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Patriots can sometimes erase homefield advantage

The stands will be filled at Sun Life Stadium Sunday for the first time in long time. The game is sold out. And barring a late wave of no-shows, the Dolphins are expecting up to 71,000 people in the seats.

Yep, New England at Miami is a big deal down here.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, about 20,000 of those seats will be filled by Patriots fans. The Dolphins expect their fans will fill approximately 50,000 of the seats while the rest will go to New England fans.

Let's face it, the weather is beautiful in South Florida this time of year so some Pats fans have obviously made a long weekend out of this game. And, of course, their team is really, really good, not to mention very entertaining.

But before you out-of-town guys that only rarely attend a Dolphins home game start calling out local South Florida Dolphins fans for their inability to fully fill their own stadium, please stop.

Think about this:

The video below shows it could be much worse.

The video below also shows that sometimes local fans that actually do pay to go to the games feel they have a right to get their money's worth. And when they don't get their money's worth, they can get very angry and even turn on their team.

The video below was shot at Met Life Stadium, home of the New York Jets. The video was shot at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Jets and Patriots.

The Patriots basically dismantled the Jets. And Jets fans, expecting a good performance from their team, turned on the players they had spent money to see. The Jets were down 35-3 at halftime and as they headed to their locker room to regroup, the locals ripped into the players. The Patriots eventually took home a 49-19 victory.

It was ugly. (It was also beautiful, in my opinion, if you get my drift).

Anyway, the point is the Patriots are a dangerous team. They travel well, especially this weekend. They can play so well that the locals turn on their team.

So the Dolphins have to be wary of this Sunday. Playing well would obviously be a cure for such behavior in the stands so maybe the Dolphins can deliver that and make the point moot.

Here's another thing: The idea of opposing fans making up a big chunk of the crowd at Sun Life is not new. I remember during the early 1990s, Bills fans would travel in droves to Sun Life for late-season meetings between the Bills and Dolphins.

It got so obvious and the Bills would play so well at Sun Life that Buffalo players started calling it Rich Stadium South.

And that was during much better days when the Dolphins were in the playoffs practically every year and even went to the AFC Championship game. So this is not a new phenomenom.

As to the anger and vitriol spewed by Jets fans against their team, that has happened here also. Think back to 2007. The Dolphins were 1-15. Folks were very, very angry.

What we have now is not anything like that. Many fans have moved on from that kind of reaction. Many are simply staying home and waiting for the team to start winning again before returning to the stands.

At least that's more pleasant for the players than what you see below:



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I think I will put on some Jimmy Smith now. Walk in the Wild Side.

Yup. The Guy can swing.

The Jets arent nearly as bad as the Dullfins. 4 consecutive losing seasons for Dullfins.

"The Pats have been on some role since Brady took over @ QB in 2001 so it shouldn't come as a surprise that their fans continue to support them. I can't even imagine what it would be like to see us win one SB..." WHDP...I saw us win two...would have been more had we kept Shula around a little longer.

WhoTH keeps on callig my phone #? I don't know your #. Talk to me here.

The Dolphins are garbage.

"The Jets arent nearly as bad as the Dullfins. 4 consecutive losing seasons for Dullfins."...You are what your record says you are and the record says you are in last place Troll.

What is a Polecat? We like to learn new stuff.

Mando, GREAT WORK posting that video!! LOVED hearing the fans rip on those loser players.

You be careful now, Jesse. I am radioactive. Wish no harm to fall on you or anybody else.



True the Jets are having a down year. But the Dullfins are having a down decade!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Scotty I agree to a certain extent but you're ignoring part of my post in trying to make your point.

I clearly stated, following what I know AND what Armando reported, that Dolphins fans didn't even fill the stadium when they were perennial contenders.

So yes, you shouldn't have to buy the product now (even when fans all over the country sell out their stadiums for teams who suck now AND have no history but I digress) because they have been mediocre for a long time. Agreed, I'll give you that.

Now answer why fans in Miami didn't go to games even when they were good. What's the excuse there?

I went to college near Miami and had season tickets for the 4 years I was there. 1990-93, I used to see fans from other teams fill sections and it's the only place I've seen that since then.

Whatever, no biggy, beach, clubs, sunny weather, fans travel to Miami for vacations, I get all of that. But just own it already, Miami fans are bandwagon. It's not a bad word, it is what it is, the truth. There are a million excuses why and I don't really care about any of them.

Sign jason babin for some more pressure to put on brady.


babin is awful

Clue, get a clue for a change. Basketball is WAY different than football. You need 3 great players to be a championship team. Please don't compare basketball owners to football owners. Basketball is a joke imo. And thje owner didn't do s&^t. Pat Riley is the man who made all of that happen. And Lebron "the King" as he likes to call himself was in cahoots with Bosh and Wade about creating a dream team. Wade had other suitors in Chicago and elsewhere, so did Bosh. But they all talked and decided to play together so they could win a championship.

