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Trade deadline at 4 p.m. but move would surprise

The trade deadline is expected to come and go this afternoon at 4 p.m. and, as of this hour, the Dolphins are not working on a blockbuster. There actually aren't many blockbusters out there to be had, frankly, unless you plan to overpay for D'Angelo Williams.


It would surprise if the Dolphins pull off anything by today's deadline.

And that brings me to this:

Remember when the Dolphins traded cornerback Vontae Davis? The impression the team left when that trade was made was that the assets they received from Indianapolis -- a second-rounder and a conditional sixth-rounder that is now in jeopardy based on Davis being injured a lot this year -- would be used immediately.

General Manager Jeff Ireland said at the time that he could use the extra picks to trade for a wide receiver, which the team clearly needed then and, frankly, still needs.

Ireland called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year." There was a strong belief at the time that Ireland, eager to make his team as good as possible as quickly as possible, would use that ammunition this year.

But unless the Dolphins pull that big trade surprise in the coming hours (not likely) it seems he actually meant next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Dwayne Bowe -- who is very, very expensive and is unsigned for next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Mike Wallace -- who was in the doghouse in Pittsburgh at the time after not reporting to training camp.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for anyone today.

I'm not saying this is bad or wrong. It is, however, now fact. Truth is the Dolphins attacked the need at receiver on the waiver wire and through street free agents.

Anthony Armstrong was acquired via waiver, came in, washed out, and is now in Jacksonville. Jabar Gaffney was signed off the street, came in, marinated for a time on the inactive list, and is now getting playing time as a third receiver.

And the Dolphins feel relatively comfortable with that situation.

Me? I know this team needs to upgrade at receiver. I don't buy the argument that status quo is good enough. It is not. The Dolphins don't have anyone that scares anybody. They have solid role players. But they certainly could make the WR corps better with a star.

Apparently, however, the team has decided that star will have to come in next year's free agency or the draft at the earliest.


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Congrats on the baby on the way. Did I read this is number 2? When is the due date? I'll agree with Odin, becoming a father was the best thing in my life. I have two happy, healthy young ladies now, 11 and 14 and they're my pride and joy. No better feeling than becoming a Father and I have to think even the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl wouldn't be as good (although it would be close....LOL).
Mark, you're welcome to that VIP Gold Card at the 'downer and time!
DD, you're dead right. There really aren't too many bad clubs in the AFC, other than maybe the Jags, Chiefs and perhaps Raiders. The only strong team I see is Houston, with the Broncos and Ravens and maybe Pats being honourable mentions. The Conference is up for grabs much like it was in '08. We have as good a chance as anybody. I'm just not prepared to get my hopes up only to have them shattered again. It's like having that date this Saturday with a really hot chick and you KNOW you're going to get laid and something happens to cause it not to happen. I'd prefer to just enjoy what I'm seeing each week and take it one week at a time.
Posted by: Craig M | November 01, 2012 at 12:58 PM

I'm good with Riding Gaffney this year and seeing if the light comes for Marlon Moore, Armando.

BTW - weren't you advocating Marlon Moore big time Mando? YEP! Well now that he's getting some playing time, you seem to be flip flo......ah.......changing course?

No! Not this year! I'd keep my picks, work in Gaffney and Moore. To boot, avoiding any high priced Diva's!

Sorry Mando, I know what you're implying. But I'll defer to Philbin and Ireland on this one.

Stay the course, build through the draft.

After all Mando, according to all you guys, this was supposed to be a throw away year. Remember when you were blasting Ross and Ireland for not admitting it.

Well now people are talking playoffs. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...........ah...........Yeah.......

And **NOW** you're going to start railing for a big blockbuster deal to get a High Priced Diva in here?


Disappointing but if Gaffney improves and ultimately can contribute like a starter, I'm fine with it.

Having said that, don't eff up next year's No. 2 like we have so many others.

Great point about that sixth round conditional pick looking tenuous now.

Friggan' Vontae!!!

Craig M...


If not for ONE CERTAIN POSTER...I would divulge much more information...as I consider most on here credible and reputable....however....OSCAR...and his many TROLL names goes thru great lengths to use personal information against you....as Odin and possibly others can attest to. So as much as I want to share more with my fellow FIN FANS and posters.....One ROTTEN APPLE has spoiled the bunch....



and you said a MOUTHFUL @ 1:06 PM....Philbin is earning the benifit of the doubt....and it is well deserved....

I'm fine waiting until the draft when we pick Justin Hunter from Tennessee with the 22nd overall pick. Like Odin said, nobody with an overinflated ego and a sense of entitlement - let's build our own stars.


