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Trade deadline at 4 p.m. but move would surprise

The trade deadline is expected to come and go this afternoon at 4 p.m. and, as of this hour, the Dolphins are not working on a blockbuster. There actually aren't many blockbusters out there to be had, frankly, unless you plan to overpay for D'Angelo Williams.


It would surprise if the Dolphins pull off anything by today's deadline.

And that brings me to this:

Remember when the Dolphins traded cornerback Vontae Davis? The impression the team left when that trade was made was that the assets they received from Indianapolis -- a second-rounder and a conditional sixth-rounder that is now in jeopardy based on Davis being injured a lot this year -- would be used immediately.

General Manager Jeff Ireland said at the time that he could use the extra picks to trade for a wide receiver, which the team clearly needed then and, frankly, still needs.

Ireland called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year." There was a strong belief at the time that Ireland, eager to make his team as good as possible as quickly as possible, would use that ammunition this year.

But unless the Dolphins pull that big trade surprise in the coming hours (not likely) it seems he actually meant next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Dwayne Bowe -- who is very, very expensive and is unsigned for next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Mike Wallace -- who was in the doghouse in Pittsburgh at the time after not reporting to training camp.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for anyone today.

I'm not saying this is bad or wrong. It is, however, now fact. Truth is the Dolphins attacked the need at receiver on the waiver wire and through street free agents.

Anthony Armstrong was acquired via waiver, came in, washed out, and is now in Jacksonville. Jabar Gaffney was signed off the street, came in, marinated for a time on the inactive list, and is now getting playing time as a third receiver.

And the Dolphins feel relatively comfortable with that situation.

Me? I know this team needs to upgrade at receiver. I don't buy the argument that status quo is good enough. It is not. The Dolphins don't have anyone that scares anybody. They have solid role players. But they certainly could make the WR corps better with a star.

Apparently, however, the team has decided that star will have to come in next year's free agency or the draft at the earliest.


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I think I have posted this on every blog by now. Look, the Dolphins have a very complex play book, it took Gaffney 4 weeks to get ready. So, even if we were to sign Bowe, he would not be ready till some time in December. Right now we got what we got.


Clue...TYPE IT AGAIN....

As I was growing into my footbal fandom....it was the 90's....the jets were what they always are....perrinial cellar dwellars....this division was a two team race...MIAMI and buffallo....the Pats were still looking for the next Steve Grogan....

The Bills dominated us in SB apperances...and if STINKING HOUSTON OILERS don't collapse and allow the GREATEST COMEBACK in NFL history....Marino is most likely wearing a RING...and CEMENTED as the greatest QB of all time (with a ring to back it up)....


Philbin does not like diva receivers in Green Bay they
had none just good players they developed through the draft that seemed to work out well. He said, from the begining he wants to build through the draft. He learned a lot from Green Bay let him do it his way he deserves that.

Blog Flodder, I too also beleive Cox spit on someone, he was one dirty SOB.

davilo @ 2:15, post of the year. not sure what any of that means but I found it to be a good read. Soda is good!

that was romanowski.

Yeah Cox is a jackass

2 watt, Romanoski broke some guy nose in training crap, he really had Roid Rage.

clue. him and his hot wife were both juicing.

Mando didn't you right a article about knee jerk reactions and told people to chill. Now you want the fish to throw away draft picks on a receiver, instead of building a great team through the draft. Reality says this team is 99.999% not going to make it to a superbowl even with a better receiver for hire, so how about they build from the draft. A team can never have too many draft picks.

Irescum cant build thru the draft.

Growing up here with so much Bills coverage on tv and before the days of Direct TV it was unbearable during those years. I hated the Bills with a passion and seriously wanted to hurt anyone at school that was a Bills fan. Fortunately life just took care of that on it's own. They haven't cheered anything in 20 years.

Hartline has better numbers than Bowe this season... IMO not worth it. The rookie talent next year is pretty impressive. I'd snag two early and let them develop with Tannehill.
Bowe is too expensive and on the downside of his career at 28...

We should be 6-1 GOD DAMN IT!!!

Oh boy, is beauty ever in the eyes of the beholder. I too read the press announcements about Vantae's dumping and was appropriately surprised. But, never, ever, did I get the feeling that the Vontae deal was a down payment on anything Ireland had lurking in the bushes. Right or wrong that was my read. Also, what most seam to overlook is that #1 receivers have to be available before you can trade for them.

