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Tannehill listed as questionable, team cautiously optimistic

The Dolphins have prepared as if Ryan Tannehill is going to play on Sunday and expect him to play on Sunday, according to various sources. But there is that tiny bit of uncertainty that remains and is still troubling.

The truth is Tannehill has practiced every day this week. But he's been limited. The truth is he's recovered from each practice well enough to go ahead and practice the following day. But the fact he hasn't been able to do everything troubles.

He's had swelling. He still has pain.

But he thinks it is manageable.

So where does that leave us?

The Dolphins are cautiously optimistic Tannehill will play. But his final status will most likely be determined Sunday morning. That will follow a flight to Indianapolis and a night spent sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. Tannehill will also get treatment in Indy, I'm told.

The Dolphins are prepared to use Matt Moore if Tannehill unexpectedly suffers some sort of setback. Indeed, Moore is ready to go even if Tannehill starts but cannot finish.

We'll see.

The news seems much more positive on defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. He also will be listed as questionable because he's managing a knee injury. But he expects to play.

[Update: WR Brian Hartline is also listed as questionable with a groin/hamstring injury. He was limited in practice today but also expects to play, barring complications.]


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I thought it was pretty funny how Troll was asking how or why you know what Hand sizes QB's have. He even tried to allude to some kind of H o m o crap.

Besides the fact that QB's have their hands measured in college(and the freaking COMBINE for christs sake), it's just common sense. Bigger Hands/better control. I know they're exceptions to every rule, but this one holds true for the most part.

Also, I know were supposedly the same person(lol), but I guess I'll just have to talk to myself. We obviously disagree on Moore. I think he's a GREAT BACK UP and I'd like to keep him here.

But I have a question for you about Moore. Granted he has small hands. He's also had alot of lost fumbles(some because of missed blocking assignments though). But anyways I ask you, do you think the weather has anything to do with his fumbles?

Most of the ones I noticed seemed to have happened when the field and ball were wet. Thats not letrting him off the hook. I think it's a combination of small hands AND wet weather.

What says you?

Nah, you don't have to talk to yourself, odin. I'm here. Not quite sure if Moore's hands have anything to do with his performance, he looked darned good last week. I think it's more Philbin's System.

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To this Day! Even in this Beautiful Country of Ours! We are not allowed to say Certain Things. U can't give people the Liberty to say what they truly feel! Because U Have Clowns that Will Abuse the Word! Worst than they Abuse Themselves!

Oscar and Mr. Young and Gaye Forever!

(Just like U all have a 1001 Caricatures! Dashi has a Million of them!)

It still doesn't give an OLD ZOMBIE and a Young Zombie! like YA'LL!! Reason to Talk about Nothing! On a Blog!

Debo is Good!

My Girlfriend and I just took him for a nice, crisp, Fall Walk!

More like he drug me all over the place Grunting and Breathing like a Penned up Rotweiler!

He's a Good Bu~oy!!!!

Right now, I'm drinking my J&B with Perrier water and I've never felt better in my Life. What do these Drs. know about yourself? Nothing.

What, you fu-k, you gonna talk bad about your Boss on Facebook. C'monnn...

It still doesn't give an OLD ZOMBIE and a Young Zombie! like YA'LL!! Reason to Talk about Nothing! On a Blog!

Posted by: Dashi, Ph. D | November 03, 2012 at 07:48 PM

I hope you weren't refering to me Dashi.

I thought I finally had a real poster to talk too. Moore's hands are as good a topic as any. I've even heard pundits talking about the same.

Also, where we disagree on Moore, we totally agree on Devlin. Well, ALMOST TOTALLY-lol. I don't think he's quite ready yet. But if Moore walks and Devlin gets another off season, camp and LOTS of Pre Season action, I would be fine going forwards.

I think Devlin has the "IT" and under the right circumstances, could/will develop into a VERY VERY GOOD NFL starter. Possibly even a Franchise Type one day.

Check out his History! All the Kid ever did is WIN!


Right now, there's absolutely beautiful Weather in Miami, FL. 75oC, no humidity and not a cloud in the sky. I wish it would remain like that all year, but..... Walk Debo.

Marvin Gaye. Yeah, that's one of the Sounds of Motown Town.


I told them the other day they Measure Ur hands at the Combine! U've seen I've never Made it into a Fruity Thing! Told them Big Hands Are Important To Hold the Ball! Important To Catch the Ball!! IMPORTANT TO THROW THE BALL!

I still have something Cooking to Trump this Argument! So We can all Go Eat Some Whoopers With King Dashi! Have it Ur Way! But I'm Waiting for a Real Counterpoint on How Little hands Don't Matter!

The little Hands And Feet Conversation he Had with his EX! (Told U About personal Feelings!) Had Nothing to do with the QB ARGUMENT! Feed Me some lie that a Doctor Association or Something! Oscar's a Doctor! Doesn't Mean he knows about Testes Size! Even though we Know he Does! Quick Oscar what is the Size Of M&M'S JOCK STRAP?XS>MM?

