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Titans lead Dolphins 31-3 to start fourth quarter

Chris Johnson just went over 100 yards, marking the first time the Dolphins have given up a 100-yard game to any running back in 22 games.

On another note, the Dolphins are getting destroyed, 31-3.

Northing has gone right today. This has been a total team collapse so far.

And the live blog and game continue. Join me in the comments section.


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RED/OSCAR.......... TO WORK .......

all the unemployed can stay up all night soaking up tax dollars doing nothing and then go to sleep when they feel....god I wish I could....wait, nevermind im glad I need to sleep and contribute to society....right oscar/odin? you two will die soon so it doesnt matter anyway

After 40 years I give up on this team.the effort is what did it..was a season ticket holder for 12 years,i will never give this regime another penny

You are a Loco. Your name says it all. You have got to be crazy for some of the posts. Please check your grammar from your 7:37 post last night and you will see who was educated where.
Cities like Green Bay and Pittsburg have their season tickets sold out for the next 25 years or so, that is because their fans are optimistic (check out the synonym) about the future of their team. They dont care if it snows, Rains, weather the win or loose they stand behind their team Win and Losses come with the territory. Being objective and discussing how and why we lost is one thing, but trashing the team is another.
Tannehill is a rookie who is developing and needs to learn from his mistakes, Bush has been around a while in the league and I guess his great performance in NO got him traded.

I now fully understand why Sean Peyton never made Reggie Bush a feature rb. The guy looks for the homerun play every carry.

Bush is a pretty much drive staller for the bulk of his carries. He may avg 2ypc for 80% of those carries. But at times that get lost in the 25% of the time he does get decent yardage or occassionally hits the homerun.

Also, it may be a first, the next time Daniel Thomas breaks a tackle. A rb as big and fast as D Thomas needs to be able to break a tackle or two at times. Because he has zero elusiveness and at times needs to bail his oline out.

Thats what true power rb's do.


Lamar Miller has average elusiness, but send me a memo the next time he breaks a tackle too. I dont expect him to be a great tackle breaker, for he's not in the power rb category.

Still, Miller may be the only real keeper of the 3. Bush we may need to use the same as Sean Peyton. D Thomas may be a waste unless he has open holes 100% of the time to run thru.

What we're really missing is that rb with a combination of speed, power, and elusiveness. If we could find that rb, I drop D Thomas like a hot potato. Sean Peyton had it right.

YG, it's looking like that isn't it. Too many cuts. Sometimes you just need to take the yard or 2, instead of cutting back only to lose yardage. Then again, I've seen very few holes made by our line. Thomas has looked like our best back last few weeks (yet he still has few yards). Not sure what the answer is. Apparently, Tannehill said the defense was playing back so it wouldn't give up the long pass. Then why couldn't we run (or be successful with the short pass game)? Coaches were as slow to react to the train wreck as the players were. Philbin said he didn't see this coming. It was a classic trap game. Why DIDN'T he see it coming? Rookie HC. Still a lot of issues on this team. 1 Season isn't going to fix it all. But the problems in PreSeason are still evident. Few weapons on offense, woefully bad secondary, bunch of rookies learning how to play. Total team meltdown.

Peyton did have it right. Reggie Bush is a 3rd down catch out of the backfield rb and a return specialist. He can lots of damage in the openfield. But dances far too much to be a consistent every down rb.

Did you guys see Matt Moore light it up at the end of that game there!? Me neither...


I give it that our oline now has to consistently play 8-9 in the run box. Thats due to the lack of threatening wr's on our offense. So its not so much the olines inability to open holes, its the defense having more hats coming to the ball than we have personel to block. Only fixing the wr corps can fix this.

But this doesnt cover up the fact that we need a rb that has at least a better than avg combination of speed, power and elusiveness. Even if defenses played us honestly theres not going to be a hole every single run. Thats why an offense also needs a back that can at least occassionally break a tackle at the line to bail his oline out.

In a perfect world your oline will open a hole every single play. But welcome to the real world.

Bush looks like a keeper huh!?

We should franchise tag Sean Smith!

Hey guys. I missed the game this weekend (out of town) and maybe it's a good thing. I did check in a few times throughout the day and was SHOCKED to see us losing 21-0. WTH?

