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Titans lead Dolphins 14-0 to start second quarter

The Sun Life Stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. And the team is making the fans that stayed away seem like geniuses so far.

Miami has not been able to stop Chris Johnson, who is owning cutback lanes against Miami and has a 17-yard TD on a cutback run. Jake Locker has a TD pass.

Sean Smith and Jimmy Wilson are struggling.

The offense has fumbled once and already has a couple of holding penalties.

It's not pretty so far as Miami trails, 14-0.

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LOL, the timeout saved us. Sad.

Clock was running out. Team calls time to save fact Carpenter missed the kick. Try again.

Wow...this team is playing really badly today. Look completely unprepared!

better chance going for it than carpenter making this fg

Tannehill longest drive might be 7 yards.

I like Philbin sitting Incognito after that drive stopping penalty.


21 - 3

LETS GO MIAMI ?????????


I'm only interested in Jeff Ireland not being allowed to screw up those draft picks. I dont expect dominance I expect them to not embarrass the city against the Titans who are awful.

How many high picks on this o-line and they still cant block anyone. Ireland will waste the picks we have as surely as he wasted all the others.

Tell me some more about how Reshad Jones and Nolan Carroll are growing. You're a rube.

These penalties on the offense line are killing this offense....

Oh Geeez another penalty by Schlong.


Absolutely. I don't understand this. Anybody else does?


All we need is 3 touchdowns, lol.

the fact is, incognito is not good enough to justify his attitude problem. i mean, we trade brandon marshall because of his attitude?

So what qbs are going to be available in the top 10 of the draft that we can look forward to?

Philbin always talks about SMART players...Clearly, we don't have enough of them on the roster...And he KNOWS it...

Time to consider a Jake Long trade. J-Marty can be moved to LT. We'll only have to redo the RT position.

Something's going on with Long. Regressing before our very eyes. We may can get a late 1st rd'er for him still. Pull the trigger now.


11-5 you say?

Yes, please share more of your valuable opinions!

D is absolute garbage! Johnson is gonna go for over a buck. Long sucks as usual. We are seeing the real dulphins in action.

Folks this games over might as well go mow your lawns now..


Coach Philbin isn't punishing players when they make mistakes, is he?? Doesn't he realize that all that does is punish the team? Get Bush back in the game!

glad that philbin pulled incognito for those plays, shows that HE is the boss and saying if you're going to cost us penalties like that, then you'll see less playing time.
for those that are saying release long, listen to what the commentators just said - there are 31 other teams that would have him despite his relatively poor play(for him) recently. keep him just for less money which i think he will accept.

Titans probably add 7pts more against this putrid D.

Andrew, Rashad Jones is improving...He's the only decent DB on the entire team!

Fins cannot trade jake Long now YG. Trade deadline has passed.

OK...TITANS ball...lets see Sean Sucky Smith cover someone

bush set the tone with the fumble.

The penalties by Long & incognito the last two weeks is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Philbin will not tolerate this sh#t.


He sat Incognito, Bush and Long, at the going rate he might sit the whole team by half time. These are all mental mistakes. Team looks undisciplined.

NO Mando go ask this team what QB they`d rather play for , stop ignoring the story it needs to be told,



I did my lawn yesterday. LOL

Incognito hasn't been a problem, this is the first penalty I can recall in 3-4 years with this team where he's cost us yards other than holding

Maybe Jeff ireland can spend a few more high picks on that offensive line and then we will really run the ball!

Meanwhile, our secondary makes babies cry and our tackling is a complete joke.

Olivier Vernon might have just saved a TD because Johnson was almost out of the blocks just then.

No way the Fins come back in this game. Offense looks clueless and the D is puzzy as I have ever seen it. Scared to hit any one. Playing patty cake with Jake Locker letting him lower his head a plow for yardage like a fullback. Titans have been trash all year now they walk in to SunLife and look like super bowl champs.

"He sat Incognito, Bush and Long, at the going rate he might sit the whole team by half time. These are all mental mistakes. Team looks undisciplined."


Agreed. Last week too.

vernon hustles...i like him...that's the kind of effort miami needs...

Non fans like Andrew and others...shut it up. You know NOTHING.
Trolls dissing Tanny? He's playing well, but can't overcome stupid penalties by Incognito and Long.

Well, at least they're better than a pop warner team.

how many tackles can the defense miss


Im not talking about trading Long now. Do it this offseason. Long has 1yrs left because of the clause in his rookie contract.

Im surprised you didnt blog about the special clause, the ss did.

This is just a speed bump on the way to the SB!!!!

Tannehills QB rating = O

Vernon is gonna be awesome

Mark my words--Vernon is going to be a STUD

Need a turnover badly here!!! Something to light a fire on these guys!! We obviously don't have fans to do so, so they have to do it themselves!

YG, Long is a free agent in the offseason. Cannot trade a free agent.


Of course, Miami can't come back in this game. Tennessee has 21 points. That's a good game for our popgun offense. Nice job trading Brandon Marshall. Our WRs get zero separation.

I'm just hoping they don't lose too badly.....though maybe some ugly home losses will get Ireland canned. We can't move forward until he is not making franchise killing personnel decisions anymore.

Please, dont focus on Players doing good, this is a Teams Game. Focus on Winning.

Do we need Peyton Manning for a come from behind victory?

Reg… What’s embarrassing is the way the blowfish are playing!!!

these guys can't tackle.

How many quarters since the fins scored a TD?

The friggan' QB is breaking ankles today. Not good.

Locker looks like Barry Sanders against our awesone run "d"... LOL!!

Pathetic mess this defense it.

Jake Locker runs on them like he is a deer.

locker is more dangerous running than Johnson

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