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Titans lead Dolphins 31-3 to start fourth quarter

Chris Johnson just went over 100 yards, marking the first time the Dolphins have given up a 100-yard game to any running back in 22 games.

On another note, the Dolphins are getting destroyed, 31-3.

Northing has gone right today. This has been a total team collapse so far.

And the live blog and game continue. Join me in the comments section.


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Idiot I didnt say Moore wasnt a decent backup qb nor good player. Moronians such as you claim he's the answer to all our problems.

Really, I can you take an idiot such as you seriously that posts:

"God doesnt want the Dolphins to win".

Maybe you should fire your current shrink!

The team is down 37-3....

and some of you want to jump on Moore's back...yeah...it was his fault....him and his 3 MIN of playing time....

You should talk to bobbyd12, he was a Season ticket holder. Got sick of the losing. Didn't renew. He was a true fanatic, a diehard fan. He decided he had better things to do with his money. Are you calling HIM a loser Phins? Because I'm not. I think he made that decision for himself and what's best for his family. I put the blame where it SHOULD be. On the team that couldn't keep him at the stadium. THEY are to blame. But you keep blaming the fans, will win you lots of friends in South Florida.

Sean Smith has a terrible game as his streak of dropped interceptions continues for the former wideout from the University of Utah.

Tannehill cant hold Matt Moore's jockstrap.

Guys when was Canada ever real vent. Never. F u c k thoughts panties wearing puss like Montreal!

Question : Is Dashi stupid.

Answer : yes.


I like Montreal I just want him to understand my point. You can't lie to yourself.

I agree that Philbin and Tannehill deserve more time, but Ireland HAS TO GO. How many chances does he deserve? Doesn't he deserve some responsibility for a secondary built on low round picks that can't stop anybody? Doesn't he deserve responsibility for an offense that never gets over 20?

I think I am actually being pretty reasonable. Anyone calling for Tannehill's head this early is being GROSSLY unfair especially considering how bad his supporting cast is.

Alright boys, let's see if Buffalo can score a TD! 37-31 with 2 to play and fitzpatrick is gonna do it.

Bench the team MVP for Hennehill?


How can an idiot like yourself that posts:

"God doesnt want the Dolphins to win"

Have any credibility in anything he posts. Idiot, if "God didnt want us to win" we would be 0-9, dumbass! LOL

Players shouldnt get paid today,they should donate there game checks,the coaches should all get fired and the owner needs to get the fuuuuuck outa miami..he ruined this franchise

sean smith is better than he has shown in the past few weeks.


I understand time, yes.Need to develop, but Some of Ireland's pieces have been good. I actually support the guy, I just think he needs to run the show himself for another draft.

About as ugly as it gets, wow. Nothing left to do but cheer against patsies.

Eugene "Mercury" Morris has gathered the 1972 PERFECT posse for the official popping of the corks tonight.

Falcons Lose.

Saints - 31
Falcons 27

DC I guess fans in Florida are smarter than fans around the rest of the league? There are teams far worse than the Dolphins for far longer and their fans show up to the games. Why is that DC? Are they all stupid?

Did we win?

You know, Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 in his first season with the Cowboys, and we all know how that disaster turned out. Point is, show a little maturity and don't listen to the deluded Obama supporters trashing our Miami Dolphins. They will be a winner long before Obama ever will.

The guy(IMAwriter) who posts:

"God doesnt want us to win"

Is actually attacking other posters. What gives Satan(IMAwriter)? LMAO!

Or are they better fans than Dolphins fans are which has been my contention all day?

Has anyone noticed ALoco's never in the live blogs?
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 11, 2012 at 03:42 PM
His reading comprehension isn't good enough.
Moves too fast for him.
Posted by: Tim in Tampa | November 11, 2012 at 03:48 PM

The TRUTH is your too busy with all your other bullsheet names to be him too.

Did you comprehend that?

Kris, the point with Moore is that he had a chance (as limited as it was) to turn things around. If this REALLY was just a QB issue, he could of come in and instantly lit it up. Making passes, throwing guys open, getting in the huddle and urging guys to play for him.

Dashi and others are responding to those people who think all we need is to put Moore in and we'll be Playoff bound. That's a joke. We're nowhere NEAR a team to contend with yet. We're baby giraffes, on shaky legs still.

When another team GOES UNDEFEATED.....

The FINS will be released from the CURSE...we should be praying for an UNDEFEATED TEAM....


Why do care so much what other US citizens decide to do with thier own hard earned money? You werent a the game either. Want to explain that?

Angry Elf is the posterboy for people who don't get things. I voted for Gary Johnson lol.


Ireland is awful. I won't spend any more time trying to convince people but no evidence suggests he should still have a job with Miami.

DC I went to college in FLA and know plenty of fans, friends of mine, who feel the same as I do. Oh , three of them with families are season ticket holders and somehow miraculously can still support their families. Are they just stupid for supporting their team?

Phins, look bud, I hear you, understand. You think Florida fans suck. I respect your position, I just don't agree. I have friends up here who are Skins fans who didn't renew their Season tix. Like I said, I talk to bobbyd12 here and got his reasoning why he didn't renew his. I'm not sure if I lived down there I'D renew if I was a longtime Season tix holder.

