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Tannehill has regressed in November

September was a tough month for Ryan Tannehill and that didn't really surprise anyone because the Dolphins quarterback is a rookie and rarely does a rookie get welcomed into the NFL with a red carpet and a party.

Tannehill was 80 of 143 (55.9 completion percentage) for 1,046 yards in September. He threw two touchdown passes and six interceptions. His quarterback rating was 66.4.

Fine. We expected growing pains.

October was much, much, much better. Suddenly, Tannehill seemed to improve his accuracy. He was playing like a veteran at times. One could see steady improvement. And the stats showed the change.

Tannehill completed 40 of 60 passes (66.7 completion rate) for 426 yards in October. He threw two touchdowns and no interceptions. His rating zoomed to 98.3. I should remind you the relatively modest statistics were a product of the Dolphins having a bye and also Tannehill missed most of the Jets game with a knee injury.

It was nonetheless a good month.

But since that knee injury and since the calendar advanced to November, the Dolphins quarterback has suffered a nose dive.

Tannehill this month has completed 59 of 105 passes (56.2 completion percentage) for 648 yards. He has thrown two touchdowns this month and five interception. And his rating is a season-low 61.1.

This has nothing to do with the amount of duress Tannehill is under. He was sacked seven times in September, and six times each in October and so far in November. This isn't about the success of the running game as the Dolphins actually rushed the ball better in September than October and November.

This obviously has nothing to do with comfort level with talent around him because Tannehill hooked up plenty with Brian Hartline early on even though the receiver didn't play in the preseason. Tannehill also found Anthony Fasano plenty early on but the combination of quarterback-tight end has gone practically silent in recent weeks.

And no, this isn't about strenth of schedule, either. The last couple of weeks, for example, the Dolphins played teams with losing records whose defenses were ranked dead last in points allowed -- until they got through the game against Miami, anyway.

So what is it?

Has Tannehill hit the rookie wall early?

Is that knee injury still bothering him or affecting his delivery although last week Tannehill said he felt completely healthy?

Have defenses figured him and the Miami offense out?

Or, worse, is he simply regressing?

This week the Dolphins play Seattle to finish out their November schedule so the finish to this month doesn't seem promising. The Seahawks boast the NFL's fourth-best defense in allowing only 16.2 points per game.

Yup, November has been a nightmare for Ryan Tannehill.


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I think as much as anything teams have learned how to play the Dolphin offense. The Dolphins can't run the ball and no one threatens deep consistently. Therefore, can the Dolphins only rushing four and covering intermediate and short routes. Tannehill will approve when the Dolphin talent at receiver improves and they get a run game that consistently makes positive yardage. The thing to keep in mind with Tannehill is, that despite some bad games, he has not pulled the Henne or Sanchez move where you bury your head and say what the hell was he thinking. Until (hopefully never) he does that I will stay positive on him.

Tannehill, eh?
You got to be kidding me, sonny.
No touchdowns agin and a QB rating of 40 again.

Time for Tannehill to get kicked off the hill.
I'm not wasting my time watching the worst quarterback in football embarrass us any longer.
Bring in another kid.
The Tannehill experiment should be over, eh?
Run along now back to school you go.

The color analyst on NFL Network (Mayock?) made an excellent point about Miami's offense during that game last Thursday.

Said the lack of any credible deep threat meant the Dolphins were basically always operating in the 'red zone'--a 20-yard field to try and make something happen.

You get perfect execution and you can work your way downfield to a score but in the NFL that's not so easy. Those other guys have players, too, you know.

Putting ANY QB in that situation is begging for difficulties. With a rookie, it will only be exacerbated.

This is still a very incomplete team. They would be struggling regardless of whether Moore or Tannehill is in there as neither one can wave a magic wand and make those other problems disappear.

Yeah, we need better CB play. We need another LB. Maybe even a replacement at LT or another line spot.

But that lack of a deep threat KILLS the offense and makes Miami very easy to defend.

Tannehill needs to improve (and I think he will) but this is a HUGE problem that doesn;t fall on him at all---nor can he do anything aboutbit right now.

Gee and u think thats rocket science? Defense cords. plan to shut down the run and make Tannehill throw to ONE receiver, Hartline, double team him and the day is won, its that simple. Dolphin OL is weak beginnig with the late, great Jake Long, who, last week, promised improvement that didnt come. Long was pushed around like he was a middle school player, by a a non probowler, who ate Longs lunch. Long is either injured or is finished as an NFL RT. Are the Dolphins still headed to the playoffs,,,that made me laugh 5 weeks ago and still does.

