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THE key to the game on Sunday 'no question'

In this matchup between the Patriots and Dolphins there are two numbers that stand out that speak to the relative position -- the strengths and weaknesses, if you will -- each team is enjoying and suffering.

Turnover margin.

The Patriots are an astonishing plus-24 so far this season. That's the best in the NFL.

The Dolphins are at minus-10, which means they have turned the ball over 10 more times than they've collected turnovers. That ranks Miami tied for 27th in the NFL.

"I wish we were better, no question about it," coach Joe Philbin said.

Philbin definitely wishes the statistic is better on Sunday when the teams meets. If the Patriots play as they have and don't make mistakes while the Dolphins play to their turnover stat and give up one or two, that's a bad day for Miami. It makes the likelihood of winning much less probable.

"We’re playing a team that’s plus 24 and we’re minus 10," Philbin said. "That pattern is not good; that can’t continue on Sunday and be a good thing for us. So we have to do a great job of ball security and find a way to take the ball away from them. That’s going to be a key to the ball game, no question about it."

The Dolphins number is not good but it is much more attention-grabbing when compared to New England's plus-24. The next closest teams to the Pats are Chicago and the Giants and they are at plus-13.

Tom Brady, for example, has thrown 421 passes and has only three interceptions.

"It’s something we talk about a lot," Brady said. "There’s nothing more important than possession of the football. Our defense has done an incredible job taking it away. The offense has done a great job of keeping the ball away from the defense. It’s a point of emphasis every day in practice. It’s a point of emphasis going into every game, like most teams.

"It’s probably the one stat that correlates to winning and losing more than any other. It’s good that we’re in the plus-20s, but what we’re trying to do is get the edge in this game. Nothing that we’ve done this year means anything going into this game. We have to go out and try to put together a good performance this game. Hopefully we’re ahead in the turnover margin in this game as well."

Brady's care for the ball on Sunday must be matched by Tannehill who so far has have four times as many interceptions (12) in nearly 100 fewer throws.

“That’s impressive," Tannehill said of Brady's interception number. "When you’re able to take care of the ball like that, throw accurately and throw for that kind of yards and the amount of touchdowns he has, to go along with that, it’s impressive. I think he’s continued to get better and progress throughout his career and hopefully I can learn from that."

Why do the Patriots have such a good turnover margin? More importantly, why don't the Dolphins?

I blame part of it on the Miami defense. They don't catch interceptions. I can think of five interceptions they've dropped this year. That would cut their number in half. And Miami's running backs have lost five fumbles compared to only one by the Patriots.

"I believe they are the best in the football at protecting the ball offensively, so that’s a real credit to the players and staff," Philbin said. "Number two is they’re second in football, one behind Chicago I believe, at taking the football away. They catch the interceptions; they knock the ball loose on fumbles and come up with the ball. They do a great job. It’s impressive."

Better not be on Sunday if the Dolphins hope to win.



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And youre sooooooooooooo stupid you still dont understand what troll means. I mean can you actually be that stupid oris that just more of your act oscar? I mean home or whatever else you want to call yourself.

The Dolphins can make it a game if they can get their running game on track like they did against the Seahawks. The best way to beat Tom Brady is to keep him on the sidelines as much as possible. New England will pile up a lot of yards but if we can cause 1 or 2 turnovers and play good red zone defense, limiting them to FGs, we have a chance. Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!

I see Home is still banned from the Exodus Blog. Guy just "Doesn't get it"...

Winning or losing against NE will not bring about the end of the world. What is important in this game and the rest of them this year is what this season should have always been all about. Growth, Progress and determining the direction that Mike and Joe feel the core players are capable of moving.
I have read several comments over the weeks and some say "We have been rebuilding for 12 years".... Nope, that is 100% incorrect.Every time a coaching staff or a O or D-co gets cut loose, the time vested in they're playbooks, there systems and the people they brought in to run the same is squashed... it is over. It is clock-reset to ZERO hour.

