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Tannehill listed as questionable, team cautiously optimistic

The Dolphins have prepared as if Ryan Tannehill is going to play on Sunday and expect him to play on Sunday, according to various sources. But there is that tiny bit of uncertainty that remains and is still troubling.

The truth is Tannehill has practiced every day this week. But he's been limited. The truth is he's recovered from each practice well enough to go ahead and practice the following day. But the fact he hasn't been able to do everything troubles.

He's had swelling. He still has pain.

But he thinks it is manageable.

So where does that leave us?

The Dolphins are cautiously optimistic Tannehill will play. But his final status will most likely be determined Sunday morning. That will follow a flight to Indianapolis and a night spent sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. Tannehill will also get treatment in Indy, I'm told.

The Dolphins are prepared to use Matt Moore if Tannehill unexpectedly suffers some sort of setback. Indeed, Moore is ready to go even if Tannehill starts but cannot finish.

We'll see.

The news seems much more positive on defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. He also will be listed as questionable because he's managing a knee injury. But he expects to play.

[Update: WR Brian Hartline is also listed as questionable with a groin/hamstring injury. He was limited in practice today but also expects to play, barring complications.]


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Go Dolphins!!! Let's hope Tannehill can play and lead us to the win in INDY.

Against the 27th run defense in the league seems like a good bet we'll be handing off the ball often. I'll trust Philbin on this one and will be fine whether Tanny plays or not.

If Tannehill is limited in his mobility, why risk further injury? Start Moore and go for the victory, a playoff spot is at stake!

So what's the problem? If he can go, great, if he can't we have a QB good enough to beat the Colts.

What me? Worry?

Tannehill still pushing to play. That's what a leader does.

Sit him. Rest him. Let Moore play.

Well, Tannehill won't be the first player to play in pain, right? I don't see what the big deal is, as at some point in his career he would most likely experience playing in pain. Besides, Lauren will give him a NICE rub down after he lights up the Colts and gets back to Miami! GO DOLPHINS!

Phins 35
Colts 13

merely speculations, he WILL play.

(mando, you call anyone 'moron' but your lean skin gets hurt when someone calls you that way... be a man and accept your reallity; we all are!)

I love HOBO MAYONNAISE. It is always in my pantry!

No score is comming to mind....but the # 17 keeps dancing in my head....

FINS by 17.....the rest is semantics...

that's exactly right, Turd

Not sure why they can't start moore and if he struggles, then put in Tannehill. If Moore does well, then Tannehill can continue to heel. The biggest risk IMHO is if you start Tannehill and he struggles and the coaches won't yank him in fear it will set him back mentally. The only good scenario for Tannehill is if he comes in a performs at a high level. Unfortunately that could be the lowest percentage event. I have faith in the coaches so I have no doubt they will do the right thing.

because dolfnman, you start your starting QB unless he absolutely can't go.

Are you hurt or are you injured?

I sure hope to see a FINS victory in person just like I did in Cincy against the lowly bunGALS!!


Armando, What are the key match ups in this game? Who is hurt on the other side of the ball? We already know Mr. Davis is out. Who else? This game will come down to great defensive pressure...which we all know the Dolphins have. Ryan Tannehill will be fine, his teammates will make sure of that. Bush needs to step it up, wide receivers need to make plays - and the better team will win. On Sunday, November 4th - that will be Miami.

Start Moore. He's better anyway.

If anyone that is in the area or coming to town for the game, the Dolphins will be staying at the Westin Hotel, where Shula's Steakhouse is located. ALL visiting teams stay here!!

Well if the defense plays the way they have been last few weeks , I think they will rattle Luck`s cage, force him to throw some picks, also think we will be fine no matter which QB plays the game , would like to see Tannehill VS Luck , but only if Tanny is 100 % , don t want him reinjuring the leg and losing more time. Dolphins will win no matter what

By the way, Kris - congratulations! Children are great, especially when they don't know any better, and you can dress them up in Dolphins gear! It only gets bad when they pick the rival of your favorite team...just to root against you, but it's all in fun though!

Its nice to see NFL Network and ESPN finally talking about the Dolphins , they been dissing us for yrs now , and we gave them every reason to, I hated Monday night games , we always made the stupidest mistakes on the national stage , hopefully that nonsense is over , I think this coaching staff will regain our respect in the league

More than likely moore starts. This tanny might play stuff is to throw the colts so they have to prepare for two different qbs. I think thomas gets 25 carries or so. Bush will be targeted on screens and outlet passes to slow the pass rush.

