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Tonight's game a chance for a little revenge

BUFFALO -- Here it is. The opportunity. This is the night.

If you are old enough and remember back long enough to know that Dave Wannstedt did enormous damage to the Miami Dolphins, then tonight is the opportunity for a bit of revenge.

It was Wannstedt who was pushed upon Dolphins fans when Jimmy Johnson convinced Wayne Huizenga to pick his friend Wannstedt to coach the team -- even after Johnson had failed in the assignment.

At first it seemed like a good idea. The Dolphins won the AFC East in 2000 under Wannstedt. And then the slow, steady decline of a franchise ensued. First the records got increasingly worse, then the team stopped making the playoffs. The wasting of talent Johnson drafted -- including Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain -- was underway.

And by the time Wannstedt was ousted (he quit after he was told he'd be fired) at midseason in 2004, the Dolphins were no longer the shining example of an NFL franchise they had been under Don Shula.

All that comes rushing back to me because tonight the Dolphins meet a unit Wannstedt coaches for the first time since 2004. Oh, Wannstedt was with the Bills last year when Reggie Bush went for over 200 rushing yards. But he was not the man in charge of the Bills defense. Now, he's the Bills defensive coordinator.

Did I mention the Bills have the worst defense in the NFL?

They give up more points on average than anyone. Perhaps the fact Wannstedt is still running that old 4-3 with press corners and not much change game-to-game is one reason. I was told by a long-time Buffalo observer the Bills didn't blitz the first four games of the season.

"Vanilla is a good word for it," he told me of the Bills defense.


All I'm saying is this is a purely emotional issue. This is not a football issue. The players on the field tonight have nothing to do with this. This is between Dolphins fans who still remember the start of this century and the man responsible for Miami's decline at that time.

Revenge, you say?

You bet.

By the way, there's a live blog coming tonight. I'll post the inactives in a few minutes. Hop on board. I'll join the blog at kickoff.


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that's a real stretch.

Does anyone know if the game is on in Naples? besides NFL network?

I stand corrected just googled it the 49ers won 4 super bowls before free agency started in 1993 in years
1981, 1984, 1988, 1989 and their last one was in 1994.

Naples David google it and find out you are sitting at an information highway at your computer.

I don't care about The Stache. I just want to move past the whooping we took last week and a win tonight will help do that.


Revenge for us is fans is fine, but none of the same people are on this team when he drove it straight into the ground.

Lets go Fins! Hopefully we can figure out the vanilla defense whether it's soft serve or hard.

I say the same, I just dont see the revenge angle.

Armando, clearly youre reaching calling this a "revenge game". More like a "good riddance" to Wannstadt game.

Even Wanny doesnt have a revenge angle, seeing how Huizenga's no longer owner. The only ulterio rmotive either team has is both are facing a divisional foe. That in itself is enough.

Say what that's old news we just want a win any way we can get it

With Gaffney out means more playing time for Marlon Moore.

Once you join the small number of persons on earth that have NFL coaching experience if you want you can usually come back and get another job.I read somewhere wannstadt was the HC at Pitt in college.

Remember this name Rishard Mathews

Huizinga has been out zinged by Loria as the owner of the Marlins.

King Shula,

As terrible as Luria seems, he's won far more championships than Huizenga. Luria's done this before and won a championship. So at least what he's doing has at least once proven successful.

Huizenga's exploits were just exercises in futility. Single handily pulling down a once great and powerful sporting franchise. Of lat, we're still trying to recover from the Parcells disaster. 5yrs in and not even a solid playoff team.

YG4E a loria owned Marlins team has NEVER won anything


You could not produce something a little stronger than Dave Wandstedt to write about on game day. There is not one player on this team that played in that era. This game is being played in Buffalo, we are not even going to see Wandstedt. That is all water under the bridge. We should have been rebuilt by now. Think about this, all of those good players he inherited from Jimmy have already retired. Who cares at this point. At this point I would rather beat a team led by Parcels or even one led by Nick Saban. They are the ones responsible for the current problems.

Give me a break if we beat the Bills tonight the last thing on my mind is going to be Wandstedt.

Huzinga bought the players and won it in 97 and they was another ownership group that won it lead by the commodities trader John I think his name was he later sold out to Loria and he is probably still part owner of the Boston Red Sox.

King Shula,

Must admit, never kept up with Marlins except when on the two championship runs. Baseball really isnt a great love with me. Who was the Marlins owner on the championship run?

King Shula,

Thx, I really wasnt up on those things with the Marlins. Luria may have cut his own throat.

His name was John Henry he sold to Loria and made a good move to become one of the owners of the Boston Red Sox.

Marlins won the WS in 97 with Huizenga and in 2009 with John Henry as owners

Meant to type 2003

The best owner right now is hands down Arison owner of the heat do you believe they do not pay rent at AAA

BTW a little trivia John Henry is the name of one of the greatest racehorses ever Ive never seen him run.

I guess I'll go the sports bar and watch the game tonight. Always lag a play behind online, but always too noisy in the sports bars. LOL...

I thought it was a good read Armando....

Made me think a bit about those days.....

Good Article.....

I will never forget the 2002 wasted season. Ricky had 1900 yards and JT had 17 sacks, but we laid an egg in New England and missed the playoffs. That was the beginning of the end. Thanks Dave.

Revenge, REVENGE, you've got to be kidding, Revenge

Getting a wopping worst than last week

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