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Tannehill has regressed in November

September was a tough month for Ryan Tannehill and that didn't really surprise anyone because the Dolphins quarterback is a rookie and rarely does a rookie get welcomed into the NFL with a red carpet and a party.

Tannehill was 80 of 143 (55.9 completion percentage) for 1,046 yards in September. He threw two touchdown passes and six interceptions. His quarterback rating was 66.4.

Fine. We expected growing pains.

October was much, much, much better. Suddenly, Tannehill seemed to improve his accuracy. He was playing like a veteran at times. One could see steady improvement. And the stats showed the change.

Tannehill completed 40 of 60 passes (66.7 completion rate) for 426 yards in October. He threw two touchdowns and no interceptions. His rating zoomed to 98.3. I should remind you the relatively modest statistics were a product of the Dolphins having a bye and also Tannehill missed most of the Jets game with a knee injury.

It was nonetheless a good month.

But since that knee injury and since the calendar advanced to November, the Dolphins quarterback has suffered a nose dive.

Tannehill this month has completed 59 of 105 passes (56.2 completion percentage) for 648 yards. He has thrown two touchdowns this month and five interception. And his rating is a season-low 61.1.

This has nothing to do with the amount of duress Tannehill is under. He was sacked seven times in September, and six times each in October and so far in November. This isn't about the success of the running game as the Dolphins actually rushed the ball better in September than October and November.

This obviously has nothing to do with comfort level with talent around him because Tannehill hooked up plenty with Brian Hartline early on even though the receiver didn't play in the preseason. Tannehill also found Anthony Fasano plenty early on but the combination of quarterback-tight end has gone practically silent in recent weeks.

And no, this isn't about strenth of schedule, either. The last couple of weeks, for example, the Dolphins played teams with losing records whose defenses were ranked dead last in points allowed -- until they got through the game against Miami, anyway.

So what is it?

Has Tannehill hit the rookie wall early?

Is that knee injury still bothering him or affecting his delivery although last week Tannehill said he felt completely healthy?

Have defenses figured him and the Miami offense out?

Or, worse, is he simply regressing?

This week the Dolphins play Seattle to finish out their November schedule so the finish to this month doesn't seem promising. The Seahawks boast the NFL's fourth-best defense in allowing only 16.2 points per game.

Yup, November has been a nightmare for Ryan Tannehill.


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Yeah, Ive been saying Tom Devlin, youre right its Pat Devlin. LOL

Anyone who watched Hard Knocks knows that Philbin loves Devlin...you can hear him saying in private that "Pat gets it..he's my kinda QB" or something to that effect.

Moore is gone after this season and Devlin moves up to the #2 spot...where as we all know can be a springboard to stardom in the NFL.

DEVLIN 2013!

I am no Home, but I predict the first one to be shown the road with no return ticket will be Karlos Dansby. Bye,bye!

Our year is ruined Home? The year that was considered a rebuilding year?
You mean career back up Matt Moore? The one that couldnt make Dallas's squad or make it in Carolina? The same Matt Moore that couldnt beat out the rookie in the preseason? The same Matt Moore that had a true #1 and started 0-4 and didnt beat a good team..
This is who you want as your QB?
To say RT sucks after 10 starts and 19 in college doesnt make sense. Please check your facts before you post things as they make your credibility go down..

Posted by: Phins78 | November 19, 2012 at 09:43 AM

Good Post

Henne used to have good games in Miami too. The problem with him and it has plagued his career since college is that he is inconsistent and he is not a strong leader. Revisit this conversation after he gets at least 6 starts. Most that are complaining hated Henne. There were MAYBE three supporters in here.

In pre season
Matt Moore played w loser 2nd and 3rd string WRs and linemen

but the sheeple cannot figure it out

Matt Moore has won 7 out of his last 10 Dolphin games
despite being surrounded w players less than Tannehill now has

the sheeple did not know the competition was rigged and Ross and Mike Dee were hoping TanneREACH would put fannies in the seats despite being inferior at winning football games

the plan backfired

Tannehill the choker has been exposed

result= record low attendence

last few home games prob have 15,000 Dolfans
the rest for the other teams, like Pats
the rest empty

have a HAARPy day :(


Quietly, Pat Devlin maybe the guy benifitting most from all of this. You're right, Moore could possibly be gone and Devlin moved up to number 2.