I Hope...


This one isn't getting off easy....this baby is going to experince ALL the highs...and ALL the lows that come from bein a FIN FAN....

by the time baby will know better...the FINS will be all baby knows....STOCKHOLM syndrome....like it or love it...it lives in my family...

Armando, What are the key match ups in this game? Who is hurt on the other side of the ball? We already know Mr. Davis is out. Who else?


The key matchups will be OFFENSE versus DEFENSE. It is my belief that the team that is able to SCORE THE MOST POINTS will probably win the game. In addition, the team that gives up the FEWEST POINTS will also emerge victorious.

The Colts additional injuries are to Tom Matte, Lydell Mitchell, and Listerine Johnson.

Anybody know what happened to that roster spot armstrong was taking up? I havent seen anything happen since his release.

I don't think we're in trouble with either Tanny or Moore. I selfishly want Tanny to play because he's our best QB but won't be disappointed if he can't go. In any case this game will be won on the lines and I don't think their offense can beat our front 7 on Defense. Does anyone know if Gafney returned to practice?

Lol You`ll do like the nuns in my school did to us right Kris Beat IT Into Them lol kidding, my Dad was a Met fan and so was I for years , but after they split up and I didn t see Dad that much I became a Yankee Fan , Dad was also a Jet fan , I had Joe Namath pajama`s , but after the 72 perfect season I jumped ship to the Phins lol

My great friends,
I have been out of touch for the past couple of weeks but I am glad to see that the Phins and especially Ryan Tannehill are doing so well.
In fact just a few days ago one of the ESPN writers said the Dolphins are a playoff team.
We get a chance to redeem ourselves after our last playoff appearance (NoodleArm Pennington 0TD 4Int) disaster.

Ehh, thanks Armando the Cashew Vendor...I think.

Kris - be careful! xtremewayz7 - is correct it happened to me too! Enjoy when you are able to control it! Then enjoy it when you cannot!

I don't care what Home says,we are going to win this game!

I think indy keeps it close...the only concern I have with that is possibly having to rely on carpenter from long distance for a possible game winner..YIKES!!!

still, the phins defense is more than equipped to hold luck in check with no running game and I think the chances of luck throwing 45-50 times plays to miamis oppurtunistic defensive style of coming away with a couple turnovers...

Offensivelly it would be nice to see reggie get back to running the ball so we can take some shots off of playaction, their defensive backs and safetys arent that scary but are solid enough to make trouble for tanny or moore if we simply cant get things going on the ground...and can charles clay actually do something in the passing game this week!!!

Phins 27
Colts 23

Tannehill needs to play, this is football he's going to be hurt a lot throughout his career and can't let some leg discomfort stop him. I remember McNabb winning a game on a broken ankle, Favre's ironman streak always playing with parts of his body messed up.

Bottom line I think if he plays we win. If Moore plays we lose. Tanne just has those intangibles that Moore doesn't that is what makes him better.

Lets go Phins :D

If Tannehill is that sore then he should sit and just come off the bench if needed , no reason to rush we do have a solid backup, I HOPE, Dolphins should win this game. Will Hartline, be okay and what is up with Marshall, do we need to find another corner or will he be back this year?

24-9! Because what SuperPHIN said last post. RED ZONE DEFENSE!

We all Know Indy is not going to run it in! So that only leaves One Way to the End Zone!

And this Secondary is playing better! And the LB's! Don't have to worry! The Colt's best TE won't be playing. Plus they should be coming into shape! U know with all the time off! No PreSeason! Missed Practices!

Unfortunately Mathis - pass rusher extraordinaire is back & playing for Indy - Tanny wil need to be mobile - need to use roll out pass plays...

Favre's ironman streak always playing with parts of his body messed up.

Posted by: Joey | November 02, 2012 at 03:39 PM

I was thinking the exact same thing about Tannehill. If he wants to survive in the NFL he'll have to play with pain.

Farve's Ironman Streak might not be the best example however. The NFL has put an Asterik next to it reading: Vicodin Assisted!

Just make sure Tannehill isn't pressing to hard just because he wants to play. If the you don't see the mobility, don't chance the young Kids future.

