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Titans lead Dolphins 31-3 to start fourth quarter

Chris Johnson just went over 100 yards, marking the first time the Dolphins have given up a 100-yard game to any running back in 22 games.

On another note, the Dolphins are getting destroyed, 31-3.

Northing has gone right today. This has been a total team collapse so far.

And the live blog and game continue. Join me in the comments section.


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Tannehill runs the 'prevent offense"

You people are morons. Check all the whining lol.

I can't believe these players are laying down like that and expect to be paid .

tempers are flaring here, and understandably so.

Even the announcers are making excuses for us....lol....

Don't worry, Jeff Ireland is already preparing for another monster draft class.

Good test for the Phins here. I want to see how Philbin handles this...how the Dolphins play Thursday.

I've never seen a worse pro QB then Tannehill.

IMA, it's just frustration from years of mediocrity, and being powerless to affect any change.

You are an apologist, I am a realist, look whos getting further right now DC. Keep talking out your arse cause you have no idea what you are saying

It's UPSET SUNDAY......look around the league.....

Phlbin = Cameron

Don't lose heart! We are just a touchdown and a 26 point conversion away from winning this...

He is absolutely not worse than Henne.

Keep making excuses guys. Miami is so close to turning the franchise around. Losing by 28 to a terrible team AT HOME is totally progress.

Watching people lie to themselves is so much sadder than watching people lie to others.

No excuse for this game.

At least New Orleans is beating Atlanta 28 - 17!

What is Tannehill's QB rating today? He has been awful! Is he the next Blaine Gabbert?

Mando, care to blame fans for not showing up to home games? It is what it is. The talent level of the team is finally coming back to Earth. But there's a core there to work with. This isn't 2007, not even close. Not even 2011. It's not time to scrap the whole thing and start over. The team needs to grow into itself. Some idiots think that happens overnight, but the intelligent football viewers know it takes time for a new HC to fully install his system. Since I'm a REAL fan, I'll support the team as long as I see a better tomorrow (which right now I do). The rest of you can decide for yourselves.

Tennessee wanted this game more period. They had a chip on their shoulder and a point to prove after the debacle last week against Chicago.

It is pretty sad that these guys will have their hands out for their paychecks, after this debacle.

A contract may be the single most damning invention in history.

Funny, AisleBBach!!

Tanny is having a Henne-esqe day

We're only 10 years away.

Anyone want to place a bet on the next time the Dolphins score more than 20 points? Maybe we can trade for a wide receiver next offseason to replace the one we traded away for Michael Egnew The Incredible Inactive Tight End.

This team regressing.....obviously...The offense should be con
sistant by now & the defense is exposed. But
what is most disappointing is Philbin & his staff.

I see the blog is filled with children and a couple of Jets fans again. What a pathetic waste of time this comments section is. Gets worse every year. Have fun ladies!

Gabbert > Tannehill

And Tannehill is back in the game. Let's see if he can move the football against the prevent defense of the Titans.

DC Dolfan,

Thinking this team has a "good core of guys" doesn't make you intelligent. It makes you delusional.

A team coming off of a 51 point defensive performance is dangerous...period. If you've paid attention at all as an NFL fan then you know this. The Titans have more talent than Miami. Those of you who are whining are idiots. Are you capable of using logic ?

Ireland said we have 3's, 4's, and 5's playing wr. He just failed to mention we have the same playing in our defensive secondary.

Tannehill is Henneesque

Happy veterans day to me-thank God the free tickets required you to wear a uniform, which Most veterans-only active duty-don't possess.So not only do you disenfranchise the veterans-but thank you-after giving money to the Dolphins for 15 years-I'm glad I didn't attend such a debacle as was the last 2 years iI was a season ticket holder.

I don't know how much longer I can even watch these rejects. If you don't fire Ireland soon-no one will come to the games.

Rookie coach, new staff, rookie QB. Games like this happen, except, apparently, in Andrew's world (which I suspect is mommy's basement).

The team will improve 4-5 years after Iresum is fired.

Quite frankly there wasn't much of a home field advantage anyways. You could slearly see the a plethora of empty orange seats from the comfort of home in HD. It would be hard to turn out for games such as this as a local fan with so much to do in such a sweet city such as the M-I-A...which is what our team was today.

I tel you, this Game has been thrown in a bad way. Of course for $. By Ross.

The good thing is that we have another game to play in 5 days...

Jeff Ireland drafted a great talent in Michael Egnew. It is not Ireland's fault that the coaching staff doesn't comprehend his greatness or find a way to use him.

Yes, nothing screams dangerous like a team that has sucked all year. Why isn't Miami dangerous coming off a tough loss to Indy? Good logic, why don't you go help Karl Rove predict elections.

Andrew, what says they're terrible ?
Their record ?
You're an idiot.

Titans defense ranks 30th in the league...And here we are in the 4th quarter with 3 points...

DC, I have never blamed fans for not showing up. People are free to do with their money and Sunday afternoon whatever they want. I've always believed that.

So step back.

It is what it is!

We are what we thought we were!

Not as depressing as some of U want! But This is an Evaluation Season! 9-7 Tops!

Again, The Fins need some more Young Talent!! Specially on Defense! Starting with a MLB!!!!! Te'o for MLB!!!!

This game was lost like every other game!!! The LB's didn't set the tone!!!! They rarely set the tone!!

When the $16+ million dollar Duo! Play like $8+ mil! We get a dominating performance!!

This what you get when Mando writes a suck job puff piece on how good the owner Ms. Ross is.

Andrew you're the biggest moron in here, you know that right?

Well let's look at the bright side, they haven't over exerted themselves, so they should be fresh for Buffalo Thursday LOL.

Hartline is a gamer. I hope we can match up a true #1 wideout next year for him to go to battle with on the gridiron.

xtreme, no idea what you're talking about. And don't care, either.


Yes, writer, their record says they are terrible. As does their lack of talent, porous defense, inexperienced QB and many other things.

Are you telling me the Titans are secretly good? Grasping at straws now, lol.

LOL, Steve Tasker just said that Tanne is not Dan Marino yet.

montreal, i agree. this isn't just an angry team playing better. they give up over 400 yards a game.

Andrew, The Titans haven't sucked all year.
Tough losses demoralize teams.
You're a noob.

This team is GAURANTEED and Ill say again GAURANTEED to go 5-11 at best and last place in the the AFC east. I know the Titans are an excellent team. Just look how good they played last week only giving up 52 points. Miami should be proud. I never seen such a disgusting game like this. Total Implosion and no excuses and no preparation. This team will not beat the Bills or the Pats at all this season. The wheels have completely fell off and the car has crashed. Reality just kicked in. Experts will now say they are a contantder to a top 10 draft pick. Bush and LOng play themselves out of a contract and this is the first time Tanne really scares me. He took a complete step back against a terrible team.

Yeah, call your own plays. Forget Sherman.

Who wants to pay $ to see this garbage team.

Every time you guys insult me it's like a cry for help from people who want to hang onto their delusions. Tennessee is 3-6 and has the 30th ranked defense in the league....but we only have 3 points because they are secretly super talented and also have the motivation of losing last week.

Miami also lost last week and still has the motivation of being one game out of playoff position but those motivations are trivial.

You guys are SAD. Keep believing!

Why to plug bush in there again??.. if you want to punish him you bench him whole game... it looks more and more suspicious, cause you drop your best weapon until the game is already over... Money talks!!!

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