Good point. I'm selective what I disclose to people also for the same reason.

I'm at the Bill/Dolphins Thursday night in two weeks guys. Hoping residue from Sandy has blown through long before the game. Taking my girlfriend to her first NFL game and we have great seats. Picking them up today!

....Philbin is earning the benifit of the doubt....and it is well deserved....

Posted by: Kris | November 01, 2012 at 01:14 PM

Yeah.........and BOY did it feel WIERD throwing Ireland's name in there with Philbin's.

What can I say, it just kind of "Slipped Out" ;)

Glad you understand Craig....

Man I envy you going to that game....Now we just need Dansby to come out of the Tunnel doing a BRIAN COX....

Guys, we are all on the same page. No overpaid diva WR's allowed. Doesn't work. I'll take whoever is available in the draft and hope that he brings something different to the table of the guys we have now.

To the Davis lovers, are you STILL going to go on about how GREAT this guy is or are you now ready to give Ireland and Philbin his dues, that this was a lazy guy who showed up out of shape and really wouldn't have helped this year. These guys felt confident that this team would be able to replace him and the picks would be a bonus. Looks to me that they knew what they were talking about.

Kris @1:21pm....LOL.

I'm fine with the Dolphins standing Pat at this point. They have some great players and some good role players. An upgrade to WR would be good for the team, but that can be addressed in the draft without giving up anything.

Dolphins have lots of ammo for the next draft, hopefully they can resign their FAs or tag them at the least(Starks).

Let me play, 'what if', for a second:

IF you could get Bowe today for a 4th or a 5th would you do it? If he could help this team get to the playoffs, to be energized playing for a playoff contender before his big contract, would it be worth it? I'd have to think seriously about it.

Like Odin said, nobody with an overinflated ego and a sense of entitlement - let's build our own stars.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 01, 2012 at 01:17 PM

Did I say that?

I guess I did. The WAY you put it though, MAN! You Canadians just have a way with words-lol. Nice.

On a serious note: Too early for me to throw around MANY names. But Justin Hunter is one I keep hearing about. To be honest I haven't had the chance to see much of him. But I keep scouring my guide and setting my DVR for all Tennessee Games.

This freaking technology is out of this world compared to what I used to do "Back in the Day". Oh the Boxes and Boxes of VCR tapes I used up on college football games! I still have a bunch of them stored around here somewhere.

See this is what we need, this article shows cohesiveness amongst teammates. It shows that they believe in their QB of the future and that spells Ryan Tannehill commands the offense.


Craig, I'll indulge. At that price, for sure. But I wouldn't expect him to be of any use for another 3 weeks after the trade. So you are talking about 6 games of contribution.

My best friend is a Chiefs fan and apparently they aren't giving him away. Going to take at least a 3rd, maybe a 2nd and for a 6 game rental - no way.

The Chiefs would be smart to take what they could get for him considering he wants out and it would take away some of the debt they have to pay him.


If he came that cheap, but I don't think there is much of a shot there.

Side note, if Welker is done in NE after this year... I wonder if he would come back to Miami. Seems to be Philbin's style of WR.

I am totally fine with Bess, Hartline, and Gaffney for this year. We still haven't seen Tannehill play with a good 3rd option like Gaffney. I think that will make a huge difference.... Marlon Moore is developing into a nice player, but he is not polished like Gaffney.

We're on pace to win 8-10 games. A diva WR won't change that this season. Our WR core and rookie QB might not scare anyone but they're producing and have very respectable numbers. The offense shows improvement each week and when all three phases click like the Jets game....we can beat any team in the NFL this season. The running game actually draws more concern than our WR's. That phase hasn't really shown up since the first Jets matchup.

Seems to me, from the outside looking in, the phins need depth on the OL or at DB more than they need another receiver.

Oh the Boxes and Boxes of VCR tapes I used up on college football games! I still have a bunch of them stored around here somewhere.

Posted by: odinseye


Actually, those were chariot races you were storing on stone tablets.

Odin, I just use the name Justin Hunter because he seems mocked to us quite a bit. his production seems a little lacklustre but his physical skills are just off the page. Tall, strong, fast, good route runner. But anyone of the guys with first or second round grades that Ireland, Philbin, and Sherman like is obviously good enough for me.


