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THE key to the game on Sunday 'no question'

In this matchup between the Patriots and Dolphins there are two numbers that stand out that speak to the relative position -- the strengths and weaknesses, if you will -- each team is enjoying and suffering.

Turnover margin.

The Patriots are an astonishing plus-24 so far this season. That's the best in the NFL.

The Dolphins are at minus-10, which means they have turned the ball over 10 more times than they've collected turnovers. That ranks Miami tied for 27th in the NFL.

"I wish we were better, no question about it," coach Joe Philbin said.

Philbin definitely wishes the statistic is better on Sunday when the teams meets. If the Patriots play as they have and don't make mistakes while the Dolphins play to their turnover stat and give up one or two, that's a bad day for Miami. It makes the likelihood of winning much less probable.

"We’re playing a team that’s plus 24 and we’re minus 10," Philbin said. "That pattern is not good; that can’t continue on Sunday and be a good thing for us. So we have to do a great job of ball security and find a way to take the ball away from them. That’s going to be a key to the ball game, no question about it."

The Dolphins number is not good but it is much more attention-grabbing when compared to New England's plus-24. The next closest teams to the Pats are Chicago and the Giants and they are at plus-13.

Tom Brady, for example, has thrown 421 passes and has only three interceptions.

"It’s something we talk about a lot," Brady said. "There’s nothing more important than possession of the football. Our defense has done an incredible job taking it away. The offense has done a great job of keeping the ball away from the defense. It’s a point of emphasis every day in practice. It’s a point of emphasis going into every game, like most teams.

"It’s probably the one stat that correlates to winning and losing more than any other. It’s good that we’re in the plus-20s, but what we’re trying to do is get the edge in this game. Nothing that we’ve done this year means anything going into this game. We have to go out and try to put together a good performance this game. Hopefully we’re ahead in the turnover margin in this game as well."

Brady's care for the ball on Sunday must be matched by Tannehill who so far has have four times as many interceptions (12) in nearly 100 fewer throws.

“That’s impressive," Tannehill said of Brady's interception number. "When you’re able to take care of the ball like that, throw accurately and throw for that kind of yards and the amount of touchdowns he has, to go along with that, it’s impressive. I think he’s continued to get better and progress throughout his career and hopefully I can learn from that."

Why do the Patriots have such a good turnover margin? More importantly, why don't the Dolphins?

I blame part of it on the Miami defense. They don't catch interceptions. I can think of five interceptions they've dropped this year. That would cut their number in half. And Miami's running backs have lost five fumbles compared to only one by the Patriots.

"I believe they are the best in the football at protecting the ball offensively, so that’s a real credit to the players and staff," Philbin said. "Number two is they’re second in football, one behind Chicago I believe, at taking the football away. They catch the interceptions; they knock the ball loose on fumbles and come up with the ball. They do a great job. It’s impressive."

Better not be on Sunday if the Dolphins hope to win.



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mattybfromNC , sure he did. Sparano got fired for wasting 4 years on Henne. If he started Moore from game 1 last year we wouldnt have started 0-7 and Sparano wouldnt have been fired.

Imagine when J Lo says to Ross, "Steve who did we trade Henne for?"

Ross will reply "shutup and just give me more money."

Posted by: LOL | November 29, 2012 at 01:37 PM

Come on Home, don't hijack my name too. You turd for brains!


Pats 55
Fins 6

I guarantee you that J Lo likes it when her man is a total azzwhole to her and then after watching her beach about it for a few minutes, he grabs her head and pushes it down. She likes submission.

seahawks def = 3rd vs passing
= 8th vs rushing

gaytriots def = 29th vs passing
= 10th vs rushing
YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!
YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!
YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!

This franchise is such a F'N mess its comical.

Donald Thomas, an acorn someone else (NE) picked up and made him a starting lineman.