Also being able to sit back into the shadows, Pat Devlin maybe another Rogers in the making. I expect Devlin to push Tannehill for the starting job in the 2013 preseason. I xpect him to at least make Matt Moore expendabl.

Listen, don't give me no s-it here. With imagination properly directed, you can do whatever you want.

Posted by: Home on the Herald | November 19, 2012 at 09:50 AM

Tannehill played with the same WR sets.. whats your next excuse?

Home On The Herald,

What are your present thoughts on the great Sean SMith?

If Devlin were to emerge as the acorn Ireland thought he was then Ireland haters will be in here screaming for his job when Devlin throws an INT

Also, 3/5 of the present O line will probably be gone. Not that they are bad Players, they just don't fit the System here.

the Dolphin organization said we were NOT rebuilding

and Tannehill still cannot close games

Tannehill 3-5
only played a couple good games against teams w below avg QBs, defensive starters out injured and played sissy dink n duk Pennington football
while Bush or the defense won the game

Tannehill himself did nothing of impact to win any games but plenty to lose

look at INTs to passing TDs
(and only 3 to WRs goin into week 12)

Home says,
R U Kidding 3 freakin passing TDs to WRs going into week 12 and all those INTs !!!

stop defending the loser, Tannehill


Tannehill had his chance

Tannehill Sucks

Enough already you people are Morons tannehill is our future this thing takes time understand that it takes time ok understand that please the kid will be fine

Home On The Herald,

What are your present thoughts on the great Sean SMith?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 19, 2012 at 09:53 AM


U know Home's thoughts on Fraud Poser Boy Shucking & Jiving Ghetto Speaking King of Ebonics CB sean smith

same or worse than when evaluated at camp in his rookie year

last year CB Smith was rated 105th by PFF

sean smith cannot play ANY position in the NFL as a started

we will never have a winning season with this joker as our (lol) starting CB

We will have a lot changes with this roster this year is an evaluation year and a lot of the players have failed

Posted by: Home on the Herald | November 19, 2012 at 09:55 AM

Why would Ireland say that in his 5th year that they are rebuilding?
I know that they said that Home but Ireland stating that is like admitting he has been defeated.
What would you call brining in a new coach staff and only have 6 million in cap space to bring in impact players but cant due to dead money?
10 games as a rookie QB is not having your chance.. You stop being such a Tannehill hating troll and ill stop supporting the kid... Deal?

And this simply is what worries me most. I see it too. The games were the most important against the weakest competition and he played his worst ball. He's been Jekyll and Hyde so far this year and the NFL has no room for Jekyll and Hyde from your pivot.

Comeback routes can only get you so far and get old quick. A deep threat to keep the defense honest would be nice or a seam threat. We have a slot receiver and a solid #2. but none of the WRs are #1. Tannehill only completes or intermediate routes because that's all we are capable of. It would be nice to see what his deep ball capability actually is

then we have no future marc and are the laughing stock of the NFL

Ireland needs to go and the next 5 games are gonna be a lot worse

Home-O also loved Tim Tebow and Cam Newton but that has more to do with him being the biggest f@g on the continent than being a fair judge of football talent.

Oh by the way look at the rams progress with the great Jeff Fischer and Sam the man Bradford

Agreed Marc, it wont be the same roster next year.. with roughly 50 million in cap space and the amount of picks we have there will be alot of new faces around here.. Alot of Philbin's type guys here..

Home is a conspiracy Realist and scouts the team

not a troll

must go now

Cry in your cornflakes but dont go bietching to Home

Home warned u

Y'All have a HAARPy day :(

people are fukked. henne did the exact same thing yesterday he did in 4 years here. Put up great stats in the first three wuarters but went missing in crunch time. This was nothing new people and it wasn't good enough for you then ..

I didnt know Home liked Tim Tebow, the worst passing QB ever, and leaderless Cam Newton... Nice judge of talent there hahaa

Home just used his name and conspiracy in the same sentence.. enough said

Add a elite wr a true shutdown corner and a couple of ol the can pull and run and a seam splitting te and another pass rusher and we are elite so there you have it it's simple

I'll say it again:

If you guys were Bucs fans, you would have been absolutely ROASTING Josh Freeman the past couple of years.

