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Trade deadline at 4 p.m. but move would surprise

The trade deadline is expected to come and go this afternoon at 4 p.m. and, as of this hour, the Dolphins are not working on a blockbuster. There actually aren't many blockbusters out there to be had, frankly, unless you plan to overpay for D'Angelo Williams.


It would surprise if the Dolphins pull off anything by today's deadline.

And that brings me to this:

Remember when the Dolphins traded cornerback Vontae Davis? The impression the team left when that trade was made was that the assets they received from Indianapolis -- a second-rounder and a conditional sixth-rounder that is now in jeopardy based on Davis being injured a lot this year -- would be used immediately.

General Manager Jeff Ireland said at the time that he could use the extra picks to trade for a wide receiver, which the team clearly needed then and, frankly, still needs.

Ireland called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year." There was a strong belief at the time that Ireland, eager to make his team as good as possible as quickly as possible, would use that ammunition this year.

But unless the Dolphins pull that big trade surprise in the coming hours (not likely) it seems he actually meant next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Dwayne Bowe -- who is very, very expensive and is unsigned for next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Mike Wallace -- who was in the doghouse in Pittsburgh at the time after not reporting to training camp.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for anyone today.

I'm not saying this is bad or wrong. It is, however, now fact. Truth is the Dolphins attacked the need at receiver on the waiver wire and through street free agents.

Anthony Armstrong was acquired via waiver, came in, washed out, and is now in Jacksonville. Jabar Gaffney was signed off the street, came in, marinated for a time on the inactive list, and is now getting playing time as a third receiver.

And the Dolphins feel relatively comfortable with that situation.

Me? I know this team needs to upgrade at receiver. I don't buy the argument that status quo is good enough. It is not. The Dolphins don't have anyone that scares anybody. They have solid role players. But they certainly could make the WR corps better with a star.

Apparently, however, the team has decided that star will have to come in next year's free agency or the draft at the earliest.


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they havent disclosed what he was traded for yet but he prob got him for cheap since Shiano and Belichek are close. Its an upgrade with alot of baggage

Blog Fodder,

Yes he spit at Buffalo fans for throwing beer at him. One of my favorite Dolphins of all time. He had that I hate everyone attitude. Too bad it didn't always translate to good football but he gave you what he had.


Didn't Cox get like 13 sacks one year as a MLB for the Dolphins??


No escribir solamente en espanol...lo siento

Regarding Dwayne Bowe:

Seems as Dolfans, we always scream for the big new shiny cadillac on the showroom floor. We never consider the payment, insurance, nor the gas guzzling capacity of the bright and shiney behemoths.

As for myself, I love the current makeup of the hardhat hardnosed bluecollar roll your sleaves up and go to work styld roster. The defense gets better each game, secondary and pass rush in particular, and we seem to get huge plays from diffrents sources each game.

Folks, right now, we have a team of diffrent stars each week. I'll take this as the equalizer to having a team of stars over individual stars any day. Caes in point:

Philadelphia Eagles: Individual stars

72 Dolphins: Team of stars

I believe Joe Philbin has it right. Im pretty confident between taking a wr with one of the 2nd rd picks and developing the young wr talent already on the roster. By next season we'll have one of the best wr units in the league.

Actually ill take back the Chad Johnson example above bc Chad always had a clean slate,until this year, BB just didnt like his overwhelming personality.

You guys remember Tito Santana? he was a fine Hispanic athlete.


I kind of remember it now, I had to read about it to get that corridor opened up again.

I hear what your saying about his attitude, it didn't always serve him well.

Dont underestimate the effect of Jabbar Gaffney's prescense. Though he dropped the pass from Moore that could have been a 70yd td. He demonstrated he still has an ability to get behind nfl calibre db's.

With Gaffney now a little more knowledgeble each week of the present offense, expect the passing game to open up a little more each week. Speaking of "Moore", Im expecting after the Jets game, Marlon Moore's confidence at wr begins to soar.

When this so to come event happens, we may find we already have the legit deepthreat weapon is already currently on our roster. Expect Marlon Moore to become a major threat during the stretch run.


Expect that by seasons end Marlon Moore to make you forget all about Chad Johnson. I see Moore's performance Sunday as the precursor to his soon to come coming out party s our new deepthreat wr.

Remember, you heard it 1st here. LOL.

Greatest thing about our current wr corps is the great "diversity" eah brings to the table. We're only mising that one deepthreat who can consistently strike fear into the defense in "going over the top".

Marlon Moore seems ready to become this threat.

Remember, Hartline does have capacity to go over the top, so does Gaffney, just not consistently. Hartline and Gaffney also have the capacity to be consistent intermadite areas of the field threats. While Bess is a consistent threat inbetween the chains.