Nat Moore such
YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Ill put my c o c k down JLo mouth and let her choke and swallow my load

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Wade Smith is still starting somewhere in the league too. Donald Thomas was an alright player that I thought we gave up on so fast. I mean, he had a good rookie camp, got hurt, came back 2nd year, was average, cut third year. Didn't make much sense to me then. Sometimes it takes time to develop.

LOL (from earlier),

Again with the f8cking reading comprehension! Are you really that stupid or just can't read. I NEVER said Sparano should have been given an extension. What I did say coming out of the lockout that it made no sense to change things up the way everyone wanted it done, INCLUDING Ireland and Henne. When it became clear last year that it wasn't working under Sparano and Henne, I came to the conclusion that both should go.

So AGAIN dipshyte, stick to facts rather than making things up and stick to being the President of the Ryan Clady fan club!


This is some funny stuff right here ...

FIN 77
so you think that the owner and GM flying out to meet Haurbaugh while Sparano was showing him that he had job security??
The only way Sparano keeps his job last year was if they won the Superbowl. Moore wasnt getting them there.

I think the ONLY chance the Dolphins win Sunday is with lots of carries from Daniel Thomas. He must go over 100 yards and grind it all day, keeping Brady and company off the field. Our defence nneds to be perfect too.

It has long been a proven adage that if you have a plus-2 turnover advantage on your opponent you will win the game 80 percent of the time. If you have a minus-2 explosive-play advantage it equally leads to winning about 80 percent of the time. If you have both you win close to 95 percent of the time. No other statistical combination that you can control has quite the same rate of predictive success.


-2 ex.?

phinz - 25. 2nd 2 last.

So much for you having any idea about football.

Clady is improving while Long is regressing. Clady gave up fewer pressures the year he gave up his most amount of sacks YET, had half the amount of pressures.



TO everyone except Canadians! Stick to hockey blow hards!

Posted by: LOL | November 29, 2012 at 12:00 PM

You didn't say anything about Long? How is that possible when I just reposted your own writing in which you speak directly about Jake Long? F***king hopeless dolt.

kc is last. the phinz should b pixing 2 in da draft,

I've been reading through all the posts from this morning were everybody seems to feel our Secondary doesn't match up well and I happen to disagree. Sean Smith plays well Vs. bigger WR's as he showed against L.Firzgerald and AJ Green. It's the smaller quicker guys that have burned him. I expect to see Smith on Brandon Lloyd all game with the key match up coming from N.Carroll and C.Clemmons. Carroll needs to jam Welker disrupting his timing on those underneath routes he runs and then gets the YAC with Clemmons providing deep help.

The TE's are minus Gronk with A.Hernandez running on a bad wheel and believe that DB savvy Coach Koyle will have R.Jones patrolling the seam routes across the middle like he did to the Jets Keller. When they go 2 TE it will be Vicente Shancoe out there whom these very Fins LB's matched up with well the last time we saw him in a Vikes uniform with better WR's in P.Harvin, S.Rice and A.P. running the rock so I'm not overly worried about him.

The Pats this Yr. have gotten it done with the run game and TE play with only really Welker helping out in the WR department, some of you make it sound like were playing the 07 Pats or something?? This is a different team that was taken into the 2nd Qrt. by the Jets depleted Secondary scoreless before turn overs swung that game with the quickest 21 points I've ever seen and the Jets going in the tank after Sanchez inexplicably runs into his own RG's backside fumbling a ball which the Pats would score on sending the Jets reeling (doesn't take much at this point)once down by 21 that team knew Sanchez wasn't going to be bailing them out of that hole, PERIOD!!

You go back and watch the games the Pats have lost and you'll see that when they can't run and have to do it in the air they are beatable. Their game with the Cards proved this when they were handled up front. So again the keys to the game will be our front 7 stopping the run with some pressure and eliminating Welker from the game keying on him and those underneath routes he tends to turn into loooong plays and we may not win but keep it interesting.

