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Patriots can sometimes erase homefield advantage

The stands will be filled at Sun Life Stadium Sunday for the first time in long time. The game is sold out. And barring a late wave of no-shows, the Dolphins are expecting up to 71,000 people in the seats.

Yep, New England at Miami is a big deal down here.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, about 20,000 of those seats will be filled by Patriots fans. The Dolphins expect their fans will fill approximately 50,000 of the seats while the rest will go to New England fans.

Let's face it, the weather is beautiful in South Florida this time of year so some Pats fans have obviously made a long weekend out of this game. And, of course, their team is really, really good, not to mention very entertaining.

But before you out-of-town guys that only rarely attend a Dolphins home game start calling out local South Florida Dolphins fans for their inability to fully fill their own stadium, please stop.

Think about this:

The video below shows it could be much worse.

The video below also shows that sometimes local fans that actually do pay to go to the games feel they have a right to get their money's worth. And when they don't get their money's worth, they can get very angry and even turn on their team.

The video below was shot at Met Life Stadium, home of the New York Jets. The video was shot at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Jets and Patriots.

The Patriots basically dismantled the Jets. And Jets fans, expecting a good performance from their team, turned on the players they had spent money to see. The Jets were down 35-3 at halftime and as they headed to their locker room to regroup, the locals ripped into the players. The Patriots eventually took home a 49-19 victory.

It was ugly. (It was also beautiful, in my opinion, if you get my drift).

Anyway, the point is the Patriots are a dangerous team. They travel well, especially this weekend. They can play so well that the locals turn on their team.

So the Dolphins have to be wary of this Sunday. Playing well would obviously be a cure for such behavior in the stands so maybe the Dolphins can deliver that and make the point moot.

Here's another thing: The idea of opposing fans making up a big chunk of the crowd at Sun Life is not new. I remember during the early 1990s, Bills fans would travel in droves to Sun Life for late-season meetings between the Bills and Dolphins.

It got so obvious and the Bills would play so well at Sun Life that Buffalo players started calling it Rich Stadium South.

And that was during much better days when the Dolphins were in the playoffs practically every year and even went to the AFC Championship game. So this is not a new phenomenom.

As to the anger and vitriol spewed by Jets fans against their team, that has happened here also. Think back to 2007. The Dolphins were 1-15. Folks were very, very angry.

What we have now is not anything like that. Many fans have moved on from that kind of reaction. Many are simply staying home and waiting for the team to start winning again before returning to the stands.

At least that's more pleasant for the players than what you see below:



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..Odin. I agree the hit on Weddle looked like a block in the back to me. The calls should be the same in the fourth quarter as they would be in the first.

You mentioned the protection of the quarterbacks. I understand why the league has put these rules into place as it is a quarterback led league, and the rules IMO have been set to protect the leagues greatest assets.. It may not be right, but I get it. This said. These rules probably saved the game for us on Sunday. I think the rule should be changed that once the quarterback is out of the pocket they are fair game..This isn't the case. Thomas' hit on Tannehill was by the definition of the rule a foul. That play is an example of the league going to far to protect the passer.

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Probably Pats 27-6.

We're coming from Missouri baby!! Our annual $20000 investment in Stephen Ross and South Beach and 40 years of who knows what. Bringing a couple with us for their maiden voyage. Let's do this, Dolphin Nation!

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Posted by: odinseye | November 27, 2012 at 10:01 PM

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This looks like the work of a 2nd Grader(that got held back twice ;)

Man... that video is AMAZING!!!!

This New England game will be a great test. A nice indicator of just where this team is at and where it needs be.

If you think about it, before our 3 game skid, our offense wasn't really clicking even then. Before this last win, it was our Defense and Special teams that really won that game. The blocked punt returned for a TD, the blocked field goal. The INT.

The offense was good that game too, but now, 4 games later, it's been anything but consistent.

The Defense, while not great, has played more consistent. Even with the holes, the injury to Marshall and being forced to play guys that should be depth players, Coyles Defense has played well. At times even great.

So, I have to go with Coach Philbin on this one. We'll have to play our best game of the season to hang with the Patriots.

Having said that, I have to go with Coach Coyle when he said this team seems to rise to the occassion. We do play up to better teams and down to lesser teams. As evidenced by our last two. We played up to the Hawks and hung around long enough to do them in at the end. Thats exactly what we'll have to do with New England if we're going to have a chance.