As much as I question some of Ireland's moves. Ive also seen some damned good ones.That isn't the issue however. The issue is that the moment we whine Jeff out of his position.... WE basically are saying "Reset the clock"... Then the "Boo-Bird" and "Whiners" take to the air wondering "WHY we are not an instant SB contender"... Much can be said for the discipline and wisdom of continuity. Regretfully, fans don't want to hear it... they want it all NOW... "Fire um all.... and we'll go to a SB with the new guys"... PfffffT....

I would ask this before the game Sunday. "Did I purchase Season Tickets, did I cough up $3K on the 4 Club seats I've owned every year since 1970 save for the Strike/walkout year of 1987...? What exactly do I have invested in the Miami Dolphins besides watching them on free TV and reading the papers and accounts of the game while I berate them on a Blog?

Ask THOSE things... then try and defend the over the top harsh brow beating some give the team. Along with the never ending negativity some drag down fans who love the team no matter what with. If you're not invested in THEM... What makes you think they should be invested in YOU? And further more... what make you believe a paying customer cares what you think?

Funny how no one complains about the OL when Matt Moore plays.

Wondering, I have the answer for you. The internet is world wide...Google it up and you'll see...I mean...How stupid can you be?? LOL!!!

Hey "ian"can't wait to see your new sign in name. I wonder what unclever name you will come up with next? I hope you are going for lunch and you choke on your pb and j. You dont want to be attacked? Dont f***ing attack my team on a team site. Its that simple. But continue to bash my team and I will be here to tear you down. Happy hunting!

What are Canadians doing on a Miami blog?

There are no blogs in Canada or anywhere in between. LOL

We need another big game from Clay...We need our o-line to step it up...Time for Jake Long to have a good game...This would be a great time to do it...I mean, does he suck this year or what??

I really dont know why people are focused on where a fan is from.. lets talk football..

That is exactly my point. If we already give Welker a 10 yard cushion, by the time we close in for a tackle he will have already picked 5 or 6 yards and that could happen all afternoon long. Playing at the line could add pressure up front just like Wilson did when he was allowed to blitz. Brady has a great arm for the long ball but can also get rattled when pressured and the best way to pressure him is up front. He can and will pick our young secondary apart at every opportunity so lets not give him the opportunity and play "in your face" football. We all say its a losing game we are playing this week based on the not so good performance we have seen lately and then again there have been times where we looked pretty good.

Shula 73. Last year there was this guy named Colombo, terrible. I complained about the OL all year and I also complained about his fumbles. RT is the future, gotta let the kid play and learn. Moore is solid backup, possibly more.

That also goes for everyone that complains about Martin. Is he a dominating? No. Was he the first tackle taken? No. Is the position in a better place this year than last? Yes. Will he get better/stronger? Yes.

"Ian"no Canadians or Sentinel bloggers are attacking you. I am a regular here and Im tired of your crap. I will be posting under different names, hiding in wait just like you. I know all of your names and Im on to your game. Youre not going to be allowed free reign over this blog while Im here. Apttack our team and I will be there to set you straight. You dont like that, its simple, leave and never come back.

Boy, a lot of boneheads here today...mike, are you really that dumb?? I mean, stop skipping high school and get an education dude...You're completely clueless...Armando, do you really want to keep idiots like that on your blog?

Bah! Turnovers change from Game to Game.

mattyb, no kidding...Some people here have serious maturity issues...No question...

Shula73/home/oscar youve already said that about moore. Its a joke you have used under your other napmes you pathetic pos. No one complains about the oline because theyre too busy complaining that a 7 year vet sucks so bad stupid.

Apparently LB Rolando McClain will get released by the Raiders today...Talk about a bust...He was drafted what, 16th or something? Yikes...

And theres oscar! What a surprise. You are such a mess, so sad for you.

"Its funny no one complains wh"...... Yeah it wasn't clever the first time you wrote it. Neither was it funny the second or third yet you keep writing it as if youve discovered some big secret. You know nothing about american football and your stupid predictions are based on 50/50 guesses so youre really going out on a limb there. Just stop being so stupid and leave. Regroup and come back with some new material moron.

Hey Frank Tanana,

I wasn't saying Moore is getting old, I was saying that Tannehill is getting the same results that Moore was getting record wise and beating good teams while he is only 22 and still scratching the surface. it is true that Moore did not beat one team with a winning record - that is a FACT.