Some People Think I talk Just to Talk! But It's OK!

On Moore! And How Dashi Really Feels About Him?


The Walking Dead Knows Who I'm Talking To.


Tomorrow is going to be tough. Two teams moving in the right direction. Indy been tough at home. Gonna be close

You are so corny, odin, Dashi, YG. Arent you embarrassed to talk such crap in front of all these Cuban Men and Women, specially the Women? Now, tell me the Truth, do you do it for $ or are you truly such a nerd.

We had absolute confidence is Don Shula to get us through the Humps. Later on in his Career, not that much. That's a beauty from my computer.

What?, YG, odin, dashi not answering. It's not going to be close, bobbyd.

Moore should be the BackUp! The Rest of the Year! It helps the Team and Moore! We didn't do him Dirty! And His Stock hasn't gone Down!

Moore as a QB is Just Average to Dashi! He's not Real Mobile! He Fumbles a Ton! Has a Average Arm! He has Normal Accuracy for a NFL QB! And Takes to Long in the Pocket! Always trying to Go Deep! Another Reason he is Sacked A Lot and doesn't Notice the Rush in his Face!

On Next Year?

This is Where me and U Differ Some Odin. I Believe Devlin is Ready to Go Next Year(Not this Year!)! At Least as a Back Up! Devlin is Only 3 Months Older than T-Hill! And He Is Smart! Accurate! Makes Quick Decisions! And Add to that Moore is Already a 6+ Year Vet Looking For at Least Starter Money! Which Right Now is More than T-Hill!

Wouldn't Make Sense Paying Moore 3 Million Plus a Season.

Now we can Draft a Project in the 5th or Later! 3 QB's Under 25 With Sherm and Philbin Leading them! Doesn't Sound Bad! Not Bad at All! A WildCat QB! (Just Kidding)

But I see the Fins Getting Even Younger Next Year!

That's Why Dashi doesn't see the Fins Resigning Reggie!

We have 2 Young Feature Backs Ready to Play! Dashi doesn't Mind seeing Miller get a Redshirt Season! He Dropped in the Draft Because of a Shoulder Injury He Had Last Year! He will only be 22 Next Year! With a Year of NFL EXPERIENCE! And Thomas is Good as a Change of Pace or Short Yardage!

Miller has Sizzle! But he Doesn't Run Scared Like Reggie! He runs like a Real RB!

Dashi out. Back later

Something I haven't seen mentioned - YET!

Fvcking Indy wants to get Pagano out there in the Stadium somewhere for the game!

Can you believe this shyt? Can you imagine the emotional boost, the spirited play, etc, etc.

I still don't think it matters. I've predicted that we ride our defense to another solid win, 4th in a Row Matter of fact!

But, I said all that to say this: I thoguht Irsay was a scumbag before, but this is Over The Top. Even for this Drunkard!

I'm sure Pagano would like to be there. Who among us, given the same circumstance wouldn't? But the thing is, Pagano is battling for his Life with this Lukemia. It isn't going to go away. For him, this is another circumstance for how things will play out for him.

The thing is though, this was Irsay's Bran Child(or Brain Fart I should say). It was at Irsay's insistance(or feigned insistance)that Pagano is going to try and "Be There" for the Troops!

It's all fine and dandy, but football is a GAME! Irsay, for the reasons of gaining a competitive edge, is playing with this mans life!

If you don't believe me, just ask Pagano's Doctor's if they think he should attend this game down on the sidelines? Or even in the booth for that matter.

Irsay is a Drunkard, Lowlife in my Book!

Now lets KILL the Colts Tommorrow!!!!

Now, don't go betting on anything I said. Remember that Girl that I wanted to fuc- who I gave all the right answers to in that Test and still she failed. Remember,it's all in your Hands. Always has been.


On Devlin, I don't think we disagree. I think you misunderstood me.

I'm saying the same thing. I don't think he's ready this year(Though I think he's close to being ready to be the back up).

Not only do I think he'll be ready for the back up spot next year, I think he'll be ready to give Tannehill some challenges for the starting job.

I'm not taking away from Tannehill, because I think he'll hold him off regardless. But I think Devlin will be right there knocking on the door. It's too bad we couldn't get him some kind of action this year. We know what Moore can do and he's the back up. But if we're ever leading enough and need some Mop Up duty, I would be tempted to give it to Devlin just for experiences sakes.

We have to be Bellichek like in getting some ridiculous picks for our back up QB's. And yes, keep drafting them. Take flyers on those that look like sleepers. Now that we have a staff that can develop players, it would be nice to cash in, in draft picks for some of our back ups!

See, this is exactly the kind of crap I was talking about when I posted earlier. I simply write how sick I am of seeing this constant crap here and one of the leading clowns immediately accuses me of being other people, a troll, etc.

