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Welcome to a November that matters

Today is November 1, 2012. The Dolphins are preparing for a game that is meaningful to them.

How you like them now?

It hasn't been that long since the Dolphins went into November with something riding on the outcome of the coming games. In 2010, the club was 4-3 to start November before finishing 7-9.

But because we often remember what went wrong more than what has gone right, I had to actually remember why there's been such a feeling of dread around the Dolphins to start November -- even with what seemed like a chance to do damage in 2010.

Perhaps it's because last season,  In 2011, the Dolphins were 0-7 going into the first week of November and there were "Suck for Luck" calls echoing throughout Miami fandom. In 2009, the Dolphins were 2-4 through October and with Chad Pennington already down for the year and Gibril Wilson still on the roster helping the other teams win, there simply wasn't a ton of optimism surrounding the team.

This year seems different. It feels different.

I'm not saying the Dolphins are going to be a playoff team. Frankly, I'm not sure they'll even be at .500 when all is said and done. But there isn't a feeling of dread over this squad. One is not expecting the next shoe to drop like last season when I was basically reporting weekly updates on whether Tony Sparano was being fired. 

This year the club is relevant. Blessed by a favorable schedule, the Dolphins should be in Sunday's game at Indianapolis, the games at home against Seattle and Tennessee, and the Bills don't scare anyone.

So November doesn't loom as a catastrophe month. December does. But November does not. (Keeping it real, folks.)

And that's good for you. That's good for me.

And that's good for the team.

Players report to work happy to be working instead of feeling like its drudgery. Coaches aren't on the hot seat and they can do their jobs better because the players are engaged.

"It’s always fun," coach Joe Philbin said. "I told the players, ‘There’s nothing better in the National Football League than coming to work in November and December and, like you just mentioned, having meaningful games.’ It’s a lot of fun. It gets your juices going as it should. That part of it’s fun, no question.”

Happy November!



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freakin chic was hot. better than a stripper.

good to hear...I guess I've seen too many weird beer commercials during football games.


Congrats bro. My son is just over 1 years old. Nothing like it! Love being a father.

Andy NJ...


In the words of Bart Scott..."CAN'T WAIT"!!!!

Fodder, he's really sensitive about his Steelers, so I'm going to have to keep the cheering to myself.

Personally I'm most excited about watching Eli and JPP. Eli is my favourite Qb in the league that doesn't wear aqua. The guy doesn't put up the best numbers in the league and may never be an NFL mvp but his blood just runs so cold. No stage is too big for him. Look at all the impossible road playoff wins he already has under his belt, 2 super bowls at the expense of the Pats is also very awesome. To me, he's a quasi Dolphin just for doing that. And JPP, well he's just a freak.

Kris, I hope with your shower comments this morning that you didn't jinx it. And hey, if it is a Sunday, that's what mother in laws are for.

Andy, never been to a game in Philly but i hear such horror stories both from the media and from people with personal experience. I would never get out of line there or most other places to be hoenst. It's fine to cheer but you should respect other people's opportunities to enjoy the game too.

I was sort of embarrased 2 years ago when I went to Miami's home opener vs the jets. The jets fans seemed like they were playing at home but after Sunday's game I have to say jets fans are not what they portray themselves as.

They are not the blue collar, Steelers/Eagles type of fans they want to be. They were leaving early 3rd qtr and were quiet and almost felt like I was in Cowboy stadium. Guys were friendly and "normal" about their about being a fan which was cool but Philly is a bunch of obnoxious J-offs and the jets were yuppies.

2 watt, most strippers are just not hot in my opinion. I think in a club full there's maybe one or two that I would actually pour money into.

There is no reason to get excited about this team until they beat a decent team; they've played one all year and got smoked. This has the chance to be another 2008, where they make the playoffs off a weak schedule and get blown out in round one.


congratulations, there really is nothing like it. A little advice though, for future reference...if you go from 2 kids to 3, you have to switch from playing man-to-man to zone...and everything gets more complicated.

all kidding aside, enjoy it. It goes fast.

Blog Fodder....

Thanks...and I will keep that in mind..

and your right about the "time flying bye"....


thats better than the season bein over before Thanksgiving....

I have a daughter just over 1, nothing more precious than having a daughter Ive yet to have a son, Im sure I'll be meaner to him

lol @ Clue....

ain't that the truth....