In addition, Moore got the benefit of Bush getting the lions' share of his stats in Moore's starts. ANDDD, the defense played like a top ten unit in the 2nd half of the year but did not in the first half.

ALL BEING SAID, my point is only A COMPETE MORON would say that going with Moore right now would be the right thing to do with this franchise rather than a guy six years younger, with better physical tools and better smarts than a guy that is six years older, hasn't proved anythingn against sny team even remotely coming close to relevance. He crapped the bed against Dallas, Philly, NE among others. he's a good backup but no way I put my franchise in his hands.

The Dolphins ran the ball effectively against the Seahawks, the#3 defense in the league against the run...Why wouldn't they be able to do it against the Patriots??


3 + outs 4 rt = 6 points 4 brady.

It's time for this o-line to MAKE A STATEMENT... This is the perfect time to do it... Against a powerhouse like the Pats...

Chad Henne will be here to lay the smack down on Jeff Irelend in 17 days.

Its funny how busy the blog is with supposed dolphins haters until home/oscar/aloco/2 watt/clue/score/reality starts getting called out. Then poof, its like magic, the moron hides and the blog gets better.

Henne's team signed Babin and immediately moved him to the top of the depth chart.
Sounds like Mularkey took a suggestion from Henne.

Montreal, McClain was actuallya top 10 pick the same year that Pierre Paula dn Earl Thomas went in the teens.

Drafted #8 I believe.

Lots of haters here with nothing else better to do...When the Dolphins win, this blog has on average 5 or 6 pages...When they lose, it has between 12 and 13... Some people here need to get a life...

M.Moore 2012----QB rtg. 96.6.
Hennehill 2012---- QB rtg. 72.2.

oscar,who is u'r new pal?

Its not just Brady that is part of the winning equation for the Pats.Its the players that they get to compliment him.Bellicheck is without question one of the best period.The notion that when Brady goes so go the Pats is generally true especially if Bellicheck dosent have the same passion to build another winner(get another QB that is a winner)

Yeah, Dense, Joe Philbin is as dumb as the rest of us, and chooses Tannehill to be the starter. Yet, you know know more than him and say Moore is better.

Go get your shine box

To blame the qb for jake long allowing his man to beat him off the snap shows how pathetically stupid you are. Try again dummy.

Posted by: home is where the crap lives | November 29, 2012 at 12:08 PM

I never mentioned any such thing so guess who the stupid one is?

Pssst...he's staring at you in your mirror.

Friggin moronic bloggers here.

Mark, really? I remember him being a first round pick but I didn't think it was that high...Boy, talk about a wasted pick...It makes you wonder if it's really the player or that coaching staff...I mean, nobody is playing well right now in Oakland...They had a few guys who were playing pretty good before like Huff, Seymour, etc etc...But now they suck...The season is far from over and if this keeps on going, Oakland could end up with the first overall pick in the draft...That new GM and new HC will have some explaining to do...

Dense r us, another new name for the moron. Jackass? Those stats represent a veteran qb on a team with brandon marshall and a 4th year coach compared to a rookie qb on a team who just replaced its entire coaching staff and changed schemes on both offense and defense. So what youre saying is moore who is a veteran has better stats than a green rookie in his first year. WOW! YOURE A GENIUS! And youre suggesting Moore who has no future in Miami should start over a rookie when the team is in the process of finding a franchise qb. BOY YOURE REALLY KNOCKING EM OUT OF THE PARK TODAY! honestly, do you see how ignorant you are?

Sean Smith is the best player on the team and Brady will pay.

Imagine when J Lo says to Ross, "Steve who did we trade Henne for?"

Ofcourse the out of touch out of towners never watch an actual Phins game live so they only rely on news paper box scores or you would have seen,

Ya, Montreal, that whole AFC West save Denver should be relegated. Talk about having a cupcake schedule. Denver was pretty much born into the playoffs this year and will get a 1st round bye from having six free games on their schedule. Nobody will know how good Denver is or not until the playoffs.

