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Titans lead Dolphins 14-0 to start second quarter

The Sun Life Stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. And the team is making the fans that stayed away seem like geniuses so far.

Miami has not been able to stop Chris Johnson, who is owning cutback lanes against Miami and has a 17-yard TD on a cutback run. Jake Locker has a TD pass.

Sean Smith and Jimmy Wilson are struggling.

The offense has fumbled once and already has a couple of holding penalties.

It's not pretty so far as Miami trails, 14-0.

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S Fla has the smartest finfans. They stayed at home because they saw this coming. LOL

Looks like we game planned for Buffalo

kris.... there is you 24... do you really think tony FAILbin can get 27 points in the 2nd half and the D can stop Tenn???

Polish Some Bones For Landry Jones!

Well. we'll see our adjustment for the 2nd half, heheheh. Then we'll know for sure if the Dolphins are heading to CA or nbot.



I still think we can go 11-5.

If we had gotten Luck some of you tards would still be in here posting the same hate.. calling for Moore to start..
Its not Philbins fault for the turn overs and Tannehill threw a bad ball Fasano was getting raped on..

D Thomas = Another Irescum bust

I think its completely idiotic to have benched reggie. That is just plain dumb.. One of the few playmakers on our team. He was looking great besides the fumble. Terrible coaching decision there.

austin, maybe so...But in his defense, he has ZERO weapons...Zero...The o-line sucks...WRs suck except maybe for Hartline but he can't do it all...No Tight ends...It would be nice to see what he could do with a decent running game and some speedsters who can make plays...Don't you think??

Here comes Henne .....I mean Tanny

U guys are astounding!!!

T-Hill will not get benched!!! Specially not this year! What kind of Mickey mouse operation do u think the fins are running!!

And can we stop with Moore for starter!! Pat Dashi had a better preseason!! Than Mr. Little hands!

So few fans you could barely hear them boo. LOL

Stop whining, you dumb, blind dreamers. Philbin didn't have these guys ready to play this week. That simple.

The fans pay to Boo! LOL

IMAwriter. If you havent noticed, 89% of the people on here base the entire season on one or two plays...

Time for a gut check...Tannehill will pull it together in second half

Dolphins boo'd off the field by the 6200 people at the game

Worst defense in the league and you can't move the ball.

yes montreal, i agree.

The boos would have been much louder had they had s. fla living rooms mic'd. LOL

Mr. Ross, please go to the locker room at halftime and repeat exactly the same words titans' owner said about his team

They deserve to get booed!!!

This was ACTUALLY the team I was expecting to see this year based on how we looked in the pre-season. Rookie QB, lack of playmakers on offense, suspect secondary, etc.

The defense has CLEARLY regressed the last two weeks & now this week the offense has turned the ball over three times in the first half. You are not going to win many games like that....

Tannehill couldnt win in college. What did u expect in the pros?

Bush should be out there. 6-10 here we come. No talent at wr=inability to come back from 21 down. Tannehill is being asked to make chicken salad with chicken shi+

Armando, he has played several games like a rookie. He is playing today like a BAD rookie. There's a difference. We should have sucked (more) for Luck.

Posted by: Andrew | November 11, 2012 at 02:30 PM


Now if we could only get SOmebody answer another of Armando's Simple questions...


Is Bush hurt or is Philbin trying to make him ride the pine. It was a fumble on a high velocity play. It did not go our way. Put Bush back in and let him make up for it.

if this team don't come out fighting in the 2nd half then there will be a few out of here at the end of the season. This will be a defining half in a few players time with the phins

My wife is pregnant with our first child and we have been arguing about which sports teams he will root for. I just gave up on the Dolphins and let my wife pick the NY Giants for him in football. I get the Heat.

It's cruel to make your child be a Dolphins fan and I cant in good conscience make him deal with Sundays like this his whole life. I'd like to thank the Browns for helping us be only the 2nd worst franchise in football.

