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Titans lead Dolphins 31-3 to start fourth quarter

Chris Johnson just went over 100 yards, marking the first time the Dolphins have given up a 100-yard game to any running back in 22 games.

On another note, the Dolphins are getting destroyed, 31-3.

Northing has gone right today. This has been a total team collapse so far.

And the live blog and game continue. Join me in the comments section.


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I have no hope for the Dolphins as long as Ireland is around. His priorities are wrong and his personnel evaluation is shoddy.

Posted by: Andrew | November 11, 2012 at 04:14 PM

By all means, do the logical thing for once and excuse yourself. You won't be missed.

See Ya.

YG, then they'll need 2 CBs again. Remember how it worked out last time with 2 rookie CBs? Unless they pick up FA CB, I doubt they do that.

I dont even want Smith back as a starting #2 corner next year.

After watching today's gme, Im now thinking sign fa Bowe, and spend the rest of 2013's draft on the secondary.

How bout the interceptions on Tannehill, YG,. Is he any good, our OL, our DL, our secondary? What you think? Our Coaches?

DC I didn't see you're question and you must have missed my posts from earlier today so here it is.


AND Jacksonville! Who THIS YEAR average MORE THAN 10,000 FANS A GAME compared to the Dolphins.

Any explanation? The only team worse in attendance this year is Tampa Bay. Hey! Guess where they play! lol


I understad your point better now....and I agree with your post @ 4:19...It looks grim right now....even Mr. 11-5 finds this one hard to swallow....

either Philbin's bag of tricks has been exposed....or he is no longer getting the MOST out of the little bit of talent Ireland gave him...

Which sucks worse............team or fans?


It isnt just Smith, our entire secondary sucks. Sign Duane Bowe(#1wr) and spend the entire draft on the secondary.

Turnovers and the defense's liabilities that were exposed last week... unsuccessful passing on 3rd and short didn't help either! Very short week now, better get the stench out.

Its pretty obvious, there was no benefit in Tannehill being left in the game. Moore soon found out the OL is not playing well of late.
To all the idiots criticising Thill, I defy any rookie QB, with limited weapons to be 100% effective when every time he gets some momentum going one of his lineman gets a dumb ass penalty, Incognito drive killing Personal foul, another Long holding and now Pouncey holding, 3 different drives ended by dumb penalties and a sack thrown in. Heads were down by halftime and this was just one of those days as that refereeing decision showed when a clear fumble isnt even reviewable because of a stupid rule.
You guys want a spark, how about the defense pitching in with interceptions of their own once in a while, never happens unless we are winning.
Lets just put this behind us and move onto Thursday!!!

C'mon, Armando, close it up. Dolphins lose to Titans 37-3!

Since 1984 and 85 was the last time the fins went to a championship game add it up and fans are fed up= empty stadium

Any answers for this loss? Anybody?

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 11, 2012 at 04:18 PM

The secondary returned to being a joke about the same time Sean Smith returned to being a joke.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 11, 2012 at 04:20 PM

Your both clueless. Give it up and shoot yourselves if your that ignorant.

Who wins in the NFL when they turn the ball over 4 times with two directly leading to TD's?

Here's a sympathy clue for the clueless: NOBODY.


"You werent a the game either. Want to explain that?"

Yeah, I live in upstate NY and it would cost me over a thousand dollars to attend Dolphins home games as compared to the $80 it would cost someone that lives within driving distance from the stadium. You know, the hundreds of thousands of people there who couldn't care less.

Damn, we should have traded Jake Long for a 1st rd pick this offeason when we had a chance. LOL

Elijah I'm going to have to say that one is too close to call :)

We blew it the cahnce we had to draft MATT RYAN.
We will NEVER get out of the 4-12, 6-10 rut

Posted by: The Fins Suck | November 11, 2012 at 04:21 PM

Thats as dumb as bringing up Obama. Matt Ryan? Hello tard, he's been a Falcon for 5 years.

LMAO at the pukes living in the past.


Your in DC.....you have watched as the SKINS have went from an Offensive POWER HOUSE to a team that over the last 3 weeks hasn't scored more than 17 points.....

The book is out on RG3...and the SHANNY offense...maybe its out on Tanne...and Sherman as well....

Sad, sad day. Second worst home loss in Fins history.....to a 3-6 team no less. Good to see fake Cosell leading the charge for the delusional apologists.

This franchise is a joke, thank god for the Heat.