Agreed. For a second or a third I'm not interested. And I happen to thing he's come in here and make a difference right away. Still not prepared to give a valuable pick away for such a short return. A fourth or lower I would probably do.

the price for any of these few WRs mentioned is too high (salary and/or picks) for what they'd offer at this point, and for the Fins situation--took Gaffney a few weeks to get familiar with the system/surroundings, so how much can we expect any of them to contribute at this point?.....again, given what you'd have to give up, and pay them?

Man I envy you going to that game....Now we just need Dansby to come out of the Tunnel doing a BRIAN COX....

Posted by: Kris | November 01, 2012 at 01:21 PM

There always seems to be a certain moment when a Player does something that Exemplifies himself in my mind(I hope exemplify was the word I was looking for or this post will sound pretty stupid).

That Moment for Brain Cox. Nat Moore's Helicopter Catch. Garo's panzified Moment in the Super Bowl(I know, I shouldn't have included this one). Shula after his 300th win in Green Bay.

Well, Cogs had one last Sunday in the Meadowlands. Seeing him waving Bye-Bye to the jets bench was Freaking Awesome!

I jumped up and down in my living room like an IDIOT and was PROUD of it. I would've smashed my coffeee table and threw things around too, but Debo and my Girlfriend were already looking at me kind of strange(to say the least-lol).

Anywhoo.......yeah, that's a moment I'll ALWAYS remember!

And I agree Kris, it's time for Dansby too "Boss Up"!

Hoping residue from Sandy has blown through long before the game.

Posted by: Craig M | November 01, 2012 at 01:17 PM


Uh, yeah...probably a pretty safe bet considering the game is in TWO FREAKING WEEKS and we're not talking about a g-damn LAVA FLOW here!

Man oh man. This site sometimes!

Anybody know if the Dolphins could even fit what's left of Bowe's contract onto our salary cap?

I have to admit I'd be shocked if the Chiefs didn't move him for something today but then again, how many teams would have the cap to be able to handle this?

Craig M on Bowe,

For a 4th or a 5th. Yeah, that would get me interested enough to talk to his agent about what kind of contract numbers we should expect.

I'd do a 4th or a 5th in a heartbeat. But what concerns me more is the size of the contract and the cap hit. Ireland is just now getting the cap numbers back into a manageable range. Then you have to consider the Rookie WR would come so much more cheaper.

I wouldn't rule anything out. But I think this winning record and playoff talk has everybody looking at things somewhat shortsighted. For what Bowe would PROBABLY cost, I say: "Stay The Course"!


It's amazing how emotional this team can get us. Picture this....I'm sitting in a bar last Sunday watching the Dolphins putting a beating on the hated Jets. I'm one of the very few guys in the bar even watching the game. Pretty much everyone else is watching the Packers game or the Steelers game or some other game. And as I'm seeing these guys put a pounding on the Jets, I'm welling up inside with pride. Happy for Bush and all the shyte he went through during the week. Happy for Thomas and the way he's been abused by some fans. Happy more Moore coming off the bench. Happy for the way our defence and special teams played. Happy for ach Philbin and for Ireland and the way he's been villified. We're all hard as nails on the exterior but our team can cause us to crumble like babies....LOL.

If im not mistaken if they traded for Bowe they would have to split the tag and pay him $4.3 million or somewhere in that range.

"Anybody know if the Dolphins could even fit what's left of Bowe's contract onto our salary cap?

I have to admit I'd be shocked if the Chiefs didn't move him for something today but then again, how many teams would have the cap to be able to handle this?"


Good question. I think we have about $6 Million of cap space (but don't quote me) & that would fit Bowe. I prefer going after Wallace in FA but trading for Bowe now would still be a heck of a pickup.


For a 4th or 5th??? Keep dreaming....Bowe will cost AT LEAST a 2nd. Remember we traded Chris Chambers for a 2nd to the Chargers???

I took this straight from Peter King today. Was anybody aware of this fact:

'The Dolphins became the first team in two decades to block a punt, block a field goal and recover an onside kick in the same game'.


That's my understaning of his salary and what it would take too.

I'm not interested in giving up a second or a third. Find some other sucker!

My hope is we either draft a stud or get a number 1 WR in FA and let Gaffney walk. If we have an alpha receiver to go along with Hartline #2 and Bess back in his slot role with Moore and Matthews developing we will be in a good spot....Hopefully

Pter King and I have the same picks this week EXCEPT I'm pick the Saints and the COLTS. Got to do it guys. It's just what my gut is telling me. I've only been wrong on one Dolphin game this year (I think it was the Arizona game). Here's hoping this is two.

PS. I KNOW it's not a good thing to have similar picks to King.

Crag M....

I didn't know that....that's kind of AMAZING....sounds like something Belicheat is know for doing with his teams....

