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Titans lead Dolphins 24-3 to start third quarter

This one is a smelly rotten egg so far.

The Dolphins have three turnovers, including two interceptions by Ryan Tannehill. And those turnovers have led to 10 Tennessee points.

The club is also playing sloppy -- with penalties and no discipline on contain lanes.

Richie Incognito was benched temporarily after a drive-killing personal foul penalty. Reggie Bush has spent a lot of time on the bench -- coincidently, after a fumble.

The Dolphins are getting their clock cleaned right now, 24-3.

The worst half of the season.

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There are just 2 explanations for this atrocity... they sold themselves or .... hmmm.... there are cosmic forces conspiring against the dolphins, ´cause they just not are trailing against a lesser team, they got spanked, embarrased, absolutely destroyed against a weaker team... ohh i forgot, AT HOME!°!!!!!

Hey at least the efforts there,,,hahahahaha..philbin needs to be beaten with a bat..maybe in the future they could play double headers with u miami that way we could come close to filling stadium,,,,oooops that wnt do it...dolphins suuuuck

The Giants didn t have any years like us EVER they don t constantly make a laughing stock of themseklves yr in and yr out have never been the butt of all the NFL jokes, Marino is makin fun of Tannehill at halftime that bad

Why to plug bush in there again??.. if you want to punish him you bench him whole game... it looks more and more suspicious, cause you drop your best weapon until the game is already over... Money talks!!

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