You would have been calling him a bust. You would have been calling him a wasted pick. You would have been demanding his benching.

And you would have been 100% wrong about him.

Because right now, this is your NFL Comeback Player of the Year---heading for a 4000 yard plus year, a 2-1 TD to int. ratio, and leading the Bucs to a surprisingly good year.

So, please. The fact of the matter is that NONE of you have the slightest amount of actual ability to know how good or bad Ryan Tannehill will be. None whatsoever. You are no more qualified to assess that than you are to discuss nuclear physics or the Gross Domestic Product of Ghana.

Your "expertise" exists solely in your own heads. And it is a delusion.

You have none.

Man, does Sam Bradford sukkk or what?

Armando seriously dude, try writing an article instead stating how Tannehill is up against only 2 wr that neither are deep threats and being played now in tight coverage by other teams. Our TE is non existent most games and no seam threat. Running game has all but gone add to all that an OL that consistently kills any progress we make with drive killing penalties, few QBs can cope with that let alone a rookie with less than 30starts in college and pros.
Throw in how bad the defense is all of a sudden and it's a team wide problem, we still have a lack of playmakers on both sides of the ball and that, I'm afraid lies squarely in the lap of Jeff Ireland.

For morons-like half these writers that don't have a rats-assssss clue what it is they're trying to disect: No offensive line=no running game. No offensive line= No pass protection, which in turn leads to QB not only running for dear life and limb but throwing passes he may not want to throw but has no choice if the team is to try and catch up. No, Tannehill hasn't A"regressed," idiot. He has no talent around him for support nor does he have a coach who knows much about playcalling.

Oh Yeah Matty, Home-O pulls hard for Tebow (both literally and figuaratively). Should've read him on this blog when the jets acquired him. It was 58 straight days of why Tebow is the saviour.

Home-O is a loser, completely disappeared when tannehill was on par with Luck too. He only comes out when it rains.

Home is right, Tannhill is an embarrassment to the Miami Dolphns and is 3-6 with hardly any WR TDs and a couple to TEs.That's it for the whole season.
At least Moore wins games for us and saved us by beating the Jets,who Tannehill was losing to for the second time this season.

Ahh got ya.. I figured he would be like that.. If we had Luck and Luck had the game against the Pats like he did yesterday he would be in here calling for Matt Moore to start lol

Carry on is exactly right. I have no clue if Tannehill will pan out or not but I loved the pick, and knew we would have to give it time. Got to give it time before we bring out the gavel. Judging in his rookie year -a year he wasn't even supposed to start if the vets on this team did their job is simply ludicrous.

I do, Carry On. I wrote here during Jon Grudens Camp that both Gruden and I saw that Tannehill was lackadaisical, short of lazy. Very smart, but probably, one of these Persons that need a rude awakening to Life to start to get going on It. Don't envy him none.

"carry on" 100% AGREED! Great post. Fans always like to think they have the answers when the truth is they don't. I happen to think Tannehill has the physical tools and makeup to be damn good down the road but also know I don't have a crystal ball.

You said it very well and excellent point about Freeman!

i would take matt moore anyday over the deer in the headlights rookie.plus matt moore is cuter xoxoxoxo

I would rather have Matt Moore in my bed or as our starting QB.
I think it's Much better than sleeping w Jet fans,again and again and again!

I don't mind being humiliated and losing by record numbers setting the franchise back by 3 generations with Ryan Tannehill starting.
After all in 3 or 4 years he might be a winning qb!
Where do i give my thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of time so i can see more of this?

That's right Matty. he's a pathetic 50 year old man who gets his jollies from ripping everything Miami.

Mark--exactly. We're in an age (because of media saturation) where we feel compelled to make instant, ridiculously premature snap judgements about players/coaches, etc. and it's ludicrous.

A rookie QB struggling on a team that is young and still full of holes is nothing new, nor anything even remotely remarkable. Some of the truly great ones (most of them, actually) went through exactly the same process and looked just as lost and inadequate initially.

Again, what is so hard with admitting that we simply DO NOT KNOW? If someone is convinced they do, they are wrong. It really is that simple.