When we consider these things, once Marlon Moore becomes the consistent deepthreat, which I believe he will, this can soon become a wr corps down the stretch, that can develop into one of the best in the league. Best thing about that, we need no "big name divas" to make it so.


At least you wait until thanksgiving. Fred Meyer puts their Holiday decorations up as soon as Halloween is out of the way.

For those of you too young to remember or never got to see. These present Miami Dolphins are beginning to take on a 1972 Shula-like looks.

If you want to have a glympse of the 72 Dolphins look. Keep a watchful eye on this present Dolphins roster. After seeing the 72 sb era Dolphins, its pretty astonishing to see the clone-like development quickly taking place. Your in for a very special treat thats soon to come.

Now enjoy!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 01, 2012 at 05:02 PM

I have already forgotten about Chad Johnson, someone asked earlier what i thought about the Talib trade to the Pats and I said that BB will take a risk on brining in less than stellar citizens and I used Albert Haynesworth and Chad Johnson as examples and then i retorted my example CJ bc he wasnt a bad guy off the field..
Marlon Moore isnt a surprize btw, Im waiting on him to do what he has the capability of doing...

Yes, this current group of wr's on the team can become one of the league's best. Not because of big named stars, but, because of the diversity each brings to the table.

"Diversity" can become more difficult to defense than a big name highperformance diva. They force you to have to defend every single area of the playing field. You can shutdown a single great wr, but, you can shutdown an entire diversified chainlink unit.


BB has the luxury of Tom B. He can well afford to take risk becuae he knows the on e thing that will almost always go right is Tom at qb. That's the ace in the hole BB has almost always had.

Take away Tom Brady and the Pats and Bellichick are pretty close to a B-rated movie. Brady's the constant, constant to all of BB's success.

Brady almost single handedly makes all that's wrong in New Endgland go right. He's their great eraser.

New England has made the playoffs every single year Brady's started at qb. The only time missing when Brady was out, 2008 when we claimed the afc east championship.

New England's presently at 5-3. Without Brady, they probably could easily be 3-5.

Considering how "in the tank' the Colts were last year...a 62-7 pasting being one of many cases of "oops, we lost", I wouldn't put it past that jerk Irsay to have Davis on the fake-an-injury list.
He knows he's not going to win the big one this year, with no rushing attack and a mediocre defense.

We probably got all we were going to get for Davis, but losing the conditional would suck.
We need every pick we can get, as I'm still not solid with Ireland on his FA pickups. More washouts than successes, and with EVERYONE having additional Cap room next year, we need to maximize the draft.

At least Philbin and this staff has turned around the perception that the Dolphins are a last resort. A HUGE victory for the franchise.

Help from goodell and the refs have saved belechicks arse more than once.Lets not forget after 9/11 how fast the patriots became americas team. thats ok tho. Once brady retires everything returns to normal and miami returns to the top. Unless goodell institutes a you cant hit a qb over 40rule.

Mark in Toronto,
Hunter was hurt early last season and out for the year.
This year he's had to deal with a bit of rust, and with a VERY inconsistent (and petulant) QB, Tyler Bray. Bray has a world of talent, but is in the jeff George category of mental stability, a Ryan Leaf in the making. (I live here in the Nashville area where all things are UT, and occasionally Vandy.)
Hunter had a great game against South Carolina last week, I'm sure you know.
Tennessee has a nice tradition of TE's, Whitten for one. Another one, I can't remember. Hunter has near WR skills.

I have to agree the greatest scenae in Dolphins history was Cox flipping off all of the Bills fans in I beleive 92. People tend to forget the Bills were our biggest rivals not the Jets

Posted by: Clue | November 01, 2012 at 02:20 PM

I wouldn't go as far as to say it was the GREATEST, but definitely top 10 in my book.

To be honest, I'm not sure that was even his Greatest Scene/Moment. Surely him crashing the Bengals sideline has to be right up there. Cox was calling out their entire bench!

I know alot of people aren't big fans of his, but I LOVED the Guy. He grew up in East St.Louis Illinois! That's a rough Gig there. I know first hand, you gotta be tough or you just don't make it out of there.

(I still have 10 of his Rookie Cards)

Mark, adding to my previous post, Fasano is having a great year, and Hartline and Bess runs TE patterns. If I had MY druthers, I'd be looking for a young monster LB, so our DE's could really push the pass rush envelope. He'd have to be better against the pass than Dansby. Of course, I'm in the music business, so....LOL

Philbin is the most "team" coach I have seen since Shula "71-72".
Smart, young, "knows the game" quarterback with a great veteran back-up.
Three back backfield, Good tough offensive line,tough tight end, no league leading receivers. Great no-name defense, great punter and kicker.
I actually think having a great quarterback [Marino], kept Shula from winning more super-bowls.
Don't get me wrong, I preferred watching Marino every game to winning a super-bowl every year, He was the most fun to watch player to ever play the game.

