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Titans lead Dolphins 31-3 to start fourth quarter

Chris Johnson just went over 100 yards, marking the first time the Dolphins have given up a 100-yard game to any running back in 22 games.

On another note, the Dolphins are getting destroyed, 31-3.

Northing has gone right today. This has been a total team collapse so far.

And the live blog and game continue. Join me in the comments section.


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Andrew the only people who take pleasure in a team losing are people who aren't fans of that team. You are way to happy thinking you are right about how bad the team is. Andrew, you know you're the biggest moron in here right?

This team was bad today before Tannehill even took a snap.

They were never in the game because they were underprepared for the effort needed. They had already bought into the game was a win. This is something the coaches need to address.

Are you ppl still watching this game!!?? I took a nap woke up looked at the score and went back to sleep.


well the good thing oscar is that hopefully the whole team has had a bad day together! it's a short week where they get the opportunity to put things right on primetime TV on thursday

Look @ Buffalo play with heart against the Patsies. WOW Jackson fumbles like Bush going in for the score. The Belicheat & the Bradyettes catch a break.

The teams in the NFL are all mediocre. The difference between one team and another is not that much. If one is more focused and determined than the other, this is what happens. The Dolphins are mediocre so are the Titans who have beaten some good teams. Hint : Your logic fails.

Dang JG,

U wrote the word Guaranteed! Wrong Twice! And in CAPS!!

Sean Smith=worst CB to play the game. This dude sucks at the game period. Go put a head set on and take McDonald's orders bro. I'll have a #6 with large fries and Dr. Pepper.

Smith with all of the int drops is demoralizing to our other db's. They all seem to follow his lead.

I'll be surprised to see Smith with the Fins next season. Even if resigned for peanuts he's still a great liability.

Tannehills 4 turnovers led to 20 Titan points. Game over.

This blog has been far more entertaining than the game. I'm just saying.

Jeff Ireland has put together an extremely talented team. They probably saw all the empty seats and decided, why make an effort if the fans don't care enough to show up.

I hate being optimistic about this team, been let down too often!

That's what I called a "Fins-whipping" ;)

I guarantee that the guy who guaranteed 5-11 is a moron.
Phins will be 8-8.
That's overachieving for this bunch.
Exceeding expectations.

I think 3:39 is directed @ you PHINS 78....

If a team is not focused or determined, that falls on the coach. That's not an acceptable excuse.

People can call me all the names they want, but I'm right and anyone realistically looking at the situation knows it. I don't want the Dolphins to be bad but I am not going to stick my head in the sand and excuse year after year of sucking. They have not made progress. They still have no weapons. They still can't cover anyone. Nothing ever changes with Ireland in charge.

The teams in the NFL are not all mediocre. You are giving me crap about bad logic? Tell me more about how ALL the NFL teams are basically the same. LOL, so sad to watch delusional people.

Andrew, you're in title to your opinion...But don't mix politics with sports...Your man Obama had a worse record the last 4 years than the Dolphins...And Miami has stank...So stick with football please...


Jarvis Jones would look great in aqua and orange. If Matt Barkley or another top prospect is available, do you pullthe trigger.

Now, if we are gonna get serious...
Armando, (that ripped Chad Henne but defends Tanny), please tell me... Who has better numbers in his first 10 games as a starter so far.. Henne or Thill... i´m not saying Thill is bad or Henne good, but i ask you cause you have/had 2 different aproaches .. please answer me.. thx

Say, "tube of glue" 3 times, and ALoco should come calling.

Has anyone noticed ALoco's never in the live blogs?

Tanny's QB rating is MINUS 50 LOL

Ryan Tannehill is a rookie QB he does not have all of the answers to these issues. At this point he is trying to score some points and he has made several forced throws. As a loyal fan who believes in Mr. Ireland and Mr. Philbin I can only say better luck next time. I must add that I have not agreed with many of Sherman's offensive calls. This game went in the camode when Bush fumbled the ball in the first quarter. Miami could not establish any offensive rhythm and the defense had to play far too much because of the offensive errors.

This is a garbage outfit. Penalties, turnovers, missed assignments, bad decisions...when the season is on the line. Nice job Dolphins.

Tannehill will either get better with this game or regress..I think he'll get better...

That QB turnover machine (E. Manning) is killing his team. Losing 31-6. For all ou whining Nancies, I guess they should fire Coughlin and blow up the whole team. Yeh, that's why you light loafers couldn't manage a 7-11, much less an NFL franchise.

Matt Barkley? Absolutely!

The Heat are in Miami, the Dolphins are in Broward where Baseball is king among all those Jewish retirees from NY. Not a good business proposition for Ross, Jewish he be and all. Right?

It's a crying shame

I could care less about Obama. I am talking about Romney to prove a different point. The Romney camp lived in a bubble where facts did not matter and polls were "skewed".

