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Titans lead Dolphins 31-3 to start fourth quarter

Chris Johnson just went over 100 yards, marking the first time the Dolphins have given up a 100-yard game to any running back in 22 games.

On another note, the Dolphins are getting destroyed, 31-3.

Northing has gone right today. This has been a total team collapse so far.

And the live blog and game continue. Join me in the comments section.


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OMG Matt Moore is in. A little too late.

I agree Swamy and so does Philbin. Moore in now.

Mando, today's performance is why we stay away, at least at home I can switch the channel.

Let's Go Matt Moore!!!! Lead us to a TD.

Tanne benched....

40-37 FINS...coming up....

Now Cam Philbin brings Moore in? GEEZ!

Woody Harrelson will have this team back onThursday.

Great hand off by Moore.

The stench of manure hangs over this stadium ...

Poor Mad Dog must be rolling over in his grave .

One more comment.....did anybody else see the ticker on Fox, I think, that reported that the dolphins are not going to resign Reggie Bush? It was befrore the start of the game.

Sean Smith=corpse with pads on

If Tannehill goes another 4-5 games without throwing another pick, then I'll take that. He's a rookie, it happens. Doesn't mean anything long-term (unless he doesn't learn from games like these).

Fans were leaving after the 1st quarter. LOL

The Titans have the kind of team speed at the skill positions that the Dolphins only wish they had. Teams are taking away the run because the Dolphins do not have receivers that can create separation. Parcells did a great job of bringing in the run stuffers so that teams will go to the pass and the very soft playing secondary. Parcells was so out of touch and such a dinosaur. The secondary and Misi are just pathetic. The Dolpins need a safety, CB, outside linebacker and of course TE and WR. If you thought this team was playoff bound, you were drinking illegal KoolAid.

Truth, huh???? What the heck was that you just posted? You don't care about Canada? Great...You think I feel insulted? I couldn't careless what you think bro...Grow up and focus on your education, you idiot...

I agree Starface, the Dolphins have shown good things this year, and one of the best has been the play at QB. Took a step back today, but it will get better.


I don't give a crap about politics or your thoughts on Obama. I just brought up Romney as an example of people who are LYING TO THEMSELVES ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING.

People are trying to compare the Dolphins to the Giants to disprove me. That's how bad their logic is. I don't care how "motivated" the Titans are; losing 37-3 at home to a 3-6 team is not a sign of progress. It's a sign of MORE OF THE SAME.

LOL, announcers right now talking about how Miami doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt like the Giants. DUH!

Patsies 34 Buffs 31 7:47 to go

Take notes Ryan. Moore will run with the ball when there isn't a oper WR.

Sean Smith="I am the egg-man, goo goo ga choo."

montreal, i worked at mcgill, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there...

Did Tasker just say that the Dolphins did some good things on both sides of the ball today?

I think even the concessionaures have left the game by now. No more hot dogs.

Wow, Moore's really lighting it up, huh? That's all we needed, a change in QB!

Any time steve tasker does a fins game we are in trouble (achoo)

Matt Moore sacked? Please say it isnt so Matt Moronians! LOL

YG yes that's true, the Heat did buy a championship for themselves but I was talking about fans in Miami.

The same fans who didn't show up to games after the Heat bought James and Bosh and were poised for a run. They stayed home and waited until playoffs were a sure thing. The players publicly begged fans to show up because, "it's hurting our home court advantage".

I can debate this all night. I have tons of examples from every professional sports franchise in Miami. People in Miami should just own it already, no biggy, but when it comes to fandom they are the worst banwagoners in the country. All the excuses in the world don't change that.

Andrew, I agree with you about the Giants...But as far as Obama is concerned, fact is so far he failed...We'll never know about Romney so why even bring him up in the conversation?

There you go Orlando, Moore is awesome!!!

And Moore does Less!

Smart move by Philbin!

Now we can criticize where the real problem lies!!!


For all the slow kids on the board today, another reminder:


Come on, ladies, give it some time.

Matt Moronians you got your wish! LOL...

Whoo Hoo!!! Ireland haters have been in seclusion too long! Today we rejoice!!!! Troll on haters! Troll onnnn!!!!