Well let me tell you something, Einstein. This is the ONLY frigging name I've ever used here and the ONLY one I ever will. Your assumptions are as dumbassed as your comments. If it was my call you'd be banned from here right along with all these pathetic trolls so that this was an actual blog for ADULTS again rather than the crapfest it is now, with you being just as guilty of ruining it as anyone else.

You're welcome to the last word. I'm going to try and find an actual football blog for people with IQ's above "melon."

The only hope for Humanity has always been to be taught by some People that lie above them.

Pete, there are a few, and just a few really good posters here. Unfortunately, most of the ones that 'think' they are the good bloggers are either hostile or terribly immature, if not just plain stupid.

Odin always ruins the blog.

You're welcome to the last word. I'm going to try and find an actual football blog for people with IQ's above "melon."

Posted by: Pete | November 03, 2012 at 08:52 PM

Say what you want Pete(Cough(monkey bu-oy), Cough, cough), but I've yet to see a Football comment from you to date.

Yeah, yeah, yeah........save it. You see how that works? The facts, the record or your diarrhea of the Pie Hole.

Which do you expect we'll believe?

Oh Mighty God In Heaven, what we wouldn't give for this guy to find some other blog..........to ruin(of course).

BTW - My Smoking Hot Little Hottie is just about finished with her shift and I'm going to sing and play another Love Song for her when she gets here.

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Odin = Head troll

Anyone who has seen a picture of odin knows that nothing that can be considered a hottie would give him the time of day.

Could be his idea of a hottie is a toothless, strung out 62 year old.


odin is the only pathetic slouch here than needs to convince others he actually has a date.

the rest of us act like we've been there before, and have no need to try to impress anonymous bloggers we've touched a girl recently.

Odin has a Mark Sanchez poster above his bed.

We all know,

Sorry to disagree with you. Odin has a Pee Wee Herman poster above his bed.

For 3 years Odindouche insisted Henne was our franchise QB. LOL

The problem is there are maybe 3 or 4 posters that continue to respond to odinslime despite his endless puke posts, and they encourage him to keep coming back. Armando should ban him and the blog would be better.

Notice how the blog always goes into the toilet when odin arrives.

Who would win? Bama vs Dolphins

Could be his idea of a hottie is a toothless, strung out 62 year old.

Posted by: Shazaaaam! | November 03, 2012 at 10:50 PM

-Yeah, except I don't hang out in the Rainbow Room and I don't think you're Hot.

Old, Toothless and Strung Out? Definitely. Hot? Not Quite ;)

odin is the only pathetic slouch here than needs to convince others he actually has a date.

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the rest of us act like we've been there before, and have no need to try to impress anonymous bloggers we've touched a girl recently.

Posted by: kree | November 03, 2012 at 10:59 PM

-I notice you didn't say: Woman. And we don't even want to know why, we don't believe you anyways.

The Liitle Boy at Game Stop is more like it. Ring any bells, Huh(Don't forget to notify the Court of any address changes)?

BTW - How long have you had that fantasy about being a Preist anyways, you Freaking Sicko? You post about it ENOUGH!

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Life is GOOD!

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Does anyone need any more proof odin is blog scum?

kris? dashe? you're lives are so pathetic you need football strokes from this putrid pathetic being?

Guys, dont feed Odin troll!!!

I wonder what games this Dashi character watches when Moore is at Quarterback , if you don t like the guy just say so , don t make up crazy stories about fumbles , and being in accurate , I swear the guy is as accurate as I`ve seen , he puts the ball right in thier hands its like he`s handing it to them , how Gaffney dropped that second one that should of been a touch down is beyond me he led him perfectly it fell out of the sky right into his hands and he dropped it, I think it was too perfect , I think he went to reach for it and knocked it away , if hed of just cupped his hands it would of stayed in them it was that sweet a pass, So from now on Dashi if you don t like his looks , or his attitude or his name what ever the hell it is just say so , don t say its these imaginary flaws, that only makes you look stupid!!


I must admit the Dolphins will get annihilated today but I am still proud of these strapping young men. Kris I hope you eat the mango from my rectum as we give thanks for the bountiful gifts our GM has bestowed upon us. My bulge is large and mighty this season. It requires constant milking and more than a few posters have shared in this.

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How I cherish the special moments we share. Please observe my massive equipment as I display it for you to gaze upon and savor.

Both young men come from football families and are experts in moving their lips but saying little. So it’s no surprise that Luck didn’t take the bait when asked this week about last fall’s win-by-losing “Suck for Luck” campaign.

“I wasn’t too fond of that idea,” Luck said. “I’ve never believed that fans should encourage their team to lose.”

Well thats exactly what the Colts did to get you Andrew Luck "suck 4 luck" .., cause you can tell look how much better they are this year. No way they should of only won 2 games last year

Tanne to start...according to NFLN....


That's good news Kris, shows some toughness and desire from the kid

Where are the picks from the writers?The colts are going to win this one and bring the season back into proper perspective.

I found the picks everyone is on the Phins except Cote.

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