Remember the time he sent Flutie out do a DROP-KICK against us a few years back...the first drop-kick in like 50 years....dam I hate that guy....glad his reign is just about up.....

tick..tick tick....tick....

By the way,

I know it's kind of crazy but I think the Browns could beat the Ravens this weekend (I like Cleveland's defence) and I also think the BIG upset could be the Cowboys over the Falcons. However, I won't be putting my money on those upsets.

Craig M....

if memory serves me correct....

didn't you pick the jets and career .500 coach Fisher and his Rams to beat us as well....
you had us @ 4-12 to finish the season....i'm sure you have gotten quite a few more wrong than that.....

in the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE....I had us @ 6-1 in my predictions...only loss was to the Texans....and I still hoped that they pulled of and early season upset...

For a 4th or 5th??? Keep dreaming....Bowe will cost AT LEAST a 2nd. Remember we traded Chris Chambers for a 2nd to the Chargers???

Posted by: We Have RB's | November 01, 2012 at 01:54 PM

Yes, I agree. But I was answering Craig's "What If" post where he asked, "What IF we could get him for a 4th or a 5th".

Gee WRB, I almost feel insulted by that post.

C'Mon Man..........!!!!

Every time the cowboys win I want to PUKE.....

Its not that I hate the team....as much as I hate the nauseating coverage they get when they win....

If the Cowboys knock off an undefeated ATL...then ESPN will be talking a Cowboy's SB.....and I just can't a whole week of that.....


I don't think it's that crazy. Raven's D is trashed and they're missing their emotional leader. Saw yesterday that Suggs injured an ankle and was limited, I believe.

Any Jerry Rices around? Paul Warfields? We'll sign them.


My picks just by CHANCE are identical to Armando's this year, assuming that he picked them last week. I picked them to be 4-12 at the start of the year but it's clear they are a better team than that. I had the Dolphins to beat the Rams (yeah I know you'll be surprised), so I can't remember which game I got wrong. I think it was the Bengals game to be honest with you Kris. I think I had the Benglas beating us.

If it were earlier in the year and it took a 3rd id bite but now and its going to take him a couple of weeks to learn the checks and the playbook, not worth it. Especially if you cant lock him down until he hits the free market..
This year is manageable with the 4 receivers we have. Gaffney can get open, I know he had that drop but thats a rarity. I think his veteran leadership will help the other receivers too and we have a vialbe 3rd option.

BLog Fodder,

That was kind of my thinking. That and the fact that Joe Flacco can't do it by himself, especially against a decent defence. I'll probably pick the Ravens but I like some of the things that Cleveland is doing.

I think the 'boyz and the nyets should meet in the Melodrama Bowl

AKA. The Overrated QB Bowl.

Craig M....

I also say NO on the question of Bowe....

Like Mark said....this offense is complicated...he will most likely need 2 possibly even 3 weeks to understand his role....were not running the dumbed down Wild Cat any more.....

If Bowe wants to play here...then we can sign him next year to a cap friendly # that allows us to grow....but this year...it just doesn't make sense any more.....

Kris @2:14pm,

Probably dead right. God that we see that. I'm sure Ireland looks at it the same way.

Don't know know, but LV had us approx. 8-8 at the beginning of the Season. Must be better now, I guess.

nick smith is falcones coach they are very good team I went to atlanta one time with my brother and we went to the coe soda place where they had all the diffrent kind of soda in there

Well now it's like Matty said...but you get the point....

The "Closing Window of Opportunity" Bowl

I have to agree the greatest scenae in Dolphins history was Cox flipping off all of the Bills fans in I beleive 92. People tend to forget the Bills were our biggest rivals not the Jets

Im not the biggest fanns of drafting WR in the first round unless they have undeniable talent, just think what rookie WR this year is having a huge impact on there team this year?

Didn't Cox spit on somebody? Or am I making that one up?

I've watched Bowe play in KC for a number of years now. The guy is a special talent, and an automatic match up problem for any defense. But he has a case of Brandon Marshall syndrome. When the going gets tough, Bowe disappears. Granted, he's not in a great situation in KC, but the guy definitely isn't an extra effort guy, and has been the topic more than a few times for "aligator arming" passes and ducking contact. I know guys like pointing to the name on the back of their jersey's after a catch, but Bowe does it when KC's down 3 touchdowns. Philbin and Ireland have already sent two WR diva's packing, so bringing a new one in just doesnt' add up. Unless Miami's current team makeup is now teflon enough to not be corrupted by Bowe.

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