This is a game we should have won. It says to me that this team wasn't prepared to win and my question is WHY? Is this team starting to believe it's press? Are they not working as hard? Are they tired? Are they just now realizing that they aren't that good? By FAR the most disappointing game under Philbin. I haven't heard his presser but my guess is he reads the guys the riot act this week. Doesn't make feel good about going to the game this Thursday and our chances of winning.

So I'd like to hear from the guys who watched the game. Did we mail it in? I've looked at the stats and obviously Tannehill had a lousy game. But AGAIN where was the running game? Where was the pass rush? A lot of patterns starting to show their ugly heads. Where was Gaffney and Fasano? Were we THAT badly out played. VERY discouraging to turn what should have been a MUST win game at home into what they turned it into. VERY down this morning...

The 72 Dolphins had arguably the greatest run blocking oline in nfl history. Still many times I saw Larry Czonka open his own holes. Czonka would get hit at line and drive the tackler downfield, turning a no gain into a 3yd gain.

I wont give that cheap SOB Ross another dime of my money. I've wasted enough on these crap circus clowns.


I just want to make sure I understand you correctly. Are you suggesting we draft a RB in April? When? I'm having a hard time with that idea. Yes I realize we haven't run for crap the last few games but to me RB has to well down the list. I'm trying to understand what you're proposing. First round? Second round? Third round? This would be three years in a row drafting a running back and that doesn't sound like a recipe for success to me. If we're not working with Thomas and Miller then to me we're continuing to waste picks on RBs and I'm not cool with that.


The heat the oline's taking for the run game is very unfair imo. Dc's stacking 8-9 in the box is more odies than 5 olinemen and one te(Fasano) can consistently block. Even if you count the lead fb(Lane) that's 7 guys to block 9 guys.

Add to that, Bush is a dancer who looks to break the homerun every carry, Miller has (great speed, no power, avg elusiness), and D Thomas as a power rb breaks no tackle and has zero elusiveness). Then you have the perfect recipe for exactly why the run game has hit a solid wall.

I believe we have 2 problems with the run game. A wr that can make dc's take 8-9 out of the run box and a rb with a better than avg combination of power(can break tackles), elusiveness(can occassionally make a defender miss), and speed( doesnt have to be take it to the house, but can ge it 20-25yds downfield on a given carry).

This is the kind of FEATURE RB we need.

ireland = lmao

Craig, it was a disaster from the first snap. Every step we took forward, we took 2 back. Penalties, drops, errant passes, 3-and-outs, stalled drives, fumbles, INTs, RBs stopped behind the line-of-scrimmage. You name it. And as bad as we looked (and lethargic as we were playing) was as fresh and good as the Titans were playing. They were playing with purpose. Just riding the wave of momentum. Even the refs seemed to feel it (though I'm DEFINITELY not blaming the game on the refs). But they got every single call. On one play, we stripped the ball and got a turnover. But the refs blew the whistle saying the play was over.

And the Coaching was horrendous. No adjustments 2nd half. No adjustments even after the 1st quarter when EVERYONE saw this was going to be a long game. Seemed like everyone on the Miami sideline was stunned or frozen. Worst overall team loss I've ever seen in my 30+ years of watching the Dolphins. Disappointing is an understatement.


Yes, I think we need to draft or sign in fa, a rb that fits this description. No higher than 3rd rd though. Our scouts just need to earn thier pay finding this guy. We hugely lack a rb that can break a tackle at the line. When Thomas does that it may be a first.

Im sure out there somewhere, theres a rb with a decent combination of speed, power, and elusiveness. And we dont have to use more than a 3rd rd pick to get him.

lets c, they bench bush but not rt at the 1/2.

it aint 62-7 no mo,
now it be 37-3.

what ol.?
what dl?
no lb's
no db's
n te,
no nuttin.
and who pix the players again??????????????????????


Dont know if you were around for the 72 Dolphins. But, yes, Czonka was a bull. Still, what gets overlooked is that Mercury Morris wasnt just a speed back only.

Morris had great speed, combined with better than avg elusiness and could also break tackles at times. Many forget that Morris was one of the strongestteam members. I remember it being said that Morris could bench well over 400lbs.

Also uncovered yesterday is Jimmy Wilso is a complete disaster playing nickel, and 4 of our tarting db's regressed yesterday. Continuing the same pattern that began gainst the Colts. Sean Smith's also back into "cant catch a cold" if butt-naked in the frozen tundra.

