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Trade deadline at 4 p.m. but move would surprise

The trade deadline is expected to come and go this afternoon at 4 p.m. and, as of this hour, the Dolphins are not working on a blockbuster. There actually aren't many blockbusters out there to be had, frankly, unless you plan to overpay for D'Angelo Williams.


It would surprise if the Dolphins pull off anything by today's deadline.

And that brings me to this:

Remember when the Dolphins traded cornerback Vontae Davis? The impression the team left when that trade was made was that the assets they received from Indianapolis -- a second-rounder and a conditional sixth-rounder that is now in jeopardy based on Davis being injured a lot this year -- would be used immediately.

General Manager Jeff Ireland said at the time that he could use the extra picks to trade for a wide receiver, which the team clearly needed then and, frankly, still needs.

Ireland called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year." There was a strong belief at the time that Ireland, eager to make his team as good as possible as quickly as possible, would use that ammunition this year.

But unless the Dolphins pull that big trade surprise in the coming hours (not likely) it seems he actually meant next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Dwayne Bowe -- who is very, very expensive and is unsigned for next year.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for Mike Wallace -- who was in the doghouse in Pittsburgh at the time after not reporting to training camp.

The extra ammo wasn't meant for anyone today.

I'm not saying this is bad or wrong. It is, however, now fact. Truth is the Dolphins attacked the need at receiver on the waiver wire and through street free agents.

Anthony Armstrong was acquired via waiver, came in, washed out, and is now in Jacksonville. Jabar Gaffney was signed off the street, came in, marinated for a time on the inactive list, and is now getting playing time as a third receiver.

And the Dolphins feel relatively comfortable with that situation.

Me? I know this team needs to upgrade at receiver. I don't buy the argument that status quo is good enough. It is not. The Dolphins don't have anyone that scares anybody. They have solid role players. But they certainly could make the WR corps better with a star.

Apparently, however, the team has decided that star will have to come in next year's free agency or the draft at the earliest.


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Odinseye you had another surgery?! WTF man, are you being turned into the million dollar man or something? "We can rebuild him"! Hope you're doing well man if that is the case. And if so YES, definitely do some research when you have time. I simply way too busy until December but I would be very interested in anything you find.

And if I don't comment on it I'm not ignoring you, I just didn't get to read it so if you see me in again after you post point it out to me and I will go back and find it.

Remember, don't even use the .333 thing. The only thing that matters is where he stands in comparison to the rest of the gms around the league. I think either way it will open some eyes and at the very least educate us enough so we know what we're talking about on the matter.

It's a shame not more of the angry ghetto slugs don't take a cue from the likes of Cox and Iverson and take advantage of what society can offer an uneducated, babbling, illiterate thug.

Romney is of the New American Capitalism. Obama appears not to be so, but he is thoroughly dominated by the "Others". Oh My, what are we Americans to do, what are we to do?

LouD, LOL, "not a politician", good one.

I see where this is going. I'm out.

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Yes, Phins78. You have to be registered either as a Democrat, Republican or Independent in order to vote. Oh, my, what are we to do, what are we to do?

And the Winner for President of the US is not determined by We, The People, but rather by "Electoral" votes pertaining to each State. We have never wanted that.(they know it so).

And if We, The People, decide not to vote, the next President of the US will be elected by "other" People. What are We to do, what are We to do? Oh, My!

Sometimes the best move! Is No Move at All!

Ireland did enough at wr. We have to remember People were saying we had the worst Wr group in the NFL! And they were right. We only had D.Bess at the time. Hartline got healthy. Had 1 Great game. Then came back to normal! Ireland kept working signing Armstrong and then gaffney! Cutting Naanee! Cutting Armstrong!

Philbin has done a great job with coaching whatever is given to him!

We have to remember the fins had no cap space this year. So we had to pick from the bottom of the pile!

And Philbin is of the Theory "We Build Thru The Draft"! Meaning No Big Money Free Agents! Doesn't mean No Exceptions! U never know.