Key To Victory Over Pats Sunday:

Mexican mafia kidnaps Tom Brady 15 minutes prior to kickoff and padlocks him inside of one of the stadium's janitorial closets.

Here is the full list, in order of largest decline:

1. Seattle Mariners (MLB): 51.4%

2. Cleveland Indians (MLB): 38.7%

3. Houston Astros (MLB): 36.1%

4. Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB): 32.0%

5. Dallas Stars (NHL): 23.2%

6. Oakland Athletics (MLB): 22.6%

7. Detroit Pistons (NBA): 22.3%

8. New York Mets (MLB): 22.0%

9. Baltimore Orioles (MLB): 19.7%

10. Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL): 19.2%

11. Washington Wizards (NBA): 19.1%

12. Milwaukee Bucks (NBA): 19.0%

13. Miami Dolphins (NFL): 17.1%


fax jax. soon the fish will b #1 in this cat. and i mean nobody will b at the joe,
not even the clueless knucklehead out of towners will go.


Did you get the memo? Pats pumped in 49 points against the Jets without Gronk. Julian Eddlemon has becomes a serious Brady weapongd in his own right.

2 Huge problems:

1. Defense will struggle to hold Brady below 30pts.
2. Its nearly inconcievable our offense puts up 30pts.

2 watt, decline of what?

what other nfl tema on dat list huh.?

Wade Smith is still starting somewhere in the league too. Donald Thomas was an alright player that I thought we gave up on so fast. I mean, he had a good rookie camp, got hurt, came back 2nd year, was average, cut third year. Didn't make much sense to me then. Sometimes it takes time to develop.

Mark in Toronto | November 29, 2012 at 02:15 PM

This decision by Sparano has miffed me for years now! I also felt there was alot of upside in Thomas who is a very athletic kid who was talked on the Football field in College were he was playing Basketball and just needed some seasoning but hey we cut Ninkovich and Walden as well because guys like Spitler were better! If Ireland isn't the best talent evaluator then Sparano was the perfect double whammy as a lousy judge of potential and worst even incapable of Coaching the talent at hand.


Only chance for victory Sunday is if Tannehill becomes possessed by the spirit of 1985 Dan Marino and the time clock rolls back to the 1985 Bears.

Yeah the Pats put up 49 on the Jets, they also lost to the Seahawks and Cardinals. They aren't invincible. They have a better overall team, I don't think anyone will argue that one.

I do think the Dolphins have a shot though, all comes down to pressuring Brady and not turning the ball over. Both of which can be done.

Honestly expecting a decent day out of Tannehill. Pats secondary is weak even with the addition of Talib, so the passing game might be able to put up numbers. Hopefully Clay gets involved in the offense again.


The tale of the tape on Donald Thomas was:

Pros--- Extremely strong at the point of attack

Cons--- Cant get to the 2nd level in run blocking; average at best pass blocker

Considering this, Donald Thomas would be absolutely great to have if every offensive play was 3rd-4th and inches.

If he was cut, this means 31 other nfl teams saw any trade value in him. There you have it, the tale of the tape.

Good read F4L@2:44. The only problem I see is Brady starting with a couple of deep balls, and that would change the game plan. If our secondary could play press and jam the receivers and disrupt routes it would work. But then again can our LB's contain the the middle and cover the short crossing routes?????
Taking away the run and putting pressure on Brady is the way to go but at what expense. Brady will tear us apart if our secondary and LB's miss their assignments , which they do every now and then.

1. Defense will struggle to hold Brady below 30pts.
2. Its nearly inconcievable our offense puts up 30pts.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 29, 2012 at 02:50 PM


I've been debating Football with you a long time and respect your opinions but I've seen the Pats play a few this Yr. and caught the Cards game on NFL rewind. They are doing alot in the run game for the 1st time since Cory Dillon retired and it's paying dividends in reaching back to what won them their S.B.'s. Out of these RB's Vereen is the more dangerous player but Woodhead is great at disappearing in piles then popping out 5 yards downfield while a threat in the pass game as well.