Tyler Bray is young. 21 years young... The guy should be the #1 overall pick. With Geno Smith following right behind... Yes his season isn't spectacular. His attitude and interceptions need to change... but his size, athleticism, and arm strength are all top the NCAA talent level.

IMAwriter, but you are right. If he doesn't right his ship he could end up being a Ryan Leaf.

Justin Hunter is very similar to Moss in athleticism and size, but he is the opposite from a mental standpoint. Very hardworker and that knee injury should have kept him out til mid season. He rehabbed a lot faster and has shown rust. Cordelle Patterson has stepped up where Rodgers left off.
Rodgers to me was very surprising how well he played after Hunter went down last year. I still don't know why he transfered to Tenn tech.

Bray reminds me of Jay Cutler

Rodgers was kicked off the team actually.
As Dooley most likely will be at the end of this year.
They're already talking Jon Gruden!!!
Gruden would be a fool to take an SEC gig. The greatest coaches in college football reside in the SEC, with Saban, Miles, Spurrier, Mullen among others.
However TN could afford to pay him 5 million (Saban's salary) per year, multi year.
Dooley's buyout is 5Million!!!!
Wish I had HIS attorney/agent.!!

Sorry for the Off Topic.

Yes B33, perhaps some Cutler in Bray, but Cutler played BIG in big games, though Vandy's D didn't.
No so Bray, he is barely 50% against the SEC.

I guess the Pats have made their statement and it's a doozy!! Some comparing this to Belichik bringing in Haynsworth and CJ (NOT EVEN CLOSE) to me this is more like the R.Moss trade for a 4th rounder in 07 this kid is a headache waiting to happen but is a straight baller in his prime right now. Talib will move McCourty over to RCB were he was better as a rookie which will move K.Arrington into the slot allowing Chung to play a little more centerfield, considering their front 7 and how Belichik likes to Coach up his DB's in my book this is a statement trade about this Season with Talib a 2013 FA.

This is nothing more than a mercenary player or ringer brought in to make another move this Season with their QB already 37 so give them there little run here considering that window is closing, meaningless in the grand scheme of things for us our plan and direction . I still would be inclined to say the Texans are better but I remember some of the creativity with BB's D's in the past so now won't simply discount them that easily anymore and considering there front 7 can play neither should the Texans. At this point I'm fine with the zero moves on our behalf there isn't a single player outside A.Peterson in Minn. that would make a real huge difference and even he doesn't make us S.B. serious, sometimes no move is a good move and outside entertaining an insane offer for M.Moore were fine and ahead of schedule.

Brady may be the best QB to ever play the game. Its either him or Montana.

Hartline has come back down to earth after his 200 yard receiving game. Back to being another white boy WR when they shouldnt even exists in the NFL.


I agree with you sir that Miami indeed needs an upgrade at receiver. However, it seems this system really does bring the best out of players and you could make some parallels between the success Green Bay has enjoyed without Greg Jennings and the success Miami has enjoyed without a Greg Jennings type receiver.

Having said that, I would bet my 401k that either Wallace, Jennings, or Bowe will have an aqua colored brinks truck deployed to their residents in the early morning hours of the first day of Free Agency 2013

NFL U vs. Virgina Tech Hokies TONITE!!

We can easily see that the new YG4Ever has learned to write more succintly on Internet(and in the process accumulate more hits for Armando and McClatchy).

Of course, I'm in the music business, so....LOL

Posted by: IMAWriter | November 01, 2012 at 05:49 PM

You're in the Music Business and your near Nashville?

You don't happen to know Jerry Gillespie?

Heavens Just A Sin Away?

Someone's Knocking?

Do you know of Lebenon? Quinton Tarantino set half of a wierd movie there.

Guys I see some of you are talking Cox. Not sure if you have been fans long enough to remember this but the whole thing in Buffalo got started because some fans decided to throw batteries at Bryan on his way out of the tunnel. He went on radio and DESTROYED the fans and the team to a national audience (well deserved) and the fans ignored the whole cause and effect thing.

They didn't want to talk about throwing batteries at someone which could have seriously injured the man, only what he said on the radio. It went on from there.

It got so bad at one point Bryans kids got dragged into the fray. A Buffalo radio station made up some stuff about Bryan's wife and when his kids went to school their classmates picked on them about it. Bryan just about lost his mind at that point and that's when the spitting incident happened.