Like Mando, I don't put the blame on the fan. I understand that you do. It's a difference of opinion.

Andrew--trying to differentiate between Obama and Johnson is as pointless as drawing a distinction between Stalin and Lenin.

But keep hoping in the Dolphins and maybe, just maybe, he day you can be a winner too.

No, they're not stupid, but neither is bobbyd12 for making another decision.

This is why nobody showed. They all know what Miami really is. I wouldnt walk oit of my back yard to watch them. Horrific coaching...that team dosent give a crap...period

Kris, the point with Moore is that he had a chance (as limited as it was) to turn things around. If this REALLY was just a QB issue, he could of come in and instantly lit it up

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 11, 2012 at 04:05 PM

DC..the score was 37-3....I know you don't really believe ANY of the above that you just typed....you want to make a point...and I get it....but even MR. FANTASTIC wouldn't stretch it this far.....

I know your upset....we ALL are....i'm not a Moore Supporter by any means...but for you and Dashi to tie Moore to this debacle is beneath you both.....

Goodnight Phin Fans--KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

- Jessie Jackson (that ones for u, Andrew).

Everyone that say s fla fans suck are always blogging this from the comforts of thier own homes on gameday.

Thier excuse is always, "They live to far away".

Steeler fans follow thier team "ALL OVER THE COUNTRY". No MATTER HOW FAR AWAY.

Explain this s fla fans haters? Or can you?

Seems to me last weeks loss killed the fins. As to the Obama haters its kinda hard to get anything done when the other side wont cooperate and get things done. Republicans are sore losers and vindictive . At least obama can explain his policies. Im still waiting for romney to start on his.

Angry Elf,

You are too stupid to argue with clearly (Obama and Gary Johnson being alike lol).

I have no hope for the Dolphins as long as Ireland is around. His priorities are wrong and his personnel evaluation is shoddy.

Elf=Another Sore Loser. Go to the Red State blog with your pointless Tea Party Paranoia. And, too: Loser

When you lose by 30 or more it should count as 2 losses.

Dc just so we are clear, I don't blame fans for the teams woes. I'm just pointing out the facts. You keep giving me reasons why fins fans dont show up but arent answering my question as to why fans of worse teams do show up.

Worst dolphins game in years, with ao much on the line. What a bunch of quitters!!!Been a fan for 40 years...they suck. Where do they go from here!!!

I want to apologize for bringing up politics. I was just trying to make a point about not lying to yourself.

Please let's not turn this into another political snipe-fest. The election is over, we get two years off before we have to deal with that mess again!

Well they lost if they were racehorses on the past performances the comment would read eased in the stretch.This game could be compared to the Houston game.

Blow the whole thing up, or get it over with and move to L.A.

Sad, sorry team w/ pathetic fans.

My caps lock key was engaged.

Dolphins show their true colors today.

We won 4 games against a JOKE SCHEDULE.

5-11 is going to happen.

We beat crappy teams. We lose to any team with a pulse.

Any answers for this loss? Anybody?

They played hard in the Houston game. Today they QUIT!!

Why is Obama being mentioned?

LOL you guys are retards.

This is a sports blog and we just got spanked by a team considered to be one of the worst.

And you bring up politics?

F U C K I N G Tards lol.

Kris, not tying Moore to the debacle. He had nothing to do with it. Game was over before he even got in. I guess I'm questioning why he was put in the game to begin with. Either Philbin didn't want to get Tannehill hurt for no reason, or he thought he didn't have it and wanted to put in Moore in the hopes he had a spark.

The point I AM making is Moore isn't the answer. There IS no answer this year. It's a team that's in the process. And they are on their own time schedule, not ours.

One answer would be, they are playing Possum for NE. How about that? No?

Trapped in the Past, rooting for undefeated teams to lose, while this franchise hasn't been close to relevant since Colts OT playoff victory a decade ago.

Philbin/Tannysmell/Fireland.........the lot of 'em oughta leave town voluntarily.

Yesterdays gone,,,lol! You think Im going to fly to Florida every week for a game? How much money you think I have bud? Steeler fans from Pittsburgh fly down because they have organized trips planned from Pittsburgh. How many trips you think upstate new yorkers are planning. Completely two different scenarios bud.

Any answers for this loss? Anybody?

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 11, 2012 at 04:18 PM

The secondary returned to being a joke about the same time Sean Smith returned to being a joke.

Phins, and I asked you earlier, which "worse teams" are you talking about?

This team will be stuck drafting from pick 8-14 AGAIN and will EVERY YEAR.

We blew it the cahnce we had to draft MATT RYAN.

We will NEVER get out of the 4-12, 6-10 rut

Well said, Andrew, well said.

The Phins will be back . . . Probably Thu night, judging by the heartbreaker the Bills just endured.

And Cosell, you need to wash your filthy mouth out with soap.

Good day, sir.

They played flat the whole game like they were counting the win and looking ahead to Thursday night.

Sean Smith is a fa next year. Cut the strings Ireland, the Smith experiment is over.

What secondary!!!! Smith sucks

TFS.....true..........Parcells set us back a decade. Long's washed up, Ryan is a better-than-average to good & WAY BETTER that TannySmell QB.

So Sad.

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