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Tannehill listed as questionable, team cautiously optimistic

The Dolphins have prepared as if Ryan Tannehill is going to play on Sunday and expect him to play on Sunday, according to various sources. But there is that tiny bit of uncertainty that remains and is still troubling.

The truth is Tannehill has practiced every day this week. But he's been limited. The truth is he's recovered from each practice well enough to go ahead and practice the following day. But the fact he hasn't been able to do everything troubles.

He's had swelling. He still has pain.

But he thinks it is manageable.

So where does that leave us?

The Dolphins are cautiously optimistic Tannehill will play. But his final status will most likely be determined Sunday morning. That will follow a flight to Indianapolis and a night spent sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. Tannehill will also get treatment in Indy, I'm told.

The Dolphins are prepared to use Matt Moore if Tannehill unexpectedly suffers some sort of setback. Indeed, Moore is ready to go even if Tannehill starts but cannot finish.

We'll see.

The news seems much more positive on defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. He also will be listed as questionable because he's managing a knee injury. But he expects to play.

[Update: WR Brian Hartline is also listed as questionable with a groin/hamstring injury. He was limited in practice today but also expects to play, barring complications.]


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My kid won a contest and will be on the field for the player introductions next weekend vs. Titans. Can anyone recommend a quality/affordable hotel in the Miami area? I live in the Tampa Bay area now. We are bringing the kis so SoBe is out.I'm all ears. i was thinking Plantation or Hollywood are.

Let Tanny sit and watch the vet Moore do his magic.

Miami D.....
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Posted by: Kris | November 02, 2012 at 06:29 PM

Kris, in his case you spell it: Capital "L-O-S-E-R!".

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I don't mean to rain on your parade.....but I think Hartline only led the league in receiving for ONE week....2 tops...

dude just isn't that good when he is the feature man....can he play...YES.....is he consistent.....NO......

and we need consistency.....

The D's cant stack the box against Moore like they do against Tannehill.


I would love to LIE...and say I was EMPHASIZING the "O"....but I wasn't.....

my spelling sucks....plain and simple....spell check should have caught it before I hit post tho.....

Zonk, why not?

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Posted by: Kris | November 02, 2012 at 06:32 PM

Kris, where did you get that? Are you "Quoting Anyone(Ahem...)?"

LOL, it seems like I remember.....ah......someone.......at one time........ah.......make that same exact post(Ahem-lol).

Seriously, NICE POST!~


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The way you responded to that new poster on the previous blog confirms what has been obvious many times over, you are a major azzzzzhole. You are right on the same slime low level of scuzwad oidn.


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We certainly could use a #1 WR. Dont think we're going very far without one. Can we get Brandon Marshall back? BTW, the Bears with Marshall are now the favorites to win the SB.


I guess Moore is a better downfield passer and is better at reading defenses. Watch and you'll see the opposing D's wont stack the line against the run when Moores in there.

I wouldn't say Hartline isn't consistent, I think teams are focusing on him because who else is a threat? Bess is stellar for the first 10 yards otherwise he isn't someone you'd focus on and Gaffney isn't there yet. If we had a #1 receiver, on the other hand, we'd probably have him and Hartline easily over 1000 yards apiece. He was unnoticed until he had that amazing game, now teams take him out of the picture and Bush as well (yet we're still finding ways to win, which shows a complete team -- effort)

I remember when some people (can't remember who it doesn't concern me that much) harped on me for saying the Chiefs were a worse team than the Dolphins. Forget who I asked but someone wanted to swap our roster with the Chiefs when I asked that question...thank god they aren't our GM

I figured that wasn't you Kris in that post on the previous page, someone just trying to stir trouble

Hartline questionable? Well, it means Marlon Moore will have to show his couples catches last week werent a fluke.

While Hartline probably plays, it's a "golden opportuniy" for a young wr like Marlon Moore to prove he's also here to stay. Moore probably recieves more reps than usual Sunday. Hope he's able to make himself shine.

Miamid20, we had a 1 WR as he is proving every week in Chicago, the problem is that hartline and bess are not good 2's, they are good 3's, slots. They can't score tds, and that's why I feel sorry for tannehill, because he still has no one but fasano to throw to in the red zone and that's why the numbers don't show his great strides.


Just which parade would you be raining on?

That post wasn't about how good or bad Hartline is.

The point of it was how DC's were playing him early on. Or maybe even more to the point, how DC's were playing Tannehill AND Hartline.