We have, finally, a coaching staff confident in their ability to spot and develop talent. A 6 month view of what they have been able to do with the Dolphins gives proof that even the blind must see. I agree with those who say it's a good time to shut up, relax and watch the pros spin their majic. If the right guy becomes available they will pounce. If not they will find someone younger, cheaper and more easily coached in the draft.

This preseason I was one of the voices of wisdom that chorused to let T-hill coast a year. What a sage I turned out to be. Now, experts who forecast a 3-4 win season are chanting “playoffs” maybe Superbowl. With all of 3 wins in a row bloggers are arguing whether to trade Bush or Long. Now they can no longer pillar Ireland, they've turned out a new set of stupidity on how he should conduct business.

Anything we get from this point on in 2012 are free dividends. Enjoy and come along for the ride. But, leave the driving to the pros.

Marlon Moore has played GREAT 2 weeks in a row. He'd have caught the pass Gaffney dropped. In fact, he made a catch on an overthrown ball that was 900% more difficult earlier in the game.

Stop giving Moore's snaps to Gaffney, idiots!!!

I googled it. Apparently, Cox just liked to spit in the general direction of people.

Had a particular dislike for Buffalo fans.

Phinmanski you piece of garbage, ever hear of a guy named Mike Pouncey? Or Ryan Tannehill? Or 16 TDs this year Daniel Thomas?


D Thomas is a total bust for 3 picks. How's Eggnew,Merling, and Henne doin?

I told you back in April that we should have gone after Randy Moss, and I told you why.

For those of us with IQs over 125 (i.e., not football people) who have studied sports and athletics for 30 years, the difference between Moss (not washed up yet) and Owens (washed up) are clear. It's difficult to explain to you average IQ people, but let me try: it has to do with "natural" strength that doesn't come from weight lifting. To oversimplify it a bit: Moss is skinny; Owens is a roided out extremely muscular guy who could literally enter body building competitions.

This is not a knock on Owens or anyone else with that type of body. In fact, they deserve respect for working very hard in the gym to *earn* their physical abilities. Most of us don't have the body of Randy Moss or Usain Bolt (Mosslike). Because Moss has never had to work for his amazing athletic ability (he's just fast as heck and tall naturally), he's got something left in the tank. He's *still* the fastest guy on the field. We saw that last game with that amazing touchdown.

Guys like Owens and Zack Thomas, who are muscular freaks who got that way with steroids and working out, break down quicker.

Hence, Owens cannot even play in the arena league, but Moss is a dominant WR that the Dolphins should have tried to acquire in the offseason.

I told you all of this about 6 months ago and I have been proven right.

49ers and Moss having a heckuva year.

We're doing okay too, but Tannehill could have used Moss, for sure.

I knew when we traded BM w/o blinking an eye
what we were getting in this HC. Then they flushed
#85 for lack of attention to detail, along with
VD, and that added to the validity of knowing that
JP and JI were cleaning house. I thought KD would
be next, but his field-play has made me have to eat
those words. You can talk it - if you walk it ! For
those that require a Diva at #1 WR - you'll have to
wait for the Dolphins to get a new HC to get what you
want. Too bad you can't just adapt to the Dolphins
being in a rebuilding mode through FA's and drafts.

A shorter way to explain my last post: Moss is simply one of those extremely rare "once in a generation" athletic freaks, like Usain Bolt and Jerry Rice. Owens and Chad Johnson, while they had great careers, are not. It is obvious to a keen observer who "gets it" that Moss, at 35, was still able to contribute this year. Only a moron would have considered Moss in the same category as Owens and Ochocinco.

Moss is Jerry Rice/Usain Bolt level special and it was clear he was pissed off and ready to have one more good year.

How do you call Egnew a bust? Granted he hasnt played yet but Philbin did the same thing with Finley in GB. Not saying Egnew is the next Finley but give the kid time. I know he was a high pick but if Philbin and Sherman thought he was good enough to bring in then i trust that..

Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither.

Agreed, Divas need not apply.

Thomas is just getting warmed up.

Actually, I have seen Thomas break a tackle. I've seen him provide a lot of pass protection too.

After this last game, Philbin commented that he liked Thomas's "pad-level" against the jets.