Freeny and his DC will be paying close attention.

The next logical progression I see happening is Team Confidence catching up with Coaching and Preparation.

These players are starting to believe in themselves and in so doing, are buying in to the Philbin and Co. program.

I think these two things come together Sunday. Sort of like the Perfect Storm Cliche.

The jets game wasn't a fluke. It was precursor of things to come. I seriously believe. Unless the Colts are way, WAY better than I think they are, they're getting Manhandled at Home this weekend!

Book it! Just another Day at the office for Wakes, Starks, Solia and Vernon!

NFL LIVE predicts Dolphins over Colts. Defense wins!

I Hope and Xtreme.....

Thanks for the advice.....I'll keep that in mind....


Good post..Both of them.....

That sums up how I feel about the this game....and the FINS in general.....

The Colts should lose by 17.....

Finally respect again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to see the FINS getting some respect @ 4:39....

Now they need to show why they are getting it....

Just win...FINS....

Again, I must stress that the team scoring the MOST points has the best chance at victory in today's NFL.

I have studied numerous game tapes and feel very confident in my assessment.

Running and passing are also crucial elements of offense but we can delve into that topic later.

Hopefully Fins coaches have a plan to keep Luck in the pocket. He can kill you with his legs as well. He did so at Stanford, and has scored a couple of NFL TD's via his legs, in addition to scrambles for significant yards. That's one weakness we had on defense, stopping the QB scrambles. Hopefully that's fixed.

As has been said, we run we win. Luck can't do his thing on the bench.

Go Dolphins!

It's a freaking bruise! When did players become such vaginas? I thought this was a man's sport. Moore is garbage, he couldn't beat out a rook in training camp. Get over it Tanne and be a man about it, rant over.

Hartline injured....what a surprise!

's over Fin Fans.

Your dream dies Sunday as your should-have-been-QB puts on a display of leadership & panache rarely seen, and the Fins slink back to South Florida like wounded skunks.

Tannehill sould absoulty start, there are bumps and bruises that go along with the game, it will only make him that much better and build a better character.

Fins front 7 may be the best in the NFL, Luck will feel the pressure all day. Time for Reggie to step up and run for 150 and at least 50 receiving.
Go Fins




I agree on the Luck Scrambling thing. He's too Smart and Calm back there for us to get undisciplined.

Coyle has to stress staying home and staying in your lanes. If we give him time in the pocket or get squirrely with gap responsibilities, it'll make the offenses job alot tougher.

I don't think this happens though. One big reason is because Dallas Clark is gone and Coby Fleener is out. To me, this makes my coverages a **LITTLE** easier. Thus allowing more attention on Luck! Hopefully anyways.

And ultimately, it comes down to what it always comes down too. Get the heat on the rookie early. Knock him on his a ss constantly and put the fear of God in him. The fear of God or the Fear of a Solia/Starks sandwhich!

Luck is the key though. Because he's such a high pick, people want to give him so much credit. Eff That! He's a Rookie and we can make him play like one.

He's a GOOD Rookie for sure, but he's still just a Rookie. Proof being the fact they were able to beat Green Bay and Minnesota while losing to and barely beating Lesser Teams. He still has some rookie inconsitancies and we can exploit that. We can **CREATE IT** as well, by getting in his face and knocking the snot out of him.

We have to trust that Coyle can game plan it. I'm predicting he can and that Wake and Vernon BOTH get multiple sack games.

I'm not taking the Colts lightly. They're a dangerous team and getting better quickly! But I have confidence in our Guys now. More than I've had in quite some time. I'm looking forward to us getting in there and Kicking Some A ss!

It's a freaking bruise!........... Get over it Tanne and be a man about it, rant over.

Posted by: Carp's leg | November 02, 2012 at 05:23 PM

Okay, I "Get It".... your trolling looking for someone to bite.... But just in the highly unlikely event you actually believe the drivel you have written here, and do to the fact I just finished up a great week and got a nice chunk of cash for it... I'm gonna play along and talk to you.
No... It is NOT just a bruise. It is a deep Bone bruise. Very, very painful and can cause a blood infection. I'd be willing to bet Tannehill would play regardless of pain. It is the Medical staff who will determine if he plays. Not Ryan.
Joe Philbin's job is to give the Dolphins the best chance to win. Miami must be careful with the game. It has all the making of "let down game"... Miami put a ton o emotion and team effort into last weeks win. They could very easily get trapped by a Indy team that is winning and playing well. This game has all the making os a game that would set Miami off and running. Ready to knock off Buffalo and Tennessee. OR, get caught in a "Let Down" game that set them back and starts all the negative talk and collapse talk off and running. How about a little respect for a team that was picked to win between 4 to 6 games all year. Shiznit heads like you just give the whole show a bad name...