It can be done, but Wake, Vernon and Odrick will have to have Great Games. As will Tannehill, the running backs and the Receivers. It's time for our O-Line to have a "Statement Game" too. They've played great early on, they've played terrible down the stretch. Now it's time for them to prove their worth. Show some growth and continuity. They're due for a "Breakout" performance and thats just what they'll have to have if we're going to slay the Mighty Brady!

**It Is Time**

(PS: Anybody notice Coach Coyle mentioning the play of one of our young rookie Defensive Ends? Yeah, the Kid I was watching during Pre-Season. The one I kept raving and raving about. Well, Coyle singled out Derrick Shelby for having earned his playing time. Coyle stated he didn't just get some game reps, he got some QUALITY reps and made some pretty good plays when given the chance. I personally haven't given up on our group of young DE's. Odrick, Vernon and Shelby all still have tons of upside. Any one of these 3 could develop into that Demon we need to bookend with Wake.)

Final thought: Tannehill's TD pass to Clay was a thing of beauty. Tannehill had a perfect Marino-like throw. Touch, accurancy, right in stride......just perfection. And Clays catch was wierd. I know Clay's a Big Guy and no burner by any means, but something about that TD catch strangely enough, reminded me of Mark Duper. I'm not sure what it was, maybe the way he extended and his body posture. Watch it again though and tell me it doesn't look like any number of Mark Duper's TD catches!

With an upset of New England and a few key losses by certain AFC Teams we could be the 6th seed by Sunday Night!

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Was happy this weekend, living in Europe I rarely (once a year) get to attend Dolphin games like I used too. Sunday against Seattle was my one game of the year. It was great, actualy a sweet surprise. I had counted my Dolphins at having little chance to win. The fans were great (not many) but the stadium sounded like days of old. I hope we can pull the upset this weekend, give the fans more to cheer for..

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How is Belichick going to defend against Us? Same as everybody else does. 8 in the box, some blitzing and a combination of press and zone coverage trying to confuse RT. That's it.

they might put on a good showing for a quarter or two but the pats have to much power to hold down...the d is not ready for this., this is the most explosive offense in the nfl, it may surpass their own mark of 589 pts in 2007 .......these guys pt on avg 35 to 40 pts a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a machine, slowing them down becomes the challenge, dolphins need many breaks , fumbles, intercepts to overcome that.....can miami play ball control?? it may help....being realistic, i say n.e. 35 miami 10...

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Listen, we've had these guys on the ropes twice in the last couple of years but we have let them go. This Time, we have to finish them.

Get pressure on Brady and it throws that offense off track.
The thing that scares me with blitzing or rushing is our DB's play so far off of the receiver at times theres no way to jamb them and the underneath or short stuff is wide open.

Very true Oscar, this game may be really close have to hit Brady early and often, as far as the fans go winning will solve everything, remember 2008 was a pretty good year as far as fans showing up, we even hosted a playoff game.
If i lived in Florida I would go to the games, however when you have as many losing seasons as the Dolphins that is why the fans aren't coming to the games.I live up here by Philly and the eagles suck right now and their fans are not showing up and they have just started to suck the last couple years so it happens fast go fins!!!

why even talk about this game. pats win this one easily. 52-17 just keep improving and get ready for a huge draft. go finssssssss

Does Miami still have an NFL football team?

Can they win without refs throwing games?

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Why waste your time or money?

You idiots who post here all night between 1 and 5 AM are *extreme* losers with severe problems.

Could you imagine sheep coming from all over the country to watch the Dolphins?

I can see the Patriot fans enjoying a great organization, but the Dolphins?


How much did you spend this week to travel,purchase hotel rooms, tickets, jerseys, meals, etc.?

and how did that make you feel?

By the way, the answer to Mando's post about attendance is TV timeouts. The NFL makes money from TV ad revenue, obviously, not ticket sales, and the entire game is set up to provide a better experience for TV viewers than live viewers in the stadium. Ever been to a game? The TV timeouts make going to a game excruciating. It's a horrendous experience.

This is one way in which the NFL is similar to WWE wrestling. I don't go so far as to say games are fixed like in wrestling, but the NFL game is so weak when you see it in person.