That means they're teaching him how to be a running back in the NFL.

You can't get Bowe, it would take him 3-4 weeks to learn the plays.

Phinmanski is a bigger bust than pat white

Jay = Fin 77 = garbage poster purposely trying to tick you off

Cartman = Tim Couch = 100 other names = garbage poster trying to get attention

From the last post about Nov. Games

“the games at home against Seattle and Tennessee, and the Bills don't scare anyone”

Sorry Mando but you’re saying this proves only that you haven’t been watching the Seahawks play. My girlfriend is a Seahawks fan and therefore I’ve watched almost every down they’ve played this year including preseason games. Any Dolphin fan (like myself) who isn’t worried about the Seahawks, should be. First Russell Wilson is the real deal. I even posted on this blog before the draft that what I REALLY wanted the Dolphins to do was to draft Tanny in the 1st AND ALSO draft Wilson later. I watched him play last year and not only was he VERY talented but you could tell he was a REAL leader (something Henne NEVER was). I knew this short kid could play in the NFL. He’s improving each week and the Seahawks are giving him more plays and options each week as they gain confidence in him. Also anyone that doesn’t have a fear of facing The Beast (Lynch) is someone without fear. Yeah he gets shut down, occasionally, but not often. And he punishes players. Then you add their very young and quick defense with their huge secondary and Dolphins and fans should definitely not think this is anywhere close to going into the Win column just because it’s not in Seattle and they don’t have to face the 12th man. A couple of years ago Seattle went to Miami on my birthday and my girlfriend brought us tickets to fly down from Maryland and to the game. I knew going into it one of us was going to be very pissed at the end of the game as we are both so rapid of fans. That time it was her (as it should have been it was MY birthday). This time I decide we should go to that game. This year based on what I’ve seen so far, even with the optimism that I now have about the Dolphins, I personally feel scared of the Seahawks.

So Tannehill took all of the first team reps today with the media watching.


Randy Moss??? Are you KIDDING me?? Legitimate receiver? Dominant? In what world? This was a joke or a post to rile people up, right?

Randy Moss for the season has THIRTEEN catches for 235 yards and 2TDS, or about TWO ctaches per game. This is your difference maker? Come on, man....you've got to do better than that. SF is having another good season but it has very little to do with Randy Moss.


Actually I meant to say that "this time I decided we should NOT go to that game", the Seahawks at Miami. In fact my girlfriend and I might just have to watch it from different bars.

Always knew Yesterday's gone is CARTMAN

the geetah,

Let me play devil's advocate a little bit here. Seattle is not NEARLY the same team on the road as they are at home. They're just not. On top of all that you said 'Wilson gets better every week'. I like Wilson but he is not getting better every week. He's showing the inconsistency that comes with being a rookie. He's up one week, down the next. He's shown flashes to date. Understand, I like the kid and I think he's got a good future. However, he just doesn't have a very good supporting cast and it showed in the one game where he had 138 passing yards and 3 picks. What I'm saying is, the 'Hawks are NO easy game but they are certainly not one of the best teams in the league. Good defence but again it's not playing as well on the road as it is at home.

Yes, the Seahawks are not to be overlooked.

I still have a serious dislike for Pete Carroll stemming from his days as the nyet DC.

Remember The Choke

hoho, it's funny to see all these different opinions here. Only 1 is right, you know?

Keep in mind that the Chiefs will probably get a 3rd round compensatory draft pick if Bowe goes, so Kansas City wants a good offer.

Oh I remember "The Choke", VERY well.

Craig, yes he does have his mistakes but he IS getting better each week. And if you'd seen every down like I have you'd know that his numbers, yards, completions and especially INT's, are GREATLY affected his receivers. No they are not one of the NFL's best teams, but neither are we. I am optimistic about our future but I see them beating us to that level of being "one of the best teams in the NFL for years to come". If I had to bet money on whether the Dolphins or the Seahawks win a Super Bowl first, my money would go on the Seahawks. That comes from paying very close attention to both teams. I'm not saying they beat us this month, but it is definitely possible.

the geetah,

Your points are well made. The only thing I'd take exception to is this idea that the Seahawks beat us to a Super Bowl. First of all, they have the Niners in their division and they should be good for a few years. Yes, we have the Pats but I see the Pats as a team in decline and team in need of an infusion of new bllod and talent. They don't scare me any more. I also believe the NFC is a tougher conference with teams like the Giants, Packers, Bears, Falcons. Who are the top teams in the AFC? Texans and Ravens, maybe the Steelers. I think we have a better start on things than the 'Hawks. Time will tell but I'd be saving your money if I were you.

