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Patriots can sometimes erase homefield advantage

The stands will be filled at Sun Life Stadium Sunday for the first time in long time. The game is sold out. And barring a late wave of no-shows, the Dolphins are expecting up to 71,000 people in the seats.

Yep, New England at Miami is a big deal down here.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, about 20,000 of those seats will be filled by Patriots fans. The Dolphins expect their fans will fill approximately 50,000 of the seats while the rest will go to New England fans.

Let's face it, the weather is beautiful in South Florida this time of year so some Pats fans have obviously made a long weekend out of this game. And, of course, their team is really, really good, not to mention very entertaining.

But before you out-of-town guys that only rarely attend a Dolphins home game start calling out local South Florida Dolphins fans for their inability to fully fill their own stadium, please stop.

Think about this:

The video below shows it could be much worse.

The video below also shows that sometimes local fans that actually do pay to go to the games feel they have a right to get their money's worth. And when they don't get their money's worth, they can get very angry and even turn on their team.

The video below was shot at Met Life Stadium, home of the New York Jets. The video was shot at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Jets and Patriots.

The Patriots basically dismantled the Jets. And Jets fans, expecting a good performance from their team, turned on the players they had spent money to see. The Jets were down 35-3 at halftime and as they headed to their locker room to regroup, the locals ripped into the players. The Patriots eventually took home a 49-19 victory.

It was ugly. (It was also beautiful, in my opinion, if you get my drift).

Anyway, the point is the Patriots are a dangerous team. They travel well, especially this weekend. They can play so well that the locals turn on their team.

So the Dolphins have to be wary of this Sunday. Playing well would obviously be a cure for such behavior in the stands so maybe the Dolphins can deliver that and make the point moot.

Here's another thing: The idea of opposing fans making up a big chunk of the crowd at Sun Life is not new. I remember during the early 1990s, Bills fans would travel in droves to Sun Life for late-season meetings between the Bills and Dolphins.

It got so obvious and the Bills would play so well at Sun Life that Buffalo players started calling it Rich Stadium South.

And that was during much better days when the Dolphins were in the playoffs practically every year and even went to the AFC Championship game. So this is not a new phenomenom.

As to the anger and vitriol spewed by Jets fans against their team, that has happened here also. Think back to 2007. The Dolphins were 1-15. Folks were very, very angry.

What we have now is not anything like that. Many fans have moved on from that kind of reaction. Many are simply staying home and waiting for the team to start winning again before returning to the stands.

At least that's more pleasant for the players than what you see below:



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dashi stop collecting my taxes and get a job!

they played quite a few late games last year monte...night games and 4;15 games didnt improve attendence either..but i do understand the heat cancer problem for some but they do have a large shadow section in the stadium that masks some of the heat enough to where its pretty cool and Ive seen some ppl bring umbrellas and battery powered coolers and fans so that helps...

The Global Warming has made it much worse now then it was years ago. It is brutal in there. They need a new domed stadium.

they did last year at the texans game...they were small but effective...and saw a few at the denver game carrying umbrellas and fans...just sayin

THE LG OR OG! Because the Job is the Same on Both Sides!! The Guards Help Both The Center and The Tackle!

If the Fins Are Only Making Jake Cover ther Perimeter AS U Say(Which is ignorant by any Coach)!!! The LG Has To Cover Long on the Inside!! Whether it's a DT or a DE!! Depending on the Scheme!! Or A Blitzing LB!!

Dashi | November 27, 2012 at 02:00 PM


On pass plays the LT holds the resposibility of the edge rusher, period! It's why they call it being on an Island much like the one on one CB. On the sacks Long has given up he's been beaten cleanly one on one by his man which for a supposed elite LT is inexcusable. Go back and watch the highlights, if you do you can excuse his play in Houston given all the stunting the Texans do in pass rush but Vs. the Raiders it was inexcusable moving forward from there it has been a recurring theme with him and it was something that was becoming obvious last yr. as well (THANK SPARANO HERE).