3 points against the worst defense in the AFC. Progress! So glad we traded away Marshall. So glad we have such a "good core" of guys to build on.

I guess we better hope Buffalo wins, so they are not motivated to beat our brains in on Thursday.

Sean Smith=The %1 of America(free money no work)

A moron is the guy who thinks Matt Moore isn't a good player. Yesterday is an idiot.

Anyway, thank God this game is finally coming to an end...Talk about wasting a nice sunday afternoon...I'm out!

you're right phins78, fns are so fickle they only turn up when they're team is at the top. that's not a proper fanbase IMO. there will be an element of that in all sports but the amount of none shows here is really poor. Look at cleveland and how loyal their fanbase is considering what they have NOT won.

The Mooreaholics!!

Got their Fix! Ha!!!!

Matt Moronians must be republican tea partyist. Thier arguments never have sond basis in "REALITY". LOL

Jeff Ireland is already working tirelessly, scouring the waiver wires and planning for the next draft. Great days are ahead if we just stay the course for a few more years.


I like you. But you can't seem to grasp my point. I brought him up as an example of someone who lies to himself about reality (how he thought he was secretly winning the election).

I have no thoughts on Obama's performance or how Romney would have done. I don't care. It's not a political point. You don't like Obama. Lots of people agree with you. I don't care.

All of us that thought that the Buffalo game would be easy look at the scoreboard. The Bills are down by 3 late in the 4th quarter. Thus, we will probably get crushed on Thursday in Buffalo.

We will win 2 more games this year equaling last years total of 6. I think that we will win home games against the Jaguars and the Bills. Another top 10 pick for us this year.

Talking to my friend Julio, that I know of, Shula never threw a Game for $. He lost that SB to Joe Namath and the Jets because they were given the Plays by the NFL People then that wanted the American League to grow in stature . True story.

Hey Njfinfan, fu$k off! You are the retard!

Phins, if you think so lowly of the fans, then WHY ARE YOU A FAN? You ever go to home games? Mark in Toronto is further than you in NY and he used to have Season Tix. I mean, do you seriously believe the fans are the reason the team has sucked these last many decades? Fans don't get paid millions of dollars, players, Coaches and GMs DO!

The NFL's offensive player of the month, not once, but twice and last years teams MVP...Matt Moore sucks.
Brilliant lmao.
Yesterday is a moron.

A couple of ONSIDE KICKS...and 40-37 FINS...

I can't get over this. This is like going to the bar asking for a Stella Artois and they only have Busch....

'72 can crack open the champagne...watching a real game now...

Blowout ,hope that they lose the rest of there games so Ireland can pack his bags and skip town this clown has done nothing for this franchise since he took office all he did was trade away talent and keep what you are watching today.am surprise that they won four games this season.fire Ireland right now he suck arse.

Don't blame Philbon the defensive line has had two very average games in a row and our DB's have no focus. The offensive line is just offensive period. Tannonhill did the best with what he was given. Two of those interceptions were jokes and one was legibly his fault. The offensive play calling was pathetic. Short passes and no trust in Tanny's arm strength is offensive to the growth of our QB. We'll bounce back next week!

@Angry Elf

The Colts.

Tannehill, the worst QB in the league. Thanks Ireland.


I don't always agree with you but on this one I will. It was the emperor has no clothes thing with Romney and your point. But move along, some don't want to accept that about the fins or him.

The day is not completely lost--Atlanta is nigh on to losing and the 72 Dolphins continue to be the best who ever played the game!


Matt Moore fans?

Should ya be called Mooreaholics? Or Just Plain Morons!

Either or! No helping ur delusional Sect!

Finally the blowout is over. 34 point loss for Miami. Terrible. 3 Ryan Tannehill interceptions and a Reggie Bush fumble. A 100 yard day for Chris Johnson....Armando I am trying to beat you to it. :)

Auntie Em! Uncle Henry! Its a twister! Its a Twister!

Kris I wouldn't be surprised. The post completely misses the point I was making earlier today and is taken out of context. Some people are smart enough to use rationale opinions when debating issues and then there are people in here, either too stupid to understand simple logic or they understand it but it doesn't further their agenda so they twist a posts meaning and put words in your mouth. That right there is a perfect description of what is wrong with this blog.

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