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Titans lead Dolphins 24-3 to start third quarter

This one is a smelly rotten egg so far.

The Dolphins have three turnovers, including two interceptions by Ryan Tannehill. And those turnovers have led to 10 Tennessee points.

The club is also playing sloppy -- with penalties and no discipline on contain lanes.

Richie Incognito was benched temporarily after a drive-killing personal foul penalty. Reggie Bush has spent a lot of time on the bench -- coincidently, after a fumble.

The Dolphins are getting their clock cleaned right now, 24-3.

The worst half of the season.

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...and there's the challenge.

complete ass kicking at home in front og 678 fans vs one of the worst teams in nfl

Another bad call against us.

MOST OVERRATED DOLPHIN ON THE TEAM WEARS #24. This guy should not get an extension.

Matt B. Pleasssseeeee stop commenting because your thoughts are mind numbingly amateur

3rd and 10..... best in the league against 3rd downs!!

And the ref hands the red hankie right back. Cannot challenge.

Here's what the Dolphins should do, place a pink slip in Smith's locker when he gets there. No questions asked, fired today!!!

Even when we are losing!! The Ref's still cheat!!!!

Shula please tell me how long youve actually been in football.. please and sitting on your butt every sunday doesnt count kid

jpao...........quit, not quitting.

3rd and 15... best in the league against 3rd downs!!

So glad we got the old competent refs back.

If they give big money to Sean Smith or Jake Long, the Dolphins are stupider than I thought. THis team is farther away now than last year. Hard to do considering how bad they were last year, but they found a way. Shocker.

best in the league against 3rd downs!!

denver steam rolling towards super bowl

Im out guys! LOL

There are people heading for the exits after that TD.

Shula are you talking to me or the guy that has posted as Matt B... sorry if I got this mixed up

It is really nice of the Dolphins to take the heat off Al Golden like this. Very charitable.

Blitzes haven't worked all day! Why keep doing it?!? Makes no sense at all!!

That was one hell of a 3rd down conversion.

Oh my God...Even Jones is starting to stink...This secondary is worse than JB Brown, Michael Stewart and Louis Oliver...Yikes!!

Can we get the fire ireland chants going again? Pathetic losers! 5 and 11. They are going to get smashed by buffalo on thursday.

The defense left it all on the field two weeks ago against the Jets and have been comatose since.
Starting to think I need to see Luck beat another team before I am impressed by last week.

this goes to show how difficult it is to overcome years of mismanagement.

hilarious how bad this. wont see 500 again this year. playing for draft now fellas. which isnt that bad of a thing, most thought we would only win 3

Philbin's lost the team.

now team should lose ireland, filthbin, tannysmell & the whole lot of them!

have you ever played with the bonkazonk toy? you probably havent, it's about as popular as I am. it exists, but no one knows about it

So embarrassed to be a dolphins fan right now


anyone who went is a sucker. Nice to see they wised up in the third quarter. Can't wait to see how Ross and Ireland excuse another in a long line of mortifying home losses. This is a bad, bad franchise and that's not changing any time soon with thoe clowns in charge.

Worse secondary in the league

Hands down worse secondary in the league right now. no matter what stops we get...3rd (& 4th)down has been like free down for Colts & Titans

Philbin's end of game speech should be...Remenber the Titans!

Everyone in the secondary needs to be replaced. There a fraud and are exposed

those within the dolphins organization are baffled as to why more tickets aren't being sold? the fans understand the state of the team better than management, apparently.

Mr Jones, we have your bench waiting.

Cant believe no one realizes I am tim couch how dumb can you all be

Posted by: Andrew | November 11, 2012 at 02:55 PM

uh....NOBODY CARES...just talk football....you add to the conversation when you do....

Philbin is a peevish joke. Team dismisses him.

Donofrio or whatever his name is seems to be working for the Dolphins today.

Can anybody tell me why the hell that play was not challegneable when the refs blew the whistle after the fumble... Seriously can anybody explain to me how dumb these rules are????

Embarrassing and ridiculous, play 2nd team for the rest of this game

Just a bad game, I may have to go along with those who think we weren't ready.
Locker is the main reason. He is having the game of his life, something many players seem to do against the Dolphins TRADITIONALLY, not just the past 2 weeks.
Several years ago, Flacco become a star against us.

Armando , there were people at the game ? LOL

Blitzes simply expose our horrendous secondary...great if we could get to Locker but...not...Luck wrote the book on attacking our D last week

kuddos to the dolphins fans with the foresight not to waste 300 dollars and their sunday afternoon on the product they put on the field.

T-hill has taken a mental beating. Play Moore.


Jones always stunk. Anyone who watched him in coverage the last two years knew this. He had a lucky stretch of games against below average passing teams like St Louis and the Jets. He is awful.

You can't fill your secondary with 7th round picks and bums and expect anything else.

The game is bad, but you're all a bunch of Chicken Little's in hear. Face it, most of you expected far worse this season. Be happy with the progress thus far.

Two whiffed blocks on return. Worthless.

please can we continute to suck so FIREland can screw up another pick!!!!

I want to kill these refs


And it looks like T-Hill is coming in. Poor fans that spent their money in this game to see this poor product. The Dolphins forgot to show up today. Philbin will probably just run the clock out.

With our luck Matt Moore will start for the Jets next year and will lead them to the Super Bowl.

How many flags Today against us?

5 Penalties on Special Teams!

Things don't look too good today, but you have to be optimistic for the future. Except for defensive backs, pass rushers and tacklers, Jeff Ireland has put together a heck of a defense!

all right fellas, looks like everyone is out. playing for draft now, so my stress level will drop quite a bit. just sit back and let them lose games now for the better future. peace out

prostitutes dont count as being laid, you need to earn it and not pay for it LOL


That is someone impersonating me. Should be obvious.

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