Pathetic f*&^ing Bills fans.

The Dolphins WR's are fine. I would rather they wait until the draft or Free Agency next year to address this issue. I like Justin Hunter but he is not the same player this year after his knee injury. Corradelle Patterson in the second or third round makes more sense to me.

Cox, another player that would have led a life in crime, most likely would have been behind bars for life by 30, if it wasn't for an option to play pro sports.

Gruden isn't going anywhere.

Monday Night Football changed their format and kicked Jaworski out because they liked Gruden so much they wanted him talking more. Basically Jaws and Gruden did the same job so no need for Jaws.

But they made Gruden their main guy. He is the analyst and Tirrico is the play by play guy. He's probably going to be given a huge raise as well next season because the ratings have gone up steadily since his arrival. He would be crazy to go back to coaching when he has such a cushy job and imo he won't do it.

Agreed LouD, it's a Great Feel Good Story isn't it?

One of the ONLY good ways out for the Poor Kid in the Ghetto. And he capitalized on the opportunity!

Kudo's to Mr. Cox!

Thanks for pointing that one out LouD, you Da Man!

Lastly I've always stated and shown I'm no Ireland apologist. I give him credit when it's deserved and question his non moves as well (terrible wr evaluator).

What drives me nuts is when people makes statements about his free agency moves and how bad they are. I understand he has some misses. He's had some grreeaatt pick ups as well.

But does anyone who makes these statements ever do any research? I haven't seen any examples in the posts I read.

As in,,,,,how many free agents has Ireland signed who ended up being cut or not being worth the money compared to every other GM in the league?

Does anyone know the real answer to this? I mean for all we know Ireland is at the top 3rd in the league in signing free agents. What are other gms percentages regarding this matter?

I don't know and have no clue where to find that info so I'm guessing no one else in here knows either? If you do have some solid evidence that Ireland is worse in free agency than the rest of the league please post it. What an interesting idea for an article,,,,(cough, cough,,,AHEM)!

Notice how the longer the post, the less the person had to say. Some people just love to ramble on.

Just like Favre and Marino right Lou? Both on drugs in college. Marino was using cocaine. Favre was hooked on Hydros throughout the early part of his career. Probably would have been drug addicts.

What about the dude from Denver who head butted his own teammate? Something "ski" Romanowski? Total meathead with a violent temper.

Good point, football has saved many young men from a life behind bars.

Notice how when someone is dumb and has nothing to say they try to start arguments with other posters? Hmmmmmmmm weird right?

Art where ya at? You want to talk about something football related? You have any questions or answers to any one of my three posts that were full of ideas and information?

Want to debate the Gruden thing? Do you have any info regarding Irelands percentages in free agency compared to the rest of the league? Got any funny stories about Bryan Cox?

Phins 78,

Actually someone is keeping track of those stats!

Ireland, according to Pro Football Focus ranks right in at......ah.......he's.........

OK, I'm completely Bullshyting you here!

But great idea for a write up. I've heard people claim that if a GM is batting .333 he's doing an alright job.

I have no idea how to research this, but because of my "Circumstances" I think I just might give it a shot ;)

Cox was a mean, violent dude. Marino and Farve were meek white boys with enough allowance to buy some party drugs. No comparison, not that you were serious.

I mentioned no names, yet that wasn't even necessary. They know who they are and come out to admit it. Too funny.

Cox was a mean, violent dude. Marino and Farve were meek white boys with enough allowance to buy some party drugs. No comparison, not that you were serious.

True LouD. How about Romanowski? The dude was mean to the core. Probably prison. How about the Green Bay TE who slept with a 16 year old girl a few years back? Just pointing out you're right, lots of football players have mental issues. They mirror our society.

Odinseye you had me going! I seriously thought you were about to throw some numbers at me and BAM! Just joking, lol that was a good one.

Irescum is setting records for most draft busts ever.

Sleeping with 16 year olds is only a crime if you are not a politician, or under 18.

Cox was a dumb monkey.

I cannot remember a mid season player acquisition that favored the Dolphins financially or that amazed me with their production.
Based on the way "Big" Joe and his coaching staff have developed the young talent we have, I feel that Miami stands a far better chance of drafting a receiver in the first two rounds AND perhaps negotiating in the off season with Wallace or Bowe will work far better in they're favor. Any negotiation with Bowe at this time would be a "Rental" program leading to a possible holdout and long, nasty negotiation come later on. It may just be that Joe is not interested in another teams headache? Should Joe & The Dolphins finish with a solid winning season with 9 wins (Do-able) both Ireland and Philbin will have all the confidence they need with fans and ownership to do it however they feel is best.... and it would be hard to argue they're position.

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