Early on, a high percentage of the time, DC's were playing man across the board, stacking the box and blitzing the hell out of Tannehill.

Tannehill weathered the storm and started lighting up defenses repeatedly by going to Hartline.

Together they FORCED defenses to play them more honestly or conventionally. Tannehill and Hartline forced them to put a man on him and a safety over the top. This meant they had to back out of the box somewhat and not blitz Tannehill as hard.

This is what accounted for most of Hartline's sudden decline in production. This of course also should/will help open up other things as well.

No Rain, No Parade, No Umbrellas Needed!


I would love to LIE...and say I was EMPHASIZING the "O"....but I wasn't.....

my spelling sucks....plain and simple....spell check should have caught it before I hit post tho.....

Posted by: Kris | November 02, 2012 at 06:48 PM

Thats OK Kris, in this Trolls case, I'm SURE he's "Looser" too.

If you know what I mean............. ;)


Also, on your point about Hartline not beaing the feature guy. I think you're 100% correct. I don't believe many of us thought he was or could be.

But, MOST IMPORTANTLY(I think), he proved that he can be a solid effective no. 2. At least he has in my opinion. Before those few games this year, I had all kinds of serious doubts about him even being a good no. 2.

I no longer believe that. I'm sold on him being a very good no. 2. It's sucks we have to wait, but soon enough we'll have that TRUE FEATURE Receiver. Then Hartline and Bess become excellent COMPLIMENTARY receivers. The way it's starting to look, Gaffney and Moore just might be that really good no. 4 that the really good teams have!

Philbin is too smart to play Tanny, start Moore and Tanny 2nd, let him heal, still got Buffalo and New England to go against. Let Bush earn his money, need to use him in more screen passes, sweeps, and then between the tackles. Going to need a pass rush,good safety play and coverage. Low scoring game, run the ball and keep Colts offense on the sidelines. Dolphins 21, Colts 10, believe me!

F.CK the Dolphins they will lose this week chumps.Your super bowl wishes and caviar dreams get crushed under Colt hooves Sunday.

Inimounts, we had a good 1 WR talent wise, but in no way would he have fit this team. When he wanted out of Denver he purposely acted that way to get out, rumor had it he wanted out of here too and probably was going to start throwing hissy fits if he didn't, and that probably would have effected his play on the field. If we can get a #1 in the draft and develop him under Philbin's system I'll take that over Marshall

For those who like to bet on Football, we are favored by 2 over Indy.

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I neither like caviar nor Champagne. Prefer J&B Scotch Whisky.

Tann is a smart dude, a doc to- be. So if he feels can't play decently enough or that he can risk his health, he won't do it. Moreover, he knows that Moore is a hell of a QB, thus Tann can trust his mate. So whatever the decision is made, we must trust Tann and Philbin.
The Dolphins must run the ball and waste the Colts defensive. Our Defense must put lots of pressure on Luck, and the DB's must focus 'cause there will be many chances to intercept the ball.


Dont you think that you maybe going a little overboard with the Hartline assessments? Remember, this offensive system is more about taking advantage of matchup weaknesses than having a definite go to reciever.

During Hartline's career game game(over 200yds) and the 100 plus recieving game, it was more about taking advantage of what the coaching staff percieved was a matchup weakness. With great success, I might add.

As a whole, we've been fairly effective getting the ball downfield to "ALL" our recievers. The days of a Brandon Marshall type reciever(7-8 receptions per game no matter what) are long gone.

This new offense is about taking advantage of the weak links in coverage, not trying to make a guy a superstar at the expense of potentially sacrificing wins. You can still be very effective as whole in the passing game without having that great one in million superstar reciever too.

Thats currently what we are. We are nicely effective as a unit, far from being completely suckass. Just relax guys, everything will be ok. Gaffney's now learning the offense nicely enough to get into the game and Marlon Moore demonstrated Sunday(Jets game) he may just be on the rise too.

We're a recieving unit, not a one man cog. We've proven this for 3 straight wins now and are continuiing to get better.

Concerning Tannehill:

I have full faith HC Joe Philbin will not start Tannehill if he feels his mobility in the pocket is not upto required par and efficiency. Matt Moore has proven he can efficient enough as a relief pither and game manager.

Still, if for some reason Moore begins to fall flat on his face. I'm sure Philbin replaces him with Tannehill anyway. This is a very important game, Tannehill will start if mobility is great enough, and if not, would come in for Moore if he's falling flat on his face.

Thats just how important this game is.

