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Titans lead Dolphins 14-0 to start second quarter

The Sun Life Stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. And the team is making the fans that stayed away seem like geniuses so far.

Miami has not been able to stop Chris Johnson, who is owning cutback lanes against Miami and has a 17-yard TD on a cutback run. Jake Locker has a TD pass.

Sean Smith and Jimmy Wilson are struggling.

The offense has fumbled once and already has a couple of holding penalties.

It's not pretty so far as Miami trails, 14-0.

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On the bright side, Bills suck.

bush is arguably the best offensive weapon they have. an odd time to give miller a tryout.

Great they are trying to run the clock out. How can Philbin be conservative. The game is practically over and you are running the clock out. Maybe I was wrong about Philbin.

Is it Matt Moore time? It does not look like they trust Tannehill right now.

Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither.

Why are fans booing?
There's 2 minutes left, and if we can establish the LOS now, it will give us something positive. We gotta get this 1st down though. Can't give the Titans the ball with 1:45 left.

run Milledr run-cause Thomas can't!

Jeff Ireland acorns are playing back to there acornish ways...

# minutes to go and we dont even try and score!!!! WTF!!!!

I wish I could listen to what Philbin is going to say to these guys at halftime....

johnny football needs stilts to play in the nfl.

I'm embarrassed to be a Dolphins fan today. I almost went to the game, so glad I didn't waste money on an organization that deserves to go broke. I don't understand how we can be this bad at home every year. I thought nothing could be worse than the Hurricanes losing to UVA again but this somehow is worse.

yep run out he clock so they can make some tony FAILbin 2nd half adjustments

They're booing Tanny like they booed Henne. LOL

And to think we traded up to get D.Thomas...

Bring in Matt Moore

We are running because of the conservative nature of Philbin. His brilliant game planning has us in this hole. Add to that we have no wr's so getting deep or throwing it deeper than 5 yds isn't reasonable. Tanne panices then throws a pick. This game is over.

Tanny is PATHETIC !

so we throw on 3rd and 1!!!!

Where's the penalty?
Anderson has proven, in previous games to screw the Fins.

F**k this, I'm shutting the game off. See you all tomorrow to b***h about how god f****ng awful this team is

OK they better bring Matt Moore in now. Tannehill plays like he does not know how to read a defense. No wonder Philbin does not want him to throw the ball.

Where is Moore?

This game is history...Who posted we'd come back and win?? LOL!!

"there was a report last week that if Long made the probowl his rookie year his contract was extended to a 6th year. Those reports were incorrect and have been confirmed."


I guess that's where YG got that. Thanks man.

no interference? Fasano is a wuss

Realize that was a horrible route but lazy slow Fasano. Also we kick the ball to the Titans to start the half. Still think we can come back??? Ridiculous!

You didn't think Tannehill would go through his entire rookie season without playing at least one game like a rookie, did you?

honestly, tannehill has upside, but his numbers don't lie. he is statistically one of the worst qb's in the nfl.

Tanny QB rating = MINUS 50

hey Reg..... talk to me about embarrassing again!!!!


Remember this as a lesson on why you can't just check off the victories on the schedule preseason.

I was excited about Tannehill but I'd be surprised if he is not a bust too. It's not fair to really judge him though since his skill position complement is a complete joke thanks to Jeff Ireland, the worst GM in Dolphins history by far. Miami gets less separation than any team I have ever seen.

Can we trade for a WR like Brandon Marshall? Oh, wait!

Friendly Correction Orlando........je doesn't play "like" he cannot read a defense...............he CANNOT read a defense

Anyone have a break for sale ?

actually, this is at least the 3rd game he has played like a rookie, but who's counting anyway.

I still say Tannehill is far from the problem.

U guys see what happens!! When a LB turns around and plays the ball!!!

All u clowns asking for a Wr or a cB! Or a TE!!!

Forget to realize!!! Just like No Offense can't go nowhere without a QB!!!!!

A Defense sucks without a MLB!!!!!!!!!

how in the world did the fish win 4 games?????

Told u guys Tannehill sucks he's marginally better than Henne

Even Peyton gets intercepted.


The team is NOT rebuilding. Irescum is still DESTROYING!

Moore taking snaps isn't going to improve the o-line play. We can't open a hole or protect the QB. How do you expect the offense to move the ball. It would help if we had some wr and te's who separate from coverage. No one is open.

Well all you fake posters and your fake writer can say I`m nuts , that players don t have friends and don t like when one gets a raw deal , but these are two different teams, this is not the same team that played the Jets , not even close

Apparently the refs dont know the NO contact after 5 yards rule... Ridiculous

Armando, he has played several games like a rookie. He is playing today like a BAD rookie. There's a difference. We should have sucked (more) for Luck.

Posted by: Stra8balla | November 11, 2012 at 02:27 PM

A truly ignorant posting. Philbin is NOT conservative. we've have fake punts, and other aggressive plays. Have you not watched a game?

the titans have 24 points and less than 150 yards of total offense.

This is not fair to the rest of the team to leave Tannehill in. I agree with those that say that the players know who the starter should be. Matt Moore!

game 1.....TEXANS....

Tannehill = Another Irescum bust

Bare Your Behind For Colin Klein!

Tannehill had Thomas WIDE OPEN on INT. Awful decision. He's average....at best.

in tannehills defense, his receivers get no separation, and sometimes don't fight for the ball.

Got them RIGHT were we we want them....

24-3 and they get the ball in 2nd half. Any Dolphins player who keeps his game check this week is a thief, plain and simple.

Daniel Thomas is garbage. The pass D is as bad as it is every year. No receivers and for some reason bush is on the bench since he fumbled. Why?

OK...take a knee lol

How can Thomas be criticized? He's been running HARD the past 3 games since coming back.
Get some EYES, folks.

What is the score? In atl no game here

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