If our front 7 can contain them and pressure Brady our Secondary can play with this pedestrian WR group which yes has Edelman as a slot player but feel we can match up with them if our front 7 can do the job. From your post I gather you were eating Turkey or something during their game in N.Y. The Jets held it scoreless till midway through the 2nd Qrt when it looked like an old fashioned Div. game then in a span of 50 seconds the Pats put up 21 with the last 7 on that ridiculous play were Sanchez ran into his RG fumbling away a TD. After that if you were watching the Jets flat out quit on Rex.


I know its possible to beat the Pats, I just dont trust this defense. Drops too many ints and too often allows opposing offenses to recover forced fumbles.

Now, if surprisingly this defense gets consistent pressure on Brady. Force and recover at least 1 fumble, and come up with at least one pick. Then all that would be left is to not allow a Pats st's score by the Pats.

The also would need to close the deal by putting up at least 24pts. The final score could then read:

Dolphins 24 Pats 20

If all of these things happen. Remember, you heard it first here.

YG4E, Brady is 100% healthy and has a 1200 yard rusher on his team. No chance we hold the Pats under 42.


Espn showed a breakdown on why the Pats run game had suddenly become powerful. Its was the run blocking of Gronkowski. They were showing how not only how he was a beast in the pass game, but was probably the nfl's best run blocking te's too.

They show repeatedly how Gronk made key blocks that sprang Pats runners for great gains. So with Gronk out, not only does the pass game slip a notch, the run game will too. We catch a slight break defensively with Gronk out.

Nothing to get overly excited about though. Because even with Gronk out the Pats are still a great offense with Brady flicking the switch. Just that theyre even greater with the Gronk element in play.

pats score 108 pts.
last 2 .
not a typo.

Our secondary has to play at the line , disguise blitz's, pressure the QB but at the same time coverage down field is a must. Traditional play from the LB's and secondary will not work, there are more weaknesses than strengths in those two areas. Coyle would have to come up with something new. Maybe use some different formations with different players (Vernon,Spitler and Shelby). BB has not seen too much on tape of these guys and they might bring something new into the game to throw him off his game plan.

if we don't put pressure on brady (and we never do) he'll shredd us.

We we're awesome at pressure Sanchez last jets game But since then nothing. What Happen!!

I think the real welcome to the NFL moment was in the first game on the first sack and (I) got hit pretty good. I came to the sideline and looked at Matt Moore and said, 'Well, that's my welcome to the NFL.'"


"I have great teammates and they make it easier for me. They're out there fighting every day, working to get better, working hard in the games to win games. I just go out every day (and) try to get a little bit better each day, learn from every rep I get, whether it be in practice or in games and just build on it day-by-day."


as a player, you want to increase your stock as much as possible and go as high as possible. I knew Miami was one of the teams that was interested. Did I know that Miami was going to take me? No, but I wasn't totally surprised." .

Taking away the run and putting pressure on Brady is the way to go but at what expense. Brady will tear us apart if our secondary and LB's miss their assignments , which they do every now and then.

Opti/Pessi Mist | November 29, 2012 at 03:05 PM

Here in lies the problem because your right and we would have to play a mistake free gamen on the back end of the D. The Pats on the other hand have to play their brand of Football which they've gone back to this Yr. giving Brady play action with a pass game predicated on a pseudo West Coast with alot of short timing routes.

I watches their game Vs. the Broncos earlier were Manning put his team in an early hole with Int's but later mid 4th Qrt. he brought them back within a score and the Broncos pinned their ears back with the Pats inside the Denver 40 and sacked him twice in consecutive plays before McGahee on a 4th down play catches it and goes out of bounds a half yard short at mid field were the Pats pull away on a drive were Vereen was running all over the D. It's easier said than done but Brady can be very mortal when under pressure continually.