Get off the Marshall crap now.. he wanted out and Philbin didnt want a Biatch screaming at his rookie QB that constantly dropped TD's .. same day same garbage spewed.. blah blah blah

Tannehill= another Ireland bust

Posted by: But Carry On, Regardless | November 19, 2012 at 10:46 AM

Good post

Move Tannehill to WR and start Moore.

We must throw the ball down the field. Our WRs are fast enough. 67% of all bombs, even those completed by Brady and Manning, were thrown up for grabs or underthrows on purpose. There is a recent DBs play DB and not WR--they can't catch and have low IQ. It's just pitch and catch. If we threw the ball 40 yards in the air every time, we'd complete the same 55% we complete thorwing it 5 yards, except there would be no pick 6s. There's be completions, incompletions, and perhaps one INT a game, except that INT would act as a 40 yard punt.

You guys should know by now Ireland cant draft a QB.

Matty, how many rebuilding years must I accept?

Most would get it if you put the "ed" on it young Gladiator

What does "SMH" mean?

Tannehill runs the "prevent offense" lol

Henne was far better than the Tannehill boy.
Henne also has the porne stache and scored 4 TDs yesterday.
Tannehill boy prefers to throw to the other team's players, eh?
Tannehill boy has never won us a game in the fourth quarter.
Henne won us a game on MNF his very second start in the NFL with very good stats, a comeback win and two TDS no interceptions against the hated New York Jets!

So again why did we fire our back up Henne and waste the eight over ll pick for Tannehill boy all the while Matt Moore had the hot hand?

Makes no sense this Jeff Ireland and this pathetic looking Tannehill boy, eh?

Even Henne wasnt this horrible.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

After this year, none Eric, because they can build a team through the draft with the picks they have, 5 in the top three rounds, and the $50 million in CAP space that they will have..
Its hard to bring anyone in with 6 million in CAP space due to dead money.. Weve over paid for "talent" in the past and some of that over paid talent is still on the roster.. Philbin developes players instead of just plugging them in.. worked for him in GB..

Matt Moore!!


In Homey's!! Mind!!

Only Matt Moore and His Little Hands Can Satisfy Home!

The Question for Home and the Cougars! Is Henne better than Gabbert? Hell Yeah!! That's still not saying much!!

The Jag's Have a TE!! A RB!! AND A COUPLE OF LEGIT WR'S!! Which they drafted! And Signed in Free Agency!!

Are we forgetting!! T-HILL IS THROWING TO 4,5,6's!!

And really only to Bess!! The other clowns are just taking space on the field!!

Still at least it's not $16 million Dollars ON THE FIELD DOING NOTHING!! BUT COMPLAIN!!!

T-Hill Takes Responsibility for the Offense Struggling!! Jake for the O-line!!

Which player takes responsibility for the Defense???

Hint. It's a $16 Million Dollar HOLE in the MIDDLE OF THE DEFENSE!!!

Karlito Can'tbe!!

Tannehill is pure garbage. The guy wasnt even any good in college. How does Irescum draft a QB in the1st rd that lost 6 games as a college senior?? Its unheard of.

Tannehill has ALREADY had a day very similar to Henne's yesterday. At Arizona---threw for a TON of yards (nearly broke the rookie QB record, in fact) and looked impressive as hell making every kind of throw.

And just like Henne, it was a loss.

Man, some of you guys have short memories!


Tannehill boy could not be in charge of a McDonalds franchise never mind the Miami Dolphins, eh!

Who picked this Tannehill boy, when Matt Moore was doing very good with the hot hand after 0-7?

Who traded Brandon Marshall for an inactive Egnew?

Who drafted the weak orange cone knocked on the ground every other play at right tackle Martin in only the second round?

Who got us no Wrs Tes or good Cbs in the draft or FAs?

Why is Ireland still here, eh?


BOO Tannehill out of town. He sucks!!

clue, more like a 4 season losing streak.

Hennehill couldnt win a coin toss......with a one sided coin!!

haha, of course Eric agrees with Jill, they are the same person. Home-O has posted under 88 different aliases today.

What a giant troll

where's lauren?

multi personality Home blogger = Canuck in Hollywood

funny stuff Home!

yeah clue, i hear ya. mccown at qb?
wow. 0-16.

parcells = eat chit.

Tannehill had a huge advantage over all new QB's. He already knew the playbook. And he still stinks.

Tannehill would have lost the last 8 games in row.

As it is Tannehill was playing horribly and Moore saved him against the Jets.

Now Tannehill has had two back to back losses and a QB of 40 both games.

We should have listened to those who did not want us or the idiot Ireland to pick Tannehill the wide receiver playing QB

Maybe we should try Bess next, he played a little QB.