I'm a little concerned about this game also - I feel more like the hunted than the hunter in this matchup - but I think the Dolphins O and D lines can dominate. If they do - we'll take em.


Two 3rd rd picks isnt too bad for Marshall considering he wasnt viewed by the current staff as the right fit in thier wc offense. With a 1st, two 2nds, and two 3dr rd picks coming in next April's draft. We have more than enough ammo to find what this current staff views as a wr that's a "perfect fit" for the recieving corps they wish to build in Miaml.

I truly believe this. It isnt like we were a Brandon Marshall away from being sb champs this season anyhow.

Pittsburgh Jim,

I'm sure the sting of the winless preseason still rings fresh in our team's minds. Im also sure there's leftover bitter in our mouths from losing 3 of our 1st four games, 2 of which we really should have won.

So in no way do I fel we are the hunted, I believe Joe Philbin now has this eam truly on the hunt. As we speak, extra preparation, focus and sense of urgency is being brought into this game by Philbin to our players.

Believe that they will be ready. Sunday we will be baiting the trap, not falling into it. The hunt is on, Indy is the prey.

I'm afraid I am going to feel sad Sunday.

YG I agree. We have a lot of ammo to make a great team with and Marshall was not a fit for our team, lockerroom, or WCO scheme. If we trade Marshall for what ends up being a young (good) team then I'll take that trade any day

Will Eggnew ever see the field?

Luck will take a beating. Fins win.

Two awesome drafts in a row!

I know Philbin. He is a very intelligent man. Moore will start and play entire game no matter how he does. Philbin will not replace an inconsistent Moore with a slightly sore and injured RT 17. It wont matter anyway Moore will play a great game, he is a dam good QB that knows every aspect of the game. Dolphins 16 Colts 14 in a squeaker.

Thats currently what we are. We are nicely effective as a unit, far from being completely suckass. Just relax guys, everything will be ok. Gaffney's now learning the offense nicely enough to get into the game and Marlon Moore demonstrated Sunday(Jets game) he may just be on the rise too.

We're a recieving unit, not a one man cog. We've proven this for 3 straight wins now and are continuiing to get better.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 02, 2012 at 08:59 PM

Nice post YG!

Gaffney's learning the offense and Moore is coming on strong(Special Teams Demon. Yeah, I think he's getting that good at it).

Anywhoo.......I think it's the "System Too". I think we're getting the first glimsp of our ability to "Plug and Play".

I know we have a long way to go and some personel upgrades needed. But this is an early look at the new Packer-Like offense that Philbin brought with him.

I think that gets overlooked too. Philbin knows what type of players work in this system. That's why he's made the choices he made.

But in regards to Brandon Marshall, I don't think it even mattered. I don't think it was Philbin's choice. The Blogger earlier is right. It's been reported since, Marshall wanted out. He tried it a quick shot and wanted to go to a team he thought would have a chance to win.

That's why we were all freaked out and blindsided when it happened. Marshall didn't want to stay on a team that was so completely re-building. It waswn't even Ireland or Philbin's choice. Marshall said he wanted out. And I think they just considered his past and what he does when he doesn't want to play somewhere and said: FINE! See Ya!

Thats not to say that they didn't take Tannehill and the Diva and influences and all into consideration. Because I think they did and when they realized the price they could get too, they were SOLD!

Either way, it doesn't even matter anymore. It worked out for him and it's going to work out even better for us.

We're STACKED! If you really get down too it. We'll have enough money to sign all of our guys we want to keep and then some. Probably a name free agent too. Then we have all the early picks!

Barring unforseen defensive collapse or barrage of turnovers, I see Luck and the Colts offense scoring no more than 17pts Sunday. My keys to victory:

1. Hold Luck and Colts to 0 or 3pts on thier 1st possession. This keeps the Home crowd or 12th man reasonably silent.

2. Hold Colts to 6pts or less on thier 1st 2 possessions.

3. Score 7pts within our 1st 2 possessions. It will help keep the 7th man(home crowd) on the bench.

4. Get qb hits, hurries, or sacks on Luck early and often. We cant let him begin to feel comfortable in the pocket. Make him have to make higher risk plays.

5. Keep the Colt one dimensional. Shutdown the run game and force unusual number of 3rd and longs.

Finally, I believe as a team unit, we need to find ways to put at least 24pts on the scoreboard to close out a victory. Beit offense, st's, or defensive scores off turnovers.

Thigpen seems oh so close to breaking another long punt return td.Maybe this isthe game where he gets punt retur td #2 on the season.

