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Titans lead Dolphins 14-0 to start second quarter

The Sun Life Stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. And the team is making the fans that stayed away seem like geniuses so far.

Miami has not been able to stop Chris Johnson, who is owning cutback lanes against Miami and has a 17-yard TD on a cutback run. Jake Locker has a TD pass.

Sean Smith and Jimmy Wilson are struggling.

The offense has fumbled once and already has a couple of holding penalties.

It's not pretty so far as Miami trails, 14-0.

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Exactly, NY. He isn't accepting mental errors. I like it.

Posted by: Stra8balla | November 11, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Wrong, the Titans beat both the Steelers and Lions.

YG = Clueless

Jake Locker making the Fins look like a high school team. Juking de and cb's. We are scared to hit Locker and CJ2K. This is as embarrassing as it gets. This team has no weapons on offense and no playmakers in the secondary.

Your a fake Mando , you`ll only write stories about the obvious you won t go ask the tough questions , this is a totally different these last two weeks then the one that played their hearts out when Moore was under center , they excelled on every level , now they fail at every turn

Miami's A+ tackling and 3rd down efficiancy on display so far (sarcasm)

Defence steps up its game and OL quits the dumb penalties and Tannehill will bring this team back.

Over pUrsuing like crazy today!!!!

We are missing tackles. Sure sign of poor effort. This Team is not NYG.

lol, watching our defensive players try to tackle Jake Locker is like watching fat people try to run on ice.

OV saved a TD! Because he is a lot faster than all the other LB's!!!

And on Long.

Maybe Long has been covering up a lot of Incognito's mistakes!!! And it forces him out of position! Just saying!

Apparently the Titans owner remarks got to the players...


Long isnt a fa, check on that. Long had a special clause in rookie contract that added an extra year when he made the pro bowl as a rookie.

The contract was reported as a 5yr contract, but became 6yrs when he made the pro bowl as a rookie. Check with you sources. Sun Sentinel broke the story last week.

Need to knock Locker head off.. getting him thinking twice about running that ball

definitely loved the Philbin stare down on Pumpkin patch kid InCognito

Our LB's appear to be overmatched by a mobile QB, and Johnson is back to being the old Johnson.
We look a step slow all over the field.

Those two high draft picks used on Davis and Smith were a complete waste of picks...It didn't resolve anything...Terrible...

If we don't come back in this game, we are going to have to start looking at mock drafts which I have not started doing so far this year.

The Titans are one of the worse teams in the league and we are losing to them by 18 points. I can't see us coming back from an embarrasing loss to the Titans.

What do we draft a WR, CB, RB, LT, LG, TE...? Let's hope that we can turn it around today so that we don't have to start discussing the 2013 draft.

Don't hype Rahad Jones either. He was afraid to hit a rook wr in Wright who caught a pass 5 yds short of the end zone...lowered his head an dragging a cb to pay dirt while Jones ran up to play 2 hand touch.

3 points-we got em where we want em!

Ireland should be escorted from the game. He is obviously betting against us with Vegas-somebody check his Swiss account-there is no way this guy can be so incompetent!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day-no running back-no o line, no corners, no safety, every valuable player's contract is in free agency in the same year-NOBODY is that stupid-or incompetent

We're going to be $40-50 million under the cap next year, and we won't get anybody, because he will be busy re-signing lower rung players and no new ones.

If we had another WR, TE, CB, OL that are difference makers, we would have a chance, but name me one on this team, and don't say Reggie,because they are letting him go!

3rd and long... 1st donn

3rd & 8

Big play right here

"I'm not talking about trading Long now. Do it this offseason. Long has 1yrs left because of the clause in his rookie contract.

Im surprised you didnt blog about the special clause, the ss did."


Whoever told you that is dead wrong.

Long is not a fa at season's end. Special cluase added an extra year to the contract.

great 3rd and 13 automatic conversion for tenn

3rd and 18, Fins achilles heel

3rd & 18

Locker will run for it

You don't take the penalty ... You take the 4th down samnit

Jake Long is a free agent after this season.

Feels like last weeks game! But worse.

We need a little special teams magic.

Are we going on 4 quarters without a TD?

Nice stop defense!!

those reports were incorrect and have been confirmed hes a FA at the end of the year..


wow - 3rd and 18 stop??? they are the best in the league at stopping 3rd downs.... im so proud reg

Another penalty against Miami...It never ends...Smart football...What Philbin preaches...

Put Moore in already. GEEZ!!

Good ole Jimmy...having a fine day


The game ain't over folks. Watch the ball start bouncing our way now.

We got a stop on 3rd and 18. Someone schedule the parade.

"You don't take the penalty ... You take the 4th down samnit"

Not with the way our D is playing! If I was titans I'd take every 4th down

THIS TEAM CONTINUES TO SHOOT ITSELF IN THE FOOT... This is a must score series here


Jake Long is a free agent after this season.


Everyone knows this except YG. Not sure what rock he's living under....

Hell........put Moore in for Wilson!

Over/under 21 pts for this Fish in this game? No more screen passes to a slow Thomas. Takes him 5 steps to get up to speed an when he needs to change direction ...make a cut.....he can't. Trips over the grass...LOL

Tannehill runs the 'prevent offense' LOL

Fans don't show up to games, fans dismiss a rookie QB after preseason, dismiss a coach and now r dismissing Long, a rock for 4 yrs cuz of a few bad plays!! FIN FANS SUCK!


cut and paste this link into your browser:


Hey Armando,

Any idea why these refs are flag happy today? and how about a Twitpic to see the empty stadium.

Deccoo... No way they go for it up by 18!!! No way

I`m writing to the paper , you are a phoney , its obvious this question needs to be asked , you won t even answer me, been asking you to find this out for weeks now , these other 3 idiot bloggers that post under 15 names have told me I`m crazy , but I know I`m right , they think Tannehill was given the job because he played for the OC last year , and they do not play with the same heart as when Moore is in there

Philbin will be all our guys for the penalties. We'll be better the 2nd half, but I'm thinking we've dug too deep a hole, especially with the way Locker is playing. They'll be able to run a LOT if clock with their ground game and Locker's scrambles.
Not a good matchup. You have to think it would be the same against another 3-5 team, The Redskins.

there was a report last week that if Long made the probowl his rookie year his contract was extended to a 6th year. Those reports were incorrect and have been confirmed.


SuckaPalooza 2012-13.............tickets available at Sun Death Stadium

Looks like Dolphins are trying to use Miller more today.

The fans suck! No excuse not to show up at the game today. I'm embarassed to see so many empty seats at the game. I don't blame team for being flat when there is no support in their own house.

Mark my words, Philbin will coach this team to a win today. Only 8 home games a year, it's not too much to ask to show up at the games though.

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