DC, thanks for the summary. In my mind that's kind of what I imagined. So was it a case of having no energy, not being prepared or just completely outmatched? If it was the Pats, I'd say OK....maybe. The Titans? Come on! Did it remind you of the Jags playoff game with JJ coaching, when we lost 62-7?

YG, I get what you're saying, but like the decision with Long, I don't want to be making a decision like this midseason. We have 7 games left and we need to figure out what we've got. I'll take the opposite approach and say we need to see what Miller can do at some point and the positive in this is that Bush's value SHOULD be going down.

YG, I am old enough to remember the '72 team but I'd be about 4 or 5 then and I wasn't really into football then.

His name is spelled Csonka.

Embarrassing that any Dolphin fan wouldn't get that one right.

Was Dawn Shoela the coach back then?

What I dont get most is, in 2007, the secondary was one of the team strengths. Yets Parcells came in, dismantled it after 2008, and the secondary's never been the same since.

I dont ever remember there being a secondary overall as weak, as the one thats been put in place under Parcells.

Its very dissapointing that Tannehill is no better then Chad Henne. The D’s just stack the box against our run knowing Tannehill cant beat them passing. I agree start Moore and go back to the draft for a franchise QB. Also, whats with Philbin benching Bush and Cognito. Have to question his kindergarden coaching as will many players also.


WE BADLY needed the drafting of Davis and Smith. I don't know how you could say secondary was a strength in 2007. Will Allen? Jason Allen? The guy Saban drafted from LSU. Harldy a strength.

So did Smith bad again yesterday? How about Long? Any better or still off?

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Since I didn't see the game guys, wasn't the benching of some of the players more to do with the fact that we have a game in four days? Awfully tough to play on a Sunday and then travel to play on a Thursday. If the game was well out of reach, why risk injury and fatigue. That's what I'm trying to figure out. Any evidence that the team mailed it in during the second half? Would it have made sense to pull Tannehill and have played Moore earlier?

Disagree YG. Last few weeks, they are getting pushed around. They are also giving up horrible penalties stalling drives. All of them: Long, of course Incognito, even Pouncey. Only one I don't hear giving up penalties is Jerry. Oline has taken a bit of a beating last few weeks. They need to tighten up.


I agree, Miller's a keeper. He has speed and elusiveness. After 2-3 seasons in the weight room he should also develop some tackle breaking power. His best days are ahead of him.

As for D Thomas, Im growing more skeptical each season. He has no elusiveness and he's a big back who seems to run with no tackle breaking power, but decent speed. Im not getting with him. He's beginning to become an enigma.

Cam Philbin has shown his true colors. As I have taught you, the team that runs the ball more and avoids turnovers usually wins. It's a running and defense league, same as it ever was. That our coaching staff calls less than 20 runs a game shows a dangerous lack of understanding of how to win in the NFL.


2007, we didnt have terrible safeties. Jason Allen was the lone weak link. Basically what Im saying about past Dolphin secondaries is yes, we've had 1-2 weak links, but the entire secondary wasnt a wink link.

This entire secondary is presently a weak link. Even Reshad Jones regressed yesterday into taking bad angles again.

Could you guys please put a few more trite cliches in your sentences?

Thanks in advance.


I just don't think this team has the overall talent to start getting rid of players after a couple of seasons and start replacing them in the draft or FA. Thomas hasn't been great but replace him with who? The kind of back you're talking about doesn't come available in FA and if he did he'd make D. Williams kind of money. No thanks. I'm still OK woth Bush, depending on what we see going fordward but I'm looking at a 2-3 year deal and the price is dropping.

Craig, it did remind me of that Jaguars game. But I knew why we lost that one (older team that needed retooling). I have no clue why we didn't show up this week. We got stung by Indy, so the fire should have been there. We had hopes for the Post-Season, were in 2nd place in our division, train was moving in the right direction, team was gelling together. It's a complete mystery to me.

Team definitely mailed it in 2nd half. But Reggie got benched after his fumble, for the whole 1st half. That wasn't about keeping him fresh for Thursday, it was a message. I don't think Philbin thinks too highly of Reggie (I think he thinks he dances too much behind the line-of-scrimmage). And he was visibly PISSED at Incognito. Pulled him off after his penalty that took us out of the red zone and heard his b.s. and then waved his hand to Croyle, as if to say, "you deal with this clown."