5 picks in the top 90! 1 or 2 can be a Wr!

If Hartline asks for to much he might not be resigned. Philbin might want to get some of his own players. It's his first offseason! And we need Young Talent at Key Positions!

Oh, and Devlin is a Better Qb than Moore!

Fins 24-13!

The pat's got a little better. Anybody know what the pats gave up?

Talib is a good cb. But he has to learn the system. And he has 1 foot in the league! 1 foot in jail! BOOTY BANDIT(BB)!! Must be desperate! Like someone else said Brady is 37! And We all know He Has No O-Line! Time is ticking! And since they can't cheat! they can't win!



Now don't get excited! Dashi is not saying this year! Dashi is just saying this is the beginning! And it feels great to see it come together!

To bad Rex isn't going to be a HC in the Division!

But the fins look like they are building a team that is going to last a while! Ireland has built up about 3/4! Of the Roster! He finally has a coach that can take him over the top! 1-2 Years tops! And fins will be in the Playoffs Year in and Year Out! Maybe even SuperBowl Contenders!

We are refusing to continue to become zombies or slaves anymore.

Oscar u can vote for whomever U want!

U can even Have NPA! On Ur Voters Registration Card.


Stop being such a Vagabond! And go out and vote.

You, is a Major Zombie, Dashi(dashi).

On Ireland:

After watching what Joe Philbin and staff have done in sucha short time with player development, Im now inclined to believe it was Sparano and staff, not Ireland whowas theprimary problem.

Even when considering the Dez Bryant incident, though technically muffed by Ireland, still seems to be a smart mve not to draft Dez, based on lack of focus on field and off field issues. Jerry Jones has even had to go as far as hiring off the field babysitters for the diater witing to happen Bryant.

Joe Pilbin's beinning to remind me of a "young Shula" in respect of how he's able to get the most out of what he hs at his dispoval. Steven Ross may have gotten his "young Shula" after all in the fantastic hiringf one Joe Philbin.

I can only imagine what this team could presently look like had we found our "Joe Philbin" 5yrs earlier. Arguably, we never may have had the "FireIreland Issues" to have ever come up in he first place. Youre a good guy, but, good riddance Tony Sparano!

Joe Philbin is the new "young Shula" in Miami.

Your Parents(and Others) taught you to be Republican, Dashi. Other Parents and other Other Ones taught somebody else to be Democrats, Dashi. NOBODY should be labeled anything. Why you think Europe is in the State its in? They haven't figured out the Dichotomy yet.(3 can exist).

Also, even though Joe Philbin could presently be considered the new "young Shula" in Miami, he may also end up being the "new Bill Walsh" in respects of a nfl wide point of view.

Can you hear me now? LOL...

Politicians, polismicians. To hell with it all, vote Joe Philbin as our next U.S. Preident! LOL...




Typical of YG4Ever, as a youngster, very quick to escape Reality.

Hi ALoco.



This conspiracy against the American People has been going on since Lincoln's days. No way Spain, England, France and Germany would let a young and very powerful upstart take over their wealth and power, specially across a vast Sea. WWI and WWII were provoked by those same Europeans with the intent to gain more power over the USA. Now, with the advent of Internet, those same powers don't know what to do anymore. And they haven't surrendered their ideas or a least change them. IMO,they should do so for Everybody's benefit, but I guess they know best. We'll see.


The player from Green Bay was tapping a 16 YEAR OLD!?!?

OMG! That's just..........he oughta be.........he should.........

Was she Hot?

I know, I know(RIMSHOT!).......WHAAAAH....WHA-aaa....whaaaaaaaaaaa..................

Canes 20 Hokies 12 at halftime....

Phins 78,

I haven't gotten the surgery yet.

First I held out for a second opinion. The then some nuero-surgeon thought the rotator cuff/shoulder issue was because of the neck injury.

Another was convinced they were seperate. When I made my choice, my insurance company balked! It's been a complete nightmare.

But, FINALLY everything is straightened out. I have my pre-op consultation on the 6th and THE FIRST of two surgeries will be within a week of the consultation.

