries. we can't occupy the LB's because our TE's are slow. the WR's get almost no separation. this years draft is crucial. thankfully ireland has stockpiled picks. we are gonna need them. we need speed on the outside and TE. we need secondary help. we need an OL or 2 to compete. we don't need a new QB (or henne back) we don't need a RB even if we lose bush, we don't need any DL or LB except for depth.
i'd like to see the offense stay in no huddle. that's what we want the offense to be so why not use it more now. i liked the last 2 drafts and think with another good offseason the will compete for the playoffs next year. i still think we can get to 7 wins. which considering the doom and gloom during preseason that would be pretty good.

funny how all the haters come back to gloat after not showing their faces for a few weeks.

lol @ Pepper

Tannehill is a freakin loser and joke

never won in college

always turns the ball over

now Tannehill is 3-6 in the NFL and pusssy-ed out of the Jets game as he was throwing ankle balls and went 2-5, embarrassing the Dolphins again

Losing hasnt been a Tanne effort, its been a team effort. Dansby missed a pic 6 in the Indy game, and missed a pic 6 Thursday. Just those alone could have us sitting at 6-4 and we wouldnt be focaused on Tannehill right now.

Dont attack Tannehill, attack Matt Moore for having such a disastrous preseason, the starting job was given to Tannehill by default. I never thought Tannehill would be 100% ready to become a consistent enough day 1 starter.

Neither did any of the experts. Thank you Matt Moore for such a crappy preseason.

Henne threw more passing TDs in one freakin game to WRs than Tannereach did all season going into week 12


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 19, 2012 at 08:58 AM

Yes I used the word loose as in relaxed, and in Miami he suddenly wasnt. Luck hasnt changed his game from being LOOSE to playing like a robot in the NFL. Going from college to the NFL is a different game.. And I am not taking up for the kid except I can see that he was handcuffed under the old man OC and when Dabol took over he had a 400 yard + game..
Im glad Hennes gone and the Fins didnt even talk to his agent about an extension...

Other teams have dismantled Miami's OL. They can't run block or pass protect. Also, teams have figured out that Miami's receivers can't beat them deep, so they blanket them without fear of the big play happening. So is it really the team or the surrounding cast? By the way, Henne had 4 TD passes over the weekend....coincidence?

Who on Earth has said no Playoffs? We beat NE twice and Buffalo once and we might win the Division.

Henne is a much better NFL back up QB than TanneREACH will ever be

Moore should have started

Henne was fine as back up


Jeff Ireland the Brain Stem started to think, "Duh
lets draft the loser QB that cant win in college and get his fired coach too!


NE doesnt have Gronk anymore and Hernandez is week to week

Some of the garbage I read here and I see why the "football gods" dont deem us worthy to have a good team.

Im now believing it isnt the team that's cursed, it's the Dolphins fanbase that's cursed. The football gods dont deem this fanbase worthy of a champion.

Loser fanbase = Loser franchise

MVP Matt Moore has won 7 out of the last 10 Miami Dolphin games even with the offensive line he had and B-Marsh dropping TDs

Henne was the most improved player on our team

Then the Brain Stem, Jeff Ireland started thinking

and that's where the problem lies, .....
Jeff Ireland thinking

What an Idiot!


YG, this is the problem I have with that argument. Tannehill played better earlier. That's the question Mando is asking, why's he regressing? Has nothing to do with Moore. If Moore started this year, we'd be further from where we want to be. Moore's not a long-term option. We need to figure out how to make this team competitive. Especially when you have players like Long, Dansby, who are further into their careers and won't be able to help when we'll need them (next 2-4 years).

I'm trying to figure out what's up with the oline. THEY have regressed. Which in turn hurts the run game. The defense (secondary) always sucked, so there's no regression there, they are what they are. And the front 7 is slowly cracking under the pressure. Kind of (they didn't allow a TD last game).

The problem here is the offense. You need to score points in the NFL (look at the Pats/Colts game). At least in our division. And the ENTIRE offense is playing below the past few months. Too many penalties, stalled drives, turnovers. And not enough creativity. I don't accept "there's not enough talent." That was the HC's/GM's doing. They knew who they cut, and both said there was enough talent on the team to win. And up until this month, they were over .500. So, what's their excuse now?