Howie Cossell,

Arent you dead? Is Elvis showing up in football blogs accross America too? The living minds want to know. LOL

YG I go to every game that they play up North. I have to drive three and a half hours to NY city, five and a half to Buffalo, and even drove 7 hours to Maryland to see them play the Ravens. Do you fly up here for their games? hahahaha I know you don't so no need to answer. Stop being silly. If you live within and hour of the stadium and can't afford $80 8 times a year you should start looking for other work! ;)

Yeah, I live in upstate NY and it would cost me over a thousand dollars to attend Dolphins home games as compared to the $80 it would cost someone that lives within driving distance from the stadium.

Posted by: Phins78 | November 11, 2012 at 04:28 PM

What a lame exuse. You talk like a thousand dollars is a lot of money. I spent 500 on dinner with my girl last night. Are you a migrant worker or supermarket clerk, or do you have a real job?

I mean, if I, a simple Fan, warned right here on this Blog to take good containment of Locker and tight coverage on Kendall Wright, what were the Coaches thinking? There is no possible way that I, a Doctor, would know more Football than Fotball Coaches, is there? Then, what happened?

Phins78 | November 11, 2012 at 04:25 PM

DC,,,,I showed you mine, you show me yours! lol

Wow, where to begin. I'm not going after the QB on this one, least of our problems at this point. Philbin trying to send a message with arguably our hardest working player, not smart. Sit Sean smith, sit incognito, sit Clemons or Jones but Reggie, I don't think so. Coyle is not getting it done, period. The defense falls on him, no pass rush, open WR running all over the place and we can't stop the run. Coyle needs to coach em up, didn't do it two weeks in a row. Is anyone else tired of not seeing a TE running down the seam catching 3rd down passes from our rookie QB. Fasano is a nice #2 blocking type TE but teams just sit on the underneath routes, no threat at all. What happened to the OL, we were average at best early but now we are just pathetic, we can't get a push, PERIOD. For those non football thinkers that want to blame the QB, below average OL, below average WR, below average TE, average RB and below average play calling. How can he possibly succeed with that standing in the huddle, give me a break. Thought we would win 6 games early, got a little giddy and thought maybe 9 now ........Even the special teams sucked today, can we block somebody in the front for a change, field position was a killer today. Basically, it's time to start following the 2013 NFL DRAFT and hope that Ireland doesn't mess it up. I wouldn't spend a dime to watch this team, doesn't mean I'm not a good fan, just means Im a smart one. Entertain me with a good product and Ill come to games, otherwise, I watch from my couch so I can change the channel like today.

If you guys want cheering up just switch on CBS and watch the Jets pathetic offense, Sparano trying all his old tricks and same damn result!!! lol

Ronson, you are an imbecile

Ronson is Jewish. HoHo!

The players were flat, outmatched, The team wasn't ready to PLAY.

..Damn. I missed on this one. I really thought that the score would be a blow out. Just in our favor. I guess if the theam is going to pick a week to not show up. It may as well be in every aspect of the game. I'm kind of in schock. This is a step backwards for sure. I'm curious to see what this team is made of this week. This is by far the worst performance in the early Philbin era. Lets see how the team responds after this beatdown.

I believe T-hill will be given every chance to play this year. FO will then evaluate his progess and determine if he has the potential to be their franchise QB.

If not, Fins will continue picking a QB in the draft every year until they find the right one.



I dont and wont attend fins games until they begin to win again. Who wants to pay to sit behind some fat slob with the same dumb opinions traitor fan here have after watching every mistake. Who wants to sit behind some dumb redneck showing way too much asscrack?

Do you think fans here really want to pay to hear and see that when thier team loses? LOL

Oscar they lost the game before it started by mentally looking past the Titans and looking forward to Thursday nights game.Now what?

Ronson,,,,lol, good one. But who are you trying to fool? You spent $5.67 at MacDonalds and shared it with your arthritic grandmother while watching old reruns of Murder She Wrote!

Sad, sad day. Second worst home loss in Fins history.....to a 3-6 team no less. Good to see fake Cosell leading the charge for the delusional apologists.
This franchise is a joke, thank god for the Heat.

Posted by: Andrew | November 11, 2012 at 04:31 PM

I didn't apologize for any thing you ignorant runt.

I'm laughing at you sniveling about how all is lost lol.

The 4 turnovers and our 3rd down D tells the whole story. But go ahead and cry like a beach. IT's pretty funny.