I am feeling positive too; however, lets not forget that Raheem Morris had a young qb, just won 10 games and all signs pointed to yes - however, we say how that hot mess ended up.

Miami Mike....

Good post....and I believe that NEXT YEAR...we may take a step back...not to sicgnificant....perhaps 7-9/9-7.....but this will be nothing more than a self-correction.....this will be do to more tape on Tanne (slight sophmore slump)...not having all the players in place....and a tougher schedule.....

but fear not....

By year 3....the players will be in place....Tanne will be considered "seasoned"....and the system will no longer ned to be taught....but more accurately tweaked....(and of course taught to the newbies)....

By year 3...we will have taken our RIGHTFUL place n top of the AFC EAST...and a perrinial playoff contender for years to come...

andy, some1 called in am sports and said the jets fans were really nice to him in his section and that they were booing their own team and not the fins.

BTW does anyone miss Clyde Gates since he made though catches in the Jets game? I swear in that game he had more catches than he ever did as a Dolphin.

just maybe, maybe this genx of jet fans r'nt as big as axx O's as previous genx'x.lol.

clue. i tink he is 2 [p brain] 2 work in the wco.

I dont miss someone that celebrates getting a first down when his team is down 30-3 lol

clyde had his career day last Sunday. It'll be all downhill from here.

Clue, Clyde gates had more catches in that game than he had in his entire career. He showed he can catch when nobody tries to cover him, haha.

He was acting like a clown too. Down by 3+ scores, making a 12 yard catch and playing to the crowd. He showed why he got cut - he has no clue (pun intended)

Also notice how there aren't any dreads left in Miami? Is this just style change or part of the new culture in Miami? Seeing how Philbin is, tough to imagine how he had one kid who got off the rails - but I guess it can happen to anyone - sometimes kids just go crazy and the sad part is you can't cut them ...

...I think that there is absolutley no reason to think that this team should miss the playoffs this year. I know this is getting ahead of myself here. Thre is still a half a season to go. But really, with the exception of 1 games worth of quarters this year. We have outplayed our opponents, and continue to get better.

This is hard because the Texan game is not a real accurate judge of a competition. We outplayed them in the first half with the exeption of a 6 minute football brain fart. The in turn pretty much took their foot off the gas in half 2. So even though we did shut them down..some of this was their playcalling(IMO)

The other loses were games we gave away. Where we dominated most of the contest, only to make mistakes when the game was in the balance..A sign of a young team learning to win..changing the culture if you will.

The wins on the other hand have been dominating. We have controlled these games. This brings me to my theory as to why at this point missing out on the Tourney will be dissapointing..Even though most had no expectation before the season(me too)

We talk about the schedule a lot. Forget this for a second and lets look at how we matchup with some teams. We really only face 1 more team(twice) with Elite quarterback play. We face a Niner team on the road who I think we should be able to play with, as we are a matchup issue for them..They like to run, we like to stop the run. They like to pressure the passer, we have to limit his attempts. They play good special teams..So do we. They have good coaching, so far it looks like we do too. so where is the huge advantage? I'm not saying we are in their class yet. I'm saying we matchup well against them.

The reaminder of the teams we face have no proven commodidity at qb. This alone should keep us in every one of these contests with chances to win. Lets say we play at worst 5-4..That puts us in a very very good spot for a wild card this year..5-4 is IMO very attainable record the rest of the way.

Joe Philbin has to be the early favorite for Coach of the Year

HA, I thought I was the only one who notice Gates acting like a bafoon after making a first down catch in a blow out. Mark, I beleive there arent any dread heads on the team because its too hot in Florida to maintain that hairstyle also when you get older you might just want to go for the more professional look

What do you guys think? Do we stick with the "hot" hand with Moore or bring Tannehill back on a gimpy leg, I think we all know what Moore brings to the table, but Im sure you dont want to put a rookie QB out there with a bad leg. Unfournetley, my guess is Philbin sticks with Moore this week.

Not that I don't know or care about it but oppertunities is misspelled. Kris and 2 other fellow bloggers have made the same mistake here Today. Either, they are the same guy or they 3 are dumb as hell. How many times are we to say this? English is NOT written as it is pronounced like Spanish language is.

