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Titans lead Dolphins 24-3 to start third quarter

This one is a smelly rotten egg so far.

The Dolphins have three turnovers, including two interceptions by Ryan Tannehill. And those turnovers have led to 10 Tennessee points.

The club is also playing sloppy -- with penalties and no discipline on contain lanes.

Richie Incognito was benched temporarily after a drive-killing personal foul penalty. Reggie Bush has spent a lot of time on the bench -- coincidently, after a fumble.

The Dolphins are getting their clock cleaned right now, 24-3.

The worst half of the season.

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Lube Up With Mayo For Mantei Te'o!

Armando, he has played several games like a rookie. He is playing today like a BAD rookie. There's a difference. We should have sucked (more) for Luck.

Posted by: Andrew | November 11, 2012 at 02:30 PM


Now if we could only get SOmebody answer another of Armando's Simple questions...


Posted by: Kris | November 11, 2012 at 02:35 PM

Philbin may have made one preparational mistake. He allowed the team to see the 51-20 Titans to Bears tape. LOL

Let's hope we can over come our first half sorrows before the Miami Dolphin regression continues in our coaching and play in the 2nd half.

Philbin must b held accountable for this debacle too. No reason to bench Reggie, I mean what kind of message is that? RT has thrown 2 stupid INTs and he was not benched, was he? I'm sure Reggie is not taking that lightly. Why would you bench your best RB against the worst run D in football?

I get the whole discipline thing and all but u have to WIN games!

Broder!, what has happened in that 1st half. Anybody knows

I hope Philbin goes ballistic and motivates the troops



17 points off turnovers....

Coaching is terrible..Why bench Reggie for a fumble, why not run on 3rd and 1..Our coaches are not very good..Stop trying to prove a point Philbin by benching your best player and try WINNING GAMES..

pleae did we really expect a one year turnaround 6-10 plus or minus is a good year. this team is better just with a new coach and rookie qb, we need a few more pieces. Anyone who thinks they are a serious contender THIS YEAR has issues.

my wife doesnt want to bang me, my kids dont want to play with me, so I have nothin better to do then to change my name every post and say something that will tick you off. and when you respond to my comments boy it just makes my day

Kris why complain about trolls when the #1 troll odor is your favorite blogger?

Where is our Bobby Bouche when we need one to go ham on the Titans. We can't tackle the Qb and the RB is making us look amatuer.

horrible game. locker has 4 comp, pathetic. this team is horrible right now. id be more pissed if we didnt already eliminate ourselves last week

Barkley, Jones, Smith, Murray .... Hopefully one of these college qbs saves us next year! Tannehill experiment needs to end.

Dolphins came out they like expcted the Titans to play "roll over, play dead" ball today. In the nfl, no team is quite as bad as a 51-20 drubbing wouild suggest.

Welcome to the nfl Miami Dolphins. LOL

i think bush is off our free agent wish list, his fumble (after a nice first down) started this mess.

charles smith, people were moaning aout running on 3 and 1, so te time when they pass it you ask to run it? wtf????

Some cant see that Dashi... Lets hinder Tannehills progress and game experience so we can put in a guy that wont be on the roster next year.. some of you cant see the harm in it and cant see that taking a few to let the rookie learn is far better than putting in a journeyman back up
SOme of you are bitching about Miller not getting touches and then the staff gives him touches which mean Reggie sits and now youre still bitching.. Clueless "fans"

glad they benched bush, hes gone after season anyways. play thomas rest of year

Andrew...I have 3 kids..Choosing a team to root for should be the least of your concerns...

These fins suck! When can we start getting out the paper bags?

matty is right.If we make 500 this year I will be happy. We are not there yet, but we are not that far away anymore!!

It's because Kris is a Dolphins apologist rube who doesn't care that the Dolphins embarrass us weekly.