After this loss I need the entertaiment.

They cannot lose the turnover battle and overcome it


Jets, Seattle, Oakland and St. Louis have ALL been to the PostSeason more and further than we have. So calling those worse teams is not accurate. Carolina is coming off a rejuvenated Season (and are a newer franchise, so there's still the freshness there). If Jax is so great, why are they being touted as the team that will be taken to some other city (LA, London)? That leaves Cleveland, KC and Buffalo, where there isn't ANYTHING ELSE TO DO!

If you went to school in South FL, then you should understand the demographics. Lots of retirees from other areas. They don't forget about their teams when they come to Miami. Then there are the snowbirds. Then there are the island communities that might not be natural American football fans. Is there a large Haitian community in Buffalo? KC? Haitian love SOCCER, not football. Dominicans love BASEBALL, not football. Retirees aren't going to football games, they're too grumpy and cheap for that. So you have a smaller base of diehard football (and Dolphins) fans to work with to begin with.

By the way, the rest of my family is from NY. I'm as comfortable in NY as I am in DC. You are from (or live now) in NY. So I don't need to tell you (because you know better) that you can't compare New York fans to Miami fans. Out of ALL my family, ALL my friends, ALL my wife's friends and family (she's from Jersey) I can't think of ONE who's not a fan of a New York team. NOT A ONE. It's 2 different mindstates. Ok, you say they are better fans. Maybe so. And? Does that mean you'll cease being a Dolphins fan? I won't. And frankly, I'd prefer being around like-minded fans than all these losers who are fans of other teams. But that's just me.

I see the majority of posters are in the lower class both in salary and education.

This is the land of opportunity, it's up to you to take advantage of it and make something happen.


I posted to you, I think yesterday, it possible the team would come out flat overlooking the Titans. This game suggests the Fins were expecting to see the Titans they watched lose 51-20 last week.

This was a total ambushing. The fins had the game week tape of the Titans 51-20 tape playing in thier heads at kickoff.

Howie Cossell,
Arent you dead? Is Elvis showing up in football blogs accross America too? The living minds want to know. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 11, 2012 at 04:31 PM

I notice you throw out insults and totally avoid the point of your cluelessness.

You should be thanking me for clue-ing you in.

But go ahead do your thing lol.

Phins can't even spell. Sad. People just don't take advantage of opportunity. They are lazy. They are content to raise a family of four on 60k and believe they are doing well.

Oh yeah forgot to mention all the special team blocking in the back penalties backing up every drive before it starts.
Few920, couldnt say it better bud. Fasano has been no help at all these last two games(i'm probably being kind here), hes being kept in to block alot too.
Too many penalties and what the hell this defense is doing I just don't know.
Give Tannehill a TE threat and a no1 WR and things will change in a hurry, providing the OL cuts out the drive killing penalties.

"They" looked past Indianapolis also, King Shula. It's the Coaches and not the Players. What can we do?

No worries YG, it's all good. I shouldn't be so judgmental. I'm at a place in life now where I could and would purchase season tickets no matter what. But it wasn't too long ago that I would have had to think twice I guess.

I'm just jealous, it's realllyyy boring up here so that's another factor. I guess if I was back in Miami I might not feel the same way. There's just so much to do, I understand yours and others points. But it still sucks and is embarrassing for our team that the fans don't show up. But for the life of me I can't figure out why Jacksonville fans kick our fans azzes.

Where are ya DC? Figured you would have a counter by now damn you.

There ya are DC, okay I'll read it now.

Howie Cossell,

You were a drunk when you did Monday Night Football and still sound like the same drunk today. You mean to tell AA doesnt exist in hell? LOL

What a lame exuse. You talk like a thousand dollars is a lot of money. I spent 500 on dinner with my girl last night. Are you a migrant worker or supermarket clerk, or do you have a real job?

Posted by: Ronson | November 11, 2012 at 04:33 PM

Sure you did poser. People that have money learn not to broadcast it. Your probably using your mom and dads internet provider. lol.

Phins 78 is Jewish also. HoHo!

To those of you ranting the fins need to raise the bar, so be it, but maybe you should ask yourselves the same thing.

It's a competitive world and an increasingly global economy. The more of you that don't rise up only gives way for others from abroad to do so.

Think about it. Make something happen, while you can.