Tannebust.Another Ireland acorn.LMAO

They have went away frow rolling Tannehill out and I dont understand why.. I know the run game doesnt scare anyone and the defenses are sitting tight on our WR's bc they know theyre not a deep threat but rolling TH out gives more time for plays to develope unlike sitting in the pocket waiting to be hit on every play..

Being a dolfans since the early 70's sb championships, yes, I hate seeing this team lose. But when I constantly see the garbage so-called ppresent day fans" spew. I do understand. So do the football gods.

You constantly spew garbage, so the football gods have decide, you'll be constantly "blessed" with garbage.
Your recieving your strongest desire.

Yeah, Home. I had to point out Pat Devlin to him who as of now is our best QB.

Home...gotcha on C-Pepp!

Sherman & Philbin are sticking with Tannehill no matter how bad the losses get.

I saw it in the Colts game...Luck was light years ahead of Tannehill, especially with his accuracy.

Mobility wise, T-Hill is slower than I expected and his accuracy goes DOWN when he's on the run.

When there is a pure pocket created by the O-Line, Tannehill can actually step up and unload a nice deep ball...but again, his ability 'properly lead the receiver" is a 50-50% bet.

I coined a term: "greatness shows up early and often" and I've yet to see any greatness out of Tannehill...but I've seen lots from Luck & RG3.

:) oscar canosa

Tannehill was not "hit when he threw his 3 INTs to freakin LBs ON THE WORST DEFENSE IN THE NFL

The sheep r trying to cling on to there hopeless beliefs they were spoon fed

Tannehill is the worst rated starting QB in the NFL

The absolute worst 3rd down QB in the NFL also

So nothing to dispute here

Tannehill is on the very freakin bottom





have a HAARPy day :(

Home on the Herald,

Thanks for the homage by citing the Brain Stem.
Shula at least had a brain at one time.
Ireland has never had a single brain cell.

Unfortunately for Us, NH, that maxim is true. Still, I believe Tannehill can be a good QB for us, either starting or as a backup.


At times, nfl games have very little to do with how talented guys are, thus our oline. What football really is, is a "Game Of Momentum". Momentum controls everything.

In nearly loss this year we've had ample opportunity to have momentum on ourside. Then came penalties, sacks, dropped passes, pic 6's slipping right thru our hands, not to mention pics themselves slipping right thru our hands.

Stats can be very decieving. Yes, they can tell us what happened, but they dont tell us what would have happened had we not let "MOMENTUM" slip right thru our hands.

With momentum, the dog wags his tail. When there's no momentum, the tail wags the dog. Do you see anything with our current play that further illustrates this for you? I certainly hope so.


WELCOME to Fantasy Island.

100 % agree NH

Tannehill has NEVER been able to close games

Tannehill SUCKS in the 3rd and WAY SUCKS in the 4th Q

Been this way forever

Home pointed it out a year ago and
Jon Gruden also pointed it out prior to the season
and tactfully said,
"Tannehill needs to work on his accuracy and needs to learn how to close game in the 3rd & 4th Q

check the stats and the facts

RG3 is doing amazing and u can see Luck also is damn good, except hard to beat the Pats- "The Machine"

Luck tried to too much to compare w Brady
Luck was in 6th grade when Brady won his first SB

but u can see Luck has the "IT" factor, no doubt

This link is to the QBR Ratings for the four QB's in the AFC East:


Tom Brady is light years ahead of everyone and no surprise there.

But Tannehill & Fitzpatrick are deadlocked for second in almost every category...while poor Mark Sanchez is sucking hind tit.

why isn't sherman coaching at a+m again?.

Look, intelligence is not enough and you also got to have imagination to make anything work.

This is the kids 3rd season as a QB and that goes back to his college days. How are you guys in here ripping him apart when he has had 29 starts in his career including college. He will impove and needs the experience... Hes not going to be a Superbowl QB this year or next but give the kid a chance. Aaron Rodgers was developed under Phlbin and has become a good QB.. Let Philbin develope the kid.. To rip him before he has even had his first full year is garbage... Im tired of losing as well, if he turns out to be a bust which you really cant say until year 3ish.. then ill eat my crow but give him time to develope..