Home for GM!

Great QBs that came out this year. Luck, RG3, Russell Wilson. Weeden and Tannehill, from what I've seen, are not being helped by their respective Teams.

Tannehill two more 40 QB rating games and two more losses, but give him a break, Buffalo had the worst defense in the NFL.

So there!


he was flexing his abs and told his wife 2 hurry ^ and take a pix
before he blows his rectum out and then he said.,oops, 2 late,
armando. that is what this team has done 2 it's phanz the past 3 decades.
blows out their rectums.

I have one question for anybody who is happy or even moderately content simply because we drafted a QB in the first round and have a head coach who is a former offensive coordinator who never called a single play in a live game in his life:

I look forward to your responses.


Tannehill boy was a big mistake by Jeffrey Ireland, but at least he traded HOF Pro Bowl WR Marshall for an inactive Egnew that Sherman wants kicked off the team cause he sucks.

Go Ireland!


We are NOT rebuilding. Ireland hasnt finished destroying.

Mark, I am not Home or that other guy. I'm Tim Couch/YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR/Ryan Leaf/Cartman. It's not that hard to figure out, dude.

How many more losing seasons must I be happy to accept? How many!?!

God damn it!!! How many???

People appear o be very angry here, Today(the Game was last Thursday).

new post up.

my pleasure


No idea who the f*ck you are or where you came from but let me answer the question for you. How many more season do you have to accept? How about NONE. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. We don't need snivelling little cry baby fans like you anways. Go be a fan of the Pats where all is nice in Candyland.

If you don't want to be a fan of this team, it's a free country. You don't have to be. But if you choose to stay snow whining and crying. The guys running the show are doing their best to get there. We're not the only team who it's not going that well for if you happen to a look around the league.

By the way, your original post made ZERO sense. We'd be '8-2 with Marshall'? How do you figure? We were never 8-2 when he was here before. He didn't want to be here...so see ya! Which is the same advice I'd give to you.

By the way Home, I don't want to wait for 4 years to see if tannehill is the answer. i give it to the end of next year and if the team isn't improved by then, then it's time to get a new GM. I think that would be fair - 4 years on his own (Ireland) to prove that he could do it. or at least prgoress ...

And last I checked 15 of the 32 teams in the NFL had records of 4-6 or worse. No we aren't great but this is far from scorched earth. I'm no happier than anyone else but to go kicking and screaming on the daily is simply wasted energy.

But unless we are 10-0 (which nobody is) and produce 22 pro bowlers (which nobody does) - we will have trolls.

Haven't read the comments so far, but my first thoughts are: 1. Tannehill was noticeably slower on Thursday (I didn't see the Titans game, stuck in New England with not many good options for viewing). He couldn't get away from a couple of lineman on scrambles that he should have been able to, and did earlier in the year. 2. His confidence just wasn't there. 3. The running game has stalled. 4. Jake Long got abused again.

He's a rookie, and a very inexperienced one at that. Losing some of that mobility is going to limit what he can do, and he's not ready to take over a game with his arm alone. When he can't keep the defense off balance with his mobility, they will defend the passing lanes better, making his job harder - especially with no running game.

Time will tell. We've seen flashes of what he can do and we've seen plenty of plays that remind us of why this was not a popular pick. The kid has skills. How well they get developed and how soon he gains confidence is up for debate. I'm still encouraged, but my hopes for this year are gone. Seeing Luck stink up the field agains the Pats reminds me of what is expected of rookies. Tannehill doesn't have the experience that Luck has too. Next year, by this point of the season, we will know pretty well what we have. Until then, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Where's the running game and for that matter,where's the beef ??

Chad Henne also had J Blackmon yesterday. Every remember seeing B Marshall finish a play like that? Lol such a shame every seaon watching the dolphiins loose so many close games.

I don't think he regressed at all. I think teams are playing us differently. Man to man coverage, stuff the run and no blitzing = Win vs Dolphins. Simple as that. What's so tough to see there? We don't have a single receiver who can beat man to man coverage. We need two guys next year who can blow the top off a defense. That will change everything. It will help the running game etc.

Did anyone see what Henne did yesterday?

Worse QB in the league right now. Enough said. Offense goes through Tannehill first. A lot of blame can go to Long and RBs

The problem is not Tannehill. The problem is an offensive line that is getting pushed around. They don't protect the QB and don't run block. They were playing well at the beginning of the year but have been terrible the past three games, especially both tackles. Don't blame the QB.
I agree Henne was messed up by lousy uptight coaching and could be a good QB. Tannehill will be a great QB and he and Philbin have the Dolphins on the right path but there are still many areas that need to improve.

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