I am NOT YG. Don't insult me like that.

Correct, Craig. He'll finish with 700 yards, as I predicted. Solid contribution.

'but Moss is a dominant WR that the Dolphins should have tried to acquire in the offseason'.

CARTMAN, how does a guy who is on pace for 600 yards receiving qualify as 'dominant'. How is this any better than what we currently have on the team. He's a diva and a whiner, who disappears when he's not getting the ball, as we've seen in Tennessee, NE, Oakland and Minnesota. No thanks!

You don't think being on pace for 30 catches, 500 yards and 5 TDs is a decent year? 49ers are good. On our team Moss would help Hartline and Bess and also get 50 and 700 for himself. Also MOss is showing good attitude not being # 1 anymore. You don't think Moss would have been a better #3 than Legaduu Nanuu who we kept for 5 games??? Or Marlon Moore?

We should be 6-1 GOD DAMN IT!!!!!


He's not worth the headache as 4 teams have shown. This idea that the Niners are good because of him is HILARIOUS! I don't remember him being on the team last year when the team was 13-3.

In any event this is not subject to debate. It is a proven fact that I am right. Moss just scored a TD for the 49ers on MNF. The 49ers are a great team. The people who run the 49ers thought it would be a good idea to have Moss on their team. I'll take their opinion and Moss's 2 TDs so far over your opinion.

Just leave this years team alone. Find out what is there at the end of the season. Trading for Diva's has not turned out well for the Phins in recent years.

Build through the draft and good team playing FA's.

Craig, I didn't say "go" to a Super Bowl, I said "Win" a Superbowl. And you are right the NFC does have the better teams, now. Which means that the NFC team has the advantage once they get there. Yes the Evil Pats are in decline (and I think the Ravens and Steelers are too). But the Texans are on the rise, Denver will be tough as long as Manning holds out. But the Seahawks are one of the youugest if not the youngest in the league and they are drafting very well. Their free agents even tend to work out better. The way I see it the Giants and the Packers will misfire sometime (or some year) soon. I still am not convinced the Bears are heading in the right direction, to stay. And when it comes to SF, though I've always liked Alex Smith I am still not sold on him completely either. How long can he "manage" a game and stay almost perfect on mistakes. The Seahawks are still missing some peices and make youngun mistakes (shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, except this past week). But they are not only heading in the right direction but I think going there faster than people think. Even their backup to the Beast looks very good.

Cartman, you have the same annoying vociferous style. Post under different monikers and insult your own intelligence. Might as well be YG2.0


Yeah OK. As long as you understand that 235 yards and 2TDS is not the reason the Niners are where they are. Tell yourself what you want but that's FACT.

Pats traded for CB Talib out of Tampa


Do you like that trade? Strikes me as a desperation move. Any idea what the Pats gave up? Good talent but can help them in the backfield the rest of this year? How many more games is he suspended?

matty, is he in jail or out on parole?

Big fan of Dwayne Bowe,

But I know Miami wouldn't make that move. IMO they steer clear of big name Free Agents for the forseeable future. The Dolphins seem content for once on staying the course and it's welcomed.

I would love to see Bowe on this team. It would be a domino effect that would slot every other WR on the roster: WR1-Bowe, WR2-Hartline, Slot-Bess and 4 WR set and good depth with Marlon Moore and Gafney. The team would have seem to be a strength with just 1 move but at what cost? Huge pay day at least in the Vincent Jackson numbers area which he will seek and should and also the coveted draft picks.

Miami's next big time or big name WR isn't currently in the pros.

Talib is surprising cuz he doesn't seem to fit the Bellicheck mold. But he is undoubtedly an upgrade to that defense when he's playing. Talib worries me like Vontae but more extreme on both the good and bad spectrum

He is eligible to come back Nov 4th. I think BB knows that his secondary is far from good and he is trying to sure it up. He takes a chance on guys ie Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth to see if they can form to his style of coaching. He is better than the DB's that they have now so as long as he stays the line then he will be ok.

I think he is on house arrest Mark lol

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