It would be perfet here because punt return td's on an opponents homefield are definite crowd silencers.

As this point Moore is a better quarterback. He throws down the field more. Throws a better deep ball than the Rookie.Tannehill will be a great quarterback someday but Moore right now is better. You saw it in the Jet game.

Good God Odinstank, why dont you get a hobbie?

A little side note here guys, Strange how Odinstank shows up at 3:58 and Douchie showed up at at 3:55 and have been blogging ever since, ither there waking up together or there the same idiot.

Ban, Hummmmm, I kinda notice that too.
kinda queer(Sorry,Strange) How they appear at the same time.

Matt Moore is 7-3 in last 10 games for Miami when taking most snaps. Losses to New England, Philly and Dallas only during that span. Nuff said.

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The fish get squished under Colt hooves Sunday.Youll now get your wish in an indirect way you will SUCK BECAUSE OF LUCK.

The fish get squished under Colt hooves Sunday.Youll now get your wish in an indirect way you will SUCK BECAUSE OF LUCK.

If Tannehill is OK to go I have every faith that Philbin will let him play, and it won't do any damage long term.

I remember Sparano letting Long play a couple of seasons ago with a busted arm, or shoulder (I may have remembered the injury incorrectly) when the season was already lost, and he has struggled to get back to full fitness since.

I don't see Philbin doing the same thing with Tannehill, and do feel happier knowing that he a) wants to be playing, as a leader would and b) the injury isn't so bad that he automatically out for a while.

I still see us winning tomorrow, but am starting to think it will be closer than I would want for my stress levels.

I just read that Vantae and Darius Butler are both hurt, one out, the other questionable. Might be chances of throwing deep on them.

Hartline probably isn't ever going to be a #1, but it will be interesting to see how the season goes. With Gaffney being a massive (I mean MASSIVE) upgrade over Nannee, and Moore finally showing something, we have 4 legitimate targets for Tannehill. And that is not even including Bush, Thomas and Miller.

Whereas D's were able to just cover Hartline man to man, with safety help over the top, they can't now because we are in a position to spread the ball around more. I hope that means that D's will have to pick their poison as it were, and we can then just beat them throwing to Bess, Gaffney or Moore.

My only worry is the lack of TD's from the receivers, but hope that will improve as we have more options.

We also dodged a bullet in that Coby Fleener is out. Fast TE mother.

Truly, looking over the matchups and injuries I don't see any way possible we can lose this Game except if we give it to them.

Long has always had trouble with speed rushers(see John Abraham) and Indy has 2 of them. This fact might decide in Philbin's mind whether to sit RT if not fully healthy yet for this Game.

If the venerable Mr Sal host of this shindig writes that the chief of operations Joe Philbin is concerned about this game then everyone else should be too.This is the NFL and the Dolphins are not a proven winner yet, over one full season, to think they cant lose a game is very unreasonable thinking.

In the past, the Fins seemed to excell at ways to lose thier games. At present(3gm win streak), the trend seems to have to have shifted to finding ways to win thier games. Beit offense, defense, st's, or a combination of all 3.

At any given time, it seems all 3 units are making contributions to winning. Winning of late, has been a total team effort. No better who the team is, beit fins or any team else, that's a very tough combination for an opponent to beat.

Great teams win championships, not individual stars, everyone has to do thier part.

There are a lot of people reporting TH is starting Sunday. I think the only way TH doesn't play is if the knee gets worse. I would really like to see our RB's win this game against the 27th ranked D and take some pressure off TH.

Superstar teams at times win championships. But great team create a team dynasties. Lets create a team Mr Joe Philbin!

Let the Colts spit the bit Sunday!

Historically, even during the Manning era, teams have been able to successfully run the ball against the Colts. So, I would be stoically surprised if we didnt run for at least 100yds as an offensive unit.

A perfect day would be to run for 135 or more yards and pass for 275yds or more. I also wouldnt be surprosed if Thigpen breaks a k/o or punt return for a st's td. He's been really close the last 3-4 gms.

He has 1 punt return for 70yd td. He's been oh close to breaking another as of late, maybe this Sunday, he agan gets his due. Dont be surprised dolfans, a volcano always gives signs before it finally erupts.

Keys to Victory

1. Run for 135yds, pass for 275yds.
2. Score at least 17 redzone points.
3. Force 2 two turovers.

This formula should put at least 30pts on the scoreboard Sunday. Fins 31 Colts 10

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