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Titans lead Dolphins 24-3 to start third quarter

This one is a smelly rotten egg so far.

The Dolphins have three turnovers, including two interceptions by Ryan Tannehill. And those turnovers have led to 10 Tennessee points.

The club is also playing sloppy -- with penalties and no discipline on contain lanes.

Richie Incognito was benched temporarily after a drive-killing personal foul penalty. Reggie Bush has spent a lot of time on the bench -- coincidently, after a fumble.

The Dolphins are getting their clock cleaned right now, 24-3.

The worst half of the season.

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why would we want moore in, continue to play thill and develop him. think man, think

I'm betting the blackout streak ends against Seattle. Hopefully, that will be enough to get rid of Ireland finally. Remember that two week stretch when people thought Ireland was getting a bum rap? Ooooooooooooops.

You can taxi a 747 through those holes .

Our run "D" is not as dominating as it was 3 weeks ago...Getting worse every week...

did I forget to tell you how great the d is againinst the run.... I gues C johnosn did not read about that??

i really want to be a patriots fan but everyone would respect me less

Dansby wiffed on that one

Hey Matty B? In the world of adults we understand that a rookie qb being benched after a couple ints when hes trying to get his pathetic team back in the game is a lot different than a veteran running back who has already had ball security issues fumbling on a routine tackle.

You not understanding this after you claim to be an adult just shows how ignorant you are.

agree on ireland, we CANNOT let him do this next draft with all our picks

Fins d high ranking against the run was deceptional. Teams passed more because the secondary was even more horrible.

Another missed turnover by our incompetent DB's

Smith wouldn't catch a beachball...

Sean Smith drops an interception. Aaaah . . . Sweet predictability.

Will Moore play in second half or will T-hill be allowed to play to see if he can overcome his shizzling?

Misi sucks, Clemons sucks, Carroll sucks, Thomas sucks, Jones sucks, Odrick sucks, Wilson sucks, Clyde Gates sucked, Pat White sucked, I could go on and on.

If they let Jeff Ireland make their draft picks next year, it will set the franchise back another half decade.


Philbin was a OC not HC and didn't even call plays much less make decisions to bench one player over another.

If he's going to act like a peevish high school HC then at least be CONSISTENT and bench Tannehill too. Otherwise, it simply won't fly with adult players.


Tannehill is quickly becoming one of the worst qbs in the nfl, it's time we cut our losses and look to the future. Start Pat Devlin the rest of the year, and if he doesn't work out we need to draft another QB in the 1st round again.

Wilson should be on special teams ONLY...Shouldn't be a starting DB...

Smith couldnt catch a cold if frozen in an ice block.

Our coach is a rookie too.

I forgot about Michael Egnew. He sucks too. So glad we got to pick him in return for Brandon Marshall, our only NFL caliber weapon. Jeff Ireland, everbody!

saints rolling up the falcons

The ONLY Good news for the Fins so far this afternoon is that the Saints are beating the Falcons

Saints - 28

Falcons - 17

Jimmy Wilson has indeed been found out.

Too easy-I would throw at the DB's all week until they started catching before Buffalo who is giving NE a game

Is Odrick playing today???

Our D-Line is getting pushed around.

best in the league against the run!!!

Don't want to imagine Wilson against Wes Welker. Yikes!

best in the league against the run!!!

Maybe Bush threw a tantrum and blamed his line or yelled at a coach as well as fumble. You morons know he didn't because you're sitting in front of a computer?

Dumbest bloggers on the net right here.



Chris Johnson weighs like 125lbs and he's dragging our defenders. What gives? LOL


Im not complaining about Bush being benched.. what im saying is some people in this blog want Miller to get more touches.. and now those same people are complaining hes not carrying the ball or in the game.. make your mind up... Armando himself said he was being sat so Miller could get touches.. know what youre talking about before addressing me jackass

You guys calling for Moore to give the team a spark, do you know what give this team a spark, a defense changing interception maybe even for a score but we never do it. We have a lack of playmakers on big sides of the ball

When you draft too many offensive lineman and not enough DBs this is what happens. Wilson was a seventh round pick, so was Reshad Jones. Carroll and Clemons also late round picks.

But hey pass defense isn't a big deal in 2012 right? {Jabs for into own eye}

"Jimmy Wilson has indeed been found out."

Too late.........Double Jeopardy already attached.....he's free.

TN is kicking their a$s down field, shoving it down their throat.

calling for the benching of thill is hilarious, how dumb can some of u be. hes a rookie qb who needs to play all year

best in the league against 3rd downs!!

Too easy-Kenny Britt


You dolfans are so easy to pick on

We many not win a game for a while.

How many fans will show up for the game against the Seahawks?

Sean Smith, we have your bench waiting.

Damn. Just. Damn.

they sold themselves!!!... tahts a fact

best in the league against the run!!!

This is so bad it would be laughable , but I'm pissed .

No effort being put forth by the Dolphins .

Smith can't even defend a center field pop fly...LOL!!!

Defense is lost! Everyone's looking around hoping someone else can make a play- already giving up!!

Cant believe no one realizes I am tim couch how dumb can you all be


REd flag in Philbin's hands ...

Can we get a vote on whether or not Sean Smith is awful @ CB?

Miami has one legitimate defensive back, and he can't catch. Going into the season with this cast of no talent misfits in the secondary is inexcusable. Jeff Ireland should not be GM of this team for one more day.

Told guys Smith isnt a #1 corner. He played well over his head for a couple games. Now he's relaxed and is "Sean Smith" again.

If u can't gameplan for the Titans, time to hang em up and lose out. Here's to hoping for meaningful football in 2013

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