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Titans lead Dolphins 31-3 to start fourth quarter

Chris Johnson just went over 100 yards, marking the first time the Dolphins have given up a 100-yard game to any running back in 22 games.

On another note, the Dolphins are getting destroyed, 31-3.

Northing has gone right today. This has been a total team collapse so far.

And the live blog and game continue. Join me in the comments section.


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ANOTHER INT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe tannehill should move to defense.

Tannehill tackles better than Sean Smith.

Tannehill with another INT. Tackle proves at least his knee is fine.

And I "GAURANTEE" you're wrong, JG. I GUARANTEE they'll win at least 6.

Hey ross, you big eared, big nosed circus monkey, spend some money on your team because they are a disaster! Yeah tannehill is real good. He SUCKS!

Nice wrap up!!

guys they are not a playoff team look at the roster, build upon it The coach is a legit coach. I am watching a few games. Mando you r wrong the bills look good, all you got to do is throw the ball vs this D. We have a decent O but our D is a bit of a fraud. I cant not cheer for a loss. I dont pay a lot of money and spend important time ( I own a biz and take sundays off to watch them) to not cheer.

Sean Smith has infected the whole (or is it hole) secondary.

As far as I'm concerned, the season ended today. We had a chance to go above .500 against one of the crappiest teams in the league and we failed miserably. Had a opportunity to stay in the wildcard hunt and we just flop. Time to start talking about the upcoming draft again. Midway in the season. Well, at least it's not in October this time. LOL!!

No way Henne makes that tackle...otherwise same guy.

boy, mondo, those Titans are a terrible football team, even u sadi so.

What is wrong with the Dolphins that a new and more talented offensive line, defensive line, receiver corps, and new linebackers wouldn't solve? How impatient can posters on this board be? Jeff Ireland just needs a few more years to fit the chess pieces in place.

This game reminds me of '07

I gotta agree....

There is NP SUCH THING AS DANGEROUS in the NFL...they are ALL professionals.....

WHAT makes a team dangerous is PREPARATION...and EXECUTION.....

we showed neither today....

armando, tannehill's hustle and form tackle show that he might do well in our defensive backfield.

Try tannehill at WR. He is no QB.

I am a democrat, in case you haven't realized

Yes Writer,

Tennessee is 3-6 and has a nightmarish point differential and has struggled to the point that the owner lost his mind this week.

But secretly, they are good!

Hint: They are good this week because they are playing Miami, a terrible franchise with little talent, little heart and a fanbase that has just about given up.

Keep lying to yourself, it's probably easier than accepting reality. Miami is just as far away today as they have been the last 10 years. Nothing changes.

I've never seen so many guys! With the Numbers in the 50's!! Making Plays!!

Well no fin game!! With Lb's Making plays!

I was wondering where the old Dolphins were, found them.....sad.


Breathe buddy. Logic is an elusive component for some. LOL

DC I'm the one who blames fans for not showing up. I stated my reasons in the earlier blog and this debacle just proves my point further. No it's not the reason the team loses but it certainly isn't helping is it? How are we going to expect our team to get fired up at the beginning of the game when they look out and the stands are empty? Not showing up gives the opponents an advantage. Neither the team or the fans showed up today. Miami is a pathetic professional sports town, period.

Fire whoever drafted Tannehill.

Third Tannehill INT. Okay. Wow. Speechless. Terrible choice Ryan. Great tackle to avoid two pick sixes in one day. Mr. Salguero I do not feel sorry for you having to write about this game sir. losing such as this to a true fan like me is an awful feeling. I will now go on and destroy Tennessee on Madden...it is my only solace.

A lot of work to do in a short week. Players need to look in the mirror. Coaches too. This effort has been going on around the franchise for way too long! The sad thing, there's never an answer...they're up - which get our hopes up, then they're down. Terrible!!!

Bush is gone he should be benched for rest of year. Titans beat Pittsburgh, whom have we beat? Raiders? Wait until we play pats and seahawks and niners, then see where our D is ranked. Sorry Titans at this point are in our class.