ESPN thinks the Colts will beat the Dolphins because of the Colts veterans on defense. Frankly, I'm glad our team is that far under the radar. They didnt even mention our defense, they said the Colts D will "stifle our offense"....really ESPN? I think you had it switched around, and that's assuming either of us even have an offense to stifle, but don't tell me the Colts D is better than ours, shows how little they know.

Tannehill needs to sit no need to play him this guy we should easly beat the Colts with our Defense.

I have no doubt that it is painful, I just remember the days when people played with broken bones. This whole league has become just a watered-down baby version of how the game used to be played. If he really wanted to play he would. I also agree that this is a huge game for them and as the leader of the team, he should be fighting pain even more than anyone else. I have a lot of respect for them and I am just as surprised and happy with this start as everyone else. I am just tired of players being little girls about injuries

Teddy Brushi picked the Miami on NFL Live today. Tighten up MiamiD20.

I think TY Hilton will present a match up challenge.

He's transitioned quicker than anyone thought he would. He's playing pretty well and he's a Smurf type, that's both quick and fast(4.34 - Forty).

So with Smith drawing Reggie Wayne, whose going to be covering Hilton?

I know Wayne is getting old, but he's been playing REALLY WELL as of late. So I expect Reshad Jones will be tagged for putting the emphasis on him.

If we keep Clemons deep as well, that leaves Indy's Backs and TE's on Linebackers all day.

With Wayne being Wayne and Hilton coming into his own, it creates a Conundrum for Coyle! If Carroll and Jimmy Wilson really have been improving, it'll be put to the test Sunday.

My suspicion is that because of this and the fact that Luck is a Rookie, we'll see alot of Man coverages(with Reshad doubling the deep). With some zones(not as much)mixed in. This of course, in conjunction with all kinds of blitzes and pressure schemes.

I would just bring everything we've got right off the bat. Especially if we have any kind of lead whatsoever. I throw everything we possibly can at him and see if he survives. I would make him prove himself on there very first possession! From there I just keep turning it up.

Miami D.....

Do I even have to say it.....

This guy is the ULTIMATE looser @ 6:23....

Teddy Brushi picked the Miami on NFL Live today. Tighten up MiamiD20.

Posted by: Kris | November 02, 2012 at 06:23 PM

Nice product you put out Armando.....


"define Troll????

The better question for you Armando would be....DEFINE INTEGRITY??????

I'll wait.....

The BELOW has been sent to Armando in an email


I am tired of you letting one of your TROLL poster's use my name.....I enjoy great conversations with many bloggers on the site...and MANY of us put up with ALOT of crap from your TROLL just so we can talk FIN FOOTBALL for a few minutes.....

YOU ARMANDO....you once said that SIGN-IN names were OFF LIMITS.....

Well....now i'm asking you to HONOR your word......

Also, people need to get off of Hartline!

He isn't slumping or slacking at all. He came out this year and teams were completely under estimating him. So he promptly tears it the fvck up, at one point leading the league in Yardage.

So, after 3 to 4 weeks of this(and him being the league leader), what do you suppose our opponents DC's started doing? Don't answer that, I will. Tannehill and Hartline forced defenses to sit up and take notice.

That's all it is, plain and simple. Our opponents were leaving Hartline out there in Man coverage so they could spy Reggie Bush and blitz Tannehill like crazy. Every team team we played tried this. Everybody was stuffing the box on us.

It's pretty Kool too. Not only did this allow Hartline to lead the league in yardage. It gave Tannehill some GREAT EXPERIENCE facing NFL pressure! It was all good! A win-win(unggggh, imagine if Carpenter makes those kicks!).

Matter of fact, it was so Win-win, Pro Football Focus has Tannehill as the Best in the Business at facing the blitz! Yeah, Tannehill has the highest passer rating of any QB when facing the Blitz!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

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