Smith was awful again. Had a few gift picks, but dropped them as usual. Long played fair, don't really recall Tannehill pressured too much. But no huge runs to his side, and again, he had a costly penalty or 2. He wasn't the problem, but he wasn't helping to be the answer either.


The penalties and holding calls I believe is frustration setting in with the oline. We havent found an answer to 8-9 men in the run box and most likely wont this season. That requires getting that big bad wolf wr to loosen things up.

Teams are blitzing passing downs because of 3rd and longs and not having a wr they fear. So, naturally frustration is beginning to set in with the oline, because every week now there backs are against the wall.

Craig M and DC, you guys should meet in the middle and get a room and get your love desires for each other out. I mean on a fvcking random Monday Craig M posts that he missed the game and needs a summary from his lovers here and BAM DC is there to make sure he answers the call 12 minutes later. You guys are tools.

It was idiot Saban that dismantled our secondary dumping Surtain and Madison for Travis Daniels and Jason Allen.


When bringing in the wrong type players, the reality they also need replacing sets in. Really you have no choice. Because youre not going to consistently win with them either.

Vonte Davis had the same red flags before drafting that eventually led to us dismissing him. Should have never touched that guy. Then we tried to be the snartest kid in the room drafting Smith, who no one really heard of until draft day. I mean, how many great passing attacks did he go up against playing at Utah?

Dont even get me started with the drafting of Chris Clemmons who wasnt on any SEC allstar teams in college, not even any SEC honorable mention teams. This front office loved him because he had great speed and thier over bloated egos told them they could develop him. 4yrs later, we're still waiting.

Also, on defense, we made Locker look like Luck (say that 3 times, lol). He made fools of the defense. Couple times we had a clear sack, and the guy made defenders miss like he was RG3 or something. It was a joke. Same with Chris Johnson, but I GET why he makes guys miss. But LOCKER? Please. I don't know who 57 is, but the guy had Locker dead to rights, on a 3rd or 4th down play, got juked and Locker ran for the 1st. And some of those throws he made, embarrassing. Like rainbows, with plenty of time for DBs to get there, and they didn't. Wilson's getting beat too much to say it just he's inexperienced. Clemons is a LIABILITY in the pass game. CBs can't cover a fathead sticker. Front 7 now is starting to crack. Croyle was brought in to teach the DBs, it ain't happening. They're just as bad now as PreSeason. I'm not sure there's one back there worth keeping (even Reshad Jones had a horrible game).


At least the secondary that Parcells inherited was far better than the one he has built here today.

I am going to take my HEALTH PILLS and watch my PROGRAMS today.

la phins

The greatst problem with the Parcells/Ireland era is we seem to have to continually replace players that we aleady replaced players with. Thats why after 5yrs were still spinning our wheels in mudd.

We have to readdres positions already readdressed while continuing to address thos not addressed. Its totally mind boggling.

Now the greatest and mos controversial pick of the Parcells/Ireland era is now showing signs he may have to soon be replaced. That guy you ask? How about Jake Long.

Ryan Tannehill, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis,D Thomas,Egnew = more Irescum busts.

Lets not forget Chad Henne and Pat White.

Yesterday's Gone--

You are my special little princess! Your mother and I are very proud of you! We love our little ballerina!


I think Tannehill's going to be ok. He'll just have to prove he was worth the 8th overall pick. Im giving him a pass for now because the offensive personel he's presently working with is still sort of a jumbled-scrambled mess.

Its still going to be tough to tell until he's surrounded with the right pieces.


I didnt forge White and Henne. Long could be the greatest disaster because he was the 1st overall pick andwe could have had Matt Ryan instead.

That alone would have eliminated both the Pat White and Chad Henne draft picks. It would be one of the worst disasters in Fins history if Long continues to show signs of downward play.

Remember this is only his 5th season. Long was supposed to give us 10-13yrs of great play at LT.

Long's play has dropped since after year 3. We invested far too heavily into him to see the account emptying out so soon.

We may have to resign Long just to get rid of him and get at least a medium premium back. Or risk losing everything.

At least watching the Jests game after shutting off the Miami game halfway thru cheered me up. At least we aren't in their situation.

Sean Smith is 6ft, 3" and he's giving receivers a 10 yard cushion. WTH? We better draft the WR from Tennessee or the corner from Alabama.

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