Defense is not as good as people thought and there is absolutely 'NO OFFENSIVE COORIDINATION' and Imagination. Dolphins need depth and someone to call plays more suited to their few and far between strengths. Hint: one step, quick slants; screen passes and roll the damn QB out of the non-existing pocket. The same kind of plays their defense gets BURNED ON ALL THE TIME!!!!! In short, Sherman needs to get his act together.

2 watt is 2 funny.

boooooy was j phil pixxxxxed after that pos of a game.
he would axe everybody if he could.

Tannehill is the worst rated starting QB in the NFL

The absolute worst 3rd down QB in the NFL also

So nothing to dispute here

Tannehill is on the very freakin bottom of ALL NFL starting QBs

Tannehill SUCKS!

Sherman might not be coaching at Texas A&M but he can pick a talent at QB.. Who recruited and signed Jonny "Football"?


Andrew Luck was a 4yr collegiate starter at qb. I would certainly hope he's further along his developpment than Tanne.

Why is everyone wearing the Matt Moore blinders? Moore preseason performance was almost beyond atrocious. His play "FORCED" this coaching staff to hand the starter job to Tannehill by default.

Matt Moore's atrocious preseason led this coaching into the decision that, "if we're going to loose, we may as well do it with the rookie". No one's discussing the had Matt Moore's atrocious preseason performance has in this. You should be, because Moore's the primary reason Tannehill was forced to start day 1.

Because of his lack of collegiate starting experience, no way should Tannehill started until maybe the last 3-4 game of the season at the absolute earliest.

Home you just didnt like the pick of Tannehill and so no matter what the kid does in the future youre going to hate on him. If in year three he leads us to the superbowl youre going to come in here and hate on him for not tying his show laces the way you would or the way Tom Brady does..

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 19, 2012 at 09:34 AM

I think you meant lose and not loose.. But ive said it before MM got beat out by Tannehill in the preseason as they both played against 3 and 4's and Tannehill prevailed whereas Moore didnt. THey both played against 1's and 2's and while Tannehill didnt look spectacular Moore looked bad..

Yeah, 2watt. Everybody knows there is to be a Major House cleaning in the Dolphins Team in the very near Future.

Matt Moore's preseason was so atrocious, had we not drafted Tannehill, Tom Devlin would have been handed the starting qb job by default.

Thn today, Armando's blog topic would be about how much Tom Devlin has regressed. Then some of you would be bashing Devlin and forgetting Moore's atrocious preseason opened the door to him being handed the starting qb job by default too. LOL


Home: just for the record, Tannehill is rated #24 on the QBR scale....not dead last. That honor is held by one Brandon Weeden, follow closely by Mark Sanchez.


the kid sucks and our year is ruined

prob only worse next year

It is what it is!

bad Pick and did not need him

MVP Moore should have started and
Henne who beat the Jets twice and the Pats once in his first 9 starts should have stayed asa good back up QB

Ireland Screwed U !

Enjoy It or Have Him Fired!

UR choice !

Pat Devlin

Tom Devlin? WhoTH is that?


You got it right. Tanne wasnt spectacular in the preseason, but Matt Moore was absolutely atrocious. The only way Matty Moore would have won the starting qb job is if Pat White was all we had on the qb roster. LOL

not in WR TDs - NH

Tannehill only has 3 passing TDs to WRs

and only 6 all season!

Now look at his INTS!

Tannehill has the fewest TDs passes in the NFL
and without a doubt is the worst 3rd down QB in the NFL

The problem is, and we know this after everyone in the NFL has figured it out, opposing defenses have taken away Miamis only strength in the short passing game. They are daring Bess and Hartline to beat them deep. Neither are quick enough or big enough to do it. Therefore not only is the passing game suffering the run game is as well because you have two safeties who can now cheat up toward the line.

We need playmakers at WR and TE. Mystery solved.


I believe you have made a nosedive as well you have no substance to your thoughts at all we are a rebuilding team what did you or anyone els really expect with a bad ol no help at the te very little speed at wr and a secondary that could not stop Shirley temple so we are what they thought we are

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