I was in the West end zone upper deck today, the brightest moment of the game was when a young man went up to the railing and threw his Dolphins jersey away, over the railing it went down into the lower deck crowd.

He got quite the ovation for that, it was quite appropriate as we had just gone down by 4 TD's.

Now I remember why I let my season tickets lapse this year, there is never a moments peace in the stadium with all that loud garbage they call music being played at deafening levels and this is coming from a guy that plays lead guitar in a metal band! The moron running the sounds even has that garbage at mega-loud volume when OUR offense is calling a play in the huddle, what kind of moron does that?

..Yg. I think using flat would be an insult to the term in todays game. It was obvious we were not prepared to play today. I don't even know where to start. IMO the best thing to do is hope that like the Titans last week. This is not a clear indicator of our team moving forward. Boy did I take the bait though. I thought this would be a cake walk.

Kris, absolutely right. I agree. Tannehill/Sherman, heck even Philbin haven't earned my complete trust yet. Tannehill looks like he could be the guy, but Henne looked good a few games when he took over too. This is a "trust but verify" moment for me.

But remember, I said the team would be 4-12. My definition of "success" this year is different. First I wanted to have faith in the system and the strategy. Philbin is offensive-minded, Sherman (tries) to run a pass-first offense. They've brought a version of the WCO. Philbin has shown (in the past) an ability to give his team a better chance to win. Ireland drafted a 1st-rd QB. I have said we needed to do all that in the past. So that part I support and gives me hope.

We've already won 4 games, so they've met my expectations if they don't win another game this Season. HOWEVER, that wouldn't meet my other definition of success, which is Tannehill needs to grow, and learn from his mistakes. If he doesn't win another game, then that will be a huge setback to me. Would give me pause about him being the long-term answer.

But, no, I'm not a blind homer. I do understand Tannehill might not be the answer. Or Sherman. Or even Philbin. Right now, I have hope. But all of them (based on the last 8 games) have bought about 1-2 years of hope with me. I'll give them that. But I'll give them more/less rope based on what they do over that time.

I believe T-hill will be given every chance to play this year. FO will then evaluate his progess and determine if he has the potential to be their franchise QB.

If not, Fins will continue picking a QB in the draft every year until they find the right one.


Posted by: Swamy | November 11, 2012 at 04:37 PM

Swamy this is one of the better posts among a bunch of knee jerk fanatics.

All except the Ryan/Parcells comment. True enough, but it's been half a decade ago.

Step into the know-lol. Good Post.


The Jags are Jacksonville's only sports franchise. Plus Jax isnt nearly on the same level as s. fla when it comes to thins to see and do.

I mean where else are the Jag fans going on Sunday during football season? Its narrowed to 3 choices:

1. Church
2. Home
3. Jags game

Jacksonville is legally Florida, but, technically N. Georgia. What a redneck to do? LOL

No oscar, I think Phins is Italian.

Jax is in FL, the state with the loosest girlie bars. In some states you can't even get closer than 1 foot. In FL, they sit naked on your lap and your hands are free to wander. Plenty for a guy to do even in Jax.

Okay DC the first few teams you have mentioned I'll give you. They have had A LITTLE more success than the Dolphins RECENTLY but can't hold a candle to the Dolphins history. But I'll concede those because I realize the Dolphins great deeds were a long time ago and people aren't hanging their hats on that time anymore.

Jacksonville, I'm confused by your answer. They are averaging 10,000 more fans,,,per game,,,this season,,,after everyone in the league picked them for dead last. They haven't done anything in recent times so why the disparity there ya know?

Nothing else to do is something I can relate to as you can see by my answer to YG. I realize now I can't say I would definitely buy season tickets if I lived in Miami, so much fun to have.

But 32nd in the league when two weeks ago we were in the 6th playoff slot. Today they were still fighting for that spot and no one showed up. It's just really disappointing. I would have at least liked to see some support for the guys, I'm sure they could have used it as fuel. And our crowd could have made it harder for Tennessee to hear their cadences.

Any way you slice it I'm disappointed. With all of it. Fans don't get a pass from me, I understand but can't accept it and probably never will.

Not only that but the less money Ross brings in the less he has to spend on non cap related things like coaches, equipment, trainers, etc. It's just such a vicious cycle.

Dolphins stunk it up today! On the upside Tannehill passed for 217 yds, unfortunately it was to the Titan linebackers! Happy Veterans Day!

Sorry, I meant, 31st in the league.

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