T-hill continues to shizzle.

Moore in relief?


All the hate for Philbin, Ireland, and Tannehill is ridiculous. I'd call you all retards but that would be an insult to developmentally disabled people everywhere. If you expected the season to have a steady upward trajectory, you are mindless and know nothing about the game. Keep calm and stay positive or find another team.

Records in the NFL, same as the NBA don't tell the story. Just because a team has a bad record that doesn't mean that they are bad. It doesn't work that way...and yes, a team coming off of an embarrassing loss is a dangerous team. Is this your first NFL game ? Congrats...learn something. The Titans are determined, focused. Are you hoping to dispute that ? Titans have more talent than Miami too. You're an idiot with no clue.

Has Ryan ever heard of scrambling such as what Luck and Locker have destroyed us with this week when they did not have an open lane to pass.

Smith...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! You SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys ripping Tannehill ... He had thrown ZERO interceptions the previous four games.

This game in no way is Tannehill's fault. Rookie qb, no defensive help, and very little help from his offensiv mates. WTH do some of you expect?

why dont plug tanny as a DB , at least he knows how to tackle... LOL!!!.. this is garbage, but i guarantee that next week the dolps are gona have all the odds against them, and they gonna cover the line, just as the titans did today... LOL!!... money talks !!

Rookie coach, rookie QB, new system, terrible team last year. You can't expect these guys to be any good. It takes time....oh wait, the Colts exist don't they?

Effffffffffffoooort level is actually worse than the talent

Sean Smith can not pick a ball to save his life....sorry am I being too negative?

Tannehill 42.8 QB rating against the Titans! That is embarrasing.

Couldn't agree more with u Sean

Show me the money!!!!

I don't think I've ever seen a crappy corner like Sean Smith...Ever...And some fans thought he was getting better...LOL!!!!!

Miami is a pathetic professional sports town, period.

Posted by: Phins78 | November 11, 2012 at 03:32 PM

Well said. I agree.

The team is a laughingstock. Incompetents every where you look. It'll take 5 years to turn this nightmare around.....IF they hire real GM's and HC's.

Anybody knows WTH happened? Opinions, comments?

Stay tuned folks....

40-37 FINS...


Wow the dolphins really need to get rid of Jeff Ireland because he can't seem to land no one in the draft that is a stand out on the field. we need a gm that knows what his doing and Jeffry ain't doing jack but trading talent away and keeping the trash from other teams.is time to get rid of all the trash and start to bring in talent fire Ireland.should of got rid of Sean smith instead this guy a is pure trash butter fingers.

Embarrassed to be a fan today . We are paying for the mistakes of Saben and the Tuna ! If we had Matt Ryan or Drew Brees !

Why is Sean Smith still getting playing time???? Why is Sean Smith still in the NFL???

I garantee you...Throw a kid's beachball up in the air in front of Sean Smith and he will drop it...I'd bet my fuc****g mortgage on it...

why are you or even I for that matter watching this game still? 37-3 LOL it's like watching the presidential election until midnight hoping Romney can pull something out of his arse

I hope we can agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland.

To all the democrats on the board, I present Andrew as sufficient reason to vote Republican the rest of your life.

Sean Smith-gray Y football you know to roll over so they Think you caught it-second game-same play-one could have one-one would give hope-Ireland-you are the best!

Montreal , remember Paul Lankford ?


Miami is not a sad sports town. The Heat have delivered in successive years. Once with a championship appearance and the following year with a tutle. Plus this may be thier best yuear yet.

I dont blame tanny... I blame "Las Vegas"... LOL... sadly true, Money talks folks...

Just take a knee...I'm tired.

Yes records can lie, point differential rarely does. Oh, are the Titans determined and focused? How is Miami not also determined and focused? They play once a week, I doubt Miami just decided to not focus today. They lack talent and their GM drafts poorly.


Philbin and Tannehill deserve more time to grow and prove themselves. Jeff Ireland should be gone, anyone who defends him is delusional.

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