Ask me in 2014 if Tannehill is a 'bust.' Not when he has less than a dozen NFL games under his belt.

Frankly, that's just insane.

There is not enough weed in south Florida to smoke to witness any more of Ryan Tannehill starting ....

Matt Moore is way sexier than TannyPuke! Gross!
Start Moore :)

Fact is if the Miami Dolphin organization listened to Home, the team would be in a much better place.

If the Dolphins listened to their fans, we'd have future Hall of Famers like Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton or Kevin Kolb taking snaps.

Yeah, yeah...I know. "Better than Tannehill, blah blah blah."

Actually, no. I'll take the 22-year-old prospect with the big potential upside over the proven bust.

But convenient amnesia is a good thing for a fan, no?


I LOVE this idea that it's all Matt Moore's fault. Why don't you blame Henne for not playing better while he was here. Or better yet why don't you blame Marino for not being in better shape and playing into his 50's.

Come on man....at what point do the players that actually play be accountable for their performance on the field. No question Tannehill's not solely to blame for the drop off but I'm sure he'd be the first to admit that he still needs to play better....and he will.

I'm voting for Carry On to update this blog instead of Salguero. Good stuff!!

Actually, I thought Matt Kalil was the surest bet in the Draft last year.

Matt Moore had the same receivers, O line, and defense when he won 31-9. We'd have lost the 2nd Jets game too had Tanne not gone out. His accuracy was off in that game. He missed 3 10 yard passes *badly* in the first 5 minutes before going out.

I'm saying Henne should have stayed. I'm not home or aloco.

mando, it would be interesting to know how much he was blitzed in those months. I think in november people have realized that blitzing tannehill is a mistake. They are droping everyone in coverage and that's hurt tannehill.
Sherman and Philbin have to figure out a way to attack the defenses when they don't blitz or we might not win another game this year

Where has my twink dashi been!

Tanehill has no help at all at WR. What do you expect

"This has nothing to do with the amount of duress Tannehill is under."

No offense... but do you watch the games? Tannehill has been getting blindsided after the throw with regularity. Jake Long got him creamed several times against the Colts alone. Have you ever competed in a collision sport? Taking the shot while holding the ball counts as a sack. Taking the shot after releasing it does not. But the effect of the impact, and the loss of trust between the QB and the O-line still suffers.

They need to get the kid out of there until they find a proper Left Tackle. Don't give this 'Jake Long' is a pro bowl tackle stuff. Watch the tape.

If Tannehill can barley help us to get one FG amuster up only 3 points from a kicker in a 37 - 3 blow out against the worst defense in football, then why are we starting him?
Why would anyone got to Dolphin games anymore?

Tannehill and Smith are suppose to be Ireland's best players he could find in the NFL?


Boycott the Dolphin's GM Ireland!

Go to no more games until he is fired!

I agree with Jill. I'm tired of waiting and "rebuilding." Teams go from 2-14 to 14-2 in one year every single year. Every year is a new team with 40% roster turnover. This is not the old baseball (which no longer exists) where a "team" is something one spends his entire career with. Each year a good coach can win, that year. Our coach chose this team. He did not have to jettison Marshall, who was one of the only players who fought last year (the others were Bush and Henne, before he got injured). Marshall wins games. Philbin chose this team this year. We suck. We should be good now, if we want fans to watch games.


I am right and you are wrong if you disagree. I'm talking to you tools Craig M, Mark in Toronto, and DC Dolfan, who are so happy because Tanne and our team *might* be good in 4 years, after 15 years or being a laughingstock.

Joe Philbin could have Matt Moore (or Tanne) throwing to Marshall right now. We could easily be 8-2.

Sherman is garbage, by the way. Not running a WCO. We *never* go vertical down the field UNLESS Moore is in there because he takes it upon himself to do it.

The name of the game is scoring TDs. Gaining 40 yards is better than gaining 5 yards. So why not throw it 40 yards most of the time? That's what Moore does, and it works.

Posted by: Eric Washingfien | November 19, 2012 at 10:35 AM

You mean the same game that the ST had a TD, blocked punt, FG and the defense had them going 3 and out giving them good field position? Is that the same game?

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