DD, excellent spot on as always. Also, people shouldn't excuse our schedule. Our 2012 schedule is not killer but is ranked 13th in terms of opponent win percentage (.488). Several playoff teams have easier schedules including NYG (.479), Denver (.456), Atlanta (.391 - pfft, sleep through half these games), San Diego (.426), Pittsburgh (.441), Cinicinnati (.457), Baltimore (.470), and Indianapolis (.479). So if we make the playoffs, it won't be because we have an easy schedule, it's because we earned it. Nothing is given to this year's Miami Dolphins.


From earlier. I had a good chuckle about your baby shower comment. I just want to clarify, the baby shower thing I went to a few weeks ago wasn't a true baby shower. Not your typical sitting around and watching the Mom to be opening gifts. More a couples get together, with lots of kids running around and people eating and drinking. Pretty cool time. But I made certain I was only there for an hour and ducked out and caught the end of the game. It was a good one too.

oscar, you mispelled opportunities too ...

..Clue. I think if there is any way Tannehill can play he has to be out there. I don't know how serious this injury is. If the team feels it is seriuos enough to sit him..Ok. but if it is really just a knick, and playing with it is possible..Tanny needs to play.

This won't be the first time he gets banged up. One of the tests of a young leader is showing his toughness. His willingness to sacrifice himself for his teamates. Of course if this is a case where the odds are good he faces long term damage by playing. Then this is just stupid. But if it is the case where the team decides to tread lightly..I say bad call.

For the other reason. The team decided Tannehill gives us the best chance at winning. I don't think anything has changed here. I'm sure Moore can go in, and beat up on a bad team the way he does so well. But this is Tannehills team now. I could imagine the cries for Moore(not that the team hears them..I just don't want to myself) should Moore go out and light it up against the scrubs. This is really not an issue, just a nightmere scenario for this blog for the next week.

What, you 1 of them 3, Mark? The closest you've been to Toronto is when you visited Niagara Falls, this side of the border.hehehe

Guys, I'll continue to be the voice of caution about this team. I LOVE the way this team is playing and yes they are playoff contenders. But let me play devil's advocate for a minute (btw, he was a good poster. Where did he go?). We've been lucky so far, in that we've avoided catostrophic injuries, that many teams have experienced. Hope that continues.

I'll just say, while all of this has been fun to date and we could EASILY be 6-1 right now, we're still not world beaters. Beating the likes of the Jets and the Rams doesn't get me overly excited. It doesn't mean we've done anything so far. The Colts aren't that bad. I put a lot of stock in Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne has found the fountain of youth. Our secondary has played well lately but it can still be exploited and Andrew Luck's a smart guy. So I'm saying don't get carried away with this thing or you're going to be disappointed. We're not there yet. You couldn't fix everything that was wrong with this team in one offseason. There's still work to be done. Enjoy it while it lasts but don't set yourself up for hearbreak....that's all.

There are plenty of good chicks at baby showers desperate for an opportunity like that.

"I'm not saying the Dolphins are going to be a playoff team. Frankly, I'm not sure they'll even be at .500 when all is said and done."

Well, of course you aren't sure. Your style of cowardice is to predict failure and, short of winning the Super Bowl, you will be "correct". You have a short memory of your negativity when the team does well, and when they struggle, you always point to some article where you just knew this was going to happen. Coward. Also, the self promotion on pointing out that Philbin answered your question at a PC is hilarious. How insecure are you?

Oscar, I'm not one of the 3, haha, Kris just decided to lump me in there ... no baby showers on my horizon.

And I assure you I'm posting this from the heart of teh business district in Toronto - bay & Front.

And no self respecting canadian spends too much time in NF, NY. The falls is all about the Canadian side. Gambling, great restaurants and the Sundowner. Falls, NY just can't match it. Craig has a VIP Gold Club membership from the 'downer....

The worst crap you can think on is the We shoulda, We coulda. It has always been from this Moment on.

2watt from 11:20,

Pretty much bro

Y'know, I see a lot of people say that we should be 6-1, if it weren't for missed field goals. I'll go along with that to an extent, but, if you're going to cite missed field goals as the cause for losing 2 games, I think you have to acknowledge that we won the Rams game because of missed field goals (and no, I'm not talking about the 66 yard attempt on the last play).