They're going to operate on C-6, C-5, and C-4(Top of the neck)first. Then address the shoulder/rotator cuff sometime after that.

At least they've been very........"Liberal(shall we say)" with the Pain Meds ;)

Duke Johnson having a huge game for the Canes.

To bad Rex isn't going to be a HC in the Division!

Posted by: Dashi | November 01, 2012 at 08:16 PM

As long as it's not a Division game, I might just root for Rex and Tony to win a few games. Just enough to **NOT GET FIRED** anyways. It would be nice keeping those two dolts around. We're going to be sweeping the jets for the next decade anyways. It might as well be Dumb and Dumber leading the show!

PS: If you count Sanchez and Tebow, the jets have two sets of Dumb and Dumber!


Oscar My Folks Taught Me to Make Up My Own Mind!


Pay Attention To Politics! Don't Make it Ur Life!

Pay Attention To God! Don't Worry About Religion!

If Ur Smart Then Yes! U should be given the Right To Think For Ur Own!

IF U HAVE DUMB KIDS! Oscar, Then Yes! U try and Control what they think and What they Watch! TRY AND LEAD THEM AS BEST AS U CAN!

BUT THE ONLY WAY U CAN REACH UR TRUE POTENTIAL IS BY THINKING FOR SELF! Not what Was Brainwashed into U by Society! Or Ur Family!

What Kind of Totalitarian Thinking Is that! "1984" Not Just the Year Dashi was Born! But a movie of what happens to Society when Gov't controls What U know!

Question Everything! And Make Ur Own Decision!

And Doc U should know this About Dashi by Now! Again, Not to throw jabs! But ur Lacking in UR ANALysis!

Now If U think Dashi Pays Attention To Sports! Breaking Down Positions! PlayCalling! Team Roster!

Now, How Much Time Do U Think? Dashi Spends to Make Up his Mind On Who To Vote For? Who To Endorse! Yes or No! On the Laws! Local Voting!!! The County and State Positions! The Judges!

Hint!! Football and Sports are just a Game and Entertainment! POLITICS IS REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like Dashi Told U a Couple Days Ago!

If U waited for the Debates To Make Up Ur Mind! U have No Business Voting!



The Pats gave up a 4th rounder for Aquib and a 7th rounder.

Other than Aqib's "Baggage", I'd say Bellicheat got a good deal!


Does anyone really give a flying fook about odindrivel's medical checkups?

Failure to acquire Tariq Aquib and D Bowe means "coaching" staff have given up on this season. No Guts. No Glory.

The Pain and The Sad starts Sunday at 4pm, after our should-have-been QB Andrew Luck carves up secondary.
Tanny thru for season.
Pity & you all know it.

Posted by: Firebird Led Junior | November 01, 2012 at 10:02 PM

What a stupid post.

The Truth is the Truth and the only reason why Miami defeats the Colts is because of Defense Defense Defense.. Dolphins have one of if not the best Defense in the NFL! Its Reality. STARKS AND WAKE ALONG WITH SOLIA ODRICK VERNON DANSBY BURNETT KOA MISI RESHAD JONES SEAN SMITH AND SURPRISINGLY NOLAN CARROLL HAVE PURE FUN PLAYING. WHEN YOUR DEFENSE IS ALL CLAIMING TO HAVE FUN. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? That means Sacks interceptions massive pressure swarm tackling and ofcourse NO ONE CAN DENY RUNSTOPS. THIS DEFENSE LOOKS LIKE THE RAVENS DEFENSE BACK IN 2008. The Best part is if they win their 5th game, our area superviser said he would shave his head if the dolphins won more than 5 games back in August. Well it looks like it will happen.. We honestly thought the Dolphins would go 2-14(garrard) 3-13 or 4-12

Miami 31 Colts 3

Final record 6-10.

Matt Moore > Ryan Tannehill

Canes 27-12!!!

