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Titans lead Dolphins 24-3 to start third quarter

This one is a smelly rotten egg so far.

The Dolphins have three turnovers, including two interceptions by Ryan Tannehill. And those turnovers have led to 10 Tennessee points.

The club is also playing sloppy -- with penalties and no discipline on contain lanes.

Richie Incognito was benched temporarily after a drive-killing personal foul penalty. Reggie Bush has spent a lot of time on the bench -- coincidently, after a fumble.

The Dolphins are getting their clock cleaned right now, 24-3.

The worst half of the season.

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Maybe now you can understand why the team does not sell more tickets. Sure the Dolphins show promise for the future but nobody is sold on them this season.

we passed on earl thomas to trade down and draft odrick and misi.

They sold themselves, just as the Giants did... LOL... you wanna blame somebody, look at "Las Vegas"...

That's 3 penalties on Kickoffs or punts, a SURE sign of lack of focus.
I love my Dolphins, but I 'm not a masochist.
Have a great week everyone, and lets see if we can get back on track Thursday night.

You jokes calling for The coach and qb need to just jump out of this blog. Get real and get constructive

Kris.... there goes the 30-24 vitory??????

Jordan this game is regression not progress as long as we keep losing these types of games we will be the same old fins....trust me I'm an optimist usually too but with the opportunity at hand and the performance today it's just inexcusable

Guys, were getting a butt whipping but I do have good news. We can still get the top draft pick!

Somebody give me the address of the head ref!!!

He needs a special visit!

It's absurd!!! We are the Home Team!! And The Titans are getting all the calls!

How many fuc%ing block in the backs are they going to have? Suck bags!

game of his life?? loooooooooooool hes 8 for 19

This team sucks a thru z.this may be the worst effort ive ever seen in my 40 years..they wonder y theres nobody there,,,r u kidding me.im done with this crap.if ur team sucks thats one thing but to get mentally and physically beat like this but the effort level is embarrasing..sell the team garbage owner,fire these sorry weak coaches or get the f out of here....dolphins suck

2013 Miami Dolphins won't be here. Guaranteed.

Miami is doing everything in their power to loss this game.




LOL at the idea that Miami has made progress. Another Dolphins rube apologist. They are REGRESSING. The secondary is so bad it's unfathomable. Thank god for the Browns to keep us from being the worst franchise.

There's NOTHING to be optimistic about

After watching todays game. GAURANTEED!!! and Ill say again. GAURANTEED!!! 5-11. They might lose to Jacksonville too. I Dont see them even beating the Bills even once and definite losses to NE twice and SF. Probably lose by double digits. Absolutly disgusted. Afraid to even watch the game on Thursday and waste some sleep.

Well atleast th MIAMI HEAT play later it won't be a total loss of a SUNDAY !!

who believes a troll when someone says them impersonate them? it's like the boy who cried wolf, no body believes you or cares

pick 6 coming

Fins can't get a call to save their lives

Game Over ---- send Bush in.

Is his detention over?

Philbin going to get raked thru coals by nedia.

Philbin should be fired like Sparano for not playing Matt Moore.

Wow!! The guy lines up offsides!!!
And they call holding on pounce!

Andrew...Jones is ranked in the top 5 strong safeties in the entire league...Yeah, he's having a bad game but overall he's having a solid season...

who is going to call philbin out for this debacle?

someone needs to wait for walt coleman in the parking lot afterwards

Tanny SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see... alll the calla on Titans team, all the Tourovers on miami side... all big plays on Titans side, the dolphins playins as bad as they can do it... to it looks like a scam!!! Money guys, bet money is ruling NFL´s teams

This o-line is AWFUL...Just total GARBAGE...But Long was the right pick...LOL!!

I wish I could interview the 3,000 people who go to the Seahawks game in two weeks so I could better understand masochism.

Look, this is the Dolphins 2nd horrible game this Season. This is the team I expected. Up to now, they've exceeded our expectations. That's why all the boo-birds are out. But this is a .500 team AT ITS BEST. You don't knock off the stink in 1 Season when it's that seeped in. What's been great with Tannehill is how he learns from his mistakes. We'll see Thursday if that continues. Forget Playoffs, it's about trying to learn what it takes to win and improving.

That's it - I can't watch this game anymore. It's pathetic. I'm out.

send in bush now.... really taught him lesson.... screw the team just teach bush a leason..... tony FAILbin is the best!!!!

Charles Clay is terrible.

3rd and 28, that's doable.

What a debacle!! Why'd I think this was a playoff team two weeks ago? What a joke!!


They are going to kll that QB. Son, forget the Coaches, Call your own Plays.

It's bad when the field microphones pick out the sound of them running .

God didn't want the Dolphins to win today.

3rd and 28 only if we were playing against our D

Ross/Ireland/Philbin/Tannehill = All Incompetent Trash

the status quo is fine if .500 football against one of the easiest schedules in the nfl is progress.

Im loving this, heading to the strip club tonight. Gotta celebrate against these homers LOL


That is a fluke. By the end of the year, Jones will be back in the pack. He can't cover anyone and his football IQ is pathetic. Miami needs to basically draft an entire new secondary.

best in the league against 3rd downs!!

CLear block in the back on that return and no call. The refs are paid off.

Titans good embarrassed at home last week and came back today hungry. Let's see if we can do the same next game.


My Bad....


38-31.....Music City Miracle re-visited....


It's starting to look more like 8-8 at best but more than likely something worse.

Tannehill sets records for 3 n outs. Can we get Henne back?

Andrew that strip club is where your kids daddy came from, now run along

What I can't figure out is how Jeff Irland puts such a talented team on the field and then they play so poorly.

don't blame God, the fish did not and lets be honest the are not capable of winnning with the talent and tony FAILbin!!!

DC Dolfan, another apologist. It's ok that they are terrible and making no progress because they stunk last year. Great logic. Let's give them another 10 post-Marino years to make "progress"

we need the fist pump from tony FAILbin
Posted by: GUPPIES | November 11, 2012 at 02:42 PM

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