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Titans lead Dolphins 14-0 to start second quarter

The Sun Life Stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. And the team is making the fans that stayed away seem like geniuses so far.

Miami has not been able to stop Chris Johnson, who is owning cutback lanes against Miami and has a 17-yard TD on a cutback run. Jake Locker has a TD pass.

Sean Smith and Jimmy Wilson are struggling.

The offense has fumbled once and already has a couple of holding penalties.

It's not pretty so far as Miami trails, 14-0.

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Here's the link:


Tanny sucks bad.

Great Drive Here!!!

Oh Dashi maybe Tannehills got the small hands

Yesterdays GONE,
IT was an incorrect report that has been confirmed as FALSE..

Lol, Tannehill was the only bright spot and he looks terrible today. I hope he isnt a mirage too. Jeff ireland picked him so that's a red flag.

I am worried that Tannehill is a huge wuss. He always checks down on 3rd and long, where are his testicles.

WOW, Awful

Fins - one yard short all the time lately.

ok guy, I'll take your word for it.

They've given up w/ that third-down dump-off.......why should anyone care?

Tanne is gonna have to GROW some BALLS...if were gonna have a chance....dam...

Tannehill makes the Titan D look like the Steel Curtain.

FACT - Not one team has clinched a playoff berth.

We are ALIVE!

Every fuc**** 3rd and long we throw to RBs...Why do we have WRs I don't know...

We will never come back. We are down 18 and Tannehill throws a 5 yard pass needing 10 yards. You are not going to come back when you are down big like that. You have to take some chances.

Agreed. With YG. Long is still a fin next year. Look it up!

Armando - is Bush hurt or being punished for the fumble??

NY Fins Fan, that's some stupid logic you got there. Fans don't show up because they know what to expect from these scrubs.

Um,Omar is sitting right next to me. He says he didn't report Long is a free agent.

Whether he did or did not is irrelevant.


if t hill throws a pick or fumbles will he be puled??

Nice play on D....

Called Dansby a tackle!

No excuse for making Tennessee look this good. They are more physical on both sides of the ball. Any one who thinks the Fins have any chance of coming back is smoking crack. We haven't come back from a large deficit all year. Don't have the firepower. Especially with Bush sitting on the sidelines after fumbling the ball.

why can't our corners play like that??

Dink and dunk dink and dunk. This offense doesn't throw the ball pass 15 yards.

Tanne's going to have to grow some new wr's if we're to hve a chance. LOL

Xtreme you truly are a f£&@&@@ retard. Moore lost the competition fair and square and is incapable of bringing a team from behind. He's never done in it in his career at Miami. Write to who the hell you want you will just further embarrass yourself !!!

I cannot believe the Dolphins are losing to a team so terrible as Tennessee.

not pretty

Montreal...........answer: we don't have WRs.

We have a buncha 4s & 5s

Reshad Jones with terrible, horrific coverage as usual and he gets lucky that Cook drops it. Anyone who thinks he is good in coverage is kidding themselves. Everyone in the secondary is below average at best.

he dropped it...


got lucky, that was a conversion on 3rd and 7 if it was not dropped.... but the fish are best in the league at stopping 3rd down conversions???

Our fans don't suck, our franchise sucks. The fans deserve better

Another block in the back. It was obvious.

Throw the ball further that 7 yards down the field!!!

Why do we constantly throw 3 yard passes on 3rd and longs!!!!!

Another penalty Miami...Smart football players...Philbin ALWAYS talks about that...Time to clean house...And He will...


Suicide may be illegal, but they have no way to punish you if you do it.

Why are we throwing to people who are not beyond the 1st down marker-we have the slowest players in the league-so Sherman can't believe they will make the 1st down!

Our DB"s can't catch

Armando- I thought Tennessee averages giving up 34 points/game-when is it our turn?

Don'tour players know NOT to block in the back-they do it on every return!

AMEN Earl!!!

Thiggy is fearless, but ANOTHER penalty.


I agree. I just saved the link and wanted to show it to you. I thought the link was credible. You just proved it isnt. Thx.

who was the tard that said we signed a DB this week and then released him? McCann the DB we signed just commited the block in the back

Bush isn't being punished nor is he hurt. Team just wanted to give Miller some carries.

When's the draft...........cannot wait to see how we screw up this time.

Armando, they are not just losing, they are getting destroyed. What is so hard to believe? We stink just like the Titans. Year after year, nothing changes and nothing will until Ireland is gone and someone competent is picking players. Our lack of playmakers is appalling.

Again, Thomas is now THE man. Concussions? WHAT concussions?

Johnny Football > Tannehill

D Thomas sucks

Just signed & just penalized...Come on people, get it together!!!

Why the F are we running the ball!!!

running out the clock? they have no confidence in tannehill.

Thank you! Not sure why you wouldn't play your best players in a game that could be won!


Two straight runs up the middle. That will get us back in the game. Ireland gone, Mike Sherman gone, then maybe progress can be made assuming we don't draft three offensive lineman next draft.

Can't run on the right side of our o-line...John Jerry is awful...Martin is raw but has upside...Lots of work to do...

Trip and Crawl For Johnny Football!

The whole team plays like crap when Tannehill is in , they play with much more conviction when Moore is in ,Mando if that isn t a story this week I`m calling your editor , ask the damn team who they want for QB

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