Given in today's game 90% of teams play in a 3/4 Cogs has been responsible for the DE with Long playing the OLB which is what Freeney is playing today as well when he owned Long in week 9 to give you another example but Vs. the Raiders 4/3 scheme he was beaten at will by a guy named Shaunessy whose a scrub anywhere but in Oak. You say he's responsible for helping Long as much as Pouncey with the inside rushers or catching the free blitzer and again I say your dead wrong. In that case every team would stunt the OLB inside the LG or blitz the MLB in that spot blowing up the RB or FB with a Safety coming as well.

I understand you rather get started on the LB's and I don't disagree especially if Te'o were to drop a little like Kuechley did last yr. and fall in our lap. I would then take Eiffert (TE) RD-2 and with the other RD-2 either TJ McDonald or Eric Reid (S) looking at the Central Michigan OL I mentioned RD-3 but if I can pry a #1 from someone for Long even late RD-1 with a shot at one of the TEX A&M Tackles I would without giving it 2nd thought.

Then after resigning Starks and S.Smith (yes not great but at least better with Koyle) I would take the 40 to 45 Million we have and sign M.Wallace or G.Jennings. I happen to like because of the route running and speed Wallace more for the money but Jennings would be the best we've seen since Fryar left back in 96 while still under 30. I believe the players I mention which are all attainable makes us better immediately. Especially with a MLB that will bring over 10 tackles a game who can actually play in pass coverage. Did you see Koochy last night about the only bright spot on the Panthers racking up 12 tackles in a 3/4 and some on here believe the 6 tackle a game 4/3 Dansby is good, please!!!

Please F off, cant u see I have a date soon


Yea Ub40..Ive never brought one to the stadium so i wouldnt know...but they are pretty small so sneaking them in wouldnt be a problem...

The Fins should investigate moving into the new Marlins stadium. That is a state of the art facility with AC and a retractable dome.

I dont care what miamis expecting sunday...NO WAY 71000 are showing up to this game...i'd be shocked if even 40000 showed up honestly...

Hey, there wont be 30,000 at Sundays game INCLUDING the 10,000 Pats fans.

"Tebow save us!!!"

I dont care what miamis expecting sunday...NO WAY 71000 are showing up to this game...i'd be shocked if even 40000 showed up honestly...

superPHIN | November 27, 2012 at 03:13 PM

Probably much closer to the truth, I remember back in 04 when Wannstedt stepped down after a 1-8 start that the Pats came to town in Dec. as defending Champs who would eventually win that yrs. S.B. as well. I was at the game with my Bro in law and there were more Pats jersey's in the stands than Fins Jersey's. It was the game we broke out those ugly orange jersey's and shocked the Pats at Sun Life. It was my S.B. that yr. and alot of fun watching all the Pats fans leaving the Stadium quite while getting an ear full from the faithful but agree with superPHIN here this time it maybe 20,000 Fins and about 30,000 Pats fans at the game max making it practically a home game for them in good warm weather.

Pats fans often fly to Miami to see their team because they cant get tickets at home. The weather is a plus also.

Reportedly the Dolphins have already laid off marketing people and ticket salespersons due to lack of demand.

I have no friends

I come here to fulfill that void

I am the lonesome loser

No secondary, no pass rush, QB who throws lots of interceptions playing a team that decimated Andrew Luck.
Will be a long day.

Ross is happy to take the Patriots fans money from Romney country, after all Ross is a Republican in need of cash flow from the Phins.The teamis 40%leveraged and the lenders like to see this and if the lenders are happy so is Ross.

verdad and others

Miami does have a lot of Hispanics that really could care less about the Fins..went there this Sept with my wife who is Hispanic and her family down there looked at me after the game at a party that evening when I was wearing my fins hat and sd "we like the Miami Heat"

It was ridiculous more people didnt show up..pd attendance was 52,000..I read ...I know it was 1pm game
but at 75 and sunny..I mean we've been there numerous times in Sept over the years and the weather was 90 and humid..we brought portable battery operated fans with sprayer attached and suntan lotion and water with us..we dealt with it...