You know there is a salary cap in basketball so why would you give the owner credit for something his vp and players did all on their own.

I would expect being a Heat fan you would know all of this. You must be from Miami,,,just like I said, bandwagon.

"True Dolphin fans live in South Florida and are also Heat fans. These out of town Heat haters are pond scum."..305...Thats that cheap brand of cigarettes aint it? Basketball is a boring game.Never did like the game much.Growing up in south Florida we played baseball and football year round.

Phins 78,

Would you go to see a movie that had terrible reviews? Not me. BTW, The Dolphins always sold out when they were good.

Aloco/Oscar,,,,,,1-15. That was your prediction.

I said 7-9. Kris said 11-5. I don't remember DC saying 11-5 but maybe you're right.

But that's besides the point. You were WAY off. You know the saying, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

Aloco/Oscar and the 1000 other names you use. Who gives a f&*k what you think? You can barely speak English and certainly can't write worth a s*&t. So do you think anyone in here listens to you or even takes you seriously? You're the blog joke. LOL

Maybe the Ireland boycott plus the terrible home schedule and losing team are all factors in the pathetic attendance. People are tired of wasting their money.

Hahaha I know what you're getting at "Scotty". But we will have to agree to disagree. I don't let other people tell me what to do. Why would I listen to some strangers opinion of a movie? Do we all like the same movies? NO So why would I take a strangers advice?

Same with food. Fake Aloco works in a fake kitchen, I bet you some of his fake customers like his fake food and some of his fake customers hate it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I like to make up my own mind instead of being lead around like some mindless cattle.

I'm not sure, but I think the lack of attendance at Dolphins Games is due to them not being a consistent Championship Team. Successful People like to associate with successful Organizations and if they have to drive from Key West to Sun Life Stadium to do it, they will. Did you see any empty seats at AA Arena during the Heat's Champioship run?

I used to be a local (and a season ticket holder). I remember attending an AFC Championship game with the Bills and it wasn't sold out! Are you kidding me? That wouldn't happen anywhere else!

So if the team is 6-10 Phins 78 thinks they're good? YIKES!

I like how all the people who say they don't want to waste their money hang out in a football blog 24/7! ROFL

I mean if money is so important to you shouldn't you try to make some? Or better yourself by starting a business on the side or going back to school? Naaahhhh Keep hanging out on the net and complaining how you don't want to waste money. Too funny! Gotta go, enjoy not making money all night while you waste time talking to strangers. Sheesh.

Enjoy your dinner Phins78

There is a huge amount of $ in Miami, many of sons and daughters of successful Cuban and Venezuelan businessmen. It'$ there for the taking.

Awful he is 3rd in the league with 36 sacks the past 3 years. How do you get awful?

how do u "get" awful easy, get injured and old

I wont buy another Dolphin ticket until Ireland is fired. Enough is enough. I KNOW the guy is incompetent.

Listen, pal, Miami is a glamour City. You don't have a successful, glamorous if possible Team, you don't belong here.

...The video is both hillarious, and sad.

It is hillarious that it is the jets, and they should be heckled for being the jets. In reality it is sad. Is someones life so pathetic that it makes them feel better to act in this manner? Are these fans lives so inconsequential that screeming you suck at a group of proffessionals(I know this is questionable with the jets) as if their input is going to magically change anything. It is mighty big of these fans to scream and yell from the saftey of the seats. I'm sure with out the 20 light beers in their bellies the braveness would quickly become cowardness should one of these fans say this face to face away from the saftey of a stadium, or cameras..

Really, what is the point? If you feel that as a fan you paid your money, you can say what you want..Fine. Free country. I'm just asking what this accomplishes other then making yourself look and sound like an idiot.

Hey, Phins 78 is probably eating crap food for dinner. He likes crap.

Mando, will Ireland look at Jason Babin?

Not a very good video refernece in my opinion. Valid point with the article but the video is like 2 or 3 idiot fans doing what idiot fans do best, (especially in NY...I mean NJ...I mean, ANYWAYS) make idiots of themselves.

Go Miami

Just to let you know that from October 1998 to December 2010, the Dolphins had 100 straight sell outs. This is a football town. We have just been suffering with mediocre team for a long time. You can't blame the fans for not spending $ 85.00 a ticket to see a bad product.

...I think that if the team where in a better position as far as a playoff seed is concerned. Babin would be well worth putting in a Waiver claim to see if we could snatch him up. 5 million for his contract at this point though? I don't think it makes sense.