Some cant see that Dashi... Lets hinder Tannehills progress and game experience so we can put in a guy that wont be on the roster next year.. some of you cant see the harm in it and cant see that taking a few to let the rookie learn is far better than putting in a journeyman back up

Bench Bush and Igcognito but not Tannehill...rookie HC.

nobody can play that bad against a team that bad... everything has gone awful... penalties, mistakes, turnovers... this gusy came here to relax and get paid, not to play and do their jobs!!!... this is just a team that didnt come ready to play, period!!!, and its not Ireland fault or Philbin fault, no team can win loosing the ball 3 times in a half , 2 inside their own 30 and the other one returned for a td, and no matter what any of you say, its not Philbin fault nor Ireland... thats a fact!!! ...

The defense as bad as it looked. Only gave one TD up with the Titans getting the ball on Fins side of the field twice. That actually isn't terrible.

time for tony FAILbin 2nd half non-adjustments!!!


The locals weren't fooled by this fraud of a team. That stadium is about as empty as emtpy can be.

You All Realize that I'm one guy that signs in with different names just to tick you off

Rememeber Ross said he wanted to retire Tannehill's number? Well, DO IT RIGHT NOW!

Yes bone head move with both Bush and Incognoto , they were holding and playing dirty , Incognito was just letting them know that ain t haoppening , taking both out is cutting off your nose to spite your face , Philbin needs to put both back in second half , but only if Moore is under center, otherwise why bother

kris.... there is you 24... do you really think tony FAILbin can get 27 points in the 2nd half and the D can stop Tenn???

Posted by: GUPPIES | November 11, 2012 at 02:32 PM

Guppy....It's all coming together like a perfect script....

This game is uglier than my prom date in high school. You expect to score because she's desperate but in the end you never get a TD.

This is why head coaching matters so little in professional sports... Reggie fumbles, now philbin is going to teach him a lesson about not fumbling. So he benches him and cost himself one of the few offensive weapons this team has. This is fan behavior, not head coaching behavior. Does Philbin think that Reggie doesn't understand that fumbling inside the 20 was bad...This guy truly is Larry Coker 2.0

When a white dude is your best WR that can't be good.

Andrew it's not you're child so you don't have to worry

#1 troll = odinslime,


Ross/Ireland = Nightmare

I have the NFL ticket and I told them I was a fish fan and they cut my subscription in half…. The pity discount

3 points in the first half at home against a horrible defense. So glad we traded Brandon Marshall so we could have ZERO legitimate NFL weapons. Year after year, not only do the Dolphins stink, but they are also boring and unable to at least score some points to give us a thrill. Let's draft some more offensive lineman!


Philbin came across as a petty d!k on Hard Knocks.


This game is uglier than my prom date in high school. You expect to score because she's desperate but in the end you never get a TD.

Posted by: dj starface

But you do get an STD.

Kris why complain about trolls when the #1 troll is your favorite blogger?

"Bush isn't being punished nor is he hurt. Team just wanted to give Miller some carries."


Might as well b/c I highly doubt that Reggie will be back. Unfortunately the only FA who continues to play like he wants a new contract is Hartline.

Folks, we knew this year would have mostly bums on the road, ruts actually. That we're 4-4 is WAY more than he hoped, even with the "supposedly" easy first 1/2 schedule.
The NFL, to a slightly less extent than the NBA is a league of MATCH-UPS.
The Titans just happen to have players that expose out weaknesses..a mobile QB and great,. quick RB.

We don't have dynamic LB's, good, but not dynamic. Till Vernon grows into the position, other than Wake we're slow on the perimeter. Our secondary is 3rd rate.

Yo Jeffy, is your momma a hooka?

Alrite Armando. I'm out. People on here are ridiculous. Then half the dolphins fans are making themselves look even more ridiculous by joining in on what all of the jets fans on here that are posting like they know the dolphins when they know damn well they would rather have tannehill over sanchez...

Well. we'll see our adjustment for the 2nd half, heheheh. Then we'll know for sure if the Dolphins are heading to CA or nbot.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 11, 2012 at 02:32 PM

You're a punk Oscar. Did you get your PhD in prison? You punk, are no fan.

Whoops, meant bumps, not a freudian slip, I promise. Our guys are NOT bums. Just overmatched right now.

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