Just like the apologists in here think that getting blown out at home and another season down the tubes is "progress" and that Jeff Ireland is doing a good job rebuilding. Or that all NFL teams are basically the same. Or that when both teams lose last week, the team that lost worse has more motivation.

LOL, well thanks Mando for reporting to us fans that the organization is "puzzled" why people haven't been inspired to come back to the stadium. Maybe you can report back to them from us that decades of mediocrity won't be undone by a .500 record. That was my point, it was a useless post. People want to support winners. And they don't trust Miami is that yet. They're still waiting to see if the good start this year was a mirage or not. I happen to think they're for real this time (because I have faith in Philbin) but I'm not surprised people are staying away until (earliest) next year.

And if you can't take some pushback, maybe you need to "back off!"

Amazingly, Chris Johnson is still in the game. That is almost a punking of the Dolphins.

CJin to pick up more yards. Not worried about getting hurt.

Take it easy guys. We have enjoyed a good season up til now. Thursday is another game. Time to bounce back after disappointment. Happens to the best of them...

Did anyone think Tannehill would resemble anything close to a pro bowl qb in his 1st season with Hartline unanimously his best wr?

If so, you gys really need to lay off of the crack. Marino had Duper/Clayton already on the roster his 1st season. HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Maybe Al Golden gave the defense their motivational speach this week. They played just like the Canes defense today.

Here's how pathetic the resident troll is. He has been here so long that he remembers my old sign in name and is using it to agree with me. He must falsely believe it would bother me when in reality I'm lmao at how pathetic and lonely this guy is. Hahaha

Again, no WEAPONS for the kid. ZERO. Even Bush sucks...Landry was probably right when he was saying his hit on would leave scarts...

That's a good point Angry Elf, the Dolphins and the defending super bowl champions are VERY comparable situations.

And people are giving me crap for logic. So sad, so delusional.

scars**Fu** I can't type today...

you tell me to not include politics but look at you making a jab at Obama. Hypocritical much Montreal?

am I ticking some of you dolfans off? LOL sorry you need to take your anger out on me, a guy who knows what he sees and he sees a football team heading in the wrong direction

Thank you Armando for this forum which allows all of the Dolphins fans as eccentric as some of us are to be able to communicate our ideas and opinions in such a location. Tannehill will have better games. Miami is not as terrible as this looks.

it does look like bush has been psychologically impaired since landry's hit.

Gettin' ugly in here

#1 whi is even the PM of Canada matter of fact the the F U C K cares about the country of Canada I know NO ONE!!

Can we PLEASE fire Ireland Now?

"Big eared big nose circus monkey". I love this description of Ms. Ross. Lots of fans disguised as orange seats. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Andrew, I'm not a Republican, I'm not a Democrat either...I just want the US to get out of this mess...ANd FACT is Obama makes a lot of promises but FAILS to deliver...I'm hoping it's going to change...But so far, it hasn't...

Peyton Manninmg would struggle to score points with this recievings corps. RG3 has better and so does Andrew Luck.

Miami needs to at least TRY to score a TD.

Man, I was upset when I say all of the empty seats on TV but I guess the local fans know this team better than all of us long distance fans. To me it seems the players not only lack the physical ability sometimes but also the mental apptitude to make some basic decisions (Thigpen allowing a punt early on to simply bounce further out of bounds in fins territory.) Also it seems the coaches get paid to prevent a team from looking too far ahead. Coaching today really seemed to suck. Sherman runs a Dink-and-Dunk Offensnse that teams now have film on and are making adjustments. And it looks like the Defense is that old Bend-but-don't-Break defense that really sucked during the Marino Years. I want to think that bettter days are ahead but it seems to me the coaches are playing for better draft position for the 9 picks in the upcoming draft.

Andrew is close to DEAD-ON in all his comments....

ANgry Elf...you can't compare a 2 TOME SB MVP to Tanne...and you can't compare the 2 TOME SB champions (in 4 years) to the FINS.....who haven't been to the playoffs in 4 years....

C'mon man...

maybe steve ross needs to go into the locker room and flip everyone off like bud adams did last week.


Watching this game is an exercise in MASOCHISM, unless you're waiting to see if they'll put in Moore.

What does T-hill have left to prove? Moore could use some reps in case T-hill goes down in the near future.

Wow the wide shot of the stadium shows it all. There are only a couple thousand fans left in the stadium. I applaud their loyalty.

Who cares about Tannehill? He deserves time. Ireland had his chance, he has to go immediately. Dolphins have five high picks next draft, we cannot let Jeff Ireland draft three offensive lineman and two skill player busts.

I love how ignorant some of u guys are!

U do realize MATT BARKLEY ISN'T EVEN RATED AS THE 3RD BEST QB THAT IS DRAFT ELIGIBLE!!! He's dropping more than a S.Smith INT attempt!

MEANING MATT BARKLEY IS A 6TH round Pick at best!!!! Look it up!!

And wait til they put him thru the dog and Pony Show! Barkley might go undrafted!!!

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