One it would be a rental ssort of situation(IMO) Yes we would be able to offer a contract(Only after the year is over..If I am right about waiver pickups..any help?) So it may be worth waiting for free agency to see if Babins services may be available. (If the team even has any interest)..

Babin is a good player, he would be a good pickup for a team in better shape to make the playoffs. If the team believes we are still "really" in contention. Maybe they will make a play.

Babin is better than most of the dilphins d.

Local fans attending home games in any city when thier team is losing is about a 40/60- 50/50 proposition. 40-50% will still attend games and 50-60% will not.

So guys, when saying "LOCAL FANS" arent supporting the hometeam with gameday attendance. Remember, 40-50% are, no matter the team wins or not. So it isnt fair to the 40-50% "LOCAL FANS" who are still attending games even though the team is losing, right?

Also, for very longtime that the team was losing, we were still selling out the joint. So, mired so long in supporting a loser, it isnt exactly fair that you insult those fans either.

But you know what really would be a fan-actic atrocity? If the team had become a solid winner and the stadium wasnt selling out. Then you "out of towners" would have a legit reason to rip local fans.

Until this happens, please, just give a break already. Because it makes you sound like poor old saps that look down on others just so you can feel better about yourselves.

Actuall when I posted 40-50% of the local fan are attending home games. My figure is off. Its really closer to 65%, when considering the stadium holds 77,000 and 40-50,000 local fans are showing up.

Funny, these out of towners ripping Miami fans DONT SUPPORT THEIR LOCAL TEAM!! BUT THEY RIP US!! HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!

I moved down to Miami from NY. I cant support the Dolphins I'm a Jet fan through and through. I think there are more Jet fans in S Fla then Fin fans.

The Pats are going to come in here and try to intimidate the Phins. They aren't afraid of penalites on the Defensive side of the ball because Brady will bail them out. I have watched about 5 over their games this year and they really come after people and they play very very dirty. There is a lot of pushing and shoving after the play and a lot of teams have guys get hurt.
And the larger issue is that refs don't call squat against the Patriots. Lets hope they get stupid and we stay smart. If there is no retaliation, there will be no penalties called at first and then the refs will call the Patriots.
Their D is pretty good as well. Not the greatest but very tough.

Everyone loves a winner. You put a bad product on the field, no one goes. You win, people show up. No one wants to spend a day watching un-entertaining teams. There maybe those "die hards" that go no matter the circumstances, but for the most part winning puts people in seats. Its the same in every "sports town."

Alot of times I read all the posts and go with the line of conversation between bloggers. It's gotten to the point I sometimes skip Mando's post altogether but felt as a born and raised Miami guy to lean in on this one!!!!!

1st of all the Bills referred to Miami as Rich Stadium South as a slight on the Fins given we went from THE INAUGURATION of JRS in 87 till 91 without ever beating them at home we would then in the Shula era (ended 95) beat them only one more time at home, FACT!!!!!!!!

This after Miami had beaten the Bills in 17 straight games or 8 and a half year stretch from the late 70's into the late 80's!!!

The Rich Stadium South thing was more about pride in swinging the pendulum of POWER in the AFC East than anything else.

I was a long time Season ticket holder in the OB and didn't buy in JRS because of Robbie's 40% hike in price which some old enough may remember but can tell you as someone who sat plenty in the East endzone at JRS that many a Bills fan got his A S S kicked and they new better back when it was like that for real.

The Bills 17 in a row wasn't even our Div. record given during that span I believe we beat the Pats more times in a row and when they finally beat us at home back in the 80's I remember them ripping down the goal posts like it was a Championship or something.

Our only real competition were the Jets who always had a large group in the OB on the visitor side and the East Endzone but always sat together and for some reason or another always had game for us while we divided the Division with them and only really the Colts in the Burt Jones era even came close to competing in that particular era.

You younger fans or out of towners have no idea just how rowdy and violent the old OB got, you should ask somebody.

It shocks me Mando if you read the responses that you would allege such B.S. given you grew up here or didn't you ever go to the old OB with your friends as a kid or something. You would have gotten the taste smacked out of that mouth if you weren't careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you ever get the feeling our d-line needs to start practicing catching a chicken like in the rocky movie so they can get some sacks. just picture it starks solia macdaniel odrick chasing a live chicken. I left wake out cause he would win every time. makes me laugh

I did feel that old vertical Stadium shaking sometimes. Or was it me only?

The out of towners should be embarrassed they dont support their local team. And the ones ripping Miami fans are total morons as well as hypocrites.

Nah, no violence at all at the OB during Dolphins Games. In those Times there were not many of our opponent's Fans in the stands. Waste of their time.