But..was good to see the Fins step up and DIG DEEP and beat the Seahawks and their idiot coach Pete Carroll, who I remember gave the choke sign at a game in 1992 against the Jets that the FINS won eventually..you all remember what I'm talking about??

Anyway..we need all the fan support we can get on SUNDAY..the FINS feed off of it..SERIOUSLY...if we pull this out..which is a distinct possiblity..anything is possible?? Pats DE is suspended this week and Gronk is out..best chance to beat these guys..cause at season end we see them in NE..probably a loss, more than likely


Tony in MD

i was wondering how much does it cost to buy season tickets for the dolphins in good seats

10 bucks in the parking lot

With fans like that, no wonder Fireman Ed retired. Yeesh.

I'm glad we Dolfans have more class. We don't yell - rather we pay to have a "Fire Ireland" sign flying over the stadium instead. lol

I attended games at old Scheaffer stadium in Foxboro, Mass. during the late 1980's Victor Kiam era where there were as many empty seats at Pats home games as there are currently at Phin games.

Pats have been really good for over a decade now and they have developed a national following that was not present in 70s-90s.

Over that same 25 yr period when Miami was a perennial power - with Shula-Zonk-Griese passing the baton to Marino and Marks Bros - 1000s of Phin fans would fill vistors stadiums in the AFC east. The Phins were a team with a large national following in the north-east and even Canada.

Tides have turned and the Dolphins are a team with a largely ambivalent regional following in south Florida and diminishing national fan base. The national fan base started to diminish once Marino retired and the team slipped into mediocrity and worse.


The house cleaning has begun in Philly, they just cut Justin Babin one of the better pass rushers in the NFL. I believe Babin who started and played well last night rushing Cam must have been extra critical of the Coaches ect... for this shocker of a move. The Pass rush needy Fins need to jump all over him and would be a great addition

Go Miami!

After the Titans game I was watching the players go into the locker and die hard fans that I know and respect were yelling insults at the players. I got really pissed at them and cheered on the players. Jets fans are some of the worst in the NFL and as a New Yorker I would know. When we bought 200 tickets for the Jets/Dolphins game we were the only people left in the stadium at the end.

Still, as an out of town fan who usually only gets to two games a year (one home and one in NJ) I think it's really depressing we can't fill our stadium. And when I go to games I can't even sit in the club level because 90% of the people in the club seats could care less about football and get mad at me for standing up.

Ahhhhh how wonderful it is that the jets are showing there true colors

Man now what are the patriot going to due to us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hopefully we can slow them down a little bit and get some hits on Brady and contain there high flying attack

We must run the ball that's for sure

The pats are going down I can feel it maybe break out the orange jerseys I think so goooooo miami

Orange Attack is on.

Babin is 32 and has gone from 18 sacks to 5.5. The eagles didn't just cut him for no reason. His is sinking like Jake Long.

At least Babin is 32. Long is only in his late 20's.

Well, it used to be season ticket holders could sell some tickets at a premium especially the top teams. Today season holders cant give them away for free.

Long is more worried about putting up a Christmas tree instead of perfecting his craft dont believe me just check his twitter picks

Why not just forfeit the Pats games?

It was ugly. (It was also beautiful, in my opinion, if you get my drift).

lol. Very funny. And you know what? I hate the stinking Jets but I hate their fans much more. And the video just proves that they are lowlife classless pieces of crap. I wish the players would get some of their names and then go boo them at the drive thrus they work at. "Booooooooooo you suck, food took forever,,,boooo you should be ashamed,,,,,booooo I pay for this crap? boooo"!

And the Jets have been far better then the Fins winning 4 playoff games the last 3 years. 15 years since the Dullfins won a playoff game lol

I dont get paid 11 million dollard to "perfect my craft" my Jake Long does, so his fat a s s needs to be pushing some sleds not putting up Christmas trees leave that to his previlidged wife.

Hey, all I can say is its a good thing the Dullfins dont play in NY! HAHA

Also, talking on the point made about out of town fans that barely come to home games. F*&K THAT! We're the best fans you guys have going for you!