Ryan Tannehill > Matt Moore

A direct quote from todays sports weekly " Ryan tannehill escaped major injury,but the hot team is in good hands with matt moore". Ranked us 15th overall as well. There is some of that media attention some of you guys wanted givin to the team.

I am not YG

Matt Moore = Matt Cassel

Meth Mouth talks about me when I'm not even posting. Tell the truth Home Skillet, how many times a day do you just sit there and fantacize about Gumming Me To Death?

Posted by: odinseye | October 31, 2012 at 10:56 PM

-You never did answer Sweet Cheeks. C'Mon now, tell everybody how much you would just love getting you some of Uncle Odie's special treatment. Tell the truth you little Beatch ;)

Tell them how much you like it when I call you "My Little Be-atch"-LOL!

EVERYBODY here already knows. It's just as obvious as all your aliases right here on this page.

Your Goose is COOKED Fella. EVERYBODY sees right through your dumb posts. The same ones people USE TO FALL FOR-LOL. They're all Old and Tired now, just like your Meth Habit.

Everybody already knows, they can see. You don't have to be shy or embarrassed.

Tell Daddy how Bad you want it you Little BE-ATCH-ROTFLMAO!

Sad but True. Until you admit it, you're an IGNORED AFTER-THOUGHT here on the Blog! Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

That's Rich.............Cheese Cake.

Other than me.......(and YOU when you're "Talking To Self" with fake sign in names-lol).....NOBODY talks to YOU **AT ALL** ROTFLMAO!

Sad But True! Hey Heads up though "Big Man", there is one thing I can say about YOU. You are Pitifully Pathetic.........Yet Hilariously so!


Too Bad! I was hoping the Chiefs would steal one right here and help position us better for a possible Playoff Berth!

Oh well, as long as we keep taking care of our own, we'll be alright!

I can't wait to hear what everyone says after we win our 4th straight and show everybody how Tannehill is clearly better than Luck!

ignore odin, he likes to talk to himself and start trouble. Like mitt romney would say, "it's not who you are, its what you promote" and that's what odin does, he promotes himself like a goon who needs this blog to get attention/friendship. care to comment?

oscar, well put. whether they admit it or not, 100% of the blog agrees.

Armando is missing a key point. Ireland knew this is a rebuilding year. He knew we had a group of young WR who may or may not have worked out. If Moore or any of the others emerged to be a starter then a draft pick on a WR would be wasted. If they fail he still has the draft pick to employ next draft.

Armando did have a good point in potentially losing the six round pick re Davis. I did not agree with the Davis trade or for that matter the Marshall trade - I felt both trades created unnecessary weaknesses - but I understand the rationale . . . . Philbin wants a team who do what he wants and does not want players who are divas or unfocused or otherwise detracting from the team effort. I respect that attitude but I think that with some coaching leadership he could have brought Vontae and Brandon along.

I'm sure Philbin probably could have brought Davis and Marshall along.

But then he wouldn't have been able to present his passive/aggressive edict nearly as effectively.

Now it goes without saying and EVERYBODY knows. It's Joe Philbin's way or the Highway. No if ands or buts about it. The cherry on top, we don't care if you're a Pro Bowler or a No.1 draft pick. Toe the line or go call your Grand Mammy!

Oh yeah, there's no mistaking it. There's a new Sheriff in town and he's cleaned up this roster quickly and quite successfully!

(PS: You Flea Bitten Monkey! You Meth Mouthed Junkie! Stop it, just STOP NOW! Christ almighty, I feel a touch embarrassed for you. Talking to yourself like that. Hello? Gigs up......EVERYBODY KNOWS! Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Your Welcome ;)

Despite the impersonation at 11:29PM(I was asleep) did you like my little Political statements? Here's another sweetie for you. odin says that it's Joe Philbin's way or the Highway, and he is absolutely correct. But, what if Joe Philbin proves to be wrong? It will be a looong Highway for the Miami Dolphins from here to California.

sorry odin but first chance i get when i wake up i check and see if your drunken stupor has said anything to embarrass yourself further.

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