I did feel that old vertical Stadium shaking sometimes. Or was it me only?

oscar canosa | November 27, 2012 at 08:31 PM

She ROCKED like a M.F'r if like me your were sitting under the upper deck it got scary sometimes. The wave like rocking and noise the stadium made itself with steel bending made it feel like the whole thing was gonna eventually drop on your head!

So Monte I should be ashamed that I dont support the Panthers? Since they werent around when I was growing up and I got to watch Marino win games I should cheer for my local team now? DA


One last thing...........
I can't believe all the "Air Play" the Raven's and Ray Rice are getting for the 4th and 29 **So-Called** Conversion.

I've seen all kinds of talking heads making fools of themselves by calling it all kinds of things. The dumbest, alledgedly from Rice himself, calling it "Hey Diddle-Diddle, Check down to Rice up the Middle".

One network had it on their never say never moment of the week(They also had Tannehill mentioned here-SWEET!). Another retard even called it possibly the Ravens "Play of the Year"

Without a doubt, Merrill Hodge was again, the biggest idiot of the bunch. As talking Heads Go, Hodge is the Monkey Bu-oy of Broadcasters-lol!

The PROBLEM with the Ravens 4th down conversion is, it was simply a VORACIOUSLY(is that even a word?)ignorant missed call.

I'm all for letting players play ball. But when there is a BLATANTLY OBVIOUS penalty right at **THE POINT OF ATTACK** that DIRECTLY affects the OUTCOME of the play(not to mention the GAME), THAT penalty should be called.

No. 31 for the Chargers had a good angle on Rice and most likely would have dropped him at least 5 yards short of the first down. He got a hand on Rice and even jarred the ball loose a bit. The problem was/is, Anquan Bolden peeled back on him and took a wicked cheap shot on the guy RIGHT IN THE BACK. It was IMPOSSIBLE for the Refs to miss. It was vicious and should have been a PERSONAL FOUL. At the least, an ILLEGAL block in the back.

This has been an atrocious year for the NFL and it's officiating crews. The replacement refs AND the REGULARS. The Chargers/Ravens non-call on Boldin was simply PUTRID and more of the same!

**AT BEST**...........I repeat.........**AT BEST**

The Ravens should have been called for a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It should have been 4th down and 44 yards to go at their own 22 yard line.

I know this doesn't mean squat to most Dolphin Fans. But I'm a Football Fan! The NFL has always been the "Cat's A ss" for me. When it came to Professional Sports, nothing else could hold the NFL's Jock! The NBA, the MLB and the NHL night as well have not even existed. They couldn't touch the NFL.

But now, all that is changing, and not for the better. Under Goodell's tenure, the NFL has regressed. It's slowly becoming a laughing stock. All the rule changes(and not just under Goodell). The Dress wearing QB's and the untouchable Diva WR rules have almost completely changed the game! Whats worse is that it now APPEARS that the Officiating Crews are starting to manipulate the outcome of games.

You can explain it away anyway you like and I won't argue. But I've paid close attention and I know what I've witnessed/seen.

If Papa Bear Halas, Lombardi and Paul Brown were still around, I could see them telling Goodell where he can stick it and pull their teams out of the League.

It has become ridiculous! Goodell should hire Hulk Hogan as the NFL's new Spokesman and get it over with already. They could sign some great athletes like The Big Show, The Undertaker, The Great Khali, and I dunno.......maybe Ray Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler!

Heck, might as well change the name to "The WFF" or "The World Football Federation". YEAH! That would fit the plans for expansion too........

Nuff Said! This Rant is OVER ;)

I WAS on the Upper deck. Excellent view as if you were on a helicopter hovering just above the Field looking down. I was one of the privileged and I might say lucky ones to have witnessed many fine Games at that very fine Football Stadium.

If I win the Powerball, I'm going to fly out and watch the game.

Eventually, People started waving white handkerchiefs and jumping up and down after every great play and in tense Defensive moments. In time, everybody else there followed thru with that. Then, as we were doing it, we realized the noise and rumble in there became deafening so we started doing it on all our opponent's offensive series whenever possible. You say 3 points Home Game advantage, Armando? Dig it.

Of course, we had great Teams, Then.

With the secondary my Dolphins have, HOF Brady will give them a beat down like step child! Pats will dominate Sunday guys. Mando talking about this game is a measuring stick...no the buffalo bills was the measuring stick game, Pats and the coaching staff are better and their defense is better, special teams they have the better kicker, and Bilichick is a better game day coach, but if we lose our draft pick gets better. We need top WR TE corners safety pass rushers. And the most important part, a
GM. FIRELAND has to go!

If I win the powerball I'll offer Irescum 10 mill to quit.

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