You think it's easy being a Dolphins fan in the heart of Jets and Bills country up here? Try walking around in Dolphins gear in NY, people always yelling at you.

Yeah, you guys have it so tough down there. I mean I was sympathizing A LITTLE with the part about people not wanting to pay for an inferior product. RIGHT UP UNTIL THE POINT ARMANDO POINTED OUT that BILLS PLAYERS CALLED MIAMI RICH STADIUM SOUTH!!!! That was back when the team was in contention talks every year and you people still didn't fill the stadium?!

Sorry Miami fans the truth is out, you're bandwagon and you're the worst kind, only going to games if your teams are the best in the league. You didn't even come out when they were fighting for playoff spots and division wins in the early 90's! So I guess what your saying is you will go to games if you're assured they will be in the super bowl? WOW! Armando you totally contradicted your own point in there! lol :)

Who cares about the crappy Dolphins when we have the WORLD CHAMPION HEAT!

I did the math. The Dolphins have an 8% chance of winning this game Sunday. Seriously, the only way they get close to winning is if they get constant pressure on Brady because they certainly aren't going to match them td for td. Have to keep them to 21 or fewer to have a shot. I have a feeling the half time score will be close to 21-7 so they will have to play perfect in the second half. Not holding my breath.

odin went out of control, again. Borderline?

That video was pure gold

Phins 78. everyone loves a winner. No one likes a loser. We're all bandwagon fans. Thats life bubba.

It is priviledged not priveledged. How many times am I to say that English Language is not written as it is spoken. Just to teach something.

The Dolphins aren't nearly as bad as the jets. Even when the Jets won those playoff games they backed into the Dolphins handled them fine.

Just proves my point about Jets fans being clueless and classless. I write one thing about Jets fans and not 2 minutes later some Jets fan chimes in.

Do you know how absurdly pathetic one must be to hang out in another teams blog that much? rofl,,,what a f&^*ing loser.

Super Bowl Championships
MIA (2) – 1972, 1973
NYJ (1) – 1968

Super Bowl Appearances (6)
MIA (5) – 1971, 1972, 1973, 1982, 1984
NYJ1 (1) – 1968

AFC East Divisional Championships (16) (1970–present)
MIA (14) – 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1979, 1981, 1982², 1983, 1984, 1985, 1992, 1994, 2000, 2008
NYJ (2) – 1998, 2002

Bwaaahahahahahaha freakin pathetic Jets. Hey how is Giants stadium working out for you, looks like it's been great over the years. Hey maybe some day your team will grow up and get a stadium all for themselves! The team sucks so bad even fire man Ed quit on them and he gets free tickets!!!! lmao

That's your life. There are many of us who root for our teams through thick and thin. I hate Jets fans but at least they show up and sell out their stadium. And look at their history, nothing compared to the Dolphins. Even when they were an after thought the fans rocked the stadium.

I dont know, odin, they don't have the Jets but they have those frigging G-Men.

Clue just go watch the Heat. That's the safe ticket for you guys down there because they will probably win another championship with their store bought team. The Yankess of the NBA, what an accomplishment.

Uh how are they any different the people on this blog shouting off at each other and the team (me included). Is this the first time you have seen upset fans at a sporting event. Sorry Mando this happens in all sports and all teams that have been playing poorly for a long time.

phins 78, its more fun watching your team win then watching them lose every week. Fact of life.

I thought Phins 78, Redsky, Darryl Dunphy, Armando were from down here.

Phins 78.

Why continue to buy a crappy product? It makes no sense.

Who the h e l l is trolling my name?

go finsssssssssss

i am coming to fl to watch my pats vs my fins ,



Nahh, the difference beteen Hatred and Envy is sometimes indivisible.

Phins78, The Heat owner is a far better owner then ROss and how can you hate on him for putting together a great team fukkin scumbag

oscar, these are out of touch out of towners that are clueless. they dont pay to go to games but they want us to? Can u say hypocrite? lol


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