Philbin is PETTY. "Pick up your candy wrappers, guys". Bench Bush for fumble but not Hennehill for 2 INTs including pick 6? Not going to fly in the world of ADULTS.

we need the fist pump from tony FAILbin

There is no way they come back with T-Hill. The Titans have studied his tendencies. He does not know yet how to make adjustments in this league and what many said that he is raw and not ready to start is correct. He is throwing to covered receivers.

There is nothing wrong with making the QB change and letting Matt Moore come in to give a spark to the team. If by some miracle, Moore brings them back then he should be the starter the rest of the year. T-Hill can learn from the sidelines and compete for a job next year. Let's make the change now!

ctphins, they already said that before game even began. miami basically has no interest in bringing him back, which is good

LMAO.. some of you guys b!tching about benching Bush...but if he hadn't, you'd be saying there's no discipline on the team! Can't have it both way, geniuses!

yes, benching bush was stupid.

The bills have a good enough offense to shred us thursday. I hope we are .500 by friday morning...

LetS get a grip for Geno Smith!

Man, you're and their 30's, down 21-3, you go for it, even on 4th down!

I can't wait to watch them lose in Rich Stadium next week as they always do even though Buffalo stinks.

How many high picks on the offensive line does it take to just have an average performance?

Matt B
His style worked in Greenbay... Theyre a pretty good team huh?

getting a ball stripped is not about discipline. it happens to the best.

Why doesn't Tannehill scramble more he was a former WR.

bill- i did not hear that about bush, if he aint coming back, limit his role see what we have.

Don't worry when we are finally a good team you will never hear from me again, i don't stand by my comments, I just want to tick you all off. like I said, when we are good again ill be back under a flip flop name cheering on my team as if I have been doing it all along

dtphins, playoffs already done. who cares if we lose to bills, will help us in draft. dont mess it up again like we did last year with meaningless wins

As soon as it was reported Sherman felt Miami could run on Tenn I knew he was going to be predictable & uninpiring with his play calls. He has not & will not put pressure on defenses. 1 safety back most of the game & only short to intermediate passes. Wake Up Miami!!!

I'm so glad Philbin did well in Green Bay. Bill Parcells had success in other places too. The Dolphins franchise is just a vortex of suck, people come here and they immediately get worse.


I posted a couple days ago that the Fins may come into this game overlooking Titans after the 51-20 loss to the bears. We arent good enough to overlook anyone. Not even the Bills.

yep.... the jills we shred the blowfish because the fish do have the best D agaist the 3rd down conversion???

my kiddo is wondering why i have had only two beers so far today.. Told her I am in shock. Time to drink a few more!!

In retrospect, it was nice of Nick Saban to not ruin Drew Brees' career by making him come to Miami where football, like old people, goes to die.

Try Tanny at WR before they cut him.

i have low self esteem and i want you to have low self esteem too

Time to right this ship .

disagree on philbin, hes done a very good job. this team is really bad and hes found ways to get 4 wins

Why don't the fans at the stadium start chanting "We want Moore."

I just changed my entire Dolphin attire!! I expect a much better 2nd half!!

24 points on 31 passing yards.....Pathetic

Lets GO HEAT !!! the real FRANCHISE IN MIAMI !!!

3 TO's = 17 points

3rd &1 3x for 0yards = stagnant O = recipe for failure

Mind you the Titans are anything but!

yeah i said 5-11 this year, I get they are not a playoff team. I want to see long back here though. l8r

Looks like 3,500 of the 7,000 fans in attendance left at halftime. LOL


Agreed. And the others are jet trolls on this blog.

From last post


Agreed. We do have the Most Knowledgeable fans! Dashi Said it before the game! If U suck! We will let u know!

Mando has to sit thru this! I don't!

Screw the NON-QB Controversy 2 fans want to start! With a silly question! U guys want Philbin to laugh in mando's face!

Mando I just want a Special Section! Like the Specials before a season starts(for the NBA or NFL) ! Exposing how $16 million! Doesn't guarantee U a good LB core!

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