I hope we win. But are we not the same team that got blown out at home against Tenn?

Opti/Pessi Mist | November 29, 2012 at 03:05 PM

By the way interesting handle.

YG, I hear ya, but I trust the D more than the O : ) I don't know why they can't hold on to picks, it has been like that for a few years now. They are capable of holding their own though.

Welker might be a big issue in this game (always a concern anyway), but with the current CB depth Welker will get some favorable matchups. With that said the new CBs they signed have played decent, but Welker is Welker and he has that Brady guy throwing to him.

Pats Losses:

20-18 Cards win. Pats missed game winning fg attempt with in final seconds. Brady was 28-46 for 316yds, 1 td. Brady was sacked 4 times( Calaise Campbell 2 plus 7 tackles, Sam Ocho 1, Quinton Groves 1). Brady also was picked once by Patrick Peterson.

Ravens 31-30. Justin Tucker kicks game winning fg with seconds left to play. Flacco also probably played his best game of the year. Going 28/39 389yds 3tds, 1 int.

Sehawks 24-23. Russell Wilson found Sidney Rice behind the secondary for a 46-yard touchdown pass with 1:18 remaining, and the Seattle Seahawks rallied for 14 points in the final 7:31 to stun the Pats.

At that time it was a matchup between the Pats No. 1 ranked offense and the Seahawks' No. 1-ranked defense and turned in to a starring performance for Wilson -- and a shocking rally.

Wilson was 16-27 293yds 3 tds and no ints. We would need a a very similar effort from Ryan Tannehill to have even a chance to win Sunday.

Pats have a weak secondary. I wouldn't be suprised if Tannehill does have a big day. Especially if Clay is able to make an impact again. If he plays up to his potential he would become a big asset for Tannehill.

From my 3:40 pm post:

In all 3 Pats losses, it shows you have to play a near flawless to perfect game to beat these guys. Stll then, you only win, by the skin of your chinny-chin-chin.

You can play near perfect and still have a chance to lose to these guys. The oh so close scores these Pats lost by fully indicates this.

All 3 Pat losses were basically by 1pt only. Cards won by 2pts only because the Pats went for 2pts on a failed extra point attempt.

We do have to play, easily our best overall game of the year, just to beat these guys by 1pt. LOL

Yeah they haven't been beat down by any means. Tough team, Dolphins going to have to play a great game to have a shot.

Brady is too accurate and too smart to lose to the Phins secondary.The Phins pass rush is once again not good enough to stop Brady.Mr.Ireland knows only an elite pass rush will stop Brady, yet has not improved the pass rush position in several years.
This is why the Phins will lose.

milk and cookies... thats right because Cam Wake was brought it to bake cookies for Jeff on weekends...

You can have an opinion and bash the guy, but at least don't do it blindly...

The Patriot wide receivers are professional and well chosen to compliment Tom Brady and the dbs on Miami are bottom of the barrel.
No competition and an easy win for the Patriots.

You didn't say anything about Long? How is that possible when I just reposted your own writing in which you speak directly about Jake Long? F***king hopeless dolt.

Posted by: oscar is a fool | November 29, 2012 at 02:41 PM

LMAO STILL? It was referring to clady & the QB's you midnless twit! What a friggin dumba**!

Long is regressing while Clady is progressing!

Do the blog a favor simpleton, SHUT THE F()* UP & YOU WONT LOOK SO DUMB!


All I want for Christmas is to share milk and cookies with Joe Philbin, and Don Shula.

I can't let this go LOLOL Oscar is a fool is dumber than a bag of rocks!

Clady's sacks are DIRECTLY attributal to Tebow/Orton.
I made NOT one mention of Long in that regard.

HOLY SHY& YOU ARE DENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Oscar is a fool could read something that isn't there.

Oscar is a fool is a bigger fool than Oscar!

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