It needs to be more like soccer--let them play the game and figure out another way to get ad revenue. Then people would go to games.

But if it ain't broke don't fix it. The NFL is making boatloads of cash with the current TV system and has no need to change. The NFL does not care about attendance in the stadium.

not good Dr. Phil, not good.

I can understand local fans feeling the way they do from time to time but I also don't understand how a fan who lives paycheck to paycheck and complains they can't pay their bills can waste money on a pro football game and there are plenty of those.
It's your own prerogative if you want to spend that kind of money to see an NFL game but, whether you want to call me a freeloader or not, I consider it a waste of my money to pay for season tickets to any event.
In my area we have an AHL team and I won't spend the money to see those events.
I'll still call myself a fan of the Dolphins despite what any local has to say about it. I still root for the team every Sunday and I still suffer like the rest of Dolphinfandum every week but I refuse to spend money to support a league that hardly needs the money. These guys make more in one week than I do in a year so I don't care if someone calls me less of a fan for not paying to see a game live.
The point of this all is this. If you want to spend that kind of money to see the game then so be it. I went to see a game in Buffalo a few years ago that ended in Miami winning the game 9-6. Wow! How exciting was that? The best part about the trip was going to the sports bar in the hotel and getting drunk.
The difference, I guess, is that I don't live and die football. Yeah, I watch it and the Fins are my team but the NFL is not what it once was and I don't enjoy the prima donna's who get paid big bucks as much as I enjoyed watching the guys in the70's.
So, it doesn't quite hold the same type of excitement for me as it did in the past. Honestly, I'd rather watch college football. It's much more exciting. The Baylor vs Kansas St game is a perfect example.

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I'm just not happy with Tannehill. He's been ok on rare occassions but dissapointing overall as a 1st rd pk. I dont see anywhere close to what looks like the franchise QB we had hoped for. His upside looks like he could become a game manager at best but never a game changer which is what good teams need. And it appears that the Dolphins and their fans will be satisfied with much less then an elite QB. Troublesome for fans like me that want a top team.

and the Dolphins’ home schedule will include Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Carolina and the AFC West team that finishes in the same spot as Miami (likely Chargers, Raiders or Chiefs), as well as AFC East rivals New England, Buffalo and the Jets.
The Dolphins’ road schedule, besides the other AFC East teams, will include Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and the AFC South team that finishes in the same spot as the Dolphins (Colts, Titans or Jaguars)..

Sean Smith has allowed 16 of 24 passes against him to be completed (including five for five against Seattle) for 249 yards and two touchdowns. And with Wes Welker looming, Miami desperately hopes for more consistency from Jimmy Wilson in the slot; quarterbacks are completing 66 percent of passes against him, with a 104.5 rating in his coverage area..

Henne had Phins 7-6 with 3 to go in 2009 & 2010. Let's see if Tanne can take these same scrubs as far.

Why is corner back Smith still on this team?

Chad Henne will be here in 19 days with Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts and Mercedes Lewis none of whom drop TD passes. That is why Henne has 7 TD 2 Int through essentially 2 games.

Good info 2 watt

Where can i find these telling stats you speak of?

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Also, CadillacDeVile is Home.

The 3 of ya's, find the edge of planet earth & walk off it!

Trade Tanne for Henne.

Dashi agrees that we should trade T-hill for Henne.

Letting Henne go for NOTHING was a GM blunder.

go to buzz on the mh stephen.

Some one said the Fins do not need practice, they need rest... When it comes to Nolan Carroll and Sean Smith, they need somebody to teach them how to play first.

One of the big problems I have with attending games is all the freaking noise that passes for music that they keep incessantly destroying my hearing with. There is not a minute of peace at the game when you can hold a conversation with the person sitting next to you without having to shout every word.

Why do the stadium entertainment crews think that we need constant massive noise blaring out of the PA system? What's wrong with letting people have an opportunity to discuss the team with their fellow Phins fans without having to shout into each other's ears?

That is one of the main reasons I have given up attending games. And I play heavy metal guitar through 2 full stack Marshall amps and I can't stand the noise at the stadium! I can't imagine how horrible it is for little kids with sensitive hearing.

I'm surprised no one has tried suing the team or the stadium for hearing loss yet.

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