If you swapped Denveer and Miami in that Division, we would win easily.

Anyways, Oakland is bad, real bad but they won't get the first pick because KC is a sorry excuse of a team. Remember when Oakland V KC was a marquee matchup??? Long time ago my friend ....

What is $580 millions as compared to a LifeTime?

oscar, w/ 580m, u can chiz in king abdullahs gold toilet.

Hahaha, matt Moore's offense scored ten points in that game Home (Dense).

And I bet I've seen more Dolphins games live than you even though you're 28 years older than I am.


moore = 10-1

Lol its exactly what you said only youre too stupid to understand your own moronic posts.

Posted by: oscar is a fool | November 29, 2012 at 01:06 PM

LMAO! Buy a clue for yourself idiot or a reading comprehnsion course!

I wasn't even talking about Jake Long LMAO!!!!!!!

Did you happen to fail special ed class?

You are an ignorant, incompetent fool & trust me, IT SHOWS!

You know what's funny too Oscar is a fool, is that it's your posts now being deleted because you are an ignorant, uncomprehending doucher with a dozen names.

Buh Bye moron! Hit the road troll & don't let the door hit ya on the a** on your way out!

I guess Dense 'R' Us doesnt know that there are such things as TVs that you can watch the game live on...
I go to games guy, maybe not as many as you can claim you go to.
Compare Matt Moores rookie season to Ryan Tannehill's..
Matt Moore the starter last year that did a good job coming in when Henne got hurt, was getting beat out by Garrard, and then when Garrard went down, got beat out by Tannehill.. Dense R Us knows more than Dallas, Panthers, and the Fins though..
If a 5 yr vet in the NFL cant beat out a rookie QB that started only 19 games in the NFL then hes a back up. When he has played one game this year at QB when Tannehill was hurt, he did his job.. The defense and ST's had us on our side of the field all game long that day.. The offense should have ran smooth with JaMarcus Russell running it..
No one is saying MM isnt good.. he is a good back up QB. Yes he will go somewhere next year and compete to start.. but the team he is on will always be looking for that franchise QB and will get replaces again like he did in Carolina and Miami..

A. Mark in Toronto
b. Craig M in Toronto
C. Oscar is a fool
D. All of the Above

This poll has a margin of error of +/- .01%.

Obviously, most of you People don't think as I do. I wonder who is right? Time will tell.


Sean Smith is the veteran leader of our defense.
However nothing is his fault, because i said so.
If i grew 8-9 more inches and even had just 5 lbs of muscle on my gaunt body ......

Wow. I try to come to this blog to talk football and share opinions on it, and all the Tina what I see is a bunch of people calling each other names and arguing about nothing. It has become really boring. From time to time you get a couple of good and interesting comments, but for the most part it's just insults. Don't think I'm coming back...

Tannehill has been just horrible. Why Philbin continues to start him is puzzling when Moore is far better...and young also. Sparano got fired for leaving Moore on the bench and Philbin will also if he doesnt make the change.

Wow. I try to come to this blog to talk football and share opinions on it, and all the Tina what I see is a bunch of people calling each other names and arguing about nothing. It has become really boring. From time to time you get a couple of good and interesting comments, but for the most part it's just insults. Don't think I'm coming back...

Posted by: jtlawson5 | November 29, 2012 at 01:27 PM

Does anyone have a tissue?


Home @1:31 is from NE. Hahaha, out of touch, out of towner!!!

Yeah, Fin 77, you're more astute than Philbin too

Imagine when J Lo says to Ross, "Steve who did we trade Henne for?"

Ross will reply "shutup and just give me more money."

Lol Fin 77 Sparano didnt get fired for leaving Moore on the bench.. Moore wasnt on the team the season before when he was getting replaced while still the head coach of the Fins.. Why do you want to put Moore in? So the team can win maybe 2 more games to put the Fins at around the 20 pick mark when we clearly need game changers on both sides of the ball. To stunt the growth of the QB that will be here next year? So that Moore can beat the Jags and Bills.. bc his record doessnt have him beating winning teams..

theres his prob there.. he should be asking J LO for something but not money lol


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