If you're going to play the ifs & buts game with missed field goals, I think you'd have to say the phins should be 5-2, IMO.

I too, am keeping it real, brethren.

The only thing I like about Canada is the French in them. They seem to speak a different Language.

Oscar, Fodder, I too do not play that should be stuff. We are 4-3 - it's fair. Eveery year you expect to lose a game from your kicker and in turn may win another because of the other team's kicker. Just the way the game goes ...

..Mark. Good points. I didn't realize this. I think because there are so many teams around 500. It makes it appear the schedules are easy, or this or that. You are right. We have to win the games we are scheduled to play. We can't control anything except for this.

Craig M..I agree that tons of things can happen. I am just taking it as of right now, what we know. None of us will be able to forsee what happens in the next weeks. So taking it from today. I think we have a very very good opportunity to make a playoff run. This is coming from a guy who has been an anti Ireland, Tanny is a mistake, we should trade Dansby prior to the season to save cap space know it all...

This team is playing well right now. As far as the Colts. I think you could say that every team in the AFC is pretty good. (Maybe not JAX) Even Cleveland has played close games. The reason I think we will have success is that we play solid in every area of the game
. Yes we can improve. Sure it scares me if we fall behind and have to score to play catchup. This would be true for 90 percent of teams in the league. But we play well enough to compete, and win. We asked what improvents we wanted to see in this team in the preseason. Winning games in the 4th quarter was one. Improved red zone efficiency was another. Getting off the field in crucial downs and distance yeat another. All 3 have met and exceeeded the criteia for improvement so far..The last was wins and losses. And at this point..I would take it as a dissapointment if we lost more then won for the remainder of this year.

does anybody notice we are undefeated without richard marshall. in both close games that we lost he had costly plays late in games. without him our D has tightened

Actually, I have a very good bet Today in the 1st at Calder. And it's all on this side of the Border.

Oscar, the Canadian French is very unique. Apparently even native French people can't understand it .. personally i'm not fluent but love to play with the ladies of La Belle Provence. They are some of the coolest women out there and you've never experienced them, you're missing out.

Also, I've had the chance to go to your native Cuba. It's a popular sun destiantion for Canadians. Interesting dischotomy. Some of the most educated people I've run into on the average but the living standards are so low and out of whack ... that part is sad.

After all, it is things like missed field goals, tipped passes, fumbles bouncing the wrong way, and a receivers finger landing out of bounds, that makes this the game of inches.

Did HOME really pick Indy to win?No way Indy wins.This sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Home writes in that Andrew Luck is going to have a better day than Ryan Tannestar.
No way Home!

No one cares about the Fins now that the Heat are playing.

If you want to su-k Pus-y you have to follow your Woman very carefully. When you see the first sign of spasms in her is when you have to grab that seed with your lips and su-ck on it.(Watch out for your neck, her thighs way apart).

Oh, I failed to mention horrible spots (and quick whistles) by inept referees.

.... Brazilian Horses that are in their maiden races are very good bets at Calder..Just saying. They don't always win..but they seem to always place in the money.

DD, we are currently 9th in red zone offense and 5th in red zone defense. It's a major reason why we have a winning record. We are giving up a lot of passing yards and not racking up a whole lot ourselves but we are being extremely efficient. Kind of the anti Colts. 11th in passing and 5th in pass defense but 24th in red zone offense and 22nd in red zone defense. Extremely inefficient.


Congrats on the Kiddie Kats! Actually congrats to all you Fathers. Being a Daddy was the best thing that EVER happened to me. They turned my life around for the better to be quite frank-LOL.

Anyways Kris, Bruce Arians didn't take a shot at OUR Pouncey. He said Mike was better and make sure you tell Maurkise he said so.

the Home guy must be on something. He even believes there is such a thing as chemtrails.
imagine some one spraying white plumes in the air all over the planet? preposterous. next Home will tell us Sandy was a deliberate storm to harm our country.
why would anyone want to harm this great country?
next thing Home will tell you is i eat a dozen illegally obtained Oxycontin pills daily, all the while broadcasting drug users should be thrown in prison with no mercy. crazy stuff, just crazy.

No offense, DD, but stick to Food.

how 'bout this. was it 2 seasons ago. how can u be 1st in d and 1st in o and not win it all.

Mark what is the La Belle Provence?

brasilian women. uh huh.

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